it is: 2:30am
on: 12/03/03
music: Fiona Apple
book: Remains of the Day

tonight i watched:
Gilmore Girls

this month i read:
Chronicle of a Death Foretold
Perks of Being a Wallflower

i will read:
Year the Dream Died
Empire Falls
Rough House

this month i saw:
Legally Blonde 2
Lost in Translation
Rabbit Proof Fence

i wanna see:
Last Samurai
LOTR 3!!
Love Actually
Magdelene Sisters

I don't know why I'm still awake. I was up early this morning (10:30) and put the time to good use. I've changed my address on about every bill and subscription that I've got, and did a lot of cleaning too. Bonnie came at noon and we had breakfast together before she took me to pick up my car.

The mechanic there is so sweet and I had the feeling that he liked me. This morning he shyly asked if I'd ever heard of a book called Atlas Shrugged (he knows I'm a librarian) and said that all his friends were telling him to read it. I explained that I hadn't read it because it was so big and involved. He seemed to take this as me implying that he wasn't smart enough to read it, which I didn't mean at all! So we chatted for a bit about this and that and then I took off for work. Tonight I was thinking about him (he's a cutie, it couldn't be helped that he'd be on my mind) and I mentioned to Bonnie that I thought it would be cool to get a copy of that book to him. She got all excited at the possibilities and has decided it would be best if I just write my name and number inside the cover and she can deliver it when she goes in for an oil change this week. I'm a bit hesitant but am also thinking what the heck? It can't hurt, right? So we'll see if this plays out or not.

Work was busy again, but it was good. I'm dreading the next few days, Pat has been setting up meetings like crazy. Ugh, is there anything worse than meetings? I spent most of the evening methodically checking my e-mail to see if Mark had replied. He did get back to me just before I left work, which was good so I could get Bonnie's opinion as well. And I needed it, because I can't really figure it out. I try not to be one to put too much thought into everything, but I can't help it! I asked him out for this Sat. night and said I'd like to see him again if possible. He wrote that he had to be out of town all next week for work and therefore would be busy with his schoolwork all weekend so he'd have to go back to living vicariously through others. Well that's all fine and I can completely understand. But shouldn't he have some something, ANYTHING about how he hoped it would work to see me at some point, even if not this weekend?? Or was the very fact that he replied enough? Because I guess he could've just never written back if he wasn't interested.

I wish that wasn't weighing so heavily on my mind tonight because it's kind of put me in a slump. Karen was here when I got home but she didn't stay for long. My cable power blinked so it wasn't set on the right station when my show came on and I missed taping 24 for the second week in a row. They used to play reruns on FX on Monday nights but they don't do that this season so I'm out of luck. Tonight I started taking down some of my maps and the magnetic poetry to save myself that bit of work later. I can't think of much else to pack up. I also e-mailed Joseph, he's the guy who wrote me just the other day who lives down by Miami. And I wrote to Ryan to tell him I wasn't interested in dating a smoker because he asked if I wanted to see him again. And you know what? It doesn't matter that no one else has worked out, I still am not interested in him so I wouldn't let myself date him for lack of better choices!! Have to be strong about a few things.

Ok, I'm going to get some sleep. It would be nice to get up early again tomorrow, I could run a few errands and get a bit of sunlight to cheer me up!

Ok, so Ron has a girlfriend. And I'm sitting here feeling heartbroken and lonely, which is ridiculous - I know. But I can't help it. He was supposed to stay single, just in case. You know, just in case I decided to up and move to Vancouver or something. I called him tonight, he'd just gotten back from England and has moved into a bigger place. I miss talking to him, we used to chat almost every night.

I took my car to the shop this morning and it turns out that the noise was the power steering, which all needs to be replaced. UGH. There goes my birthday money. I ended up at the shop for two hours, the first waiting to see if they could fix it right away, and the second hour waiting for Bonnie to pick me up, she got lost along the way. We were late for work but it couldn't be helped. Pat was being really nice except that she thinks someone stole from the cash box. That's ridiculous, no one who works there would do that. And since she just put the money in there on Wednesday before leaving, that means it either happened on my night shift that evening, on Saturday, or on Sunday. No way. She just stared me down as though she could break me into admitting that I'd taken the whole five dollars. It's most likely that she just forgot exactly how much she put in there in the first place. When I suggested keeping much closer track of what comes/goes into the box, she didn't think that would help. I just took a deep breath and went into my office.

Tonight I've been sitting here e-mailing. I had an e-mail from another guy on match, probably the last I'll get before my profile disappears. He was really cool but he lives south of Ft. Lauderdale (his profile is hidden so we can't all go look at him). I also dropped a note to Ryan, and just finished writing to Mark. I asked him out for this weekend, I was too impatient to see if he was going to ask me or not.

And now I'm off to bed. Tomorrow Bonnie's picking me up so I can go get my car and I want to make sure I'm not running late.

I'm frustrated at how this site is acting up! I've got to archive soon. I'm sure that's the solution :)

Not. Ready. For. December.

So let's see, Thanksgiving shouldn't take too long to talk about! Karen and I flew our early on Thursday morning and other than some bumps due to the weather it was uneventful. Dad couldn't find us so once we all found each other we were running late. We swung by Mary's just to pick up the turkey and headed over to meet up with Jill, her fiance, and Meghan. The food was all delicious and we had a good time talking and enjoying the meal. We played games after that, the new Trival Pursuit and Outburst. Once we left we went back to Mary's where the four of us stayed up playing cards. Even I was tired enough to be in bed by midnight! We got up around 8 the next morning (which is hard no matter how early I go to bed!) and we went to the D-Day museum. It was amazing, they've put together a really great place and the volunteers were mostly veterans who would tell their stories. It started to get really hard to take, especially once into the Pacific area of the war. We were probably there for four hours but it didn't seem that long. On the way back to Mary's we stopped for lunch at a place called the Garlic Clove. We thought that was just a cute name but they actually mean that no matter what you order, it's LOADED with garlic. I could barely eat my pasta with vegetables because the taste was overwhelming. Whew, potent. From there we swung by Mary's to pick up our things and we were off to the airport! Seriously, it went so fast. Karen and I just read the whole way back and we were home by midnight.

Then of course I had my date last night! Karen had to get up at 8:30 which woke me but I didn't get up until 11. Work was boring, I even decided to read a bit because I was so close to finishing my book. I stayed in my office almost all day so I could sit right next to my heater and accomplished very little as far as work goes. I did manage to get off some e-mails to the people in the very very end of my inbox who I always meant to get back to. I got an e-mail from Steven who was upset because I had lied to him and after explaining how he felt about that he wished me the best of luck. As usual with him, I wasn't sure how I felt! I was kind of upset but kind of laughing too. It took awhile to reply - and I sent versions to Bonnie who was online at my place to see what she thought. In the end I decided to just explain what had happened (not telling the truth, but telling him that my lies weren't really lies) and told him that I'd gotten the hint that it was the end and told him to take care. It's just barely open enough for him to write back but I suspect that he'll be sorry that he was mistaken, though whether or not he does anything is up in the air. So yes, I lied to him to get out of the situation, he caught on and called me on it, I told him that I wasn't lying and put a bit of guilt trip on him for thinking I would do that, and so maybe I'm an evil person. I don't know. If anything, I'm probably just a bit upset because I didn't think he'd be the one to end it. Fine, I'll admit that I liked that he liked me. Things may have been different if I hadn't had a "plan B" with Mark. But I like Mark and honestly I'd hate for Steven to want to continue seeing me and then have to tell him that I met someone else. Anyway, looks like that's the end of that.

So the match thing is over. I unsubscribed today but my profile will stay up at least until the 2nd. Of course right as you're signing off they offer a really great 3 months for the price of one deal but I resisted. This month is going to be busy as it is and I'm ok with letting that go. If anything, I can always resubscribe a few months from now. When I think that I need more excitement/free food/e-mail ego boosts/stress.

Alright, I'm off to bed. I'm hoping (again) to get up and take my car in, I can't put that off too much longer.

Ok, I've learned not to write drunk pitas but I can't help it this time. I'll keep it short because I don't know how long it will be before I fall asleep.

I just finished my date with Mark and it was great. I was really nervous before he showed up because I realized that this afternoon was the first time we'd ever spoken on anything other than e-mail. He was cuter than in his pictures, he's gotten his hair cut (always a plus) and was taller than I expected him to be. We went down to City Place and put our names in at this beautiful restaurant. It's really cooled off here (high in the 60s, a change from a few days ago!) but we chose an outside table anyway. While waiting we wandered into a few stores to browse, shopping there is so ridiculously expensive. Anyway, dinner was delicious and we had lots to talk about, mostly about travel and work. After that we wandered up to this bar by the movie theater that's probably the most well known bar in the county. We found seat at the bar, which was really cool because usually you're just stuck standing all night, which I don't think I could've done. I had wine with dinner and then two beers, which is why right now I'm a bit wound up/really tired at the same time. He was so nice, and sweet, and fun to talk to, and full of good stories, and cute, and I hope that I get to see him again. We stayed at the bar until I noticed he was yawning! He didn't want to go but I was tired too so we headed out. He put his arm around me as we walked back to the parking lot. Then he walked me to the door and didn't even try to kiss me other than on the cheek. So I'm liking this one, I think he's a winner.

Karen just got back from her date so we're going to chat. I'll write about Thanksgiving tomorrow!

An early post but it couldn't be helped. I'm trying to pretend like it's 2am so I'll be able to go to sleep early tonight. Karen's not even here yet, she wanted to hang out at her house with the pets but once she's here we'll probably chat a bit and then go to bed. I'm packed and ready to go. Well I just needed one outfit so that was easy!

Work went well because Pat was gone by the time I arrived. Bonnie kept on crying, she's pretty upset about it being the holiday and she doesn't have any plans. She's still been seeing Paul but today she swore it was the end because Thanksgiving was her deadline. Not long after I'd gotten in I was sitting on the desk near Diane and we were laughing really hard about something when Dr. Stupid came in. He came over to chat about the holiday, which he's spending with a couple who work on campus. He's making a sweet potato pie for the first time and was telling us about turduckens, which are deboned ducks, stuffed into deboned chickens, stuffed into deboned turkeys so you get three birds in one. He asked if that's what I was having since apparently people eat those in Louisiana or something. He was so cute and had no other reason for being in except to see us so that was cool. A nice little treat for the day. I spent a lot of time back in the books because the students are bringing them in by the box load and there was no one else to shelve them. In the evening I spent a lot of time talking to Bonnie. We were laughing a lot, I can't even remember about what, but that was good because she had a few more crying episodes as well. And really, I don't know what to do with crying people. I was almost disappointed to leave early because we were having so much fun at the end, but I left anyway.

While at work I checked my voicemail and I had two messages. One was from Steven who left a long message saying he thought I was mad because I'd left in such a huff (which I totally did not do). When I called him from home he said he'd never gotten a message from Sunday night. He doesn't believe that I left one, I don't believe that he didn't get it! Turns out he was at work until almost 8 and is on call too so we couldn't have done anything anyway. He wanted to know if I was busy Saturday night and I awkardly said yes without giving an explanation. We'll probably get together that afternoon though. And my other message was from Mark, calling about Saturday night! He sounds cute. I'm not pinning all of my hopes or anything, but I hope he's Mr. Right :) Just kidding, but I think it will be really cool to meet him. I'll be calling him on Saturday afternoon to make plans for that night. Three dates in five days. Go me.

Alright, time to finish a few things up, like the dishes, and then I'm going to try to go to bed by midnight because we have to leave by 8:15. UGH. Hope you both have a good Thanksgiving!!

Whew, I've just gotten home and am aching to crawl into bed. But I was determined to post!

I woke up to Bonnie again, that's the third day in a row that she's been over! I don't mind, she brings me breakfast. This time she'd quietly let herself in (which I'd said was ok yesterday) and when I rolled out of bed and was about to open my bedroom door she said "I hope you're not naked!" I just laughed and went to get a robe. I'm happy that she's having so much fun with match. There's this one guy that she's been e-mailing back and forth with and he's got all these clever things to say that are very thoughful (and though provoking) so she's really into him. And the guy she went out with on Sunday has asked her to his office Christmas party. So she's overwhelmed but is loving it.

I don't remember my work day. We had a long meeting in which we accomplished extremely little. I know I was working on something for the rest of the day but I don't know what. Bonnie decided to take off early so we didn't have our fun evening together. I had the strangest feeling all night long, like a really nervous stomach. And then I was getting nervous about what I was nervous about - though I have no idea where the feeling came from or what it was about. It was like I read something in an e-mail and can't put my finger on what really affected me. Strange but it's hard to describe. I still kind of have the feeling...

This morning I had an e-mail from Ryan asking me if I'd be interested in meeting him for drinks after work tonight or tomorrow. What the heck? So after work tonight I came home to quick change clothes and then met him at a bar that was in the middle. I'd been to this place back when Shannon and I had our fun night on the town a long time ago, it's kind a classy place. I was supposed to call him when I pulled up but he wasn't answering his phone. Thankfully as I walked up I saw him standing in the entry, he couldn't hear his phone over the music. He's tall, I like tall men. And he looks better in person than in the pictures though he isn't really my type as far as looks go. We found a table and ordered some snack food and drinks. We had enough to talk about though there were those times when both of our minds were racing about what to talk about next! He's a drinker, I just had one beer but he had four large ones. And he smokes, which it does not say in his profile. I didn't mind tonight but that's not something I'd want to be around often. Like with Mike, it gets old fast. We hung out for two hours, it was about 1 when we left. He walked me to my car and we just hugged, he kissed me on the cheek. He asked if he could see me again and wants me to call him tomorrow - though I said that probably wouldn't happen until I'm back in town (and he thinks I'm getting back late Saturday night because I didn't want him to ask if I was free that night).

While still at work I gave Mark a call about Saturday night but he wasn't home so I just left a message. Hopefully he'll be able to reach me tomorrow, I gave him my work number. I also decided to try calling Steven again but he wasn't answering either. I really am starting to think that he's ignoring me! And then I worry that something bad happened and I wouldn't know about it. But mostly I think he's ignorning me. Jerk. If this has anything to do with the fact that I wouldn't sleep with him on the third date, well he just go bleep bleep bleep. No need to swear here, this is a family friendly site. The first thing I did when I got home was to see if he had at least sent an e-mail. But no.

Alright, time for bed. Hopefully I can sleep right away (last night I laid awake until after 4, ugh) and maybe I'll even be ambitious enough to get my car to the mechanics. I doubt it, but you never know.

Wow, it's after 3 and I kind of lost track of time. I should be in bed. I have to try to get up earlier tomorrow to take my car to a mechanic. It's probably just a belt but it's making a horrible noise.

