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Not much to report today. It was Wednesday as usual. Work wasn't exciting, I had no sightings of any kind. That's ok, tomorrow I'm guaranteed to see Soprano Man and that makes things better in advance! He needs to ask me out right away or he'll miss his chance for awhile.

Ron called me this afternoon and left several messages, that's the first I've heard from him in weeks. I could listen to him talk for hours and hours! He called again tonight and we chatted for awhile. Sounds like he had a wonderful trip up to Alaska and into the wilderness of Canada. He's spending most of September in Australia and is trying to convince me to quit my job and go with. Tempting! Once we'd said goodbye he called back to tell me what song was on his stereo when he turned it on because it reminded him of me. So sweet!

Tomorrow is the end of my work week, hooray! I'm off to bed before I fall asleep right here.

I think that my boss should come with a warning sticker. Or better yet a mood meter! She was pefectly happy when I arrived this afternoon and had no complaints about my work. Difficult to say when that will change but I'm happy in the meantime. Still not a word from the Post, Bonnie's going to see if she can find out a bit more about what's going on!

Today I wore a cute skirt and my sexy sandals just in case I had any sort of sighting. Turns out Dr. Stupid came in but I was in the workroom and didn't notice. Bonnie finally knows who he is though! I officially declare that I'm giving up my crush because he's seriously living up to his name. I did get to see the hot Anthropology prof, I think Shannon has take to calling him Mr. Forearms because he's got a nice build! He needed a lot of help and came in three times. We don't deal with AV issues but I went upstairs to see if I couldn't help anyway. No luck but he did give me two whole up-down looks! I was really hoping for Soprano Man but no luck. He knew I was back at work because Bonnie was sure to mention that yesterday. Bonnie stressed that he had made it extremely clear that he hoped to see me soon. Woohoo! I'm going to have to wear a skirt every day this week :)

If you're not watching Queer Eye, you need to be. Best show on television right now. Turns out that there's a West Wing marathon coming up on Bravo and if you haven't watched this show, now's the time to get totally hooked on it!! Of course all I truly want is to see that one episode again, the one that made me cry. But seeing the pilot will be cool, I missed out on the first year or maybe even two.

Alright, it's after 2 and I had best get to bed.

I wish I was back in Texas!! What a great weekend, it was everything I wanted. I relaxed, I went out, I loved it. I took just a few pictures and will have them online sometimes this week. Again, a big thanks to Diana for everything!

Sounds like tomorrow is going to be bad at work, Shannon called to warn me of some problems. Pat is nutso. Guess she doesn't like one of my big projects and expects us to change it to her liking. What kills me is that I KNOW it's just right as it is and she's only going to make changes because she wants to find something wrong with it. All because I didn't ask her opinion all along. Even though she's the one who has told me several times that I need to start doing my own things without asking for opinions along the way. Pat, YOU'RE CRAZY. Ugh, I keep thinking about calling in sick tomorrow. But I won't. I'll go, she'll piss me off, I'll b*tch about it, and then I'll spend the evening talking to the girls about it. Same thing every time!

Shannon doens't like to give me bad news unless there's good to go along with it! She handed the phone to Bonnie who had talked to Soprano Man earlier tonight. He came in and told Bonnie that he was having a hard time ordering dvds from the Boca campus. Bonnie said that she'd get Shannon to help him but he said no, he'd wait for me to show him!!!!! Then he asked where I was because he'd noticed I hadn't been around for a few days. HE NOTICED!!! Bonnie said that I was in Texas but that I'd be back tomorrow. Woohoo, I'm so excited. I mean, he must like me! He was even making that clear to Bonnie by spelling out that he was going to wait for me! Made my night :)

I'm watching Monster House, there are two episodes in a row and the second one is a new one for me! I'm in love with the host, his name is Steve. I'm also still in love with Jason Statham because The Transporter was SO cool. Dave had actually watched it the same day I did and we talked a lot about how awesome it was on the drive home.

Oops, thought I posted but I had started working in another window and forgot to hit the button!!

Wow, I'm writing before midnight so the date is right! Doesn't happen too often on a regular night. But I guess this isn't a regular night, it's my last night before heading to TX!!! I'm so excited.

Moving the alarm out of reach worked well this morning, I was standing by 9:30. Just standing, wondering what in the world I was doing up. I'd gotten to bed right after I posted last night but I was wide awake until after 3, which was torture because I do this thing where I calculate exactly how much sleep I'm getting (or not getting) down to the minute. Despite having extra time this morning I kind of feel like it was wasted because I was pretty brain dead. I read up on sea turtles for my next article, which HAS to be done before I leave on the cruise.

Work wasn't fun until after 7, which is typical. We'll see how everything changes once Ingrid begins on the 3rd. I rearranged the furniture in my office to make more room for her, otherwise we would've been bumping chairs. Anyway, tonight I was all giddy and talked Shannon's ear off. I was really hoping that Soprano Man would be in but no such luck. Dr. Stupid still hasn't replied to my e-mail. So it was a no-boy day. Bonnie entertained us with funny stories from work at the Post, she just loves that job and makes it sound like the best place to work.

Ok, I'm off to start getting ready for bed. Dave's picking me up at 7:30. He made me promise not to be mean to him (guess I must've been mean last time he was around me that early!) and I told him that I wouldn't be grumpy because I'd be on the brink of being dead at that hour! I'm not happy with the time but it means I'll be in Austin in time for lunch!! I started wondering what was on the fork at the Hyde Park Grill... I'll have to take a picture!

All day I've thought it was Monday. But it's Tuesday! Only tomorrow of work and then I head to Texas, hooray!! I should start packing tonight, or at the very least pulling out the suitcase so I don't forget to pack tomorrow night.

Having Pat back wasn't as traumatic as I had expected. Diane was out sick, I think that actually helped because then I didn't feel like I couldn't talk to her. Did that make sense? I always feel like Pat is glaring at me out the side of her eye whenever I'm talking to Diane and it's frustrating. I was a bit frustrated at how little work Bonnie ever does, she has projects but she'll just sit at the desk and do e-mail. Then I realized that I'm a horrible example and am not one to talk!! I don't do my e-mail at the desk but I'm not exactly working hard either...

Dr. Stupid didn't reply to my e-mail about his fines, and Soprano Man wasn't in so no exciting boy news. Though last night was the first time Mike told me his name I had actually known that for awhile since I check the movies out to him and had noted who he was. Well, I decided to look him up on the internet tonight :) I couldn't resist. Anyway, nothing too exciting, I couldn't find a single thing about him on google. I did a yahoo people search for him and found a map right to his house. This could be seriously scary if I was a stalker! Hey, don't even think to yourself that I'm a stalker - I'm not!! Anyway, there was a link to find out more personal information so I clicked on that. Of course you have to pay for those services but it did tell me that he was 27. Very cool, I wasn't sure how old he was going to end up being since he's a student and all. A finance major. He likes money, I like money, it's perfect!

Alright, it's 1 and I'm crawling into bed. I'm not really tired at all but I've got to get up early so that Thursday won't seem like so much of a shock. I'm going to put the alarm clock out of arm's reach so I'll have to get up to shut it off. It won't be fun but I've got to do what I've got to do.

My arm has been really sore these past few days. I wonder what I could possibly have done, potting plants was the must rugged thing that I've done in weeks. Hmmm, mysterious.

Today was such a glorious day at work. I managed to do about a half hour's worth of actual work and just enjoyed myself the rest of the time. Figured I had to take advantage of it while I could. I wrote a note to Dr. Stupid that simply said "June 30 has come and gone... Do you know where your library books are?" and he replied from home! He said oops, he had forgotten they were due and the he needed to return/renew them right away. Then he asked if he was in big trouble. Totally left that one wide open! But really, I couldn't go too crazy with a response. So I replied that 20 books, each with a 5 dollar fine... he owed me 100 in small unmarked bills. I said that if he brought them back while I was working that I'd forgive his fines (I'm a sucker) so hopefully this means I'll be seeing him in the evening sometime! We'll see if he writes back tomorrow. I'm pretty sure that would be the end of that but who knows. Shannon is much more hopeful than I and she seems genuinely concerned that I wasn't all giddy about it.

I was a bit more giddy about Soprano Man. Tonight he came in to return a few more dvds and before he could leave I told him that if he wanted more variety that he should see what Boca had available. He laughed and said he lived up here and he wasn't that desperate for a movie. This is when I explained that anything that Boca has can be sent up to us without a problem. I was going to show him how to look at what they have to offer but because of our server problems all the sites are messed up so I couldn't for the life of me find what I was looking for!! He's standing there laughing because "aren't you the head librarian?" I felt like an idiot! He asked what my name was and told me that his was Mike. Woohoo, finally getting the name exchange going! Anyway, I told him to go study and that I'd show him on his way out instead. So when he was ready to go he came back up to the desk and I walked him through it. It's a bit of a long process so I figure he'll be back tomorrow for help. He's a real cutie and I'm pretty sure he isn't gay. Like 97% sure. Anyway, I was very excited because the girls kept pointing out how much attention he was paying to me!

Tonight I called home and talked to Mary for quite awhile. She's moving to New Orleans next week without knowing a soul. She's going to stay at a hostel with her car full of stuff and is just hoping that there will be an apartment she can move into. She'll only have about three days, maybe four, before she flies down here so hopefully something works out quickly. I'm nervous for her and wish I had friends there who could take her in for a few days! She and dad had a really great time on their canoe trip, they even saw a meteorite that was accompanied with a sonic boom! How cool.

Alright, that's a long enough entry for tonight! Tune in tomorrow for the continuing saga I call life.

Wow, July is going by so fast. Winter will be here before we know it. Oh wait, I live in Florida so it doesn't matter!! I LOVE IT!!

Work today was atrociously boring, I spent most of the afternoon looking up movies in imdb and looking at the trivia. By 8 there was no one in the building but we stayed until 8:45 just in case. I love nights when we can leave early, that's been happening almost every night for over a week! Just one more day before Pat returns and it's Ethan's day off so we're all hoping to really enjoy it.

Ben called me last week Wed (I ignored the call), yesterday while I was talking to Bonnie on the phone (I ignored the call) and this afternoon while I was at work (I made the mistake of picking up). Shannon's trying really hard to convince me that I did the right thing by not lying to him - but I totally disagree! Seriously, telling him I was back with my ex would've put a stop to the calls. Today I told him that I only had a second but he kept right on talking in this slow manner of his. Frustrating. I explained for the third time that I was going to be busy up until the end of September but he says that we'll just keep on having to talk on the phone until a day opens up when we can get together. I just laugh and roll my eyes. Stop calling me Ben.

I'm back on a Strain kick and I haven't even seen him this month. I was teaching Bonnie how to look up what books people have out (it's a question we get a lot at the end of each semester) so I had her use him as an example. Turns out he has 20 overdue books. This is the perfect conversation starter - except that there's no way for me to bring this up without him knowing that I was in his account. 20 books is 100 bucks in fines. What I'd like to tell him is that I will forgive all of his fines IF he agrees to take me out for drinks. Would I ever say that? No. But I'm having nice little daydreams about how the situation could play out.

Off to bed with hopes of more dreams!

I've got two days to make up for. They haven't been overly exciting so I thought I'd combine them. It's been a nice weekend, I've enjoyed all the time to myself since it's going to be awhile before I have a weekend alone.

On Friday afternoon Bonnie came over and we played with clay that Diane had given us. Diane is a ceramist (is that a word?) and she wanted to see what we could make. Well, Bonnie and I weren't exactly filled with ideas so we ended up making a whole bunch of incense holders!!! I'll have to take a picture of them sometime, it's pretty funny. We had a nice time chatting, I baked some brownies and we just relaxed. Once she was gone I got a lot of cleaning done, I haven't seen this much of my counter and dining table in months! That evening I went to see Bad Boys 2 with Diane and her husband. What a GREAT movie!!! Loved it, highly recommend it.

Today I slept in and then went to the beach! It was raining at my apartment but clear and sunny at the shore, I love that. I spent over two hours there, it was hot and I hadn't brought enough water or I would've stayed longer. I was home by 4 and was all ready to settle in for the evening when I realized that I could actually get some stuff done. I went to Home Depot and finally made copies of my apt key for when the family arrives. I also bought more plants. Why do I bother?? I can't seem to resist. No flowers this time, just foliage! We'll see how long it all survives. I also stopped by the grocery store, I feel like I should be getting a lot more for all the money I spend every trip. Once I had unpacked all of the food I went about repotting the plants. I spent an hour with my hands in the dirt and like the results, everything looks good. The rest of the night I sat on the couch and either read or watched tv. Notice that I have TWO books over on my list now!! I also painted for a bit. I feel like I've been so productive!

Tomorrow means going to work and for that reason I dread going to bed. Bonnie called tonight to tell me she'd had a miserable day at work. The woman we work with on weekends can be a real nightmare but Bonnie said that Ethan said she was quitting next month. OH! Bonnie started work at the Post on Friday and said that she asked about the job I applied for!! They are just starting to look at applicants and they're wishing they had the budget to make it a full time job. Bonnie said she put in a good word for me with her boss and she thinks it will filter over to the people doing the hiring. We'll see!

Ok, staying up late may extend my weekend but I think it will make tomorrow a bit harder to handle! I hope you both had a good weekend!