Today Bonnie came over again. She was sooooo excited because she had three match e-mails! I'm surprised that men go for profiles without pictures, I didn't think she'd hear back from anyone. We decided to carpool as long as we were headed in the same direction! Work was just another boring day. I honestly can't remember much about it. Except that Bonnie was just online all evening. Finally I told her that she had to get to work, just as soon as she proofed my sea turtle article! So I finally got that taken care of and sent it off to Ron. Whew. Anyway, she dropped me off tonight and decided to pop in - to see if anyone had written her back yet. Karen was here so that was fun. They both left around 11.

Ryan called me tonight, he's the one that I'd been exchanging e-mails with yesterday, the one with all the little tidbits of information. We talked for over an hour but I'm not sure about him. He swore a lot and it wasn't anything that he said but I get the feeling that he can be a real jerk. Just a feeling. I had called Steven on my way home from work yesterday and I haven't heard back from him. I'm so insecure, I'm wondering if he's blowing me off. This is the same thing I thought about him last week!! We're supposed to have plans on Wednesday, I'm going to duck out of work early to see him before I go. That will make me feel better about seeing someone else on Saturday (Mark). So many men, it's hard to keep all of them straight.

Ok, must sleep.

I woke up this morning to Bonnie saying "wake up!" She had come over with some blueberry muffins, I'd forgotten that she had an extra key! I didn't mind, I was just snoozing. She wanted to talk about last night - that guy had been telling her that he loved her and wanted to marry her about 15 minutes after Karen and I left! I think she also wanted to use my computer and was bribing me with food!

She was still here when I left for work, I didn't care. She was on match sending e-mails and winking at people. I'm happy that she's having fun with it. And she had some quick response too - she was out on a date this afternoon!! She called me at work to say that someone had replied right away and sent his number so she called him and he invited her out on his boat. Wow. Well it turned out that he was a really great guy and they had a good time. She's got another date with him on Friday night. Go Bonnie! Of course she left him and went home to Paul who was wondering where she'd been all day. Who knows what'll happen, her life is such a roller coaster.

Work wasn't exciting but it did seem to fly by. I decided to wear jeans for once and wouldn't you know it, Pat decided to drop in for a few minutes. I don't think she really cared but still. Of all the days. Shannon and I had a chance to talk a lot and get all caught up. Now that Ingrid's been around for awhile she's pretty chit chatty which is nice. She and I think alike on a lot of things at work and socially/politically too. She wants to have a mutiny to get rid of Pat. Hmmm... it could work...

Tonight I baked some muffins, ate spaghetti, and have been online ever since. I meant to read a lot in my book but it hasn't happened. I had two new e-mails from match and I decided to write both of them back. I'm not very interested in one of them but the e-mail he sent was so funny that I decided to reply anyway. The other one wrote me right back so I've replied to his reply! He seems nice, it can't hurt to be e-mailing. Right? Oh dear, and I have to do something about Rob. I feel so bad. He's probably the sweetest, most genuine guy and I'm just throwing him off to the side. Match is fun but it has me feeling really bad a lot. Like when I look through my matches and laugh at some of the guys. I'm a good person. I'm a good person. I'm a good person. I'm a good person. I'm a good person. Really I am.

Well I'm off to bed. If I let myself sleep until noon I can get 9 and a half hours of sleep!!!

I'm sooooo sleepy that this will be short. Must sleep. Soon.

I woke up at noon and went to the pool. It was quite warm out of the wind and I got some sun!! Love it here. There was barely anyone at the pool either and that's always nice. I stayed out there until 4, I had my book The Perks of Being a Wallflower and I read quite a bit of that. It's fast and easy, I should be done soon. I came in and cleaned up and waited for Karen to call me. She got off work late and didn't show up here until 6:30. I thought she'd arrive with groceries but she came with cookbooks instead so we had to decide what to eat. All of the pictures looked so mouth watering!! We went to the store and then she whipped up three bean stir fry and baked cheese and green chili rice (actually, I made the rice dish!) and they were both really good. I'm happy that I've got leftovers for tomorrow! While we were eating Bonnie called to ask if we wanted to go out. I'd invited her over but she said she was going to just stay home. Guess she was feeling like she needed to get out more! We went to the Waterway for drinks. Right before we arrived some guy started talking to her and he never stopped talking. It was only ok because he was buying all of our drinks! He was actually pretty funny but it wasn't the girls night like we'd expected. We stayed until just after midnight and now I'm tired and have to go to bed. The wine with dinner, followed by a beer, are contributing factors to me being tired before 2am!

Oh I got a note from Charlie asking why I was ignoring him! So I wrote back and said that I hadn't meant to ignore him and thanked him again for everything last weekend but that I'd decided to see someone else exclusively. That should put an end to that. Now I have to figure out what to do about Rob. I wrote Mark back to ask if he was free next Saturday night. And I got an e-mail from another guy today who seems nice and I may write him back. So many men.

Ah, my pillow is calling my name!

Today's date would look much cooler if it was the year 2033. I'll be 58 years old in that year.

I woke up early just to go to the beach. Ugh. Someone called me at 7:10, some evil person. I got up and shut my phone off. Good thing because it turns out that Steven called before 8 as well to leave a message. I've got to start turning my phone off before going to bed. I was up at 10:30 and called Karen, who thought I should've been up earlier and had been trying to call me too. She really does think that if she's up, I should be up. Such a misconception. We agreed to meet at the beach so I got ready and left. I had to swing by the library because one of my books was recalled and even I'd get a fine on it if it wasn't turned in today. Diane was on her break outside so I just gave it to her and we chatted for a bit. Then who should walk out of the building? Dr. Stupid. We must've all talked for at least 10 minutes, it was cool. He mentioned that he had named his cat after a character in the book. Diane complained about how cold it was and said that I would freeze at the beach. Chris disagreed because it was a beautiful day and I mentioned that I might end up at the pool (it was sunny but the ocean breeze is chilly). He was surprised I had a pool, he thought I'd bought a house with one! I explained that I meant my complex, and that I'd be moving into a condo soon which also has a pool. He's thinking about buying in the spring and asked where I'd be living. Then he said that he'd love to come by and see the place. Um, ok, you can come over and spend as MUCH time at my new place as you'd like :) We talked about Jimmy Buffet, parties on the beach, and a few other things before I had to go. It was really cool, he's just so perfect and it kills me that I can see it and he can't!! I had to call Karen right away to explain that I was on my way and why I was running late! Diane called me the minute she got back to work because she was all excited about how he'd invited himself over.

Anyway... I did make it to the beach where poor Karen had be waiting. It was chilly when only in a swimsuit! We stayed in our clothes and took a short walk. The tide was out so there were a ton of shells. We also tried to rescue a few man-o-wars that had gotten stuck on the sand. It's a bit crazy to save them but they deserve to live too! We decided not to stay but we did stop by the marinelife center to see how the baby turtles were doing. So cute!!! Some have gotten bigger and there are new batches of little ones, along with a few new troubled adults. After that we went back to my place and hit the pool. It was much nicer out of the wind and we stayed there until the sun went behind the building at 4. We had fun just chatting and soaking up the warmth. It turns out that Paul decided to cancel his other match date so that he could see Karen again! She was so thrilled and they made plans for tonight. That was awesome because now we're both free together tomorrow night to hang out!

We went out separate ways to clean up for our dates, Steven was picking me up at 7. At 6:40 I got a frantic call from Karen, who had managed to lock herself out of the house with the keys sitting on the kitchen table. There wasn't much I could do, I left right away to get out there, thank goodness Dave gave me a spare key! I managed to reach Steven right as he was arriving at my place and once I had gotten Karen inside, I ended up meeting him at his place. Again with the very mixed feelings I'm afraid. We went to PF Changs for dinner, yum. We had a nice time talking and talking, we made plans to see each other the night before Thanksgiving. After that we went to the Waterway for a drink and then down to the inlet. Again, we're making out and I'm thinking "now would be a good time to know my constellations so I'd know which stars I'm looking at. I wonder what Karen is up to. I've got to remember to pack a sweatshirt next week. What are most people thinking when they're kissing someone?" Not a good thing. Ok, and I'll admit that it crossed my mind that I'd MUCH rather be there with Dr. Stupid. But that's just a little sidenote, it doesn't affect the situation. I just couldn't have cared too much less if I was there with him or not. I mean, I was very neutral about it all. What if Mike is right and I have no emotions????? Augh!! Hahahaha. I'm just going through the motions with Steven, despite knowing that I'm backing myself into a bit of a corner. We went back to his place (since my car was there) and right away he's pulling me into the bedroom. I told him that I had to be home for a phone call to the west coast and he wasn't pleased when he realized that I actually meant it (about leaving, not about the made up phone call). So I left and now I'm sitting at home wondering what now. I want to see him again, I like hanging out. And I like being liked. But I know I don't want to be with him, I would just be settling. So many thoughts and they all conflict. So I'm going to just not think about it.

This afternoon I heard back from Mark, the guy who was in Germany. He wanted to know if I was around next weekend and if so, would I like to meet!! Bonnie was wondering how long it would take before he asked. So I think I'm going to see him on Saturday, that would be cool. Steven will be disappointed because he knows I'm back in town by then. And Rob will also be disappointed because he's hoping we can meet then. Am I a horrible person? Augh!

Tomorrow I'm going to spend more time by the pool. And Karen's cooking me dinner in the evening. We're going to hang out, I don't know if we'll go out or just hang around her place. I'd better get to bed or I'll sleep tomorrow away!

Yea, the week is over!! I'm about to go to bed so I can get up "early" for the beach. Like by 10:30 if I can. That's the only way to really get enough of the sun, any later and you miss it all. Should be about 80 tomorrow, hopefully without much wind.

I never heard from Steven tonight so I don't know what's up for this weekend. I sent him an e-mail but he didn't get it. Or he just isn't responding... am I being blown off?? I doubt it, but I wish he had called so I would know. I think I mentioned last night that I wrote to Rob and lied about my weekend plans. He wrote back and said that honestly he hated soft plans. So I wrote back and said that I was the queen of soft plans and was never sure about what I was going to be up to. Will that be the end of it? I hope so!

I spent more time on match tonight than usual. I was reading all of the success stories. It made me think that I'm not taking advantage of it enough. I should be writing more of these guys back, meeting more in person (right after I say I don't want to meet Rob!), and just going out on more of a limb. My money has been well spent, but I think I could be doing more.

Karen went out with Paul tonight and they had a good time. She took him out to Dune Dogs for dinner, they went to see Elf (cute but not as funny as she'd hoped), and they played pool and darts. They're going to go out again sometime this weekend. She says he talks a lot but they both admitted how much they like each other. How sweet!

Alright, I'm off to bed or I'll never go. Last night I had a dream about my new place, which wasn't my place at all. It had pastel green carpet and I was explaining to everyone that I'd have to paint the walls other pastel colors instead of the earth tones I'd originally wanted. There were four toilets in the master bedroom, one in the closet hidden behind all of the clothes, one just sitting by the bed, and two in a little attached bathroom. What does it mean???

I just can't believe that it's the second half of November. I stamp tomorrow's date due cards every night and in less than 3 weeks I'll be a year older and a homeowner. Not where I thought I'd be a year ago!!! I was probably packing up to leave Salt Lake and was wondering what life would be like a year from then...

Work today went better than expected. It started with Ethan warning me that Pat was in a bad mood the minute I walked in the door. Maybe she was upset at him but she seemed fine to me. We had our meeting which certainly could've been a lot worse. Then Pat left for the afternoon, and she'll be out for the next two days! I working on some small projects in the afternoon, sitting as close to my space heater as possible without starting myself on fire. In the evening I spent a lot of time next to Bonnie. She ended it with her boyfriend and has decided to join match! It's pretty catchy. We put together her profile and she had to check it all a million times before agreeing to hit submit. She isn't going to put up any pictures, which makes me wonder if anyone would really respond. I think what she wants is to be the one to decide who to write to, she isn't interested in being bombarded with e-mails. Well we'll see how it goes for her. She was certainly having fun looking at all the men and she filled up her favorites box!

Tonight Karen came over but it seemed like we didn't have any time together before she went to bed. Tomorrow night she has a date with Paul that she's looking forward to. I should be in bed right now too but alas, here I sit. I just e-mailed Mark, who returned from Germany late last week. I also wrote Rob and lied about how it might not work to meet him this weekend. Honestly is soooo not my strong trait at times like this! Charlie had written yesterday but I haven't gotten back to him yet. I don't know what to say, I can't even think up good lies!

Alright, I'm off. I've just realized that my pjs are in a plastic bag in the bedroom that's going to make a ton of noise if I try to get to them. They were right by the door so I could just grab them and go if I stayed out at Karen's place. Seemed like a good idea at the time...

Well I overslept today too! Not enough to be late to work, just enough to be in a really big hurry. I managed to leave early enough that I could run my errands (I sold another cd on amazon and had to mail it, and pick up lunch since I didn't have time to get anything together) and I made it right in time. Pat was out for the afternoon so that was nice. I spent a lot of time talking to Ingrid and Ethan about Pat's new rules and we're all pretty frustrated. The day did fly by though, I managed to get enough work done.

Steven came by while I was in Ethan's office so I didn't get to see him. He was just dropping off my leftovers from the other night! He was going to stay and study but he's on call and his phone was going off so much that he decided it wasn't such a good idea. I called him to say thanks but he was at the gym and I couldn't talk long anyway so we kept it short. I want to see him again so I can figure out if I like him or not. I want to like him.

Karen was at my place when I got home, she was on the phone with Paul. They seem to really like each other and they've got plans this Thursday. When she finished talking to him we both called Mary for a short chat. Then Karen and I had a bit of time to catch each other up. Turns out that her days off at work have changed to Thursday Friday so we'll still have one day off together. She was upset when I said I had plans with Steven on Friday night because I guess we were going to do something together. Oops. I'll see if he's free on Saturday instead.

Alright, I'm tired and am going to bed before catching another wind. I had a dream about a washer that was also a dryer where you could wash and dry at the same time and the clothes came out folded. I was upset because it was out of my price range.

Right now it's taking about all I've got to not play majong. I'm hooked as soon as I start so I have to make sure I don't do that "I'll just play one game" thing.

Last night I was in bed by 2:30 (I played the game for about an hour, ugh!) but I must've needed some serious sleep because I woke up at 1. I called in right away to say I'd be late but I don't think anyone really believes me when I say that I overslept because they don't think it's possible. My alarm was set for midnight, not noon. Oops. I was in by 2:15 but the day sure didn't seem any shorter. Have I ever mentioned that my boss is kinda crazy? In the evening Bonnie and I caught each other up on our weekends and of course that took awhile because the details are the best part!

After work I talked to mom and dad, and Steven called too. He's coming to the library tomorrow to bring me my leftovers from dinner the other night which I left at his place. We'll be seeing each other this weekend again and I'm looking forward to that. I think he really wants to skip from the dating to being in a relationship and I don't know how I feel about that. I like him, but do I like him like him???

Have I mentioned that I agreed to move up the closing date? I'll now be a homeowner on Dec. 5. They agreed to pay more for the needed repairs and in return I okayed an earlier purchase. So I get an extra weekend, that's kinda nice. Means I've got to move up deciding on paint colors and stuff! Maybe Karen will be up for a trip to Home Depot soon! The big appliances can wait since I won't be living there until after Christmas.

Alright, now it's really late and I'd better get to bed. I didn't get a thing done tonight, I watched three episodes of 24 that I've been taping. Now I'm hooked so I can't wait for tomorrow's show!!

I was up so late last night that I couldn't find it in me to post anything. And I kind of figured no one was looking on a Sunday anyway so no harm done I bet! Tonight I'm pooped but am waiting for a cd to finish recording so I don't have to try to do that in the morning.

Ok, so I'll start with Saturday. I went to pick up Becca, who knew exactly when I was going to be there but was still running late (she's one of those people who needs literally several hours to get ready). We booked it over to Einstein's where we had to wait a really long time to pick up sandwiches. Then we made it to the wildlife sanctuary where we had lunch with Karen. We hung out there for a bit wandering around, it's a nice little place. Karen had to get back to work so Becca and I made for the beach! It was much less windy but we were there too late to lay out so we parked and just walked. There was a big surf competition that drew quite a crowd but the waves were unimpressive so I don't know how well it went. We just picked up shells, there were some really great ones. I'm going to have a huge collection soon! We were on the shore until 4:30 when we headed home so I could clean up.

Steven picked me up at 6 and had told me to wear a skirt again. He took me to this great Italian place on Palm Beach. I haven't eaten this well since Ron was in town! We were at the restaurant for more than three hours just eating and talking, it was so nice. We split a bottle of wine and strawberry pie for dessert, yum. After that we went back to his place. He lives right across from where Karen works, in a complex where I'd gone to see two places for sale! The places I saw were really crummy but his apartment was really nice, with tile and a good layout. His cat Calvin was pretty sweet, I think he liked me better than he likes Steven! He showed me pictures from Alaska and we just kept right on talking. And then he pounced on me. I was taken a bit by surprise. I mean, I know I'm irresistable but still. I do really like him. We can talk about interesting things for hours on end, we're always finding that we have little things in common, I like how he treats me and how he treats others. But the kiss really didn't do a thing for me. Not even a little flip of the stomach. Nothing. We're making out and I'm thinking about how I need to remember to tape my show on Tuesday and that I've got to pick up some detergent. And he was getting pretty aggressive which I wasn't prepared for. What's he going to expect on the next date? I wasn't uncomfortable (like with Charlie) but maybe a bit wary about his expectations. Anyway, I was home around 2 and went directly to bed. No more red wine for me, not on nights before I have to get up for work.

I was up at 9 not feeling so well, which is when I was really sorry I'd had that last glass of wine. I slept on and off for the next hour and then Karen called. She'd been out til 5 with Becca and was calling because she figured if she was up that early that I should be up too. I didn't hang up on her, but I did tell her not to ever think that again! I managed to go back to sleep but had to get up at 11 for work. That was a killer. Shannon called to say she'd be out sick so I knew I had to go in! Ugh. It wasn't fun. Once I was at work I felt fine and the day went well. There was barely anyone in so Ingrid and I spent a lot of time talking and I got a few things done. After work I went directly out to Karen's where we watched a CSI special and then Legally Blonde 2. Now I'm about to crawl into bed before it gets any later. I'm exhausted and need some solid sleep!!

I didn't post last night because I stayed up late finishing my article. It's done! Bonnie's proofing it this weekend and then it will FINALLY be in Ron's hands. And I swear I'm going to get started on the next article asap because putting it off is not good. I'm happy to have it done, hopefully it's ok, working when I'm so tired probably isn't the best idea...

Yesterday at work flew right by. Pat was in a good mood though a few things at the meeting made me really frustrated. She's nutso. In the evening I worked on the article and also booked some tickets for Thanksgiving. Just when I was sure that all plans were off! Mom will be staying in MN, she's going up to be with her whole family but dad found a cheap flight to New Orleans and really wanted to go down there. So he's flying Karen and I in for just one night. We arrive Thursday afternoon and leave late on Friday. I think we'll have 28 hours together total. A very quick trip but Karen and I will be able to keep each other company on the flights so that helps. Should be fun, even if it's going to be kind of tiring.

Today I got up before noon and met up with Karen's friend Becca. We went down to the beach for a few hours. It was sunny but kind of cool for laying out (78 degrees with a chilly wind). We cleaned up at my place and then it was time for my date! Karen picked Becca up right as Charlie arrived. They got to quick meet him and then we were off! I had been so nervous before he arrived, but it was cool. We had a 25 mile drive up to Stuart that I'd been worried about but he just kept on talking so there wasn't any weird silence! We went to Golf World and there was barely anyone there when we arrived, though when we left there were actually a lot of people! We played about three rounds of mini golf in an hour and half. He tried holding my hand at about the third hole, which did not sit well with me. He was really nice and all, but I wasn't so comfortable with that. And I felt really stuck because what could I say?? "Please don't hold my hand"?? By the 18th hole he was going in for hugs and was putting his arm around me. Back off buster. Anyway he wasn't a slimeball but it made me think that a second date would just be encouraging a lot more of that. So after the golf we were going to grab a bite to eat at the little arcade but the pretzels looked kind of scary so we opted to head to a nearby restaurant. We split one of those appetizer platters and ended up playing that trivia game that you see in bars. That's the game he mentions in his profile that he does for fun. Between the two of us we did really well and it was pretty cool. Plus it gave us something to do. We talked a lot about match, he told a few interesting stories about how it had all worked out for him. He joined for a full year. I didn't think anyone really went with that option. I don't think he's had much luck. At 10:30 we decided to leave and I think he was hoping we could go somewhere else but I said that I'd had a long day and had to get up early tomorrow so he took me home. He went in for the kiss and I did that thing where I turned my head a bit. Argh. He wants to go out again. Back to the problem of how to end things...

So now I'm really thinking that Steven is a MUCH better choice. And he's going to be happy to hear it. We were talking last night and he admitted that he was hoping that tonight's date would somehow fall through. I feel like I can be up front and honest with him about how I feel without freaking him out, because he's that way with me. And I don't think it's freaking me out. I don't know. I'm just excited to see him again tomorrow. If he doesn't go to the conference then I might see him in the afternoon. If he does go, then we'll have the evening together.

I had a dream last night about Ron. He kept getting shorter and then he was a little person. And he was yelling at someone for stealing his shoe but then he found it in the middle of the street. It was a toddlers shoe that was wet and dirty but it fit him. We kept going underground trying to find this room and he kept dragging me in all directions but I didn't know what we were looking for. I don't remember the rest but I know there was more. And the other night I had a dream where Eric (my brother) and I were at the marinelife center where we were wading thru water up to our waists and we kept having to avoid the swimming gators, sometimes we'd pick them up by their tails and toss them to the shore. There were rusty fences everywhere, even underwater and we'd have to climb up and over them to continue. Once I was standing on a fence and a huge irredescent blue snake with a head like a possum came out of the water after me and I was trying to distract it with a branch. I woke up and couldn't stop feeling really freaked out.

Alright, tonight I'm going to bed at a decent hour! Last night I didn't go until 3:45 and that was way too late! I don't have anything else to do online so I've got no excuse for sitting here any longer.

Have I said lately that I hate the prez? I hate him. God save us. I won't even get started.

I had a good day yesterday, who can complain about a paid holiday?? I went to shop for appliances but was just frustrated because everything was on sale for the holiday and prices are sure to go back up. Hopefully there's an early Xmas sale so I can get the same good deal. I went to the mall and found a new pair of shoes for work, they were much needed because my other shoes are all bothering my back. While I was there I wandered into Sears where I picked up paint samples (are they called swatches?) to have a look at with my couches. I couldn't stop myself from buying a new sweater at American Eagle, and a cd set at the music store. I felt so guilty when I got home that I put the cds for sale on amazon. It was 7 chill cds for 30 bucks so really, you couldn't go wrong. And I already sold one for 10, so I'm on my way to making more than I spent!

I couldn't have a day off without going to the beach. It was really windy again so I just walked. This time I remembered to bring a bag and I picked up trash as I went. I had to empty the bag twice and I was only picking up small stuff! The storms have brought in lots of shells so I slowly walked along bent over and found some really good ones. Steven called while I was there, he was jealous of course, it would've been the perfect day for kite surfing. Looks like he can get out of his conference on Saturday so we'll be able to go out. He's wondering what we should do and is concerned that he has to top my date Friday night. I feel so awkward that he knows about that but I'm not going to lie - and he did ask. Anyway, I spent about two hours at the beach and then came home and cleaned up.

Karen came over and we went out for pizza. Diane recommended a place and we loved it. Everyone who walked in seemed to know everyone else there, it felt like being in a small town. The pizza was good and we ordered the large so taht we'd have leftovers. From there we went to see Lost in Translation! We both liked it, me more than Karen though. Bill Murray did such a great job, I've never liked him much until I saw that.

Today at work flew by. I'm shifting my section of books so I worked on that for quite awhile and being in the books is always a nice change. Bonnie's life isn't going so well right now so we chatted a lot in the evening. Her husband wants a divorce but wants her to live up there closer to him and kids, and she doesn't know where she stands with her boyfriend. I spend a lot of time being happy that I'm not in her shoes.

Tonight Rob called me, that was a surprise. Just before leaving work I was telling Bonnie that I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep in touch with him. He's a nice guy but he's so far away and having two on my plate up here is keeping me busy enough! But how do you end something that hasn't started?? I don't know what to do. He was calling to see if I was free this weekend. And since I'm not, he's wondering if we can do something next weekend instead. We agreed to talk again soon to see if we could work something out. Um, yeah. I'm SO bad at this!

I just finished working on the sea turtle article. One more night and I shoud be done so that's going to be a big relief. I must get started right away on the next one so that this doesn't happen again. And now I'm off to bed. Only one more workday and it's the weekend again!!!

I'm doing that thing where I stay up late just because I can, not because I really want to. I'm tired and I have nothing worthwhile to be doing online but I just keep finding things to look at. I spent over an hour looking at liberal tshirts and bumper stickers that I knew I wasn't going to buy but like to look at anyway. And I read just about every article at the NY Times so I'm all updated on the news. I cried a lot when reading letters that soldiers had written home before they died. That was in the editorial secion (my fave part of the paper) as a special for Veteran's Day.

Today at work was as wonderful as I'd expected!! Diane and Marilee had brought food and everything! Even though I'd just had breakfast I sat down and pigged out on chips and artichoke dip, crackers and crab dip, and cookies. For the first two hours all of us sat there talking and eating (in the workroom where we can keep an eye on the desk) then we all went out and worked (um, or checked our e-mail) for an hour before meeting up again for more food and talking. Fun! Overall I managed about a half hours worth of work for the whole day and I had to quick try to finish that up before we closed! Bonnie and I sat talking about my date and then in walked Steven! He studied in the back but we talked a bit inside and then again in the parking lot for a bit. He has a long day tomorrow and it looks like he may have to go to a conference on Saturday so our plans may fall through. I can't do anything on Friday with him so we'll see what happens.

Tonight all of that food kind of came back to haunt me and I was in a bit of pain (ok, a LOT of pain) but of course I got over it. Now I'm starting to think I should get to bed before I'm sick again from the candybar that I just ate for no reason other than that it was sitting here. Why? Why do I do this to myself??

Alright, thought I'd post again at the end of my day so that I'm not behind. I'm sleepy and am anxious to get to bed!

I feel like it was a usual Sunday, it doesn't feel like I had an extra long weekend! I spent the day getting caught up around here, finally e-mailing a few people and doing some cleaning. I went to the beach around 4:30, which was kind of late but better than never! I brought a book and intended to sit and read but it was so windy that sitting was impossible without getting pelted with sand. So I took my stuff back up to the car and took a walk instead. I could've kept right on going, I walked for well over an hour. I keep meaning to bring a trash bag with me because I hate walking past the trash, but I picked up what I could and made a few trips up to the bins. The water was warm, the sun was lighting up all of the clouds, and other than the wind it was a perfect afternoon. I left right as it was starting to get dark and got home as Karen was arriving. She was on her way out for the evening and had some time to spare so we hung out. She went out with a few friends from work and also met up with someone from match for the first time! She thought he was cool but she likes this other guy better.

Tonight I called Charlie, the one I'm seeing on Friday, and we had a really nice chat, I think I'm gonna like him. At 10 I had my call from Rob and we talked for an hour. It was ok, mostly about books, movies, and he picked on me about politics! I feel bad because Karen was calling me so I quick got off the phone with him and he probably had no idea why I suddenly had to go! She dropped by on her way home so I could hear about her night and she could hear about my phone calls! Have I already mentioned how much I love having her nearby?

I worked on my sea turtle article tonight for the first time in months and months. I'm almost half done and was hoping to get a lot further. I may bring it to work tomorrow so I can keep plugging away. Seriously Ron is going to give up on me if he doesn't have it by the end of the week! I'm learning so much but writing it just isn't much fun for me.

Alright, I'm off. Must get 9 hours of sleep to be ready for Monday! Pat and Ethan are going to be gone, woohoo!!! I think it's going to be a good day :)

Alright, it's Sunday afternoon and I'm sitting at home. I'm using a sick day. I don't feel bad because I know the library is fine without me, and I need to use up some of these sick hours anyway. Plus I really don't feel all that hot. Probably because of my late night last night, which I'll get to shortly!

Yesterday I woke up at 10:30 and called over to Dave's to see if they were up yet because we'd agreed to go the beach early even if we were all tired. Well they didn't answer so I went back to bed until noon! Eventually we all met up at the beach for a nice afternoon of sun. By 3 it feels like the sun is setting, which is why we'd wanted to go early, but we didn't care. Karen and I played a game of yahtzee and we swam a bit. We were hungry so we took off for Dune Dogs and I ate a kraut dog even though I knew I was having dinner with Steven in a few hours!! I couldn't resist, a hot dog sounded so good!