I need to find a way to make better use of my time. A night in front of the tv felt so good but now that I'm getting ready for bed I see all of the things I meant to do tonight. I've got to neaten this place up before family comes - and it will take me about that long to get it looking nice! My goal is to see the entire counter and dining table. I have a feeling there is going to be a lot of stuff under my bed soon!! There's no where else for it to go.

I'm glad my work week is over. Tomorrow Bonnie and I are working on clay and then we're meeting Diane and Leslie for Bad Boys 2. I am so excited!! It's going to be action packed to say the least. Saturday will be nothing but a beach day from the looks of it. I'm going to enjoy all this time to myself while I can because life is going to be busy again from here on out!

Dave's got me hooked on playing the lotto. Since I started buying in (just one ticket per drawing, that's twice a week), not a single person has won so the pot keeps growing! Actually Dave usually buys a ticket for me, which has to stop because if I win I'll be indebted to him. Well, I mean it would make things more confusing since I'm greedy and would want to keep the money for myself, spending it on my friends instead of giving half to him! See, listen to me, I sound like I really think there's a chance I'll win!

Tonight after work I went over to Dave's for a movie. I called him from home to see if I should eat before I went or if he had food. He said not to worry, he could feed me. Um, he gave me a container of potato salad. Ok, I've eaten worse meals - but then he was getting after me later about not eating right!! Whatever. We watched About Schmidt. I liked it but it seemed to move so slow, which wouldn't have been too bad except that when movies are slow Dave tends to talk. I kept on crying which didn't help because I felt like Dave was going to lean over to comfort me and then put the moves on me or something. Strange, I know, but I kept thinking that!! I came home as soon as the movie was done and I'm going to crawl right into bed. Ten hours of sleep will suit me just fine!

Finally, I painted!! I broke open the oil paints and went crazy. Well, not too crazy, but I've got a bit on canvas! It felt so good, even if I'm not very happy with what I've got so far. The smell of the paint and the turpentine really took me back to the painting studio at Concordia and all the hours I labored over my work. I love it, I miss it, and I'm excited to see what I can come up with!

Having Ethan back at work didn't prove to be too terrible. He was either talking or holed up in his office trying to sort the 200 e-mails. I got a bit of work done in the evening, it was boring stuff though. I spent most of the time talking to the girls, trying to decide what to do about my tentative plans with Ben this Thursday. Shannon doesn't think I should lie, I don't think I should tell the truth, we went back and forth. Turns out I didn't need to worry about it because when I called him tonight he said that he had a function and wouldn't be able to go out. I said I was busy this weekend and going to Texas the next and that August was shot. So we'll see, maybe that will be the end of that. He does want to call tomorrow night but I'm going to Dave's so we'll see!

I haven't been able to pull myself out of bed in the morning, no matter how much sleep I get. I've got to start taking my vitamins or something. Anyway, I'm off to see if tonight I can catch nine hours!

At last, I have donated two acres to Ecology Fund!! My name will move up the honors roll list! GO ME!! At RedJellyFish I'm up to 6,226.5 sq feet of rainforest and 295 cups of food for chimps. I'm slowly saving the world. And still signing petitions and sending letters as they come my way, usually one a day. Must be the change I want to see in the world!

I don't think I'll get the job at the Post. They took the ad off their site and I haven't heard a thing. Oh well. Such is life. I managed to get a lot done at work today. Well, a lot in comparison to how much I usually do! Ethan comes back tomorrow already, one more week before Pat returns.

I went in to ask about the pet deposit this morning, just in case I was way off on the price. 500 bucks!! And you only get half back. What a RIPOFF. I specifically remember being told that they offered a very affordable deposit. Stupid place. Anyway, my point was going to be that I was talking to the girl and mentioned that I had fallen for the stray outside my building. "That's no stray, she belongs to Ellen who lives one building over." You've GOT to be kidding me, someone owns that cat? It's treated so badly! I rave about that for awhile before heading to work and raving about it more to everyone who will listen. So basically I can't afford the deposit so it doesn't matter anyway. I'm still thinking about fostering but I'd have to sneak the kittens in.

Now it's late and I forgot that I was going to do laundry tonight. Tomorrow Dave wants to watch About Schmidt so there goes another evening. This weekend I have all to myself, I'm looking forward to it already!!

The hours drag by but the weeks fly. Where is July going? I want June back!!

My day at work was uneventful. It was freezing cold, more than usual, and we blew a fuse with the space heaters. If I mention this to the regular staff they'd probably outlaw the heaters. Why can't they just warm up the building??? It would probably save a bundle of money. But noooooo, they have to keep it at the coldest setting. Grrr. Bonnie came in this afternoon to chat and to visit her favorite patron. She's not having much luck with men today so I asked if she needed some drinking therapy and she agreed. I had planned to watch a movie with Dave but he said he'd like to go out too. So after work he picked me up and we met Bonnie and her friend Paul at the Waterway. That's the same place she and I went on Friday that was dead. It was Reggae night and there were tons of people, what a change. Lots of cute boys and girls in skirts so short and tight that I'm surprised they can sit down. We hung out and talked, it was really nice. Eventually we got spots at the bar which was even better! We stayed until they kicked everyone out, which must've been just after 12. Early, I kind of wanted to stay out longer!

I came home to Josie, who keeps getting more and more brave - I'm worried she's going to sneak into my apartment and I'll never be able to get her out! I love her. Dave offered a second time to get her fixed and all cleaned up, and this time he even offered to pay my pet deposit. He must be feeling rich this week, the offers keep pouring in! Anyway, I really want to foster too but I feel like I can't do that if I have a cat so I don't know. We'll see. Like I said before, I won't do anything until after the cruise anyway.

Time for me to go to bed!

Waking up early is only worth it when I get to go to the beach! I was up before 11 and Dave picked me up within an hour (I think he was slow because he wanted to watch the end of A Walk to Remember...). We could only stay at the beach for two hours but it was glorious! Sunny, a nice breeze, the water was perfect for swimming, and there weren't any annoying kids nearby! I went back home to clean up and Dave went to the grocery store, we met back up at his place.

Diane has these clay birds that she needed to fire in an outdoor pit and Dave's yard is perfect for that kind of stuff. So it was her and her husband Leslie and then Bonnie drove out after work. Shannon and her husband were supposed to come but she didn't call me today (like she promised to do last night). She missed out! We had a good time sitting around the fire pit talking and seeing how each batch of birds turned out. Then the guys went over and did the grill thing so us girls talked about the two new profs on campus who are both younger and kind of cute! I've only met one of them but hooray, maybe I can find a new crush. Anyway, we had the best meal of grilled fish with corn and two kinds of potato salad since both Bonnie and Diane had brought that along! I love it when I eat meals that consist of more than just one thing, I need that more often. Anyway, it was probably almost 9 by the time everyone left. A really great afternoon.

Dave and I decided to go rent a movie. He didn't want to rent one though, he likes to buy them. So he bought Tomb Raider (which is the one I'd wanted to rent), Bourne Identity, and About Schmidt. We also picked up some Ben and Jerry's ice cream. We watched Tomb Raider which was much better than I expected it to be, I'd never wanted to see it before. Dave's excited that I'd promised to go to the sequel with him. I think he's upset that I've seen all the chick flicks without him because he doesn't want to go on his own.

As usual, now I'm sitting here wondering why I'm up so late since I was tired enough to go to bed at 12 tonight. Wish my weekend wasn't over! Oh, I put a few pictures from today and some other random ones into the FL album.

Oh yeah, strange thing. I got an e-mail that two comments had been added to my imagestation site so I go to look. This guy left comments on the pic of me in the canoe and me in one of my cute outfits. Weird. If you click on the album you can go the guestbook using the pull-down menu. Once you're looking at his comment you can click on his name. Take a look at that.

I don't like letting days go by without a post. Last night I was in too much of a rush and this afternoon I wasn't in the mood. I'll try not to overdue it though and will see if I can keep some of this in a nutshell!!

Yesterday was a pretty good day at work. There's this cute guy, I refer to him as Soprano Man because he's been taking out those dvds. Anyway, usually we don't talk but we started discussing the show (I know very little but asked him a few questions) and then later he went out of his way to come over to my side of the desk to say goodbye! I've got to watch that show more often. It wasn't until 9 that Shannon and I decided for sure to go to see the movie so I had to quick run out to Dave's house to let the dog out. I was so frustrated, Kota wouldn't go outside. I was not happy, it was a 50 minute round trip so it was way late by the time I got back to work and only had a few minutes to close up. The movie was really good! It helps that I went in with very low expectations but Shannon and I both loved it! Thankfully by the time I got to Dave's (after 1:30) the dog hadn't peed in the house.

This morning I swept up the bathroom and kitchen, the floors were so disgusting. I went home to shower and ended up calling home for quite awhile, chatting with mom and Mary. Then Ben called wanting to know if I could hang out with him for awhile this afternoon. I need some ideas here ladies. Shannon and Diane think I should tell him that I won't be able to really have time to hang out until the Fall and then hope he just never calls in September. But I think he'll still want to talk on the phone and even that seems like a hassle right now. So send suggestions please. So after that I went back out to Dave's house with some cleaning supplies. The man doesn't even have a sponge out there, yikes. I was going to go to the beach but Dave called and we decided to do that tomorrow - I don't want to overdue it on the sun. It took me a very long time to clean that kitchen. And I didn't even start on the inside of the fridge which really needs help. Tomorrow some of us are going to be out there grilling so at least the house will look presentable.

I got home with just enough time to clean myself up before Bonnie arrived. We went to the Reef Grill for a great dinner and then to the Waterway Cafe for drinks. Bonnie had raved about that place but it was really dead. We had a drink and ended up talking to the woman next to us at the bar. She seemed nice and was brave enough to go out by herself instead of just staying at home (more than I can say). We waited and waited for the band to play a good song that we could dance to but we finally had to go up and request one. This cute guy joined us on the dancefloor but we took off once the song was done. The woman asked if she could follow us to the next place and we agreed but by this time we're figuring out that she's a bit strange. We go to Club Safari which plays my kind of music so that was cool. Packed with a very wide variety of people - young to old, skimpy outfits to suits. We stayed for over an hour (a long time to be dancing in my little sandals), the other woman finally found a man to dance with so we took off.

Now I'm sitting at home ready to go to bed. My hearing finally came back, just in time to chat with Ron for a long time on the phone! He says the sweetest things... Dave and I are going to the beach tomorrow for as long as we can manage before we have to get back to his place for the little grill out. I'll write about that tomorrow!

The end of my week is here already! Ethan returns on Tuesday and he spoils the fun (most of the time) so not much longer to live it up. Not that we've been going crazy or anything, yesterday was actually really busy and I was helping people all day!

I feel bad but I wouldn't let the dog come too close to me last night and he's probably starved for some love. It's an Ibizan Hound so there isn't much to it other than long legs. I made him sleep downstairs and he was crying at the door all night long. Dave had some flea spray that helped a bit but he's going to have to bomb the house on Monday while he takes everyone to the vet.

Dave told me to take a few cans of tuna home for Josie and he said that if I wanted to keep her, he would pay her vet bills! I'm so attached to her and after the can of tuna this morning I think she loves me too! I'm totally considering it. It would have to wait until after the cruise and that would give me more time to think about it too.

Tonight I think Bonnie, Shannon and I are going to see Pirates of the Caribbean. I'm not all that gung ho on it but what the heck. I've been seeing so many movies lately! I called Ben this morning before work (I admit I was hoping he wouldn't be home) but kept the call short since I was in a rush. I told him I was staying out at Dave's and he asked if he could come over to watch a movie and keep me company. Um, don't invite yourself over to a third person's house! Thankfully I had the movie plans tonight already but he wants to come to that too. Geez. We'll see. I mean if he comes to the movie tonight with the girls then that'll get my time with him out of the way for awhile, right? I'm not evil, I just decided that I don't want to hang out with him and now I don't know how to get myself out if all.

Alright, back to work. Actually, it's time for my break :) Oh, I finished the article (at last)!! Now I start in on sea turtles and then I'm done.

I was in such a rush last night that I didn't get to post! I'm getting ready for work but thought I'd write anyway.

My house sitting duties began yesterday and I had to let the dog out before work so it was a hectic morning. Karen called from Freeport, she was on her day off and was shopping. Sounds like she's doing really well, she's loving the kids and the outdoor stuff. Work wasn't terribly exciting, Shannon didn't come in but that was ok because it was so dead. I had to run to the grocery store after work and that took me a lot longer (and cost more) than I thought it would. By the time I got home I had to rush around trying to make a quick dinner, pack up the computer, and find a few bits for Josie to eat (Diana, that's the stray cat that likes me who hangs out around the building). I think that Kota was thrilled to see me when I finally made it to Daves, he tore outside. Nala the cat is the most affectionate thing I've ever seen and she wouldn't leave me alone! I got a lot of work done on the article, should get that finished up today or tonight. The only bad thing was that I discovered that Kota is full of fleas - yuck! Next thing I know I've got a couple of fleas on me and I was so ready to turn around and go home!! But I just made the dog sleep on the floor istead on in the bed and I'll see what Dave says. Poor guy was itching like crazy.

I woke up and came home and here I am! The week is going too fast, I need to savor each day I have without Ethan and Pat!

Another Monday down, three more work days to go. Pat managed to scold me from over in London (really, I should've seen it coming) but I was able to laugh it all off with the girls since everyone else knows how frustrated I am with the whole stupid situation. Screw you Pat, you're CRAZY.

I told Dave I could watch his pets if he needed me too, thinking I was signing up for a day - turns out he needs someone for the week! So I'll be staying overnight at his place until Friday when he gets back. Shouldn't be too rough since he's got a better set-up over there and I'm looking forward to having pets around too. He said he'd get me a gift certificate to my favorite store but I told him it was no problem. Then I said that it would be nice if he helped out with the new tv since I can't afford to spend much (especially since the upgrade is his great idea, not mine) and he agreed! Very cool. I don't really need a bigger tv but one that fits the entertainment center will be nice, my current one looks rather inadequate.

Ok, I'm taking a break from the manta ray article but I've got to get back to it before I lose all ambition.

I'm so tired, I should've written this from work this afternoon! Hope that you guys had a good holiday weekend!

Dave and I got a good start on Friday morning and we made it up to Mt. Dora by 1. His aunts have this nice house with screened in pool and hot tub that kind of overlooks a lake. They were both really cool, I felt right at home as soon as I was in the door! They have four adorable dogs and four cats so there was always someone underfoot. We went into downtown Mt. Dora for lunch and wandered around the little main street. Then we went back to the house for a swim and back into town for dinner and the fireworks. The show was over a lake but we were way at the back of the crowd and there were too many trees but whatever. Of course an ideal day would've been nice (it was a great day but it didn't feel like the 4th, that's all). We lit off a few of our own fireworks in the street and then took a ride around the lake on the golfcart. Dave and I spent the evening in the pool talking about things like aliens.

Saturday I woke up to Skippy giving me kisses and curling up in bed with me! I've got to get a pet. Anyway, we went for a drive in the Ocala forest which was pretty cool. Not too far in we ran into Ranger Bob who volunteered to take us back to some little-seen places in the woods and told us some stories that would've freaked me out had it been evening! Gravestones, satanic happenings, the whole bit. I have to say looked like the perfect place to dump a body!! We would've loved to have stuck with Ranger Bob but we had to head into another town for lunch, which we had at a cool restaurant overlooking the river. Then we went to the grocery store to pick up everything we'd need for a grill out! I got hit on by an old man (much to everyone else's amusement) and was carded to buy lottery tickets (also much to everyone else's amusement since just the night before I'd said how happy I was that no one carded me for drinks anymore). Anyway, we had a huge grilled dinner and ate it while watching the nascar race. I watched more car racing than I've ever seen before (or will ever see again) and was dismayed to think about all the tires that sport wastes. After dinner we went to another town for their firework show which was shorter but more more impressive. Back at the house we visited with the neighbors and then Dave and I went swimming again. This time we decided what we'd do with all the money we were going to win. Sadly, no winning ticket.

We got up this morning and drove back home. Work wasn't exciting but I went in at 3 so it was at least a shorter day. There's this cute guy who sits at a table up near the front and I have the hardest time working because I keep wanting to just stare at him :) I didn't get much done though I did print out my resume/cover letter and it's already in the mail. So we'll see how it goes from here.

Ugh, I've GOT to get to bed! I did take time tonight to add the pics from Erika's visit to my photo site!

Wow, it's technically the 4th!! I'm not really that excited just yet but I am looking forward to the holiday. Dave's picking me up at 10 tomorrow morning (he already took my coffee order so he'll be here with a frappachino!), I had suggested that we leave earlier but he thinks I need to get more sleep. The plan is for me to say "no, I'm wide awake and I'd like to drive this time" in order to not be afraid.

Work was good today. Marilee is the morning worker who I usually see in passing but today she worked until 5:30 to cover for Diane who was out sick and for Patrick who had to leave early. Bonnie came in early to help cover so it was a different day. Marilee likes me because when she said she had nothing to do I told her to go find a book to read! That's how life should be. Anyway, the day went fast. I updated my resume and wrote up a cover letter, I'll send that off to the Post on Monday. After 8:45 we only had one guy come in and he just checked out some movies. Nice because we got to leave early! We walked over to the cinema and saw Legally Blonde 2, it was great! Very cute and we laughed a lot, comes highly recommended :)

Anyway, I'd better get to bed if I'm going to be able to get up and drive in the morning. I won't be able to write again until Sunday. Have a Happy 4th!!!

My evenings go by much too quickly. I wish there were more hours in a day, so many things I want/need to do! I just finished reading up on everything I can find out about manta rays and hope to write that article before Monday. I promised to get them done but I think Ron doesn't believe me because he said that there was some other lady who could do it if I couldn't. Better get my butt in gear or I'll lose out!

Work wasn't all bad today. Ethan's already gone and it was Pat's last day. She did make a point of telling me (and everyone else) that I was not at all in charge of the place. Whatever, as long as she's gone. I did mean to get some stuff done tonight but ended up just talking to Shannon and Bonnie the entire time instead. Tomorrow night after work we're going to see Legally Blonde 2!

It's not even 1 and I'm thinking about going to bed soon. Of course I thought the same thing last night and ended up staying up until almost 3. But still. Oh and note the new link to Found over to the right, very cool. I spent too much time looking at every note, photo, and item of the week - interesting stuff!

July!! So hard to believe that last year right now I was between LA and Boston waiting to move to Salt Lake. The days may drag by but the weeks will fly! That's what Mary said tonight when I was complaining about work but was surprised at how quickly my time there has passed.

I had such a bad day at work but trying to tell anyone else about it makes it seem kind of ridiculous. I'm just mad at Pat. Bigtime. I know that I'm new to the job and stuff but I feel like she doesn't respect me at all and that she treats me like I'm not at all intelligent. I wonder how much I should have to put up with. And I daydream about having another job instead. I talked to Mary about it tonight and she encouraged me to at least apply to the Post to see what happened. If I can get that job then great. If not than it's a sign that I'm supposed to stay where I'm at just a little bit longer.

I just got off the phone with Ben, he called at 1:30. Everyone knows it's ok to call me that late but I'm still always surprised when anyone does! Anyway, he was in the library tonight and needed some help registering for classes. Once he left the girls were curious about what we'd talked about (not much, mostly about what I'd done with Erika) and I told them that I just don't feel a bit of attraction to him. Not even the littlest bit. He was wearing a gold chain with a cross on it. I'm more concerned about the chain than the cross at this point but yikes. It wasn't pretty. On the phone he asked when he'd be able to see me outside of the library and we might go out next weekend. I love talking to him on the phone, I wonder if I can just ask him to be my phone buddy or something.

Time for me to get to bed, I'm tired! Hopefully work tomorrow will be good (even though Pat is in all afternoon) or at the very least not bad.

It would be way too hard to write about the whole weekend that I've just had. Beaches, rivers, gators, canoes, airboats, seafood, movies, outdoor restaurants, and of course the best part was that I was sharing it with my best friend!!! Too much fun, not nearly enough time. Diana, you're next, get over here!! And Erika, start planning your next trip down here. This time come when it's cold up there :)

Tonight I called home because Mary said she wanted to tell me about her weekend. Dad answered the phone and reminded me that mom was visiting my grandparents and that I should call there. Grandma was already in bed so I chatted with Grandpa for a little bit. Turns out that at the exact time that I was having lunch with Erika and Dave, my mom, aunts, and grandparents were at the Creamery where Erika's aunt, uncle and family were!! What a world. Anyway, mom tells me about everything that they've been doing and as usual I don't get a word in edgewise. Then I call back home and dad casually mentions that he's bought a new house on a lake. He's always wanted one of those and there was a sale over the weekend. This is SO TYPICAL of my dad!!! We'll come home to a new tv, a new car, and he never ever tells mom these things first. In fact, mom still doesn't know about the new house. So my cousin owns half of the house and he might be living in it most of the time so it's not like my parents would move there or anything. But it's not too far out of the way on the trip to my grandparents place. It was originally built in 1910 and it needs some work but it's probably got about four bedrooms on the second floor. I just can't wait for pictures. It makes me wish I could go home yet this summer to see it!!! Would've been much cooler if we'd had this when we were kids... Anyway, I never did get to talk to Mary, she started watching Sum of All Fears and told dad to tell me to call back tomorrow instead.

So I'm thinking about quitting my job. Tonight both Bonnie and Shannon were encouraging me to apply for the job at the newpaper. I'm trying not to even really think about it because I don't know enough about the job. It's 32 hours a week maximum, which maybe means some weeks I wouldn't even work that many. Anyway, I can't get that out of my head.

I'm SO TIRED right now!!! I think I'll be in bed before 1 tonight...

Well having a guest is paying off already. I haven't seen this much of my kitchen counter or of my bedroom floor in months! Getting up early today did help a bit and I'll do the same tomorrow.

Tomorrow!! Erika will finally be here, I couldn't be much more excited! So many things we can do and see!

Tonight at work us girls decided not to do any work. Shannon's brother's marriage is in trouble so we talked at length about relationships (ha, you can imagine that I had very little to add). It's funny to think of whether or not any patrons can hear us gabbing away and what they'd think about all that we discuss! Needless to say we got nothing done but hey, nights like this are what make my job survivable. Ben called again tonight and we chatted for just a bit. Sadly I missed a call from Karen while talking to him. I couldn't get ahold of her after that so I called home instead. I heard from Jenna today, she and Eric have broken up because he won't make any serious committment. She isn't sure what to do about the cruise and wanted to know what I thought. Well I consulted Karen and Mary and we all agreed that she should come anyway because we all adore her. Mom has even said she wishes Eric would stay in LA and send Jenna instead! Not nice but true. I guess we all realize that if she were our sister, we'd tell her to stop dating Eric because it's apparently not going anywhere.

Ok, I'm off to bed before it gets too much later.

Even though Mondays aren't the first day in my week, there is something distinctive about them. I dressed up today in another cute outfit and wore my little sandals. Sometimes I wonder if people look and me and think that I'm pathetic for dressing up for work in my little hole in the wall library. But if they think that, screw them. I'm trying to impress the cute boys.

Tonight Ben called me and we talked for about an hour. He's easy to chat with, we have a lot in common (travel, that's the big one). I think he's going to call again tomorrow night. There's this other guy who's in almost every day, an engineering student. And another one who's in all of the time always checking out the Sopranos dvds. Both of them were there at the same time along with the guy who looks like Radar so the girls were really teasing me.

Tomorrow I'm going to try to get up early. I've got a few errands to run, I promised to mail a few things off to Karen at camp, and it wouldn't kill me to start getting used to being up before noon :)

Ben, that's his name!! He called tonight while I was on the phone with Erika but I didn't recognize his number. It was too late to call him back so I'll ring him tomorrow. Whew, I know his name! And it was even one of my guesses, go me!

I'm at work and I can't help but post today. It's so quiet around here on Sundays and it's hard for me to find enough ambition to actually do anything. I figure that when Ingrid starts next month I'll have to work hard and I'm ok with that. But it's reason for me to screw off as much as possible while I can :)

Dave and I made it down to Miami in pretty good time on Friday night. We weren't ambitious enough to go far for dinner so we ate at the hotel restaurant which was horrible. Live and learn I guess. We stayed up talking and reading then we slept in until noon on Saturday. We drove down to South Beach, which wasn't nearly as full of thongs and hard bodies as I had imagined (though there were plenty of both). The whole area is Art Deco with beautiful buildings lining the beach and two main streets, one of cafes and the other of shops. We wandered down one and up the other. It was so hot, we were both just melting. We decided to head to the beach to take a swim so we changed clothes and found a perfect spot among the crowds. About five minutes later the skies opened up and it poured. I mean it POURED. Half of the people ran for cover, the other half jumped into the ocean. We were part of the latter crowd because our things were so soaked that running wasn't going to do us any good. Plus the ocean was warmer than the rain. As soon as lightning hit the beach they made everyone leave so we walked though the downpour back to the car. At least we were already in our swimsuits! We stayed in the parking garage for over a half hour trying to drip dry and waiting for the rain to let up a bit. We headed back to the hotel for the rest of the afternoon and we just read our books.

In the evening we drove to Coconut Grove, a cool little area of town. It was still raining and Dave got a bit lost (he wouldn't follow my directions, even though he was really turned around and I wasn't) but we eventually found the area and a little sushi bar. I wish I had appreciated sushi before I went to Japan, I can only imagine how much better it would've been! Anyway, we stuffed ourselves and I would've liked to have wandered around the area but it was still raining so we left. Dave got lost again and I think he only followed my directions to prove to me that I was wrong but of course I wasn't and we found the hotel again. We decided on a ppv movie and watched Two Weeks Notice, which was cute but predictable. I like Hugh Grant, even if he does play the same character in all of his movies.

We got up this morning at 9:30 and left by 10. I think I almost died several times on the way home and I've decided that Dave isn't going to drive my car anymore. He's a speed demon who tailgates (yet he hates tailgaters) and I really thought a few times that I should quick call my parents one last time. Hmmm, can you tell I'm a wee bit annoyed with him? Just over the directions/driving stuff. I'm happy that over the next few months we're both busy with our own things on the weekends, right now we only have plans for the 4th of July. Puerto Rico might still work out but who knows when.

I'm not supposed to eat food at work, not in my office unless it's my dinner break. Of course I break that rule, keeping Cheese-Its and Fruit Loops in my top desk drawer. I forgot that I had a bit of chocolate in there until I got to work today and noticed the ants. All over the drawer. Inside, outside, leading up to it... oops. I tossed the chocolate, cleaned up all my crumbs, and now most of them are gone. But it's been fun watching them today.