I went home and cleaned myself up and started getting ready for 6:30. Just when I was all ready, I looked down and realized that my shirt had a stain right on the front! I didn't have a backup outfit so I pulled a shirt out of the laundry (which I'd only worn once, it wasn't stinky or anything) and had to quick try to iron it. Thankfully I was outside right when he pulled up. I was wearing that cute red and white skirt with a red top. Steven looked really good, I'd only seen him in old tshirts and shorts. We had things to talk about right away so I didn't think it felt funny at all, though he admitted he'd been nervous all week! We went to a restaurant down the road but there were a ton of people in line so we decided to try another place. So we ended up at The Jetty, which is right along the water and looks right at the Jupiter lighthouse. The wait was over an hour but he knew one of the waitresses who had us seated in about five minutes. Normally I don't like doing that because it's totally budging in line, but I didn't really mind :) The food was soooo good, I had crab cakes with asparagus and ate almost every bite. We were there for about 3 hours just talking and eating, we split a dessert. After that we went out for a drink at the Waterway, which has a bar that's on a dock and that was also really cool. Sitting on a floating dock that rocked with the waves was kind of a bit much since I'd had almost a half a bottle of wine at dinner and was having another drink there... thankfully I was able to walk straight even in my little sandals. We were leaving there and talking about what we'd seen at the beach at night and we both decided it would be a perfect night to head down there. The moon was out and was really bright (we'd seen part of the eclipse on our way to dinner too) so we could see each other plain as day. We walked for a bit and then found wooden chairs where we sat and talked. Seriously, we never had a moment when we weren't talking or laughing about something, it was so cool. We finally left there and I was home at 2:40am. That's why I didn't write this last night!! We've already made plans for next Saturday night because we both had so much fun. And no, there was no move to so much as hold my hand, which was ok with me for now.

So that was my first match date! Tonight I'm getting a phone call from Rob and that should be interesting. And it looks like Charlie and I will be mini-golfing on Friday, which I think is going to be a blast. And soon Mark will be home from Germany so we'll see if I get a date out of that too. Wow, I'm so popular.

Alright, I think a nap is in order. And I've got to try to get outside and enjoy the day, it's beautiful out!

I woke up to sunshine!!! I laid in bed when I first woke trying to think of what Karen and I could do for the day if it was rainy. But it was sunny!! We each had errands to run but agreed to meet up at the beach. I went to Walgreens to buy her present and then had a call that I had some paperwork to pick up at the condo. Matthew is a talker so I ended up there for quite awhile longer than expected (half hour vs the five minutes I'd hoped for). He said it was ok to foster!!!! He said that he had to tell me that only one pet was allowed at the meeting the other night for official reasons but that really it would be ok. Woohoo!!!

I found Karen eating lunch at the parking lot while waiting for me, she had a bagel but didn't get one for me. I got to eat the pickle though so it was ok! We spent almost two hours at the beach and that was about perfect. We swam a bit, the water's still nice and the waves had really calmed down. Oh, I didn't mention it but last weekend Karen and I found a lot of man-o-wars on the beach. We didn't know what they were until later so I'm happy we didn't touch the tenticles! They weren't out today (the flags tell you when they're out). We went our separate ways after the beach, I came home and cleaned up, and I frosted the cake too.

Dave's yard is flooded because of all the rain this week so that was a mess. I was the first to arrive and gave Karen her present. Yahtzee!! We opened it right away and played a game. Bonnie was the first to show up, she'd bought Yahtzee for Karen too! You'd think it was a bizarre coincidence but really I'd told Bonnie how we'd wanted to buy it last weekend but hadn't. However, Bonnie told me where I could find it cheaper (at Walgreens instead of a toy store) so I'd said that I'd buy that for Karen. I'm not sure what she was thinking because we'd talked about it just yesterday! Anyway, it was awhile before anyone else showed up, Karen was really worried that all of her coworkers had bailed on her. Eventually they all showed up and there was quite the group. The food was really good, everyone brought something different and of course we finished it off with my cake which was sooooo delicious. Bonnie didn't stay long (she was the only one from work who could make it) so I mingled with the others but was feeling really anti-social. I stuck around until 11, which was about all I could handle. Everyone was drinking so much and plus they're almost all about 21 and I just wasn't in the mood for some of the immaturity. That sounds snotty but you know what I mean. Karen was having a great time so that's good!!

Tomorrow we're meeting up again for the beach, Dave will come with us. I had a chance to finally sit and talk with him tonight but we kept getting interrupted so tomorrow will be nice. Steven will call sometime to tell me what we're going to be doing in the evening, I'm curious if he's thinking of the usual dinner/movie thing or if he's going to try to be all creative.

I need to start exercising. Yes, I know it won't happen, but still. I think I'd have more energy. I seem to be equally tired if I get 5 hours of sleep or a whole 9. And having more energy would be nice.

Right now I'm running on empty. I'd better get to bed or I'll never get up in time for the beach!!!

Ah, the end of my week. The day really dragged today so I'm happy that it's over. I'm looking forward to sleeping tonight. My energy level has been at a low this week, I've been getting 9 hours of sleep and I'm still exhausted. Maybe it's all this rainy weather.

I baked a cake for Karen tonight and it's been hard not eating a bit of it!! I'll frost it tomorrow and will bring it to the bbq. I need to quick get her a gift before I see her in the morning... this is hard. And I need a card too. I guess a trip to the mall is in order. We were really hoping for sunny weather this weekend but the forecast is for more rain. YUCK.

Thankfully things at match are quieting down. I don't want to hear from anyone else!! Well, maybe that Romanian guy because he was hot. He hasn't been back on match since I winked at him. I've got enough on my plate. Steven called tonight to make sure we were still on for Saturday night, which we are. While I was talking to him I had a 954 call but I didn't want to interrupt Steven so I ignored it, I think it might've been Rob, his phone would be that area code. He didn't leave a message though so who knows. I wrote Charlie back tonight to say that I'd love to meet him next Friday. What am I going to do if I end up liking all of these guys?? Well, I'll worry about that when it happens.

I'm off to bed.

I don't think I raved yet about how I can't believe that another month has gone by. I can't believe it! I think the weather makes a big difference. It's been really wet lately but it's still in the 80s! At home they had 4 inches of snow on Monday and that made a mess of things. I got the chills just thinking about it and then I stepped out into my terrace and just soaked up the warmth.

Another unmemorable day at work. I sluffed off a lot tonight because all I'd done all day was alphabetize and file slips. Honestly I can't remember a thing about what else went on. Tonight I came home and watched Rabbit Proof Fence. Wow, that was something else. I don't think I would've had it in me. I've been taping my shows (24 and West Wing) for the last two weeks but haven't had time to watch them!

Lets see... Charlie (the one Bonnie winked at for me) wrote again and asked if I was free next Friday!! I'm supposed to go to Boca with Karen but we'll see. Steven wrote just to say that he was really looking forward to Saturday night. Karen has been e-mailing two guys, Paul and Eric, and both have asked her out. She's quite excited and I'm so happy for her!

Today was her 25th birthday but I wasn't able to get out there tonight to see her. Well I could've but by the time I get there we've got less than an hour before she wants to go to bed. I was going to buy her Finding Nemo as a gift but it turns out that Dave bought it and she watched it tonight. Now I have to try to think of something else... We're having a bbq for her on Friday and hopefully that will be fun. Guess I'd better make a cake too or I'll be the sister who doesn't do anything nice.

Alright, it's after 2 and I am tuckered. I really am sorry I've been so bad at e-mailing... I'll try to write tomorrow if Pat isn't looking!

Ugh, I'm so tired. Helen called me at 9am and I just couldn't get back to sleep. I've been half out of it all day! Going to bed tonight is going to be a treat.

But how could I not post first? Not too much to say. Work flew right by. The semi-annual meeting was in the middle of the day and was as boring as I expected it to be. Then I had lunch and a half an hour later it was time to head to the condo meeting. It wasn't as big of a deal as I thought it would be (and I really didn't think it would be too much). I just signed a sheet saying I understood the rules and that was it! There was a board meeting that I kind of wish I could've stayed for but I had to get back. Turns out I can only have one pet. And if Karen lives with me then we'll have her bunny. So maybe I can't foster after all :( I'll have to wait and see if I can sneak little ones past everyone there. I'll be living right next door to the vice president of the board, and just down from the president. One really nice little old lady introduced herself to Karen and I, that was so sweet! I really think I'm going to like it there.

That said, I think it's (finally) starting to sink in about what all of this means. So much responsibility. Today I signed up for homeowner insurance and sent in paperwork for the mortgage. So much to think about!

I was quite disappointed to not get any match e-mails at work today. Well, I did get one from a guy but his subject was "your cute" and if you can't spell then you lose bigtime points. Yesterday I had an e-mail that's subject was "hey, you are PRINCESS and increibly beautiful". He left the a out, not me. And he was kind of funny looking. I'll send his username in an e-mail for you to check out. So after sending my number to Rob (in Ft. Lauderdale) he didn't write or call. And Mark (in Frankfurt this week) didn't reply. But tonight Steven did call me! We talked for an hour about this and that. He kept going back to how I never smiled at him in the library. Personally I think it's 100 times more interesting that it worked out this way! We've got plans for Saturday night. Wow, I have a date. Crazy!!!!! And just a bit ago I got a message from Charlie (who likes board games). And I heard back from Andrew in Boca (whose profile isn't public) but he didn't answer a single one of my questions so that was kind of annoying.

Alright, I can barely keep my eyes open!!

Ah, another Monday down. I can't wait for next week. Pat's going to be out on Monday and then we have Tuesday off! Tomorrow should fly by too. We've got a big (and boring) meeting at 3 with the faculty about the library and then in the evening I duck out for my interview with the homeowners association. And after that I only have two days to go before it's the weekend again!

So let's see... what's new at match! Rob, the guy in Ft. Lauderdale asked for my number. I was able (after much trouble) to e-mail a guy named Mark from West Palm who is in Frankfurt for the week, lucky man. We have a lot in common so we'll see how that goes. I heard back from Staring guy, who's name is Steven, and he asked if I'd like to get together sometime. The Greek guy (have I mentioned him?) sent his number and asked me to call. He's the one who was out of my age range but thought maybe we could be friends. I'm still suspicious and am not quite sure what I'll do about him. Tonight Bonnie and I were logged in and looking around when she somehow came across this guy in Ft. Pierce who is cute (shu_merlin). She wanted me to wink at him but I wasn't so sure, we sat there going back and forth and then she just reached over and hit the wink button! We both just cracked up and forgot about it but then he e-mailed me! So it's been a busy day to say the least.

I talked to Dr. Stupid today. He's just never going to realize how perfect I am. I asked him about the book slips that I'd given him last week and explained what I had to put together for the meeting tomorrow. He sheepishly said he'd go back and get the slips, I'm sure he hadn't given them a second glance. When he did come back, he had the biggest stack of slips ever. He'd been collecting them in his office for over a year and just never turned them back in to the library! Well that kept me busy for the rest of the night and then some. I stayed until 11 so I could get them all entered into my running list and then I printed up reports of everything professors have ordered so we can show it at the meeting tomorrow. I could've gone in early tomorrow but I knew that wouldn't really happen.

Ok, it's way late and I'm off to bed.

Alright, I didn't back away from the computer. But you'll be happy to know that I posted a new album on my photo site full of turtles and other wildlife, along with a couple of Halloween shots! And NOW I'm going to bed. Seriously.

Ok, too much time in front of the computer. Again. I promised myself that I'd sit in front of the tv instead but it just didn't happen :)

Work was uneventful and unmemorable. I replied to Staring Guy and he wrote me back a really really long message. It's so strange that for weeks we didn't say a single word to each other and now we're sending long e-mails. I just finished writing him back. We have a lot in common and I think he might turn out to be a really cool friend. Sometimes the world turns in the strangest of ways. So yes, I was in front of match all night long. I was all excited to get an e-mail back from a guy named Mark who lives in West Palm. He'd e-mailed me back on Thursday but last night was the first time I'd replied. His profile isn't public but this time he sent a few pictures and a nice note. Since he sent pictures the e-mail was a huge file and was overloading my e-mail so I went thru and deleted some of the e-mails that I knew I wasn't going to reply to, along with Mark's original short message since I didn't need that anymore. Of course, it was much too late when I realized that the latest e-mail didn't have a way for me to reply (you can't reply from your own e-mail, you have to go thru match, and there's always a special reply button in the e-mail). Augh! If only I'd kept the first one! I wrote to match but I don't know if they'll help me at all. I had called them earlier because one of the first guys to write me (who has traveled a lot and sounded really interesting) also has a hidden profile and again, the reply button wasn't there. Match said they couldn't do anything. Grrrrr.... I'm going to ask for my money back soon! But this time I'm going to demand their help because twice is just unacceptable. And I won't hear from either of these guys again because they'll think I blew them off.

So that's that. Time really flies when you're online. Except of course when you're online at work. And I still have to write that article for Ron. He's going to stop talking to me soon if I don't get that to him very very soon! Ugh, I need to start concentrating on things more important that online personals.

Ok, I'm off. I'm kind of too wide awake to go to bed but I should at least step away from the computer...

There went the weekend, it flew right by. I'm ready for bed but couldn't resist posting first. Plus I'm boiling eggs and have to wait for those to finish so I might as well do this!

Friday afternoon was a bit of a waste because Karen and I are completely hooked on match and we spent a lot of time online before finally meeting up. I stopped at WalMart on my way out to her place and discovered a pair of angel wings among what very little was left in the Halloween aisle so I snatched them up. I got all of the way out to her place and she wanted to head back into town. We went by the sanctuary so I could see the baby animals! Very cute stuff. Then we drove down the beach and took a walk. It was super windy and the waves were huge. Lots of kite surfers. It's like snowboarding on water with a parachute... very cool looking. Sometimes they'd catch the air and would just float up over the ocean for a few seconds, it was fun to watch but I don't know if I'd have the guts!

We dressed up and went to the haunted hotel for the evening. It turned out to be fantastic and both of us had a great time!! Karen had made a dress out of the cardboard from beer boxes and it was a big hit. Lots of people came over to talk to us because of it, woohoo, we mingled!! There were lots of people and the hotel was cool with lots of different areas you could wander in and out of. We stayed until 2am, which felt really late because we'd gotten there around 9:30. I haven't fallen asleep that fast in a long time but it was worth it!!

Today we were hoping to go to a stingray place that isn't too far from here, up north in an area I haven't seen. But we slept too late and then found out that the feeding ends at 1 and that's supposed to be the cool part. So instead Karen came over and we hung out at the pool here. There wasn't anyone else using that pool and the sun was really hot so we were happy! We stayed out for about two hours before we were feeling really tan and decided to call it quits. We drove up to Einstein's for a bagel (yum!!) and then back over to the beach for another walk. It was still really windy and the surfers were really taking advantage of the waves. We found some really cool shells, big whole ones! I could shell all day and I'm always happy when the person I'm at the beach with doesn't think I'm a dork because of it! Tonight I went out to Karen's and we watched The Ring (my 3rd time and still scary) and then we had to stay up and watch funny tv so we wouldn't stay scared! I thought about staying out there but we both have to work tomorrow and it just seemed easier to come back home now.

So I've been viewed 730 times now. I've been e-mailed by 14 guys but most I'm not interested in. Tonight I died when I got an e-mail from a guy who knew me!!!! I doubt I mentioned him here but we had a patron that we called Staring Guy because he would just stare at all of us without cracking a smile. For two months he was in the library for over 8 hours a day studying for a medical exam. I went the entire time without every smiling at him because I wanted him to smile first. Bonnie and Diane were trying to do the same but they both cracked under the stare. He said in his e-mail that he thought I was always pissed off at him because of the way I never smiled! Seriously, I could barely contain myself when I saw the picture that's attached with the e-mails sent thru match. I called Bonnie right away but it was too late to call Diane. Wow. I was SO hoping that a student wouldn't recognize me, though this isn't as bad because he passed that test and then hasn't been back in since. I'll probably write him back tomorrow, what the heck right?