Ok, a marathon entry. I should get to work, I have a nice list of tasks that will hopefully keep me more on track.

Dave is going to be by to pick me up any minute but I thought I'd quick post as long as I was just sitting here!

The day hasn't been exciting. It's been raining most of the day and the sun didn't peek out at all. So much for the beach. The furthest I went from my apartment was a walk to the mailbox. I was going to go to the dive place to buy a mask and snorkel but I decided to just buy a cheapie set from Target tomorrow. I started in on some manta ray research for the next article, and read half of Slow Dancing on Dinosaur Bones. It's ok, I'm not quite sure exactly why Dave thought it was so great. We'll see what the second half brings I guess. I called and talked to Mary, and I tried Erika but she wasn't home so I had a nice chat with Brad instead! I did lots of laundry and just sat around a lot.

If the weather doesn't clear up tomorrow I'm not quite sure what Dave and I will find to do, but either way it should be an adventure. I'll post again on Sunday night!

Ah, another weekend. June is flying by so quickly.

Work wasn't anything too exciting. I had my review and was told to stop being so social. I know that Pat's just jealous at how cute I am :) Or at least that I get along with everyone and she has such strained relations. I kept busy today with paperwork and stuff. Shannon's back from her vacation so the evening was spent catching up with her. Bonnie and I spent more time laughing. We just crack each other up! I don't even remember what we were talking about but we were both just short of peeing in our pants!!

I was asked out tonight by this guy who's been in a few times, always just before we close. I knew he was going to ask, I could just tell, and sure enough he wanted to know if I'd like to see the town with him sometime. I figured what the heck, it can't hurt, so I gave him my number. He's an optomatrist from Ft. Lauderdale but is living up here for the summer. So as we're leaving the library I realize that I've forgotten his name! I think it's either Ben or Nick but I'm not sure. Shannon and Bonnie think this is hilarious. I know that when he calls he's sure to say his name and all will be well. He loves Greek food and even speaks a bit of it. He's calling early next week but I realized later that he's going to think I'm trying to ditch him because I'm booked for the next three weekends!

Tonight I haven't watched tv but I did manage to straighten up around here, I'm really big on letting things just pile up. Found a bill that is overdue, must be more careful about where I put those down! Mom called, she's in Utah picking up things of Karen's that she wasn't able to bring back with her. Karen called as well, she's still having a blast at camp. Kids won't arrive for another week or two, they're still training and getting ready. I'm doing laundry, catching up on old e-mails, and am getting ready for tomorrow. Dave and I will probably head to Miami around 9pm but I want to make sure I don't forget anything. Hopefully I can run errands and make it to the beach in the afternoon!

Alright, I'm determined to sit down and read for a little bit tonight, it's been too long!

Dave bought me a lottery ticket but I didn't win the 10 million. Shucks. Would've been nice.

I bought a hungersite tank top the other night, I can't wait for it to arrive. And this month I donated to the fight against the use of sonar by the navy. I wanted to join the Nature Conservancy but it's a bit too expensive right now.

Tonight after work I went to the right Blockbuster and exchanged my movie for The Bourne Identity. I had a big debate with myself as to whether I should buy a movie that I know I like or if I should try something new. I went with one I know I like. I had hoped to buy Amelie but it wasn't there anymore. As long as I was that far I decided to just pop by the beach. It was 10:30 but still light enough to clearly see the beach, very cool! I'm going to have to start going down there more often. Well, going alone isn't maybe the best idea...

Ok, before I go to bed tonight I have got to do the dishes. I'm going to get on that and hopefully I'll be in bed by 2!

No really, I was going to go to bed. What is it about a computer screen that makes me so entranced that I can't leave?

I finished the article today, at last! Now I have to write one on sea turtles and another on manta rays. Hopefully now that there's a format it will be much easier (yes, I know that's unlikely but it's a nice thought). Work wasn't exciting, Pat didn't say a word to me all day and she was mad at everyone because we were all talking too much. The fact that today about 90% of our talk was work related apparently didn't matter. Whatever. I really don't know what I would do if I didn't have the evenings to relax and enjoy work!

Tonight I decided to try a new place for groceries. Well, same store but a different location. I had to go to Blockbuster to return one of the videos I'd bought because Dave said it was LOTR #2 but really it was #1 and I already have that. It turns out that each Blockbuster has different sales so I have to go back to the original store which is way out of my way. Anyway, so I head to the grocery store only to find that it closes an hour earlier than I thought so I had only about 20 minutes to shop. Oh the pressure!! Plus they didn't have all that much stuff so I was pretty disappointed. I felt like I was buying less than usual but my total amount spent was just as high as always. Kim called as I was leaving the store and we talked for quite awhile. I was pooped by the time I hung up with her, unpacked all the groceries, and changed out of my work clothes. I enjoyed some serious couch time (so nice!!) and then put the Keys pics online.

And now I really am going to bed. Seriously, I'm not just saying it this time. I have to start practicing getting up early so that when Erika comes we aren't on opposite schedules!!!!

Another night that's gotten much later than I had hoped. Must get some real sleep!! Work was pretty good though Pat was acting strange (this should really come as no surprise but still) and she makes me feel uneasy a lot of the time. I worked on the article in my office, e-mailed a lot to Diane - since I can't just stand there talking to her! In the evening it was just Bonnie and I so we sat chatting for several hours before we each finally got back to work (on our own personal projects, not real work). At home I cleaned up in the kitchen, ate a frozen pizza, talked to Dave for awhile - he's in Toledo/Detroit for work this week, and dinked around online. I'm soooo close to being done with the article but I'm tired enough that nothing is making sense. Oh and Carl called me, he wants to know if I'd like to go out on Thursday night.

I don't know why I don't just go to bed when I'm tired. It's like I sit here waiting for something. Addicted to my computer...

I like Sundays. Today I actually got a lot done at work. My feet were (still are) killing me since my stupid bug bites were itching so bad!! I'd worn my boots so I couldn't itch them myself but with every step the boot was rubbing the bites for me!! Pure torture to walk more than 10 feet. So instead I made myself at home out at the desk and just sat there for most of the day. I worked on my project and also wrote most of the article for Ron! Of course I'm not supposed to work on stuff like that at work but whatever.

I came home and kept on working on the article, it's almost done. I was going to go over to Dave's to have him help me but I decided that we'd just end up talking or watching tv so I stayed here! I called home and talked to Dad for just a minute, long enough to apologize for the fact that there's no Father's Day card in the mail from me (I'm such a horrible daughter!). I also spoke to Mom and to Mary who will be at home until sometime next month. Ron called me tonight and we spoke for about an hour, that was nice.

Now I'm sitting here wondering why I'm still up. I'm kind of hungry but now's a bad time to eat. And I really want to put my Keys pics online but now's not a good time to get into doing that either! I think I'll just go to bed.

Alright, I'm home! What a short trip and it feels kind of like I didn't get a weekend at all. Dave and I had a great time, I love the keys!!

We left as soon as he was done with work on Friday at about 1:30. The drive wasn't very exciting until just past Key Largo where you can see more of the open water. It was so beautiful, the color of the water is just amazing. It was about 250 miles from home down to the place we were staying on Big Pine. The little bed and breakfast was awesome!! A really cool house (there will be pics online soon) with a funky shape and really cheezy decor :) The "beach" wasn't really anything to look at, especially at low tide, so we decided to drop off our stuff and then head down to Key West. That was really cool, we drove around and then found a cool place to sit for the sunset. It was cool just because we were so far south and staring at the whole Caribbean! We had dinner at a place on the way back that wasn't really very good but cost and arm and a leg. We picked up a six pack and headed back to the room. There was this little roof area with seats and we had it to ourselves. The moon was so bright and there was a perfect breeze with the palm trees waving on the beach below. Awesome. Except for the mosquitos, I'm pretty bit up today!

Turns out that you have to tell the woman the night before if you aren't coming to breakfast and we hadn't done that so we had to get up at 8:30. I know, how horrible!!! It was torture, even though we'd gone to bed at 1. Oh and yes we split the queen bed and no nothing happened. Anyway, there were three other couples so we all chatted and ate. We had hoped to spend the morning around there but check out was at 10 so we got ready and left. We went to a nearby beach and spent over 3 hours there. The sun was so strong that I stayed in the shade of the umbrella for all but about 20 minutes and I'm still red (with 15spf on too). The water was perfect and the color was striking. Eventually we decided we'd better do something with the day so we headed down to Key West again. I was kind of cranky because I was hungry, tired, and very hot. Plus I was annoyed with Dave because he drives way way way too fast and I hate telling people that I'm uncomfortable with their driving but it was my car. Anyway, we get to Key West and wander around the cool streets (visited Hemmingway's house and caught some of the Gay Pride activities) but couldn't find a single place to eat for almost an hour! The place we ended up had good food and we were both just stuffed by the time we left. I was so tired I almost fell asleep at the table. We had planned to stay down there for the sunset but I didn't think I was going to be able to take it! So instead we just started back early. It ended up being the perfect thing because we caught the sunset at a place on Key Largo so we were more than two hours ahead of ourselves without missing out on anything! Dave must've picked up on the speed thing because he kept it at an ok mph for the whole way home. We got back at about 10 and now I'm at home!

I don't want to go to work tomorrow. Shannon's gone so it's just me and Trish - the older woman who can't hear a thing and who likes to talk about stuff that I don't want to hear about. Dave and I are going to do something in the evening. I think he's going to help me write the article for Ron which hasn't been going anywhere.

Ok, I'm going to get to bed. I can't believe how many hours I've been awake today!

Finally my weekend is here! Tonight at work we were really busy so the night flew right by. I'm exhausted and sleep will be easy. Why I'm still awake is beyond me...

Tomorrow Dave and I take off! I probably won't do another entry until Sunday but you never know. We should get there in time for the sunset tomorrow, we'll be staying one island short of Key West. Ryan and Megan (from the canoe trip) were going to join us but something came up for them today. Too bad, that would've been fun. We'll be going to Hemmingway's house and I thought of Diana - all of the cats there have six toes and I could grab you a little black one, isn't that what you always wanted? And there's going to be a full mooon this weekend which always makes things more beautiful. Anyway, I'm going to try to take a million photos of the trip but I always say that so we'll see :)

Alright, I'm too tired to stay up any longer.

Wow, it's not quite 1 right now, this is an early post! I'm tired and probably won't stay up too late tonight. But I say that all the time and then I'm til 4...

Last night I didn't have too much time at home. I ate, cleaned everything out of the bathroom and tried to neaten up around here. Not to impress the plumbing people but just so that there was nothing for them to make a mess of. Then it was off to Dave's for the night! We swapped files, watched The Sweetest Thing, and just sat around talking. It was probably about 2 when we went to bed. He has a king size bed, Kota plopped himself down right between us and chaperoned. We stayed up talking for about an hour, Dave wasn't tired because he'd taken a nap right before I got there and I wasn't tired since it wasn't my usual bedtime. Poor Dave had to get up at 6!! I slept until 11 when I woke up on my own. I showered and left right away.

I stopped by my apartment to see how things were going and to make myself some lunch. The plumber and the contractor were here but they weren't doing anything with the tub. They think that they've discovered the problem. All of the air conditioning units in this building have something funny with the way they drain. I guess the same unit in another building has the same noise problem. They went into each unit and redid the drainage systems. We'll see if it worked or not. Anyway, they were out of here about fifteen minutes later, though they kept stopping by to see if they could hear the noise. Since I had extra time, and since I wasn't getting a brand new tub, I cleaned my entire bathroom as long as I'd taken everything out of there.

Work wasn't exciting. I felt like Pat was staring at me all day and that kind of freaked me out. Shannon left for the week so it's just going to be Bonnie and I at night. That reminds me, I redid my Florida album. I added some pics of work (so you can see who I'm talking about) and new ones of my apartment too.

Oh and I meant to say that I wrote to Dave today because I chickened out on having 'the talk' with him last night. It just never would've worked in the conversations we were having. So today I sent an e-mail saying that people were teasing me about last night and that no one believed we could be just friends. I said that I was happy with how things were and I was looking forward to our next few weekends together. He wrote back to say that he was also getting teased at work (especially today since he was so tired and they knew I'd stayed over) but agreed that things are going really well. So for now I think it's pretty clear and I have to be really careful not to get drunk and mess anything up!!

Alright, now I've got to get going. I STILL haven't written anything for Ron and I'm sure he's thinking that it'll never happen. Must not procrastinate when I'm trying to impress someone and when this could really be good for my career.

I got up kind of early today, I'm not sure why. Maybe it was my "early" bedtime last night. But it was nice having a bit of extra time to myself this morning. I cleaned up in the kitchen, lounged around in jeans before having to get dressed for work, talked to the rental office about Wednesday, and messed around online.

Work was rough because Pat was grouchy with me first thing in my day. Thankfully she left early and since Ethan was also gone it was a fun day! I mostly talked to Diane (about how cool it would be to quit and leave the country) and then in the evening I did some serious work. We had a torrential rainstorm in the afternoon, Bonnie came in drenched and Shannon was late because traffic was backed up. The roads flood so quickly that it gets dangerous fast. Anyway, Bonnie learned PowerPoint and was all excited about that, it was funny. We left a few minutes early and everything!