Ok, the eggs finished and now I've got to get some sleep.

It's almost 3 and I'm still awake. I should've been in bed hours ago. I was so tired at work tonight that I was sure I'd be asleep before midnight!! Sometimes second winds are a curse.

I had to be at work by 11:30 today so that us librarians could go to Boca. The car ride was painfully silent but thankfully traffic was light so we made pretty good time. We had lunch with all of the Boca reference librarians. My sandwhich tasted suspiciously funky so I barely ate, which is too bad because I'd been looking forward to the free food. Then we had a time for presentations on databases. We were supposed to get 5-10 minutes but of course the first person went on for 20. We were really pressed for time, it's a good thing that my presentation lasted 1.2 minutes!! The drive back we hit bad traffic and ended up getting in late so poor Diane was stuck there because it had only been her and Bonnie all day. I'd tried to convince Pat that I should stay behind but that didn't fly. The rest of the night I was sooo tired and pretty brain dead! We were so busy trying to catch up that thankfully time did fly.

Bonnie and I were on the floor laughing (which happens pretty much every day) over an argument about who was picking up on whose mannerisms. I told her that I caught myself talking just like her sometimes and mimmicked her - but she says she started doing that after hanging out with me! I'm sure that I'm acting like her, and she's sure that it was me that she got that from! It was really funny. Maybe you had to be there.

Tonight I came home and haven't really moved from this chair. I talked to Karen on the phone for a bit, she was pretty depressed because she has no friends (which isn't true, she's got me!!) and because tomorrow is her fave holiday and we don't have any plans. Ok, I'll admit that I was hoping that we wouldn't have to do anything for Halloween because I don't like getting dressed up (except for last year). So while we were on the phone I looked up what there was to do. Sadly, almost everything was going on last weekend. But I did find one event at a "haunted" hotel south of West Palm. You have to pay to get in but then you get a free buffet and at midnight some paranormal researchers will give a tour of the hotel. Sounds like there will be live music and a costume contest too. Hopefully it turns out to be pretty cool. What I won't do for Karen...

We were both online about a half hour later so we ended up chatting. It's easier than talking on the phone because we can cut and paste profiles into match to see who the other is looking at. And Karen has dsl so she can't talk on the phone and be online. We had a lot of fun sending suggestions back and forth. Can you believe I've been viewed over 500 times?? I wonder how many of those hits are my friends :)

Alright, I've got to get to bed. I need some sleeeeeep.

Wow, I'm hooked. I can't stop looking to see if anyone's looked at me or to see if there is anyone new out there so I can read their profile. It's crazy. I've gotten five e-mails (only two were cool) and I think I've been winked at more than ten times (some went into the trash pretty fast). I feel bad because Karen hasn't gotten that much repsonse. I just told her that the older men were more desperate and were contacting me because I was in their age range. She's the one who wanted to meet people so I hope she hears more soon. Don't worry, I'll keep sending usernames for you guys to look up!

The day at work really dragged by. I stayed with Karen last night (she called and invited me out for dinner, I couldn't say no!) and she went to bed at midnight so I followed right behind her. I was up at 9:30 again, this is just scary. By the end of tonight I was just exhausted and even now I can barely keep my eyes open. Tomorrow all of the librarians have to head to Boca for a lunch. It wouldn't be so bad but we have to give little presentations on obscure databases. I didn't start preparing until the last minute tonight so I suspect I won't have much to talk about! That's ok, my short talk should counter all of the people who are going to go on for too long. I tried to wiggle my way out of this but Pat is insisting that we all attend.

Mike talked to me tonight, he wants to do something this weekend. Bonnie says I should just tell him I don't want to talk to him anymore. Karen feels bad for him and thinks I should do something. I wasn't asking for either of their advice! He's going to call on Friday, I'll see what I have for plans and will decide then. Ron called me this morning and things are falling together with the articles. I still haven't written the sea turtle one because I was waiting for him to tell me what the new format was but now he wants it right away and wants it like the other two. I was counting on the new format being much shorter!! Hopefully I can whip that out soon. He's leaving for England next week and will gone for half of the month. We used to talk every night, I miss that. And to continue with the men, I saw Dr. Stupid this afternoon. Seriously, he's so cute and I don't know why he has those bad pics online. Anyway, he with with another prof and he barely even said hi to me. How come there can't be chemistry on his end? I don't understand. I'm cute, he should love me!!

Alright, now I'm just getting loopy. I'm off to bed before I fall asleep right here. I've been in front of this computer since I got home. I didn't even watch the 24 that I taped last night or the West Wing from tonight!

Wow, a Monday morning entry! I had an extra minute so I thought I'd post! I'm sitting here sipping at my very delicious soy organic berry banana smoothie and life is good.

I was so tired last night that I went to bed much earlier than usual, I think around 1. I woke up at 9:30 and decided to get up. What could I do with all that extra time? The beach!! I love my life. I went for one glorious hour of sunshine and sand, the water was looking it's best with amazing blues and greens and the white of the surf. Mmmmm. Now I'm home and have lots of time to get ready for work.

Karen called very excited last night. She joined match.com and two boys have winked at her and she's gotten two e-mails already. One of the boys who winked is one that I'd taken a second look at when I was looking in my age range and then Karen had pointed him out to me when she was looking (she likes looking for me). I decided not to join until after the holidays because right now I really want time to myself. I do think I should've joined when I first arrived, back when I really had no friends and nothing to do. Ah well.

Ok, I'm going to go. As usual all of this time in the morning throws me off and I always end up running late!

The month has gone way too fast. At least we get an extra hour. I love the fall end of daylight savings for that little bit of sleep. It's the reason I'm posting a pita instead of crawling into bed!!

The weekend has been a really good one. On Friday I went to the beach with Karen for a few hours and it was a beautiful warm day. We went out for lunch first and I just had a smile glued on because I felt like I was on vacation but this is my life!!!! After the beach we cleaned ourselves up and then spent the evening in Boca with Diane, Leslie, and Bonnie. We went to a Latin American women art show at the main campus. I loved some of the work and didn't care for the rest. We enjoyed the free food and the wine!! The people watching was probably the best part of it all, Karen and I were scoping for men and the others were all helping. I saw a guy who looked just like Davin, the guy I still can't get out of my mind that I fell for back in college, and I lusted over him for the evening. After that we went out for Mexican though none of us were really that hungry (and most of us had had too much wine!). We were home by midnight but it felt much later. Tons of fun, it was so nice going out and being around a lot of people.

Today we were going to go canoeing but of course the prof bailed because of his back. We suspected that would happen. Instead of going without him we decided to just go out on Diane and Leslie's boat. We went up the intercoastal to where the mansions are and then found a quiet spot where Leslie fished and us girls sat around chatting. We stayed out for about three hours and then we decided that Dune Dogs was the perfect place to end the afternoon! Yum!

Karen went home and I went to the grocery store at last. I've been meaning to go for three weeks, my fridge was down to water and condiments. I stocked up and of course it added up. The bag boy walked my stuff out to the car, which I never really like because I can do it myself, and he proceeded to talk my ear off about his father (who taught him to never let a woman walk to her car alone) and I was pretty happy to get back home! Karen came back over and we went to downtown West Palm. We were going to go to a bar that we'd been to a few weeks ago when a bunch of us went out, the bar serves free drinks to women until midnight. But we forgot that it was Moonfest, the big Halloween thing. Why they're celebrating it a week early is beyond me. Anyway, we ended up going to nearby City Place instead, Karen hadn't been there before. We found a place at one of the outside bars and had a drink. Now I'm home and am tired, even though it's only 12:30!!

Oh I had my new place inspected on Thursday. Bonnie came with so she could see it for herself. There are a few problems that need immediate attention and I'm getting a taste of what owning means! I need a new water heater because the one in there, though functioning, is from 1976 - which is really unusual because I guess they typically last only 10 years. The oven and the trash compactor don't work, the tub stopper doesn't work, the toilet tanks aren't stable, and the patio door doesn't lock. The seller will have to give me money for the things that don't work at all and that will really help. The whole thing took an hour so I had a real chance to look around and get ideas about what I'd like to do. I want a new chandelier (the current one is probably worth several hundred but it is UG-LY!) and some other new light fixtures, new hardware in the kitchen, and we examined the wallpaper that's so ugly, it's up in both bathrooms. But despite seeing the flaws I was getting so excited about this place being my new home!

Well, I'm headed to bed. If I'm up really early I might try to put in some extra time at work so I can start building up comp time for the holidays. Or I might just spend the time around home as usual :)

Finally, I'm back! Hopefully the server will be fixed so all of my latest entries can be found again.

Well, it's not even 2 and I'm exhausted. I know this is a good thing because it's what time I wanted to be tired at. But I feel like it's too early to go to bed! I won't be able to stay awake too much longer though...

Karen called me tonight at work, she's really enjoying her job!! She was excited because she went on her first rescue mission this afternoon. She and a coworker answered a call about a blue heron that was injured. They went and found the bird, chased it down, and took it back to the sanctuary. She also fed baby squirrels and was almost kicked by a deer. Tomorrow she goes out on a release, when some spotted skunks will be released back into the wild! The sanctuary has some permanent animals that can't go back to the wild but everything else is fixed up and set free. Fits Karen perfectly so that's cool. Of course she's still pretty upset about Kota dying, she and Dave cried together on the phone again last night (you know how it is, one gets the other going and it's downhill from there!). They think now that it was a blood clot in his lung. Dave didn't ask for an autopsy so I'm not sure how they figured anything out. I do know that everyone feels better hearing that there was nothing that could've been done about it, without extensive surgury the vet said his chances would've been really slim.

Work has been going much better this week compared to last. Pat's been out of the office a lot and of course that makes a huge difference. She's gone tomorrow too, woohoo! Bonnie is now working full time, the same hours as me, so that's pretty cool. Mike hasn't been into the library much this week, which is unusual, but when he has been in he's been giving me a very cold shoulder. Um, I think I was supposed to call him back on Saturday and I never did. Ah well, he was just stress in my life and I don't need him around. I talked to Dr. Stupid for a bit on Monday because I now order books in history. He actually asked me how my weekend was - the first time he's asked me a personal question that wasn't in response to a question that I asked first! He isn't sure now whether or not he can join us this weekend (for canoeing) so we'll see. Karen and I are going with Diane and Leslie either way.

Tomorrow morning I'm off to my condo!!! The inspection is at 11 and I can be there so I thought I'd take advantage of it. Bonnie's going to come along so she can see the place. She was actually looking at lighting fixtures for me online tonight so I asked her to join me so she can see the place before she starts with the shopping :) I'm excited, I'm going to measure for the new stove and new closet doors to replace some that are ugly. I realize that some of this could wait until I've lived there for awhile but where's the fun in that??

I feel like there's so much more to update you on. But it will have to wait. I can feel a second wind coming on but I want to avoid it so I'd better get to bed!

What a long day. Getting up early does not sit well with me! At least I was getting up to do something cool. And of course you both got an e-mail from me about how that went!

Work was not exciting. Ingrid has to be in Boca a lot this week so I'm covering the desk for her all afternoon and then have my own shift at the end of the night. It isn't too bad but I'm not looking forward to two weeks of the same. Tomorrow we're having a farewell party for Patrick even though his last day is Friday. It's going to be hard for awhile without him until we can all learn what he knows. But there's a lot about him I won't miss. How mean, I know!

Oh, my Mike story. Karen went with him on Sunday and they picked out paint colors for his bathroom, bedroom, and study. They picked out a darker red for the bathroom that was just beautiful. So he goes home and primes and then paints. But he's so impatient that he paints three color coats on time of the primer all in 8 hours. Um, yeah, a bit too fast. So he comes into the library on Monday all upset because it looks horrible. He was too cheap to buy the painting tape so he used masking tape instead - which took paint off of the baseboards and ceilings!! Bonnie and I are laughing the second he's gone because it's so obvious that he thinks he did nothing wrong! Today he came in and said that it looked much better. He touched up the spots that the tape had messed up and had a chance to get used to the color and now he likes it. Yesterday he was saying that he was going to stop painting and didn't want any more color in the whole house (which is entirely white and black) but he has recovered his senses and wants to know if Karen and I can help this weekend. So I guess it all ended well but I was still laughing last night about how he messed it up.

Ok, I'm going to bed (yes, just after midnight!) because Helen is picking Karen and I up at 9:30 so we can see a few more places! Hopefully something will strike my fancy, we'll see!

Such a wild and crazy weekend that I didn't have time to post! Well, something like that anyway. So here's the lowdown.

Friday: I don't really remember agreeing to get up early on my day off but I was up by 9:30 and an hour later was in a yoga class with Karen. The gym was offering the first class for free for non-members so we took advantage of it! Ah, it felt so good to do yoga again. I miss that. After class we headed our own way to go home and clean up (I went back to sleep for an hour). We met up again and went to a nearby salon where we had nervously/excitedly scheduled a bikini wax!! Ouch, that hurt!! But I loved it, that was sooooo much faster and easier than trying to do it at home. We went right to the beach where we had a hard time not looking into our suits every five minutes :) It was a gorgeous day but we had the beach to ourselves. In the evening we went down to West Palm for pizza. The pizza place that Diane had suggested was closed for the week so we ended up at this other place that wasn't very good. We had time on our hands so we wandered up and down the street (a popular place in West Palm). There's a place called Sloan's that has the world's 10th best bathroom. It's a glass wall so you can see in/out until you flip up the handle when the glass turns foggy. Very cool!! Anyway, eventually we met up with Diane, Leslie, David, Todd, Bonnie, and Paul. We found a great club that was perfect for relaxing and talking and eventually we went to the dancefloor for awhile. We stayed there for most of the night but did venture into another lounge as well. Todd was the biggest ass for most of the night and everyone was very frustrated with him so he kind of spoiled the night. We had expected to stay out late but we were home by midnight because we couldn't stand him any longer!!

Just as well we were in bed early because we had plans to canoe on Saturday. I had e-mailed Dr. Stupid to see if he was going to be able to join us but his back was still hurting him too much (he injured while waiting for yoga class to begin) though he hoped that we could all go some other time. Karen and I met up with Diane and Leslie at 11am and put right into the water. Such fun! I've got pics online already!! We saw four gators (3 were babies), tons of turtles (including the tiniest one ever), and enjoyed the beautiful day. Karen and I went swimming for just a bit, she kicked a rock and really hurt her foot. Going back upstream was really hard and we were both sore from yoga so it wasn't easy! It was so fun, we're hoping to all do that again sometime later this month. Karen and I relaxed at my place for the rest of the afternoon and then we decided to go out for pizza. Mike decided to join us, we went to a place on the ocean that was ok (it's hard to find good pizza here). Then we came back to my place for margaritas and Bonnie came over too. We watched Real Women Have Curves. It wasn't Mike's idea of a good movie so he left in the middle. Fine with me, he's on my nerves bigtime. Us girls enjoyed the movie and then Bonnie took off. Karen and I stayed up to watch Trapped and then we went to bed.

Sunday at work was actually very productive. I haven't gotten that much done in a day for a very long time. It felt so good to be all caught up on things. Ron called in the afternoon and we made plans for the evening. After work I stopped by home only long enough to change clothes and to pick up wine glasses and silverware! We had a delicious meal out on his hotel balcony where we talked and talked as though not a day had gone by since we'd last seen each other. It felt like the same evening all over again, it was great. We went for a walk on the beach and then I watched the video from his latest dive trip off of Australia. I was so tired when I left at 2 that I came home and went right to bed.

Today at work was kind of a blur. We were short of people so I spent most of the day at the desk. I ran into Dr. Stupid as I was headed out for my walk, that made my day!! He actually walked outside with me so we could talk out there. We chatted about his back, about the canoe trip and what he missed, about gators, sharks, other news, the weather, one of his students... I was in heaven. And I smiled about it all night :) Heck I'm still smiling.

Ok, I've got to go to bed. I have a Mike story but that will have to wait until tomorrow. He is soooo on his way out of the picture. But I want him to take Karen and I out on his boat so he won't be gone until next week. I'm not evil, I'm normal.

Finally, my weekend has arrived. If Karen wasn't here I swear that I'd go back to work tomorrow because I have so much more to do that I couldn't finish today. Plus I've got to start collecting more comp time for the holidays.

Looks like Thanksgiving just isn't going to happen this year. Tickets to New Orleans are too much and I'd only get to spend two days there. At least Karen and I are here together for it, mom and dad may still go to New Orleans. I think Eric is going to spend the weekend Jenna and her family in Arizona. No news on the two of them but things can't be too bad! The trip home for Christmas is going to cost an arm and a leg, I'll be booking that this week. I expect to go from about the 22-28th. If I do buy a place I'll be moving between Christmas and New Years, it should be interesting!

I'm glad that I was in a good mood at work today or it would've been a wretched day. I had two really good meetings with faculty to get the day going right. Then Pat came by my office to have a chat. I'd mentioned to her that I would like to take over supervision of the circulation desk and that I would be happy to be Diane's supervisor (since she and Pat can't stand each other). Well it turns out that Pat isn't about to give me any more responsibility than I have now. Why? Because I take too much initiative and make decisions without consulting her. She had no examples to back that up with the exception of my project. And she's forgetting that she was in on that when we first started ages ago, that she saw the format, and gave it her stamp of approval. The other reason is because of an e-mail I sent her a week ago. She was going to Boca and wanted me to send her a list of our books that we think are mistakenly shelved down there. I'm just starting on that project and at the time had only two titles. So I e-mailed her back saying that I didn't think that was worth wasting her time on and that I wouldn't be able to gather more titles because I had other pressing things to do. I have now been informed that I should NEVER tell my supervisor that I will not do what they asked of me. Um, that's not what I did!! Not really. That project was brand new, is very time consuming, and I thought she was being nice - not specifically asking me to do anything. Anyway, she says I disrespected her and because of that I will not be allowed to take on responsibility. So from now on I'm not going to take any initiative. I'm going to run every single little bitty issue by her until she's annoyed to death and tells me to make a decision on my own for once. And I'm going to think of more things this weekend. Dammit woman, don't piss me off!

Tomorrow I'm getting up early and am meeting Karen at Lady of America gym for a free yoga class. You only get one free class so this isn't going to be a recurring thing until I hit the lotto. After that we're going to get our bikini lines waxed (just what you wanted to know, I know!!). Then I think we'll head down to Delray Beach where I can show her around the cute main street and we can have a nice afternoon. In the evening we're going out for drinks and dancing in downtown West Palm. So it's going to be a busy day!! I'm looking forward to it, should be lots of fun.

Ok, I'm off to bed. If I'm sober tomorrow night I'll post :)

Another long day. Tonight I'm not going to stay up late, I'm going to be in bed before 2. It's the only way I can kick this cold! I hate having the sniffles, it sounds so horrible and I feel full of germs!

Work went better today. Pat suddenly wants me to use the information from my project to wow the faculty at the annual meeting. I realized today that she thinks my project is taking people's time away from her tutorials. Her tutorials are not worth anyone working on and everyone was thrilled to put them on the back burner for awhile. Anyway, now I know what's really bothering her about my project so I can work around that.

I was approved for a loan today and will start looking at places with my realtor (Helen) on Tuesday! I'm going to look at both condos and townhouses but I like townhouses better. We'll see what falls into my price range, that's what's going to make the difference. I'm excited and so far I'm not nervous but I'm sure that will change!! Now that I'm thinking about it I want to start looking up real estate online but then I'll never step away from the computer!

Tonight after work I went over to Dave's where Karen made us bean burritos and mexican rice! It was really good and very filling. While I was waiting for her to finish cooking Ron called me!! He's finally back in Canada and sadly, he won't be able to spend the weekend here. He's going to get to Miami late Saturday night and will come up here on Sunday. We'll have Sunday night together once I'm done with work. Then I'll go down to Miami next weekend for the show. I was thinking of not bothering but I think Karen and I can make a fun weekend of it. Ron should be able to get us into the show and I'm hoping we can stay with him that one night. Anyway, we didn't have much time to talk but I can't wait to see him again in person!!

Alright, time for me to get to bed. Here's to hoping that tomorrow won't be as long of a day! The weekend's almost here... !!

October, can you believe it? I hope it means that this will be a better month. I need some calm in my life right now.

Today started out wrong with Pat marching into my office to tell me that my largest project was a waste of everyone's time and that if I couldn't justify it to her that she'd put an end to it. My only response was shocked silence as I tried to absorb this. Just yesterday I had been telling her how much this was going to help us out in the end and even it required work now it was going to pay off. She also scolded me for having a cold. I was so frustrated that I had to make myself calm down before running to Ethan for help. I'm typing up my justifications for the project. Why didn't she say something months ago??? It's not like I've just begun.

I took a walk around campus on my break as I do every day. This time as I was about 40 yards outside of the front door of the building when Pat comes out and walks right up to me. I ask where she's going and she says that she saw me walking and decided to join me. Then she says "you started dating that guy that you just wanted to be friends with, didn't you." Not really a question, just a statement. Out of the blue. Sometimes I seriously think I'm on another planet when I'm around this woman. What?? I ask who she's talking about because I'm not sure and she says that it was a long time ago. I'm guessing it was back in the time of Carl and she must've asked me because I wouldn't have volunteered that information to her on my own. So I say no, that I'm not dating anyone that I don't want to be dating. She then says she thought maybe that had me stressed out and that's why I'm sick. Wow, that's a normal conclusion... So I explain that I've been busy outside of work and am maybe just a bit rundown. And also that my sister's both had colds and I probably just caught what they had. Thankfully by this time we were back in the building so the conversation ended. I went back to my office and wanted to close the door and never come out. The night went much better. I spent lots of time talking to Ingrid and then Shannon came in for a little while. She's going to turn down the job. This means Pat won't be in a good mood tomorrow. At least I'm prepared. Well, as prepared as a person can be.

Tonight I talked to Mary for a bit, she'd had a really hard test tonight. Then I talked to dad for quite awhile and to mom as well. Mom's tired but is otherwise doing well. I think she really likes being retired! I spent the rest of the night in front of the tv and then on the phone with Diana. Now it's much later than I meant for it to be! I got sucked into imdb and of course had to post this before I could go to bed!

If you look back at the entry from 5/1/03 you'll see I was talking about a mysterious dripping mess that I found on my floor one night. Well I found another one of those trails this morning. A brown path that started next to my plant and wound for a few feet across the floor, little spots of brown dried water. Like last time there was a puddle at the end of the trail but this time, there was a big caterpillar in the middle. It was laying on its side writhing around. So strange. I decided that the plants belong outside if they're going to be dropping life forms. Yuck. It does make me wonder where the other caterpillar ended up if it wasn't in the puddle... did it just fly off??? We'll never know.

Ah, I'm at home. It feels so good to be here all by myself! I can't wait to crawl into bed, which I'm about to do.

I woke up feeling better than yesterday but still a bit miserable. Karen left for her interview and I hung out at the house for a little while so I could get some love from Nala before leaving. Such a sweet cat, I'm taking her with me one of these days. I talked to Karen again before I went to work and it sounds like the shelter will offer her the job but the pay isn't as good as she was expecting so she'll probably turn them down and wait to see if she hears from any other place. Work was pretty uneventful, I plugged away at my projects and talked to Diane a lot. I had a meeting with Pat in the afternoon that was strange and awkward, as all things are with her. The evening went smoothly, the library was packed with students with barely an empty seat anywhere but no one was asking any questions at the desk. Must be time for exams! I'm so happy that I'm not a student anymore.

Mike came over tonight to hang out. I don't like how he thinks he can predict all of my moves and answers to questions. At the same time he's saying he doesn't understand me and I'm a mystery. Make up your mind. We watched last week's Queer Eye and he stayed until after midnight. I watched the premiere of Third Watch (love that show) and it was sooo tempting to watch more of my Sopranos to finish off the third season but I'm leaving that for tomorrow instead.

For now I'm going to crawl into my own bed and get lots of sleep so I can be feeling better again!

Happy Birthday Diana!! Sorry that my wishes are late, I should've called you! Hope that your weekend in Austin was fun and that you didn't spend the whole time sorry that you weren't out of the state!

My weekend flew right by. Friday Karen and I did go to the beach and we had about an hour there before it poured. Mike joined us for a little while but he just sat there reading his finanace book. He invited Karen to join us that night, which was really cool because I wanted her to come but wasn't sure if he was ok with that. Karen and I did the grocery shopping and then we went out to his place. We had so much fun, we made sushi! It was so cool and actually pretty easy. Very tasty and we were very pleased with ourselves! We watched Magnolia and by the time that finished it was pretty late so Karen and I drove directly back to Dave's.

Saturday we also got up and went to the beach! This time we had about two hours before the sky turned really dark. I treated Karen to a hot dog at Dune Dogs and she loved it (of course). We went our own ways for the rest of the afternoon. I meant to e-mail but sat in front of the tv instead. I wathced my recorded West Wing premiere, Law & order, and I had time for just one Sopranos episode. Karen and I met up at Home Depot where we looked at paint samples for a little while and then we went to the bowling alley! We met up with Diane and Leslie, and David and Todd. David and Diane are in art class together and Diane and I thought maybe he and Karen would hit it off :) We did pretty well bowling. I started off with a strike and it was kind of downhill from there, but fun all the same. We thought we could just continue bowling once the cosmic stuff started but they make you pay for unlimited bowling after 10pm and we didn't want to bother. So we went to a pool hall instead! We were there for over two hours playing at the cheap tables. I don't know what David was doing but he took this bottle off the shelf behind us while we sat waiting for our turn and it dripped out on my jeans. Turns out it was concentrated bathroom freshner. Yes, funny if it's not happening to you! I STUNK to the high heavens after that and couldn't get rid of the smell. Three washes later and it's faint but not gone! Ugh. Anyway, once that happened I was pretty ready to go home because the smell was giving me such a headache. We said goodnight and left. I stayed out at Karen's again and woke up with a really bad cold. The kind that makes it hard to swallow with earaches and I'm sore all over. Tonight I'm going to be really early!

Work was uneventful, I kept busy but wanted to be at home the entire time. Now I'm about to head out to Karen's for just one more night. Dave comes home tomorrow night and is in town all week I think. Does that really mean evenings to myself? We'll see!

I will try to post regularly, and I swear that I'll send you both e-mails as soon as I can tomorrow!

Whoa, has it ever been a busy week!! I'm looking forward to a few weeks from now when Karen has settled in more (and when she's more comfortable staying at Dave's alone) so that I can have time to myself!!

Of course I'm thrilled that she's down here and am ok with the fact that I've spent less than an hour in my apartment every day this week. We usually just sit and talk or watch a movie and then go to bed so it's not like we're up to exciting things. During the day Karen has been applying for jobs, mostly as vet technicians, there are tons of openings for that around here. The vet closest to her house is hiring so that would be really cool. Hopefully she'll be working soon! She's also been cleaning Dave's house and it's making a big difference. I know he's going to be pleased when he gets back into town and sees how much better this is than before! Oh and Karen took Nalla to the vet and the worms are gone, whew! She had ingested a flea and had gotten tape worm from that. She's alergic to fleas which is why she's missing half of her hair. Dave always said she was alergic to people (which is possible) but he was wrong. This makes so much more sense.

Work has been unbelievable. I started a few little projects that have exploded into these huge messes requiring a LOT more attention than I expected. And Pat wants it taken care of right away because she doesn't get it. I don't think I sat down for more than an hour yesterday which is so unusual. My back was killing me by the time I left work, it wasn't much fun. Next week will be more of the same from the looks of it. Ugh, I want my easy job back!!

Today Karen and I are going to the beach. I'm waiting for her to arrive right now and then we're heading down to have lunch near the beach. It's a bit cloudy but it seems that the beach always has clear skies so we're hoping!! If that doesn't work then we'll maybe go to a matinee or I'll take her down to West Palm for the afternoon. Mike wants to see me tonight, I'll probably head out to his place. I've seen him at work every day this week and he keeps asking to come over in the evening. I always agree and then he calls later to say that he decided to just go home instead. Works for me, that would've just made for longer days. I have no clue where we're at. It's stupid. Half of the time I look at him and hope that it'll work out because I want to be with him. The other half of the time I wonder what I was thinking because there's no way it would work. So I'm trying not to think about it at all and so far that's working out ok.

Tomorrow Karen and I were going to go canoeing (Karen can steer) with Diane and her husband but it looks like the weather's not going to cooperate. The plan was to ask Dr. Stupid to join us but I didn't see him at all this week - I even walked out of my way to find him without any luck. Anyway, turns out he had hurt his back and couldn't go. But when Diane said that we'd maybe do it next week instead he said he wanted to join us!! I'll believe it when I see him there in person but it could be really cool!!!

Ok, Karen's here so we're off to the beach! I'll try to post again tomorrow but who knows.

I do believe Dave has taken a shine to Karen. Not necessarily in the romantic way, but he must like her already. They spoke on the phone several times last night as Karen tried to figure a few things out (his mp3 player, where the dog food was kept, etc). He said that he'd slept so horribly on the air mattress that he was going to buy a bed for her room!! He also said that she could fix up the house in any way she wanted and that she should think of some good paint colors for the bedrooms. He had JUST told me that he wasn't going to paint anymore because it wasn't worth doing if he was going to turn around and sell the house. His dad bought him a new laptop (his parents are loaded) so Karen will have one to use while he's got his work computer with him! Anyway, he was really sweet to her on the phone and she was happy that things seem to be all good.