Tonight I talked to Dave for awhile and watched this cool show called Monster House on Discovery. It's like Monster Garage only they have to completely redo the inside of a house in five days. It was really cool seeing what they could pull together! And it's Ron's last night in Houston so we talked for an hour and half. After this he's back in Canada and it will be too expensive again.

Tomorrow I might not post because I'm staying at Dave's for the night and I don't know how easy it will be to get online. I'll bring my laptop with me because we're going to swap files again. Anyway, tonight I have a few more things to finish up before crawling into bed!

Another day another dollar. Hopefully more than just one dollar. I'm tired and should be in bed right now. I think tonight will be an early one (for me)!

Work was boring and very cold today. I was wearing a light wool sweater and froze. I did get some real work done though, a nice change! I ordered books. It's not much but it's more than I've gotten finished lately. After work I went to see Finding Nemo with Dave and Shannon. Such a cute movie!! I loved it, I thought it was fun and adorable. Pixar is so cool. Anyway, tonight just disappeared. I spent another hour on the phone with Ron. I'm liking him a lot. Maybe because I know I can't have him? Have I already wondered that out loud? He and I talked about Dave, he says I've got to actually say to Dave that I just want to be friends or Dave won't really get it. Hmmm, maybe I should have that talk with him. Especially with a weekend in the Keys coming up. We'll see...

Tonight I'm hooking on very old country music from when I was a kid. Marty Robbins mostly. My grandpa used to sing Red River Valley to us as we were all curled up in our sleeping bags on the floor. He'd play it on the harmonica and would sing, it was so great. I can almost smell the sleeping bag, that musty material that was so soft and had funny prints of deer and ducks. Sigh. I'd better go to bed before it gets any later.

Another great day! My weekends have just been so much fun lately. Seems like ages ago that I had no friends and just watched a lot of tv.

I got up early this morning and managed to be out the door by 10 this morning. Shannon and I went down to the outlet mall. The trip was a success in that I found cute things - and almost entirely for work - and I didn't spend much money! I went to Target and spent 20 bucks which is the lowest amount I think I've ever spent there! I bought: two skirts, three light sweaters, four tshirts, earrings, and a set of beach chairs for Dave and I (that was the Target purchase) along with a lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. Very cool and fun to have Shannon along for second opinions.

We got back in just barely enough time to make it to the baseball game! It was myself and Dave, Shannon and her husband Jason, Diane and her husband Leslie, Bonnie, and two friends of Dave's. The game was ok, it the fun we had in the stands that made it a good time! We all waited for the fireworks but they didn't put them on tonight. We all thought we'd go out for drinks but everyone pooped out. Dave and I went to Blockbuster to grab a movie (he is movie man) and they had a sale so I couldn't help myself. I now own Road to Perdition, We Were Soldiers, The Two Towers, and The Ring (which is what we went there to rent but they were out). Holy mother, that is one scary movie!! The beginning alone was soooo frightening! Um, I won't be watching that again. Ron called me toward the end (and if you've seen this you know how happy I am he didn't call right as it ended!!) and I didn't have much time to call him back before he went to bed so I made Dave leave as soon as the movie finished. I talked to Ron for just a little bit and now I'm sitting here all by myself.... totally freaked out. I'm trying not to think at all about the movie but I can't help it.

Wish I didn't have to work tomorrow. Wish I didn't ever have to work again. Wonder what I was thinking watching a scary movie.

I'm so sleepy that I think I'll be asleep in five minutes no matter what I'm doing. So I'll keep this short!

Bonnie and I had a really great day today! I got up at 10 and picked her up by 11. We drove down to Delray Beach where we met up with Dave for a short walk around the main street. Dave went back to work and Bonnie and I wandered in and out of all of the shops, we had so much fun! We had lunch at a really cute little place (with good food) and then drove down to the beach and talked a lot as we picked up shells. My treasure of the day is a shark's tooth! I always wanted to find one as a kid, which I'd just told Bonnie, and then there it was!!! So cool. We drove up along the coast and Bonnie got to see the big mansions. I dropped her off at home and had about 10 minutes before Dave picked me up at my place! We went to see James Taylor in concert, his friend had two extra tickets and gave them to us for free! That was really cool, it was in this big amphitheater, the weather was gorgeous and there were margaritas! The ground was really wet and even with the blanket doubled over we both had really wet butts by the time we left (everyone else did too so it was kind of funny to see). We went to Chilis for dinner and I had another drink. I think that's why I'll be asleep soon. Dave hung out here for just a little bit, we'll be going to the baseball game tomorrow night with a good sized goup.

I'm kind of mad that Shannon insisted on leaving so early tomorrow, I'm going to be tired and crabby!! She wanted to leave at 8 but I insisted on 10. That still means getting up around 9. It's almost 2 so I already know that's not enough sleep!!

I should stop talking about how little sleep I'm going to get and just go to bed!

Finally, my weekend is here!! This week seemed so long and I have a feeling that next week is going to creep up way to fast.

Nothing exciting today. The rental office promised to work on my tub today but of course they didn't. Next week they say they'll take up my whole tub, or they'll try to get to my pipes thru the model next door. Yes, I've heard this all before. Yes, I believe them this time too. I'm a sucker.

Tonight I talked to Karen for a little while, she made it to Niagra Falls and expects to get to Maine tomorrow! I also talked to Ron for over an hour again. He's just the sweetest guy ever. When I called I actually caught him as he was wrapping up a gift for me! Whatever it is, it's coming in three installments... Today I checked my mail and I had two packages from him, a tshirt of one of his paintings and a set of cards. He's also sending a copy of Coelho's The Pilgrimage for me to read. It's a signed first edition. If I were him I wouldn't let that book out of my sight! I'm not worried about what happens to it in my care but yikes, sending it thru the mail??

Ok, I promised Bonnie that I would call her by 11 and it's now 3am so I'd better get some sleep. I had enough wine tonight that I should be sleeping before I hit the pillow!

I have just downloaded some very cool music. Theivery Corporation and Gotan Project are excellent, I'm loving it.

Today at work I had an e-mail from Dave linking me to this property in Costa Rica and that's had me dreaming all day. Now I know what I'd do with a million dollars!! Dave's looking into moving down there, so he says, because Intel has offices down there and that would be similar to what he's doing right now. Then I started looking at other properties and found some really cool places that you can run as little eco-inns. How cool would that be?? I don't want to be a librarian anymore, I wanna do that!!!

Ron called me tonight from Houston and he was full of offers to travel too - Vancouver, Maine, Portugal... makes me want to quit work too! Maybe that's why I'm having all these days at work getting nothing done. I love Florida but I hate being stuck inside a cold library and I'm slowly realizing that this might not be what I really truely want to do. Sigh. Wish it was an easy life!

I have a tape recorder all set up in the bathtub and now it's not making any noise. That's not a complaint in any way shape or form because tonight I'll maybe get some good sleep. But isn't it funny that it always seems to go that way?

Time for me to go to bed. That's almost a sure way to guarantee that the noise will start up!

Well it's not 3 yet so I guess I'm doing good tonight. I'm so tired. I cried about my stupid tub. What is life coming to? Tears always make me more tired. The beer didn't help. I'm out of water so that was all I had to drink!!

It's been a 100% unproductive day. Tonight I didn't get a thing done around here. I stomped around all pissed off after getting home, talked to Dave, Ron called after getting an e-mail that must've made him think I was going to go after the apt manager with a weapon, I chatted with Karen (who leaves for Maine tomorrow), and otherwise just sat here staring at the computer. Exciting stuff.

Dave and I are all booked down in the Keys! I wish that we had more time to go but we can only stay one night. We're staying at the Barnacle Bed and Breakfast which looks fantastic! What a treat!! Should be interesting because there are only queen beds available.

Time for me to get to bed. No surprise but my tub is making noise. I figured out how to record things on my cell phone so everyone at the rental office tomorrow will not only get to hear it but my phone will tell them what time it was making noise at!

It's after 3, I really did mean to be in bed earlier tonight! One of these days I'm going to be so tired that I'll never wake up.

Well you've both heard how well my day started off. It ended well too, Ron and I talked on the phone for awhile and he's been sending sweet e-mails all night. I do think older men are the way to go. Well, maybe not this old, but there's something to the theory... Anyway, he's doing a painting of me. Abstract. I don't like abstract art but I'm too flattered to tell him that :) He asked if he could fly me up to Seattle since I said no to Houston. I told him that if he was thinking of September than maybe it would work but he meant next weekend!! Um, not possible. Now he knows to schedule months in advance. But he told me about the weekend that we would have together and it sounded so nice... sigh.

Ok, I've got to get to bed.

I woke up to Shannon's phone call this morning, she remembered today that she couldn't miss work. We spent 95% of the day just talking to each other and not getting anything done. The other 5% was spent on our breaks or helping the few people who were in. We just chatted away about everything under the sun. When we ran out of things to talk about, we'd think hard until we could find something else just to avoid work! It should always just be Shannon and I at work, so much fun.

Dave came over tonight and we watched Catch Me If You Can. By far the best out of the three that we watched! I thought it was really good, though maybe a bit long. Tom Hanks had this annoying accent the whole time but Leo was looking cute in the middle of the movie (not the beginning or end). Dave stayed just a little while after that but we were both tired. Of course that was an hour and half ago and I'm still up! I was looking stuff up online, downloading a few new songs, and zoning out. I'd better get some sleep tonight.

Wow, June is here already.

I had another really great day! I wore another cute new outfit! Dave picked me up at 1 and we went down to Delray Beach. They have this really cute main street that's full of cute shops and cafes. We walked up and down, looking in the galleries and browsing the horrible tourist shops. I bought some insence, a paint knife, and a beach umbrella! There was a beautiful store full of Thai treasures with this bed that cost 3,000 bucks that I really really wanted. I managed to restrain myself! After that Dave and I went to the beach! It really rained just as soon as we'd laid out the towels, good thing we had my new umbrella! It actually poured a bit and then cleared right up. We got in about two hours before it started to sprinkle again. We talked a lot about relationships and stuff like that. I can seriously spend hours and hours with him and never get bored or anything. We went out for dinner along the beach, watched the clouds change color with the sunset, and then drove home along the coast (much slower but much more beautiful, you should see some of the mansions). We went right to a nearby pub that had live Irish music playing and we had a few drinks. I was a bit drunk, at least very buzzed, by the time we got back to my place. Dave didn't stay long, I just quick made him a copy of the the cd we listened to in the car that he liked so much. I'm sure he wanted to put the moves on me. And I wanted him to but again, it was just the beer because I can't mess this up! Must not drink around Dave anymore.

Anyway, it was a wonderful day! Tomorrow we're going to watch Catch Me If You Can once I'm off work. I had a call from Shannon tonight saying she wasn't going to make it to work tomorrow but she seems to have forgotten that Trish has the day off so she can't be gone! Hopefully I can reach her in time tomorrow or I'm going to be in trouble!

Dave wants to go to the Keys the weekend after next. And the following weekend he's going to be in Puerto Rico for work and if possible, I'd fly down for my weekend. How cool would that be?? That's why I can't mess it up, staying friends and doing these things is all good.

I'm going to go to bed while I'm this tired! Nice and early tonight, it's only 1:30!

I HIGHLY recommend The Italian Job! I loved it, I thought it was really good. A bit predictable but really cool. Jason Statham is my crush for the day. I'm going to go rent his movies. I said that after Lock Stock and again after Snatch but I mean it this time.

My day started off with a trip to the mall where I got my haircut (just a trim, it looks the exact same as yesterday only a wee bit shorter), and I went to Express and found a few cute things. I bought earrings. I've been meaning for a few months now to take out the ones I've worn for so long. Time to switch it up a little. I also picked up a few cute necklaces. Then I went to the art store and bought oil paints. I feel like there's a painting in me trying to get out so I bought what I needed, just enough to see if I really want to get back into it. Then I swung by campus to show off the cute outfit I was wearing! Looked like Dr Stupid was around but I walked thru his building and his door wasn't open. Too bad, I was so cute he surely couldn't have resisted me.

Dave picked me up for the movie and we got there in time to get good seats. Afterwards we walked to a nearby sushi restaurant where we had a delicious meal! We had a platter for two with a bunch of different rolls, it was so tasty. I've got to eat sushi more often, I really like it. Then we came back to my place and we watched The Knockaround Guys which wasn't really all that great. It had Seth Green in it, I like him. And that was the first time I've seen a Vin Diesel movie so I guess it wasn't a total loss! Dave didn't stick around long afterwards. Now I'm just sitting here munching on the leftover food (because I'm not sure how long it will be good for and I wouldn't want to waste any!).

Tomorrow Dave and I are going to Delray Beach, I think it's about a half hour south of here. We'll wander around the little downtown, maybe catch a matinee of Bruce Almighty, and hopefully we'll squeeze in an hour or so at the beach!

I'd best get to bed or I'll never make it through another busy day!

Now it's 3:30am. I've got to get back to going to bed at 2, that was much better. I'm tired but not so much that I want to go to bed. Posting to my pita does make me sleepy sometimes though...

Work wasn't very eventful. We've decided to hire Marian and we're waiting to hear whether or not she accepts the offer. Pat was out for most of the afternoon so we did a lot of standing around talking. Shannon called in sick so I spent the evening doing more training with Bonnie. She should be ready for Saturday when it's just her and Ethan!