Karen called me when I got home from work last night. She was upset because she couldn't get new plates until she had FL insurance. The rates here are so high and she doesn't have any money! She said she almost cried when she couldn't find a parking spot at the grocery store, poor thing! So I picked up a six pack and some ice cream on my way out there. We watched Bringing Down the House on ppv and then went to bed. Oh, while watching the movie Nalla had settled in on my stomach. She got up to move to the armrest and I brushed myself off. I felt a little damp bit and it turned out to be a WORM!! I wonder how long she's had those for. And I wonder if that means Phoebe has worms too... It was too late to call Dave at that point. Karen and I were both grossed out so we sat on the coffee table for the rest of the movie! Today Karen called a vet to see if we could just give them medication but I guess we have to bring them in. How is it that Dave never notices these problems when he's at home??

Anyway, work has been hectic and it's time to start closing up! I'm going back out to Dave's tonight but I think tomorrow I'll stay home. Feels like I haven't slept in my own bed for months but it's not even been a week! Oh oh, have to go!

Ah, an entry from work. I'm busy but have decided that if I don't post right now, I won't be able to until tomorrow. And goodness knows I want you all to know right away what I was up to over the weekend!

Sadly, Mary had a cold the whole weekend and wasn't feeling up to much. She went to class on Thursday so Karen and I drove down to the Garden District where we looked at the big homes and did a bit of shopping. We found a Whole Foods where we bought everything for lasagna and that's what Karen made for dinner, yum! She also made a birthday cake so we had quite the meal. Since Mary didn't want to go out, we watched all of the Queer Eye episodes that I had brought along instead. Mary fell asleep so Karen and I went into the bedroom and played whatever games we could think of, madlibs, hangman, etc until we were ready for bed too.

Saturday we all had lunch and then went down to the French Quarter. We wandered all around and had a beignet before walking the riverwalk. We signed up for a haunted history tour but had hours to wait so we went back to her place for awhile. We had margaritas on her patio and ate dinner before it was time to head back. The tour was really cool, we all really enjoyed it. Some really freaky stuff has happened in that city! We didn't get to see an ghosts ourselves though, that was disappointing. The tour ended at 10 when we met up with two of Mary's friends who were also out in that area. We went to a bar where Karen had a hurricane (the rest of us were too tired to drink) and we hung out for awhile. It was probably only 11 when we all decided that we'd had a long enough day. We went back to Mary's place and didn't stay up too much later.

I had hoped to be on the road by 9 on Sunday but we left closer to 10. The drive was long and boring, the scenery isn't exactly exciting down here. Karen and I managed to amuse ourselves but we sure were happy when we finally pulled into Dave's! It must've been around 11, we were so happy to get out of the car!! Dave gave Karen the grand tour, they hit it off really well. Dave had a big doghouse that his dog never uses so he converted it into a bunny pen! It's huge and roomy, it should work perfectly. We all sat around chatting until about 1 when we couldn't function any longer! Dave slept downstairs so that Karen and I could have his bed.

This morning Karen wasn't happy but I made her get up at 9. I know, doesn't sound like me! I had to run errands and stuff but she had to drive me into town! I picked up my mail, went to the pharmacy and the grocery store, made lunch and got ready for work. I had Karen follow me to the library so she could meet everyone (though it turns out only Diane and Pat were around) and then she took off in search of new license places. I've been busy since I got here and hopefully the night will continue to fly by!

I had a sighting this afternoon (and for awhile there you probably thought I was done with strain sightings forever!) but it wasn't very exciting. I got a call while in my office for lunch from Bonnie, telling me I should open my door because "he" was in the library. Since I had finished eating and was just looking things up online I decided to find a reason to step out to the desk. I'm glad I did, seeing as I had worn a skirt today just in case I saw him! I waved and said hi but he was at the other end of the desk and I didn't want to go and interrupt. I do hope to talk to him on Wednesday to see if he'd like to go down the river with Diane and I but there's a chance that I'll totally wuss out. Because I do that sometimes.

Ok, I'd better go, I think I've spent too much time online as it is!

Hi! I'm in New Orleans! Don't have much time to be online so I decided to post instead of sending out e-mails. I promise to write if I can!

I got up on time and was all ready to go by the time Mike arrived. I did kind of leave in a hurry, hope I didn't leave anything turned on! My flights were uneventful, I got into town at about 5. Mary wasn't done with her class until 7:30 so I had to wait for her. I just sat in the lobby of her building and read my book. Karen had gotten to town at 3 but we didn't want to have her trying to find the airport so she just hung out at Mary's and waited for us. She made us a nice dinner, we ate and have just been hanging out talking since. I suspect they'll want to go to bed a lot earlier than me but hopefully it won't be too bad. I am really tired and I've made sure to stay away from caffine (usually I have a coke on the plane).

Ok, I'd better go. I will try to get online and write to you both tomorrow!

I love short work weeks! I slept in late today but had just enough time to get to work. It wasn't until right before I left that I realized I hadn't prepared a lunch so I quick made some minestrone soup. I've got to start making sandwiches and salads again, all of this easy food is too high in sodium!

It wasn't an overly exciting day. I was talking to Diane about Karen's living situation and she decided not to talk to Dave anymore because she's so mad about it. She told me that when she bought her first place, signing the contract to buy got her out of her apartment lease. I'm going to check tomorrow to make sure that's the case here because that would be really cool. I called a realtor and could be looking at places as soon as next week! I'm excited at the thought of my own place and at getting out of this apartment. Plus having a two bedroom place means Karen can stay with me (without being squished) and that would solve her problem. Which she doesn't even know she has because I haven't mentioned any of this to her...

I know, I know, how can I afford to even think about buying seeing as I was just complaining about how broke I am?? Well I cut back on my spending, that's how. Buy more regular food instead of the easy instant frozen stuff. I spend WAY too much on groceries for just myself. Stop going to the outlet mall and blowing half of a paycheck on clothes I don't really need all that much. No trips to Target, it's just a big trap! My raise will help a little, it's almost enough to cover the difference I'll have to pay each month. Anyway, it's about time I invested in something.

It's late and I should've been in bed. But I'm not tired. Again. Mike will be here by noon to drive me to the airport. Oh yeah, Mike! He came over tonight. We watched last night's Queer Eye together and then had our little talk. It was sooooo not productive. I told him I didn't imagine it could work between us but we both agreed that we wanted to keep hanging out. But can we really be friends? I mean every time I have a drink I'm going to want to put a move on him and vice versa! So in the end we decided that we wouldn't put a label on ourselves and we'd see how things go. He knows I'll be busy with Karen but hopes that we can get together so we can make sushi (the show inspired him) and watch a movie next weekend. I don't know. When we were talking I just didn't want to end it, I didn't want to let him go. Sigh. Whatever.

Oh and I had two sightings today!! The first wasn't exciting, I pretty much ignored him as he was in working with one of his thesis students. But then he came back at the end of his day to pick up a book. He went over to Ingrid because she was sitting by the loans but then he came over to where I was talking to Bonnie and we had a nice chat! We talked about his students, his seminar class, his organizational skills, and about what he was reading up on now (race wars). Bonnie had ducked out so it was just he and I talking. He went off to find another book and I stood at the desk doing some filing. Instead of books he checked out some movies but Ingrid was helping him with that. When he left, he walked out the door, stood there holding it open until I glanced up and he waved goodbye! He was standing there waiting for me to look up!! What planet am I on? Anyway, I was happy about that for the rest of the evening, even if I don't understand it at all.

Whoa, it's getting late and I'm going to bed whether I want to or not! Mary has internet so I'll post if I can!

Wow, 8am is really early. I couldn't for the life of me fall asleep last night either, despite being in bed by 1! It was 4 the last time I let myself look at the clock and I was still wide awake. Ugh.

But I managed to get up and ready without too much of a problem! I actually fell asleep while waiting for the dr, he went into the wrong exam room and got caught up with the patient who was supposed to follow me. Once I was done with that I decided to go get my oil changed or else I'd put it off for another few weeks. I found the place that Mike had recommended and those were the nicest mechanics ever! They were all smiles and polite, and my car was done within 15 minutes for under 15 bucks! Very cool, that made me wish I had to change my oil more often :) I spent my remaining time at home on the couch watching my new ATB dvd which is sooooo cool. I'm in love with a dj. The dvd has all of his videos, the movie he made while on tour in the US, and lots of other stuff.

Work was ok, not good, not bad. We ended up working late because suddenly we realized what time it was and we hadn't done anything for closing! I think Ingrid was irked, she probably thinks that Bonnie and I do nothing but sit there and talk. So what if it's true!! Then I came home and spent an hour on the phone with Mary (41 hours until we're together!) and then talked to Mom and Dave. I told Dave that there was no way he could up the price of rent now since we'd already agreed. Couldn't quite get it thru his thick skull, he still wants more than he was asking for. And then he started off again on how he's going to sell the house soon so Karen won't even be living with him. Um, she kind of only moved down here because he said he'd have a room for a long time and it would be free/cheap!! So I'm not pleased. Geez, this was all his idea in the first place and now he's making a mess of everything!! If only it was closer to the end of my lease, I'd feel better about things.

Can't worry about that until it all happens I guess. So I'm off to bed. Despite awakening at a ridiculously early hour I'm still not tired!!!

I love that it's going to be a short work week for me. Today I had lots to do but didn't get a thing done. Well, I ordered a lot of books but spent the night just wasting time. I gave most of my work to Bonnie to do so she'd be busy. Then we spent the night chatting so she didn't get anything done either!

Tonight Mike came over and it was almost like old times. Except that we weren't sitting quite as close as we used to! We started watching a movie but it was really slow and Mike doesn't like subtitles so we quit (it was Cross My Heart, a Norweigan film, and it was one that he brought over). We watched Monster House instead. He left at midnight saying that we'd have to talk next time, he's going to come by on Wednesday again. We didn't discuss our current odd situation at all, that was ok with me because I wasn't sure what I would say.

I have a doctor appointment in the morning so I'm heading to bed. Don't know if I'll sleep or not but I have to be up at 8am so I'll kick myself if I don't at least try!

I'm broke. I've GOT to stop spending so much money. Everything goes on the credit card and suddenly I'm looking at these huge bills! I had finally sent my parents a check for just a little bit of what I owed them and then I had to call dad asking him to send a check. It's either that or miss a payment on my loan or the credit card... ugh. I suspect with Karen here it's not going to get better. Even in Utah when I seriously had no income I was spending money on everything she wanted. Dave's looking into jobs for her, that should help a lot!

Speaking of Dave, I'm a bit frustrated with him at the moment. When we were first talking about having Karen come down he offered up that room for no rent. A month later he says that it would be great if she could chip in a bit on utilities, maybe a hundred a month. Then at the beach yesterday he starts talking about three fifty! Um, I'm rich in comparison to that girl! Plus, there's no way I want to tell Karen that suddenly she's got to pay him all of that. Ok, so it's a great deal to pay so little, that's not the point. On top of that, he says that she can't be in the house for the first weekend in October because his little whore if coming to town (um, that's my word for her, not his!) and he doesn't want Karen around. Hello, she's your roommate, that's supposed to be her new home!! How unwelcome is she going to feel, that's her second weekend in town! Normally I wouldn't care but that's the weekend that Ron is coming too. He and Karen are going to love each other but I'd planned on spending so much time with him. Too early to worry about all of this, I know. It's just frustrating that Dave is acting like Karen is going to be this burden when he's the one who suggested all of this in the first place!!!

Out of no where I heard from Henrik tonight. What a surprise! He's looking for a place in CA and expects to live out there for a year or so. He wanted to know if I was going to be at the big show next month and whether or not I'd be willing to help him out. He promised to pay me all of my money and then some. I'll believe that the day I see it. Since I don't have any extra days at work I probably won't make it to the show, except for maybe the last day or two. I think Ron is kind of expecting me to help him. It just might be easier to stay home!!

Mike was supposed to come over tonight when I was done at work but he called to say he decided to go home instead so I'll see him at work tomorrow. Fine with me, gave me more time for the Sopranos! I'm half way thru the next season already, I have to finish it by early October when they start rerunning season 4 on HBO. Loving it.

Alright, last night I was wide awake until after 4:30, this has got to stop!! I'm going to bed right now and I'm putting my alarm out of reach because this morning I shut it off and was late for work. Must get back on track!!

One week from right now I'm going to be at Mary's apartment with my sisters!!! I cannot wait to see them both again. And it's right over Mary's birthday, how perfect! And two weeks from today Karen will be living in Florida and we'll probably be spending the evening together. Woohoo!

The day hasn't been an exciting one. I had a hard time falling asleep last night but got up at 11 anyway so that hopefully tonight I can be tired. I called Dave right away and we met at the beach. From now on, when he says "your beach or mine" I'll know to tell him mine. He never picks good ones. I mean technically it's all the same beach but he pics bad spots. We were right next to a beach club so there was way too much cement and the sand was crap. Ah well, from now on I know to stick to my tried-and-true spot. Anyway, we stayed for about two hours. My plan had been to stay longer by myself (after he took off for Miami) but I wasn't happy with the spot and it was too much trouble to get all set up at another place. Actually it was just that I can't get the umbrella pole far enough into the sand to keep it in place. But whatever. Turns out I had enough sun anyway, my chest is a bit pink!

So I came home where I had very little to do. I read out on the terrace, that's where I was when Mike finally called back. At first it was kind of ackward but it ended up being a great conversation. I explained that I wasn't calling in sick to avoid him, he said that he felt I was pulling away right when things were going so well. He also said that I was trying to stay single and that I didn't seem to feel emotion. Ouch. I think he just means I seem very indifferent to him about how things are going, I'm sure he'd like to have me be upset about things ending. And they are ending, he knows that and is happy that we figured it out sooner rather than later. We started joking around a bit and had a nice conversation. He'd like to see me tomorrow after work and sounds like we'll talk more. Now I'm remembering the things that I liked about him. Don't worry, I'm not going to be the stupid girl who knows that the guy is a jerk to her and then turns around and runs back. I'm just saying that I hope that he and I can still hang out. Ok, maybe it's just so I can have a friend with a boat :)

The rest of the day I sat around in front of the tv. I was reading John Pilger's Hidden Agendas but was upset by so many of the world's problems that I put it down. And I was watching Michael Moore's The Awful Truth but was upset by so many of the world's problems that I had to stop watching! I finished season 2 of the Sopranos and watched the beginning of Platoon before I was too bored to keep the tv on. I painted a bit and then sent a few e-mails that I'd put off lately. Now I'm about to crawl into bed and it's not even 3! I want to be fully rested for work tomorrow!

I cannot believe how fast September is going by. And I'm not saying this to rub it in Erika's face but I love that it's not getting any cooler here. This time of year would normally be so depressing for me (followed by seven more months of being depressed).