Dave came over again tonight and we watched One Hour Photo. I was really disappointed with it, I thought it would be a lot better than it was. It was slow moving and not at all as scary as I thought it would be. We sat around talking for almost an hour before he left. Ron was supposed to call me at 2 so I had made sure Dave was gone by then. But Ron didn't call, he e-mailed to say he was too tired to stay up (he's three hours behind me, that's why we'd set the late time). Whatever, he'll probably call tomorrow instead. I don't have big plans for my day. Maybe the mall, I do have some errands to run. At night Dave and I are going to The Italian Job with a few others and out for sushi afterwards. I'm so excited because I get to wear one of my new cute outfits. Now I just have to decide which one...

Ok, I'd better crawl into bed, I'm sure I'll fall asleep soon. And I'd better set my alarm so I don't sleep the day away!

Happy Birthday Erika!!! One day late (by the time you read this), I'm so horrible. I KNEW that it was today and I didn't even call you. I'm not normal, I'm evil. Anyway, I hope that you had a really good day, even if you didn't do a single thing.

Work flew by again today. We interviewed Ingrid, our choice is going to be super tough because we like both candidates! I'm leaning toward the other one though, she had a more outgoing personality and my instinct tells me to choose her. But we'll see. We'll decide by the end of the week. In the evening I worked a bit more with Bonnie to get her trained in. She's so cool, I love her already! Before leaving work I wrote up a letter of my demands for the property manager. It's a long list or I'd write it out here. Nutshell: option 1, money money money; option 2, new apt in same complex at no cost to me; option 3, let me out of the lease at no cost to me. We'll see what I get out of the deal.

Dave came over at 11 tonight bearing gifts! Beer, popcorn, and movies! He rented three so we'd have choices: One Hour Photo, The Knockaround Guys, and Catch Me If You Can. We didn't end up watching any of them! We both have infared sensors on our computers and he'd brought his laptop. If you're sitting near each other than you can just zap files back and forth!! Like magic. We exchanged a lot of music and a few pictures and stuff (like the canoe ones, how handy!). We just sat and talked about stuff as we did that, he stayed until 2am! I thought for sure he was going to kiss me but he didn't. I almost wanted him to but that was the beer thinking. He's coming over tomorrow night and this time we really are going to watch a movie.

It's almost 3am again. Must go to bed.

I haven't made it to 3am in awhile. But I'm here now. And I'm still not tired, this isn't good.

I got up early today and met Bonnie for lunch at a nearby deli. We spent over an hour just eating and chatting. She's really cool, I look forward to working with her! She's having a mid-life crisis and that's why she's here. Her husband and two kids are back up in CT. So we'll see if she sticks it out or if she heads back up there. I feel bad for her though, she's pretty much on her own here. She, Shannon and I already have plans to all hang out and to hit the outlet mall together! Fun!

Tonight I watched a movie that was much longer than I expected (The Red Violin), that's where most of my time went tonight. Followed by chatting with Henrik. I sent him pics of the dive show (a few are posted on the Florida photo album, along with two pics of Dave's pets) and then also gave him my bank info. A full year later I just might get my money!!! We shall see.

Now I'd better at least get ready for bed for when I run out of energy and crash. Dave and I have plans to rent a movie tomorrow night and I have to be awake for it!

Mmmm, I had the perfect day. Every Monday should be just like this one. I woke up at 10:30 (no, not without my alarm) and Dave picked me up just after 11. We went and had some lunch at a cafe near the beach and the whole time I was really nervous because I was sure it was going to rain. We lucked out, the clouds came and went with no more than a short sprinkle! Four glorious hours on the beach!! I sat under the umbrella most of the time and just enjoyed watching the ocean change colors. We swam a bit (no lice, hooray!) and I tried to even out my color by only laying on my stomach. I could've stayed for another few hours but we were hungry so we drove to Dune Dog's for a hot dog! After that I whittled my evening away. That's my way of saying I don't remember what I did. I talked to Kristi, Kim and Erika, played around online, went to the grocery store... I guess that's where the time went.

I don't wanna go to work tomorrow! At least the week will be super short. And at least I'm tan again. That somehow makes work easier to bear. Or bare? Whatever.

They came to fix my tub back on Thursday and it actually did stop making noise. Until 2:30am last night when I was just about to fall asleep. I went by the office to let them know and Shannon called. I could tell before she even asked that she wanted the day off! We made the agreement to each take half of the day. Such a good idea!

The beach was hot and the sun was strong. I'm very pink right now. I meant to wear lotion and I haven't gone without spf for a long time but I didn't expect to stay that long. Very sorry now. I've been lathering up with lotion since I got home from work and that seems to be helping. Since I'm planning on spending tomorrow at the beach I sure hope this turns to tan overnight! Of course I'm going to be sure to wear 30spf and sit under Dave's umbrella. I just want to enjoy the surf and the sand. The water turns the most amazing colors when the sun is out.

Tonight I haven't done anything. Too much tv. I'm going to bed, I've got to get up early tomorrow (10:30am).

Dave came and picked me up and we made it to the beach just in time... for the downpour. It rained and rained and then rained a bit harder. We were at a hotel that had a bar so we had a drink and hoped that it would clear up. When there was a little break we ran back out to the truck and just left. We drove up the coast and about 20 miles north it actually cleared up! So we hit the beach and managed about an hour of sun. Well, not really sun but not rain, just regular clouds. When it started to sprikle we left. I spent about an hour at home, showering and relaxing before I drove over to his place for dinner. He made delicious salmon with potato salad, then we watched Big Trouble. I had a headache so I came home before 9.

Ron called me tonight, I'd called him for just a minute this afternoon. Turns out that since his number is in Canada that I have to pay long distance. On my cell that means 70 cents/minute!! So he won't get many calls from me. Anyway, tonight we talked for just a little while and then we exchanged e-mails. He sent me sweet poems that he wrote himself. I'm a sucker for stuff like that!

But now it's 2am and I'm tuckered. Wish I didn't have to work tomorrow but at least I have Monday to look forward to!

Wow, I was so tired last night I couldn't do an entry! I spent the day doing basically nothing. I hung some pictures on the wall. Dave picked me up at 7 for the movie, we met up with Shannon and her husband there. What a GREAT movie!! The ending was a bit weak and I couldn't always keep up with the storyline but I loved the action scenes. Especially the motorcycle on the freeway, that was cool. Erika was right about parts feeling like a video game, some of the action was a bit much for me. But I loved it all the same! After that Dave and I went to get a bite to eat at the restaurant/bar that's right next to my complex. And then he took me home and thankfully didn't walk me to my door or anything so hooray, I didn't have to deal with it!

I might have to today, we're spending the day together. He's on his way over right now, we're off to the beach. Looks sunny with clouds, let's hope for at least two hours of sun before the storms begin (they're predicted for the whole afternoon).

Finally, some beach time...

I've got to get to bed, I don't know why I'm still awake! I didn't get too much sleep at Dave's last night. I went to bed at 3 but slept on and off, waking at all of the little noises (nothing scared me, but it all woke me) and then the dog was barking at 10 when a delivery man came. So I got up and came home. Having extra time in the morning is always nice but it's much better after a full night of sleep.

Carl called me tonight. How strange is that?? I just stared at the phone as it was ringing because I knew it was his home number! It was right as I was getting home from work. He was just calling to see how I was, we only spent about three minutes talking before we said goodbye. I think he felt like he had to call because he's going to be in the library a lot over the summer. Oh, did I even mention that he was in this week?? I was too busy helping people to do anything more than smile and wave. Anyway, I thought the call was odd.

Henrik wrote me today, a thank you note for helping out at the show. He said that he hoped I enjoyed my weekend and that it was good I could get away from the booth to do my own thing but he was grateful I could be there to allow him time away. Anyway, I thought that was nice! I'm going to send him the pictures I took at the show (which I'll put online soon) along with my bank information so he can transfer some money over to me! Erika - I think I didn't tell you but he didn't pay me in cash, we both thought this would be easier (otherwise I had to drive him to an atm). So we'll see what happens...

Ok, I'm going to sleep now.

Ok, I couldn't resist doing an entry. I'm at home and am about to head out to Dave's house. I hope that I don't get scared out in the country all by myself with a dog that barks at little noises outside.

This afternoon we had an interview with our first candidate for the new library job. She was 10 minutes late so I think she got off on the wrong foot but I really liked her. I could imagine sharing an office with her! Pat was not impressed and made it clear to the rest of us. Anyway, I got to take her on the campus tour so I could spend some time alone with her and then we picked up Ethan and went to get some coffee. The three of us had a great time together! After that she went back in and talked to Pat alone and I guess Pat changed her mind and now really likes her again. We'll see if she was scared off by alone time with Pat :) The next interview is next week Wednesday.

Karen was offered the job in Maine today and she'll get the time off for the cruise! Actually the job isn't officially hers until they check her driving record. That girl has had so many accidents so we'll see how many years they check on. Three years is not too bad, five years is a bit worse, and all the way back to when she first started driving would be a disaster! I'm sure they'll only check the last few years and she'll be fine. Otherwise I told her she'd have to move to FL immediately!

Ok, I've got to get on the road and let the poor dog out!

I'm so sleepy, going to bed sounds better than anything else I can think of right now. I'm just waiting for a few things to finish in the dryer and then that's it for me. Must get some sleep.

It was the season finale of 24 tonight. I had to drive home on my lunch break because I'd forgotten to set my vcr! Anyway, it was well worth the trip. Of course the end left me hanging and I'm still in a state of shock. I love Kiefer and I'm sad that I don't get to see much of him over the summer.

Tomorrow night I'm staying at Dave's house so the dog has some company and so that I can feed all the pets on Thursday morning. I won't be able to get online so don't expect a post. I talked to Dave tonight for a bit, our weekend plans are up in the air. We were talking about going to Tampa (Busch Gardens) but it's a long drive. He suggested that I just fly over there (it's under 50 I think) and then I could ride back with him but that seems like a lot of trouble. I think we'll just make it a beach weekend instead.

Looks like Karen may have a summer job lined up in Maine! She had an interview with a place that does week long trips for pre-teens like kayaking, hiking, camping, etc. She'll talk to them tomorrow and will accept a job if they agree that she can leave in August for the cruise. Mom told her that she had to go on the cruise and to otherwise turn down the job. Karen says that if that was the case then she'd move to FL sooner, otherwise she'll still move down here but at the end of Aug instead of the beginning. Dave's roommate quit his job and is probably moving back up north soon, I don't know what he's going to do with the dog in the meantime...

Ok, I can't keep my eyes open any longer!

Oh! Carl came into the library tonight! So he's not dead... we didn't speak, I was helping someone when he came in and again when he left.

Well another entry from work! Pat is out of the office again today (hooray!) so I can do a bit more of my own stuff. Actually I do have a lot to do today because I'm teaching a class tomorrow night but that can wait until I've posted!

Last night at work was busy but thankfully we still got out on time because I was supposed to meet Ron right after work. I ran home to change out of my work clothes and then met him at his hotel down by the beach. I can't believe all of the work he went to for dinner! He had gotten a nice room with an ocean view, he'd pulled the furniture out onto the balcony, bought placemats, silverware, and wine glasses, and had managed to find a restaurant that would make him a meal to go right before they closed. We had this amazing ahi tuna, grilled shrimp, salmon, salads, and Australian wine followed by fresh strawberries. We talked, ate, talked, ate, talked, ate, and then walked down to the beach. Much like the other night it was just perfect. The moon was so bright that we could see each other clearly, the ocean was loud, there was not a single person in sight, and the stars were twinkling. So romantic!! We walked up and down the shore for about an hour before we went back to the room because it was getting a bit cool. We finished off the wine while he showed me one of the presentations he does for work (very cool underwater pics).

I really wasn't going to stay the night but it was almost 3, I was exhausted, and it was just so much easier. Just to clarify, we didn't sleep together. I like to think that you both know I'm not that easy :) I slept on and off, I had a voicemail so my phone kept beeping which was annoying but not worth getting out of bed for (turns out it was Dave, he'd called at 1:30am). We ate the rest of the strawberries in bed for breakfast, talked about dreams we'd had, discussed what we had planned for the day, and just relaxed. At 11:30 I had to go so we said goodbye. He has a few more appointments on the other coast and then he flies back to Canada, where he's based. Hard to say when/if I'll see him again but I know we'll keep in touch!

Whew, what a week! I would just say "what a weekend" but if I make it a week then that's THREE boys that I've kissed! Shannon pointed that out to me last night. Honestly I'm ready to have at least one weekend where I get to sit on my couch a lot and watch tv. Would you believe that I haven't turned on the tv once in the last four days? That may not seem like much but we are talking about me :)

Ok, I'd better post this and get my butt back to work!

Ok, sometimes I feel really pathetic but thanks to Erika I have found the Psycho Ex-Girlfriend site. After listening to almost 53 messages of near lunacy, I now know that I'm ok. This almost seems like a joke, if it is then it's a very creative one! What I want to know is if the guy ever called her in between these messages, I wonder if he's been stringing her along at all. Either way, what a screwed up relationship.

I'm tired and didn't think I'd be awake this late tonight. I'm happy I didn't end up going to the movie because I had time to settle back in with all of my new stuff! I love my closet organizer where all of my shoes are now neatly stacked. I unrolled the area rug and it's longer than I thought it would be. Now I have to figure out how to arrange it but I think it's going to be great. All of my new clothes are on hangers except for one top that I decided to wear around tonight. Just testing it out. I love my new laptop speakers, the music carries into the bedroom now.

Ok, time for bed!

Whoa, what a weekend! I had such a good time! Get ready for a long entry, you know how I am once I get started...

I didn't head down on Thursday after work because Henrik didn't get in until midnight and we decided it was easiest if I just came the next day. I got up at 9:30 and drove directly to the outlet mall. I meant to only shop for two hours but I was there for almost four and I could've stayed there for four more! I love each and every thing that I bought: 2 skirts, 7 tops, 1 dress (sooooo cute), 1 pair of sexy sandals, 2 beach towels, 2 doormats, 1 large area rub, 1 shoe rack, 1 set of speakers for the laptop, lots of hangers, and so on. And I only hit five stores (it was the Target Greatland that really did me in).

Anyway, it wasn't until about 4:30 that I made it over to the show and found Henrik. The first thing he did was give me a big kiss, that's always nice! The show went from 5-10 and was exhausting. At the end of the night we went back to the hotel room, showered, and ordered some room service. We had a quiet night, we each read and talked a bit. By midnight we were in bed, no hanky-panky, we fell asleep holding hands.

Saturday morning we ran to Home Depot to pick up a few things and I left Henrik to open the booth. I called Erika from the beach, basking in 90 degree weather (I have tan lines from that conversation!). By the time I got to the show I was absolutely melting in my capris and tshirt. So I went to a place where they were selling dive clothes and picked up this outfit that was perfect for the beach. Short shorts and a halter top with an open back, it was so cute. The lady in the booth next to me bought the same thing and so many people told us how good we looked! It was sooo much cooler but I was a bit self conscious because a lot of men were staring :) Anyway, I had a better day of talking to people but I decided that since it was my weekend I shouldn't have to stand there the whole time. I took a lot of breaks including a two hour trip to lay out by the hotel pool! On my way back to the booth I stopped to talk to a guy named Ron who I'd met at previous shows. We talked for a while and he asked if I'd like to go out with him for dinner, along with two others that we both knew. I agreed but then I felt bad because I knew that Henrik wasn't invited and I didn't know how I was going to tell him that. The show closed at 8 and when Henrik asked what I wanted to do for dinner I just said that I was sorry but that I had other plans with Ron. I don't think it's what he wanted to hear. So we went up to the room where I changed for dinner (into one of my cute new shirts) and then I met up with Ron.

So Ron and I walk along the beach a few blocks just talking and joking, he's one of those guys who always has something funny to say and half the time I didn't know when he was being serious and when he was teasing! We went to this really nice place across from the beach and ordered drinks and mussels while we waited for the other two people to join us. We waited an hour before we gave up and just ordered dinner. By this time I'd had a huge margarita and we'd gotten a bottle of wine as well! We decided to order several starters and split them. Such good food! We had tuna sashimi (yum), crab cakes, and a salad. By midnight we were still sitting there enjoying ourselves (with after dinner drinks) but the place was closing. The conversation was just so easy, I love that.

It's a bit amazing that I could even stand after all of those drinks but I honestly didn't feel drunk! We went back down to the water to walk back to the hotel and kind of ended up kissing. We spent over two hours along the beach, pondering the meaning of the stars and telling stupid jokes. It was just one of those all around perfect nights. There was the moon covered with a bit of cloud reflecting off the water, the surf was warm but the sand was cool, there was club music in the background being drown out by the ocean, and the company was excellent. Eventually we said goodnight and I went back up to the room. I had so much sand stuck to me that I had to take a shower and then I crawled into bed at almost 3am.

8:15 was brutal but Henrik was up and about, and the sun was pouring into the room. After showering again I laid back down until about 10 when the show started. I packed up the car and went down to the beach. I said goodbye to Henrik first and the people I'd met around our booth. I stopped by to see Ron again on my way out. He's got these amazing eyes that are blue with rings of gold. Not flecks, but rings. Anyway, I hopped in the car and drove back home. I had about 20 minutes between getting back to my place and leaving for work!

Whew, this has taken me all day to compose! Of course I have more to say (I always do) but I'll leave it at this for now :) Shannon and I decided against the movie tonight because either we have to wait for the very late show or we have to go to the crummy theater. We're going on Friday with her hubby and Dave instead.

Alright, another entry from work. Not much going on here so I don't have anything better to do :)

Slipped my mind that it was Thursday and I was planning on leaving tonight for Ft Lauderdale to meet Henrik. I'll have to call him to make sure he doesn't mind if I arrive at 1am! That way I'll be down there and going to the outlet mall will be less of a problem. Plus traffic tonight will be way better than if I drive during the day tomorrow. It should be a fun weekend, I bet it flies by!

So this morning before leaving for work I did go to the rental office and talked to the girls there. I said that I wanted to make an appointment for tomorrow (this was before I realised what day it was), that I had talked to my lawyer (good ol' dad), and that I wanted to sit down and discuss a few things with someone who was in charge. They looked concerned. Go me! Then they said that they'd call me at work to arrange something and I never heard from them. So I'll be back in there on Monday with a list of my demands. Hopefully this will be resolved soon.

I think I'm done posting on cathy lynn forever. I'll tell you guys if you should bother looking at anything there. I know you both still check so I thought I'd say something!

Ok, back to work for another hour and then I'm off! I'll write again after the weekend!

I hear that there's a solar eclipse coming up tonight. at 10:30 CST. Hope that I can duck out of work to see it, I love stuff like that.

This morning Karen called and I told her about Dave kissing me. No one actually needs to point out how many times I said we were just friends, ok?? I KNOW ALREADY. And I really thought that!! Anyway, Karen says I'm not allowed to date her roommates - not even future ones. So I think I'll try to tell him that I want to stay friends for awhile longer to make sure that everything goes smoothly over the summer. Otherwise I'll have to dump him and that messes everything up. Of course I won't really say any of this because I never do, instead I try to get around everything and not be confrontational. I'm such a wuss. I think that's clear after Carl.

Speaking of Carl (who may never be heard from again), Dave is afraid to call me because he thinks I'll label him a stalker! I forgot that he was around when I was joking with Diane about it.

Ok, my eyes are drooping and I'm getting verrrry sleepy. When I close my eyes I see little raisens floating around. Strange.

Oh and if you haven't already looked, check out the link I'm calling Birth Control on the right. I love it, I keep watching it!

Hooray, Karen's moving to Florida! I am just so excited that I can barely contain myself! She should be here the first week in August, she has to get here before we leave on the cruise. Yippeee!

This morning I was talking to Diane and I forget how it came up but I was telling her that Karen wasn't going to move down here because I didn't sound excited enough when she asked me if she was still invited. I also told Diane that this past weekend I'd been telling Dave the same thing and he told me that Karen could live with him for free. He needs someone to take care of his pets or he'll have to give them away. Right now he has a roommate but he's anxious to get him out of the house. So after talking to Diane I wrote to Karen with the reasons I wanted her to move down here. 1. I found her a free place to live with more space than my apt has to offer where she can take care of pets and live in the country. 2. She can find a job here fast with her degree and I could probably help her find one before she moves down. 3. She'd be near me!! She wrote right back to say that it was a great idea and she was all for it! So that's that.

Of course I wrote to Dave to make sure he hadn't jokingly made the offer and he says that he's serious. Karen can take care of the animals, clean, and cook for him when he's at home (he'll be gone at least four days a week). I'll probably end up paying for her utilities to help out but he isn't going to charge her anything.

Yes, of course I see all of the problems that could arise with this situation. Where are things going to be between Dave and I by the end of the summer? Well now I figure that he and I have to stay friends because I can't mess up this new plan. So if it ends (and I suspect that it will end) then it has to end well. I haven't yet had a chance to tell Karen about the kiss so we'll see what she thinks :)

I'm going to call the Housing Authority tomorrow to see if I can get some legal help with the bathtub. I'd like to be credited 10 bucks aday since my first complaint (Dec 16) and 20 a day from today forward until the tub is taken care of. Yes, I know that they won't agree to that but still. I want my money back. I DESERVE to get some money back. It's thumping right now and I'm getting upset.

I'm going to see if I can't sleep thru the noise, I'd better get to bed!

Work wasn't as fun as it should've been considering Pat and Ethan were out. I think we were all kind of pooped after the weekend. I spent the evening talking to Shannon, mostly discussing Dave. I don't know what's going to happen. He wants to spend Memorial Weekend in the Keys. I think I'll go with him, it would be three nights. I figure that since we've only kissed once he can't be expecting too much action so that pressure is off. That'll give me more time to decide if I want things to go in that direction.

Today I was using my online radio station thing and I found my favorite Greek station KissFM!! I am so excited and I've been listening to it all night! I can catch a few phrases and I'm lovin the music (even tho it's kind of Europop). I could listen to them talk all night long. Since the day I left I wished I could listen to this station so I'm seriously thrilled!

I'm going to bed. Kalinichta.

He kissed me. Perhaps I should've seen this coming but I didn't. Not tonight.

I was up at 8am to the phone, it was Diane calling to cancel on the canoe trip. Too bad, she missed out! I went to Dave's place and we drove the gas station and met up with Ryan (Dave's coworker) and his girlfriend Meghan who came with us. Sadly they don't sell beer until noon so we missed out on the drinks. We picked up snacks and got on our way! We had an awesome time, pics will be posted pretty soon, I'll let you know. Ryan and Meghan were so cool, the four of us had a blast! The weather was beautiful, the water was warm, and the first half of the trip we went with the current. We swam at the swimming hole for just a little while but mostly we just paddled along. The trip is six hours long so we were all pooped by the time it ended! Having compulsively lathered up with the bug/sun stuff I'm happy to say that I only have three bug bites (missed a spot). We went back to Dave's where we grilled hot dogs and just sat around talking. The guys played ball so Meghan and I had a nice chance to sit and talk. They live in Boca but we're planning to get together sometime!

I was so tired that I decided to come home and clean up, make some Mother's Day phone calls, and rest for a bit. Dave came over at 9 and we watched A Fish Called Wanda (at last!!). I guess I could kind of feel it while we were talking afterwards. You know how sometimes you just know. I like him a lot but I'm not so sure it's that kind of like. I know that I said just yesterday that I was feeling attracted to him but today as I was canoeing along I was thinking to myself that friends is the best and only option. Anything else just messes everything up. We have so much planned and I don't want it to be weird! He still refers to his ex as his wife and says "we" a lot when he means the two of them. I don't want to be a marriage rebound. But the main thing is just that I don't know if I feel that way and if I don't then this could just be bad. Ugh, what a mess.

Having a crush was much easier than this.

Anyway, now that I have some drama in my life I want to go back to the less exciting days! Ah, the grass is always greener...

I've got to get some sleep or I'll never make it thru work tomorrow. Ethan is off and Pat will probably still be gone so it's looking like it could be a really fun day!

Midnight and I'm exhausted. Bed is calling my name but I couldn't resist writing!

Dave and I had a fantastic time at Universal Studios. We were at the theme park, not the movie one. By noon we were in Orlando and in line for the first coaster. I was actually a bit disappointed because I wanted more big rides but this way we got to ride on everything twice. Lines weren't too bad but getting from one end of the park to the other took forever! It had to be at least 90 out so we were pretty hot, thank goodness for all the air conditioned stores. Dave actually had more of a problem on the rides than I did, by the end of the day he wasn't up for the big ones so I tried to pretend like I wasn't either! I did feel like my brain was in a different position for a little while but my stomach was no problem. The park closed at 8 but I wanted to stay and keep riding! We would've gone to a bar to have a drink afterwards but I'd left my ID in the car. The drive back was fun just because after a whole day of talking, we still had things to say!

Dave came in for a drink and we sat around talking for a bit. I wish you guys could meet him, he's cool. I started to like him for a bit tonight but I'm sure it's just because we've spent so much time together. Tomorrow is going to be another Dave Day, we're not only canoeing for six hours but we're going to bbq at his house and then watch movies afterwards. Two fun-filled weekends in a row, this is great!!

Ok, so it wasn't really my sea lice that was itching so much last week, it was mostly mosquito bites from the canoe trip. But last night as I was sitting around the house, I was overcome with such bad itch fits! My lice bites have swelled up and are really killing me! Sea lice are actually microscopic jellyfish and they only get you when they have a place to cling - like inside your swim suit. So you can imagine where I'm bitten. Oh the AGONY!! Why they had to wait a whole week to itch is beyond me but this makes me really want to stay away from the ocean! Hopefully my apt complex will get that pool put in. Much safer.

I'm sure you didn't want to know that but I can't help but share :) I've got to get to bed, another early morning tomorrow! I'll be bringing my camera again and will let you know when I've posted pics!

X-Men 2 was SO GOOD!! I loved it, I could've kept right on watching. I hope they make a third one. If Hugh Jackman wasn't so darn hairy in these movies I'd be head over heels but alas, it's too much for me.

Work today was pretty good, better than most days! I went in just past noon and Diane, Patrick, Ethan and myself all went out to lunch together at a place within walking distance. We had to wait a long time for our food so we were there for about an hour, it was fun. Back at work we had music going loudly and we could talk at normal levels or even yell back and forth! I like it when we're closed to the public, I wish that happened more often :) Everyone left at 5:30 but I stayed until 9:15. I didn't really have that much to do because I'd finished my only project but I found little stuff to keep me busy.

Dave's picking me up at 9am tomorrow. Ugh. I'm going to get to bed soon or I'll be sorry later. Plus I have to be at the canoe place by 9 on Sunday. Funny that I'll get to sleep in more on a day when I have to go to work! Anyway, if I have any energy left after a day at Universal Studios I'll be sure to write!!

Tonight I stayed up to watch Eco-Challenge Fiji. Very cool stuff. Made me tired just watching what other people can do! I'm not strong enough for a mile of what they did. I guess that's why I like to watch it so much. It took the winners more than seven days to get thru the course, ugh. Hayden Christianson (Star Wars) was on a team with his brother and sister, that was kind of cool.

Tomorrow after work I'm going to go to X-Men 2 with Dave. I heard it was really good so I'm excited. I want to see the Charlie's Angels but that doesn't come out until the end of June. Matrix 2 is out next weekend. Summer of sequels I guess.

Alright, I've got to get to bed so I can be at work in time to join the others for lunch!

I have that kind of headache that comes with crying too much. And my eyes are killing me. But I feel like I got most of it out of my system. Karen called me so she'd have someone to cry with (which made me cry all over again). She had to hold it all in for hours because mom won't let us cry over her. When I talked to mom she was very calm and collected, if she had wavered I would've burst into tears. So now we wait to see if the new drug works.

This morning I ordered a gardenia plant for Mother's Day and had it sent home. Hope it gets there in time. I also hope that it's the plant I was thinking of, the really fragrant one. Mom always talks about the smell of these flowers that we had just outside our balcony on one of the Greek islands and I think it was this plant.

I saw Dr. Dumbass today. He looked so damn cute in a black tshirt with a grin on his face. Must get over him. Must get over him. Must make him want me because it's easier than getting over him...

My paranoia is back (yes, it went away for a few days). You can get to this site from my other pita if you look at the nedstat counter because it will say that people have linked from here. I think I was that person both times, I don't mean to make it sound like I'm placing blame! So I'm taking the link to that site out. It's not like either of you need it anyway.

Ok, I'm going to go to bed now. My tub is thumping, the rental office is going to see me every day until this goes away.

Unlike the other site, I'm going to date this according to the day my computer tells me. Which means it will seem to be in advance since I'm always doing this so late.

Tonight I got an e-mail from Doctor Katz with the subject What Listerine and Crest Aren't Telling You. I deleted it. Spam sucks. At least that's an inoffensive subject, sometimes they're just sick - not what I like to see in my inbox first thing in my morning.

I'm getting further along into War is a Force that Gives Us Meaning and I really like it! I mean I like it in that way that it's really depressing because I still feel like I can't change things, but it's putting it into a better perspective for me. It scares me how little Iraq is in the news now. As though it's all behind us and no longer a concern. The media almost forces us to forget. Grrrr. And Bill Maher is off the air until late July as he goes on tour so I'm out of good commentary!

I woke up this morning after having the strangest dream. I was on a ricketly old dock, laying on a threadbare towel right next to Jen from Dawson's Creek. Fish started jumping out of the dark water, they were mullet (which I saw for the first time last weekend) and they were huge. We got up and tried to run for shore but the dock was about to break. The fish kept jumping and once they were out of the water they turned into sharks and tried to get us. I think Pacey was trying to help us. Then I woke up. Strange, I know.

I hope I dream more tonight, I love waking up from dreams that I can remember.

Ooooh, I still itch so bad!! This is horrible. I'm ready for next time, I found my bottle of bug stuff/sunscreen that I was using at home last summer!

Here are Dave's suggestions for this coming weekend:
- Universal Studios - Adventure Mood
- Florida Marlins baseball game in Miami - Sport Mood
- Key West Trip - Travel Mood
- Norton Gallery of Art - Culture Mood
- Full Canoe trip - Nature/Exercise Mood
- Vegging and watching movies - Lazy Mood
- Walk trail on Palm Beach - "Realize how poor we are" Mood
- Skydiving - Crazy Adventure Mood
- Beach sampler - Loungin' Mood
- Boating w/Arietta Gang (Diane) - Social Mood

Oh the choices! I like the sounds of the Keys, Universal Studios, and the full canoe trip (before it gets too hot and muggy, and more buggy). I don't think I could skydive, I don't know if I have it in me. Dave dives a lot, I think he's certified (whatever that means) but he won't bungy jump, he thinks those people are nuts!

I was home before 8 tonight, that was such a change. Now it's not even 1am and I'm tired. What's going on here? But I'm going to listen to my inner self and it's saying 'get your butt to bed. Right after you do the dishes or you'll be sorry tomorrow.' So that's what I'm going to do.

Two things that I meant to tell you both.
1. My mom found a lump, it's something in her lymph nodes. We'll find out more on Wednesday but let's hope for the best. How scary.
2. Mary has decided to come home in early June instead of early July. Guess she just tired herself out or something but my parents sure are thrilled! So am I, I hope it means that I get to see her sooner!

So the ocean here is warm enough that it breeds sea lice. And I got them yesterday! Ooooh, it itches. And I was also bitten by who-knows-what while canoeing. So I'm a bit miserable today. Thankfully I only have a small spot of lice bites, usually they get under your suit and eat you alive. No, not literally. Dave wrote today and he has them as well. I guess it's past tense, I don't still have lice or anything horrible. But it makes me not want to swim in the ocean so much anymore...

Another excellent day! I knew that having friends here would be cool but this is awesome! Having company makes all the difference.

Dave and I had a great time canoeing, we're going to do that again later this month. Next time we'll go earlier so we can do the all-day trip where they pick you up at the far end (so you don't have to go back against the current). We saw five baby gators and one large mother. We were within feet of them, kind of scary! We could've gone further down the river but the water was a perfect temp so we stuck around a swimming spot for quite awhile and just hung out. We took pictures, I posted them already (I'm on top of things today). After that we decided to go to the beach so we could keep swimming and then out for a dinner of hot dogs. Once back at his place he suggested that we go to a movie, and we followed that with coffee. Thankfully I came home to my apt with lights on and I'm not freaking myself out! I didn't think the movie would be a scary one...

Anyway, it's been such a full weekend! Dave implied that he'd like to hang out during the week but we'll see. We'll probably do something over the weekend though. He's full of ideas about what we could do, I'm really going to see the area if this keeps up!

My stomach hurts, I'm going to bed.

I like this site. I did post on cathy lynn today just because I feel bad just leaving it hanging, you know? But since I kept that website mostly for the two of you... well I just like this site better, that's all. Anyway, most of my day is discussed there :)

I just love beach days, I lay there thinking that life can't get much better that that. And having someone along was really cool, time went so much faster. Plus, he brought beach chairs and carried everything. Boys can come in so handy sometimes! I'm looking forward to seeing him again tomorrow and canoeing is going to be a ton of fun. And a workout which I could use. Maybe I'll have muscles by the end of the day...

I called Carl at 6:30 as soon as I was home from the beach and I'm still waiting to hear from him (it's 1:30am).... I may cancel on him but I always at least call and tell him! I wish I had known that because I would've liked to have kept on hanging out with Dave. He had said he really wanted to see Heart of Darkness and I had actually checked that out from work on Thursday and was waiting to watch it. Oh well, instead I had a nice quiet night on my couch. The usual Saturday night.

I've killed at least 15 fruit flies tonight and I haven't even made a dent in their population. They won't go away!! I took out all of my trash and cleaned to no avail. With their little life cycles I thought they'd be gone by now. Grrrr.

Now I'm going to get to bed so that I can be ready for tomorrow. I think the canoe trip is 3-4 hours so I'd better be up to it!

Well I've got a story tonight. I just finished my night out with Shannon and Diane! We all met up and went to a baseball game which was so much fun. It was Shannon and myself, Diane, her husband Leslie, her friend Dave, Jack, and Jack's girlfriend whose name I've forgotten. We went from the game to the bar right next to the stadium and we sat outside having drinks. Love the weather here, I was in a tshirt all night and it was perfect. Anyway, at the bar I started to kind of hit it off with Dave, we had books to talk about and that's always good. I had one beer at the game and one at the bar so I was doing ok. We leave the bar and decide to see if we can find a place with a dancefloor. As we're walking away, we run into a table of people from FAU. Including Dr Stupid. Of all people. On all nights. The one night that Shannon and Diane are taking me out to get him off of my mind!! And there he sits with about five other profs. He looked good and he was wearing one of my fave shirts of his. I could've just cried, this horrible desire to just make him mine and the realization that I can't get this crush to end because I've focused on him for too long. Really, I could've cried right there.

The bar we were headed to turned out to be packed so we agreed to all meet up at a bar that's about a block from my place. I casually strolled past the table of profs but Chris's back was too me so I just walked past and tried to pretend like I didn't care. But I cared. And poor Shannon had to listen to me rave for the whole drive. Of all the people! Of all the nights! What are the chances?? Someone upstairs must be really mean to do this to me!

At Abbey Road, the place near me, everyone seemed to arrange things so that Dave and I were seated next to each other. He had quite a bit to drink, I'm pretty sure he was drunk by the end of the night. But tomorrow we're going to the beach together! How much fun!! I like beach company. He's a very recent divorcee so I can't imagine we'll be more than friends. But still. He looks like Kiefer from the eyes up. And he was a good distracation from my Stupid sighting. Which is still bugging me. Of all the people. Of all the places. What does it mean????

Alright, now it's 2 and I'm tired and have to get to bed. I think Dave and I are going around noon so I have enough time to get some good sleep. Sigh. Hopefully I can keep Chris off of my mind.

I discovered the strangest thing tonight as I watched tv. I looked down by my foot and there was this strange spot like dirty water had dripped right there. Then I see that it's part of a whole little trail of drips that go for about four feet from one of my plants to where my feet always are. How weird is that? It winds and I'm sure it must've been a bug of some sort but there aren't little feet marks, just little blotches like ..... and sometimes there are little drips off to the side too. It goes right under the coffee table so I know it wasn't anything that I could've done. And it just ends in this little puddle. What could've done that? I'm intrigued and I'm hoping that it isn't anything big and ugly.

Check out this link to Oolong. How do you get a bunny to sit still for this? If you scroll down to one called /leafpie, it's my favorite. I didn't actually look at all of them though.

I don't watch Thursday night tv anymore. Not NBC, not CSI either and that used to be my favorite! Someone tell me if Monica is pregnant though, I do want to stay informed. Last night my coworker Marilee was nice enough to tape West Wing for me because I completely forgot to set my vcr. I'm going to watch that tonight. And I checked out Heart of Darkness from the library so I might watch that tonight too.

Tomorrow I have to go in and work since we're closed on Sunday. I just think that we should get paid for breaks. That means I'll have Sat and Sun off just like normal people. That means the beach will be way busy, I hope to go both days. I'm going to a baseball game with the girls from work and a bunch of Diane's friends, should be a lot of fun. If it gets rained out we'll just hit the nearby bar. I can't wait to go out, it's going to be so much fun!

I'll also be seeing Carl sometime this weekend. I called him tonight. I couldn't resist. He's happy that he gets to look into my pretty eyes. Ok, this signals trouble ahead. We'll see how it goes, I'll just play it by ear. I get to see Henrik in two weeks, I'm looking forward to that...

Alright, off to watch some tv.

Welcome to my new site ladies! I'm just going to leave it like this until I have more time to get the look that I want but I wanted to get an entry going right away!

I had four sightings today. Of course they're not nearly as thrilling as they were just a week ago. But still, I enjoyed them. First he came in and only talked to Ethan, I think he was getting more help with the question he had asked me. Diane and I were both feeling a bit miffed because he didn't so much as say hello and we were both standing right there! And I admit I had hoped he would come to me for more help - even if I couldn't help him too much these past two days. I mean he could've at least stopped by to say thanks for what I had done so far.

Not long after he left I realised that I'd left my water out in the car so I ducked out to get it. It was sprinkling, the perfect reason to go thru his building! I went past his office as if I didn't know it was his and then did that little step back thing and just asked if Ethan was of much help. We chatted for just a minute about his problem and he commented that he was supposed to be grading tests and papers instead of doing his own research anyway. I wished him luck and left. Then he came back into the library for something and talked to Diane so he's not as high on her hate list anymore! She forgot to give him his ID back so he had to make another trip in about an hour later. So basically I talked to him once today and that was when I purposefully went past his office. The picture on his ID is just horrible, Diane and I kept joking about how I never would've had a crush on him in the first place if I'd seen that!! He had facial hair, someone should just tell him that he looks much better clean shaven.

And that's my Stupid story of the day. I'm still totally bummed. As much as I wanted to know, I wish that I didn't know!! Plus I suspect that he thinks Diane at least told me that she tried to set us up because he seemed to have a hard time looking me in the eye. BOYS ARE DUMB. I can't say that often enough.

Work is so boring tonight. I don't want to update websites or handouts, and I have no ambition to think up another project. I'm the head of a search committee to find a replacement for Shannon so I went thru applications but that took less than a half hour. I already have it narrowed down to three people.

Alright, now I feel a bit guilty for doing only personal stuff. I'll still put a few things up on cathylynn for awhile but this will be my main pita from now on. Poor Devin.

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