TOnight I was looking at my other site to see what I was doing a year ago today. I love stuff like that. I was in Utah, pretty new to the restaurant and anxious to get some kittens. I also found my journal from Greece, Mom was visiting me, we spent the day in Athens and then flew out to the islands. That was way back in 99 already. I'm so happy that I kept a journal of the things I did each day, even if they didn't seem interesting at the time.

I remember looking at the clock at just past 5am and I still wasn't asleep. Good thing I set my alarm or I never would've gotten up! I went to the beach for a little while. There's a hurricane coming and the waves were huge! The beach was completely different, the usual dune wasn't there and you could tell the water had been way way up! I spent most of the time in awe of nature and the way the world works. A pimply kid with a voice that kept cracking came up out of no where and put his surboard about five feet from me. That's pretty close considering the beach was rather empty. He started chatting me up and wouldn't shut up! He was telling me about his girlfriend Jane and about how just the other night he was making out with a girl named Cookie who was really kookie (his words) and seriously, I did not need to hear any of it. He asked a million questions and then finally left. Ugh. All I wanted was some peace and quiet!

Tonight I went over to Dave's place. He made me this delicious stuffed sole with au gratin potatoes. We watched The Rookie and talked for awhile before I headed home. It was fun hanging out with him again. He bailed on me for tomorrow though, he's going to a Marlins game in Miami. We may meet up at the beach before he leaves if I can get up at a decent hour. I'm disappointed, I wanted a day to hang out with someone instead of spending most of the day alone. Ah well, I'm sure something will work out. Maybe I'll see if Diane is up for a movie.

Oh and about that hurricane! They're expecting it to hit shore on Tuesday or so unless it veers north. I had two messages from work today telling me to buy water, canned food, batteries, and candles. The storm itself doesn't last long but if power goes out it could be awhile before everything works again. We'll know on Monday if we have to start preparing the library for a storm. My only concern is getting out of town on Thursday!!

Ok, it's late and I have to get to bed if I want to meet Dave at the beach.

What a wonderful day. I wasted it away completely yet didn't lose a day of my weekend! I only felt one little bitty twinge of guilt for being gone from work but I recovered from that really quickly!

Tonight I watched six episodes of Sopranos. In a row! I could've kept right on going but decided to stop. Instead I finally put the pics online and caught up on some old e-mails. While on the computer I kept flipping back to the picture of Chris, I get one of those stupid grins every time! He's just so cute and now I have something to stare at while thinking that! Don't fret, I'm not going back to being pathetic about him.

Tomorrow I'm thinking of heading to the beach for a little bit. I'm losing my tan and a bit of sun after these days inside will do me lots of good. Dave and I have planned to go on Saturday as well. We're planning a day of beach, food, and drinks, maybe a movie too! Should turn out to be a good weekend!

As for Mike, I'm going to call him tomorrow. The plan is to tell him that this just isn't worth it. That he's been waiting for it to end and I don't want to keep him in suspense any longer. I'll bring his movie with me on Monday for him to pick up (he wanted me to watch American Psycho, what does THAT mean??). I'd like to stay friends because I do like hanging out with him (the boat) and we can see how that goes for awhile. The plan is to call and just leave a message, I know when he's at class. Then the ball is in his court. I hate it when I've got the ball, I never know what to do with it!

Alright, I'm going to start thinking about bed even if I'm not tired yet.

Ah, a day all to myself. Very nice and I could use more like this. I slept late, did some laundry, painted a bit, and went thru the cruise pics. They should be online sometime tomorrow afternoon once I find the ambition. I almost forgot about them completely!

Tonight I called home and it sounds like the shots that mom's getting aren't helping. She's going back to the dr tomorrow for more tests and will go again on Friday to discuss the test results. Either radiation or chemo, depending on how it goes. Mom sounded so tired, she didn't want to talk about it. Let's all hope that things go better than expected.

I watched two Sopranos and then managed to cut myself off before I went on a marathon. It's just so easy to watch what comes next! I'm loving this show. I also have The Awful Truth, I've been meaning to watch that too. I managed to not watch any tv until tonight because I didn't want it to be a day with nothing better than that to do. Not that I got much done but it doesn't feel as wasted as a day in front of the tv would've been.

Ok, I'm off to bed. Looks like I won't be going into work tomorrow either. I'd better watch out or this will become a bad habit!

I'm having an ugly day. I hate those!! I look wretched so I started feeling that way. I did go to work and survived the day. Pat was out sick so that made things easier. Bonnie come in late because Diane's art went on display tonight and she stopped by the gallery. Once Bonnie came to work I went down there to see things for myself. Diane's work is really cool, I'm going to post pics once I get copies from Patrick. Ethan and Ingrid both went once I was back so we all managed to go! There was a good crowd, Diane was very happy, and we were all happy for her!

I guess that Dr Stupid was there right at 5 when things started. Diane dragged Bonnie over and they both talked to him for awhile. Bonnie clearly stated that she was leaving so that I could have my turn to come by. Diane was all excited because Chris stuck around for another 20 minutes acting like he was waiting for me to get there. We probably missed each other by 10 minutes (traffic made my trip slow). I was quite ok with not seeing him because of course I'm self conscious about how fat my lip is! They're both all excited because they're sure he's finally coming around. I don't believe it but it's kind of a nice thought! I'd love to have him chasing after me :)

As far as Mike goes, I don't know. I need someone who understands me and Mike just doesn't get it. The other night when he was here watching tv he looked at some guy and called him a fag. I told him that I'd prefer if he not use that word around me because I didn't like it. Why didn't I like it? Sigh. I don't want to explain myself. I want him to say 'ok, I respect that' but no, he starts calling everyone a fag and starts telling me how it's an ok word and blah blah blah. The point should be that I don't like it. Same with the pot smoking. I feel like every time I say something where I express my feelings he turns it into an arguement about how I'm wrong. And it really wears on my nerves. Of course there's more but that's a big one. I just can't figure out why he's with me, and why I'm with him. Like how when I told him that mom was sick with cancer he says "you know that means you're going to get it too" or when I found out that Josie had been taken to the pound he says "well you'll find a better cat". SHUT UP, THAT IS NOT THE POINT!!! And it all added up really quickly that there are a whole lot more cons than there are pros in this situation. So I'm outta here.

Now, getting myself out of the situation is a whole other story. Mike appears to think there's nothing wrong and wants to come over tomorrow night. I can't end this badly because I do have to see him on a regular basis. So I don't know what to do! I wish I was going on a two month long vacation. Or moving out of the state. That always made things so much easier :)

It's almost 4am. Perhaps some sleep will do me well. And tomorrow I'm going out to have a healthy meal because I've got to start eating better. For now, sleep will do!

I'm getting a cold sore. Could there be anything worse?? Yes, but this is pretty bad. And not what I need right now. My lip is the size of a grapefruit. Almost.

So much on my mind and I don't feel like talking about any of it. Mike is on his way out. If pressed to name a single thing that I like about him I can't come up with one. Not one.

The highlight of my day was a visit from Dr. Stupid. He just wandered into my office out of the blue to say hello. He said my office was "an oasis from the craziness outside". We chatted for just a minute about how the semester was going and then he left because he was supposed to be on his office hours but was wandering randomly around campus instead. He looked so darn cute. And no, this has nothing to do with the demise of Mike.

I'm going to bed. Here's hoping that tomorrow is a better day.

Woohoo, I'm tired before 1:30! I'm going to keep this short so I can go to bed. I slept until about 1 today so I'm surprised I'm tired this early. But I won't question it.

I didn't do much this afternoon until about 5 when Mike came over. We went to his friend's birthday bbq. Hmmm, very redneck crowd. Mike and I mostly stayed to ourselves until more of his friends arrived. I was happy when we left because I was bored and it's hard when I'm the one who doesn't know a soul. We went from there down to the beach for the sunset. It's funny watching the sunset from the other horizon but the clouds all change color and the water becomes a million different shades. We even saw a rainbow! It was perfect weather (for me, Mike can't wait until it's cooler) and the moon was just starting to come out. We were going to go to a pool hall and I was all excited to actually be spending time out on the town, but we ended up coming back here because Mike's shirt had gotten really dirty when we sat on some wooden chairs on the beach. We watched a movie and some Sopranos (I'm hooked on that show) before heading out to grab a bite of food.

Since the nearby restaurant wasn't serving after 11 we ended up having a quick drink there and then going to Taco Bell. Now my stomach is sorry about those two tacos. I think I've got to get to bed soon or else! If only I didn't have to work tomorrow... the weekend went too fast!

I went all day today pretty much thinking it was Saturday. A nice surprise to find out that I have another day before going back to work!

Sadly the weather kept me away from the beach today. There's a huge system moving through, yuck. Tomorrow night I'm supposed to go to a bbq for Mike's friend's girlfriend's birthday but that won't be much fun in the rain. Inside picnics just aren't as cool. Anyway, I spent the day neatening up around here, I vacuumed, and then settled in outside for a bit. I was starting to read Heartbreaking work (I ended up skipping right to the actual text) but then decided to call Mary instead. We talked for an hour and half! She's doing well but was sad that she didn't have any weekend plans. I'm sure she'll make friends soon. She did get a job at a church nursery on Sundays for a bit of extra money and she's also got a job for school that involves working with pregnant teens. We managed to talk about just about everything under the sun!

Since it was still rainy, Mike and I had to cancel our plans for going out on the boat, too much lightening. So instead I went over to his place and we watched movies. We had a little tiny bit of a psuedo arguement. He wanted to get lit up and I said I didn't know if I was comfortable with that. He wasn't thrilled and went on about how I couldn't act like it didn't matter one day and then be upset the next. So I said fine, do whatever you want. I don't care. And so he did. And then I proceeded to repress my anger.

Mary and were talking this afternoon and I was telling her about how I was the most laid back person Mike has ever dated and that usually he's the calm one in the relationship (which seriously makes me curious about these other girls because geez he can get worked up). Anyway, Mary was saying that her therapist had told her that all of us were able to repress our anger because of our childhood. We really weren't allowed to be mad growing up, I'd never thought about it. But since we learned that we couldn't act mad, we absorbed it all instead and now none of us know how to deal with anger. So true, that goes for all four of us. And of course now I'm concerned about all of my repressed emotions :) I wonder what a therapist would tell me, maybe I need to seek professional help. Does my insurance cover that? Hmmm...

Alright, it's late and I'm tired. Time to get my repressed butt into bed.

The end of my week!! I love it. Short weeks are the best ones. If only every week were a four day week.

The day at work was pretty blah. Pat is upset that we're not all thrilled about the info lit "class" she's conducting. She came right into my office to ask if I thought the text was reprehensible. Um, I couldn't say yes so I babbled on and on in a wishy washy way until she didn't want to hear me anymore and left. Works every time. At 9 I had a class of students arrive but I couldn't get the darn projector to work! The prof had suggested 45 minutes but they were gone in exactly 13 and that was including several questions!! Soon students will be requesting me and their profs won't know why...

I was supposed to go out to Dave's tonight but I didn't feel like it. It would've meant having to get gas. So I bailed on him and it turns out he was going to bail on me because he was going to bed early. So I came home and watched three episodes of Sopranos. I would've watched four but decided I'd better clean a bit instead. So my bathroom is now spotless at last!!

Tomorrow I'm off to the beach for the afternoon by myself. In the evening Mike and I are going out on the boat. There are restaurants along the intercoastal that you can just pull your boat up to. He's made lots of money on the market this week and is finally going to take me out for a real dinner! Considering how often we see each other we've yet to go out on a proper date so I'm looking forward to it!

Alright, I'm not tired yet but I'd better try to go to bed anyway because it's late and I can't just sleep the day away tomorrow! It had better not rain, they're talking about a big storm moving over the state. Here's hoping for sunshine!

I was meaning to start an archive for every month but I just can't seem to get around to it. Tonight I'm exhausted and am not going to write much. Last night it was 3:30 by the time I crawled into bed and I couldn't pull myself up this morning until noon - which is way too late for me to be getting up. That's why I meant to go to bed earlier tonight. Um, didn't happen. But I'm on my way right now.

Work went by quickly because like yesterday I had a ton of work to do. We were swamped with questions and then some students stayed right up until 10 on the dot. Mike came over and we watched Queer Eye. He didn't stay for long but we're going to see each other both Friday and Saturday.

Ok, I'm going to get some sleep.

I wasn't going to post tonight until one of you posted but I see Diana is back! So much for my boycott :)

Yes, keeping up on the news can be disheartening. The world is going to hell and I can't seem to stop the madness! I'm not sending off as many letters/signing as many petitions because for whatever reason they're not being mailed to me as often. But I must get back into the action. Have to change the world. I'm going to stop trying to save the world and I'll make my goal to change the world. For the better of course. I did just make this month's donation but I couldn't resist getting something out of it. I bought a tank from the hunger site and one the animal site. One is for Mary for her birthday and the other is for me. I'd like to join the audobon club as well but we'll see. I'm all excited because I donated to the NRDC to stop the navy from using underwater sonar that was hurting marine life and they won the lawsuit!! Now if only there was a president who wasn't repealing all of the environmental laws... hopefully the ruling will stand.

Work flew by because I was busy the entire time - with work left over for tomorrow and everything! Tonight I talked to Dave, Karen, Mary, Dad, Kim, and Mike. My ear is still aching! I also found time for just one Sopranos episode. I didn't watch Queer Eye because Mike wants to see it tomorrow night and I figured I might as well wait too. Now it's 3am and I'm not really tired but am about to go to bed anyway.

I love paid holidays. I probably said the same thing on Memorial Day :) Now I only have a three day work week, can't complain about that!

I got up at 9:30 today in order to switch out tapes for recording the 24 marathon. I promptly went back to sleep for two more hours! Once up I called Bonnie and went over to her place. We had talked about going to the beach but instead we just hung out at her place. She's painting her walls several shades of yellow/gold and it's looking so nice. I painted an entire wall myself, what fun! I always said that I liked painting walls and now I know it's true! We talked a lot about this and that, had a nice lunch, and then went to the pool for an hour or so. I left just after 5 and made it in time to change tapes again.

Mike called at 6 to say that he was going to take a nap and call me again later but I never heard back from him. He sounded so strange on the phone... like it was someone else instead of him. I had hoped to see him but he'll be in tomorrow so we'll see what's going on then. Dave told me to call if I didn't have plans but by the time I gave up on Mike I didn't feel like driving out to his house so we just talked on the phone instead. This week he's not out of town so we might get together some other night.

I couldn't watch tv since I was recording the show until midnight! So I have finally finished Fountainhead. Whew, what a book. I wish I had skipped directly to Atlas Shrugged because now that I've finished this one, I have no desire to read another huge book for awhile. I skimmed so much of it, you'd think I could've finished faster than this. As soon as I was done I watched the last episode of 24 and then Bill Maher and Def Poetry. Now I'm feeling like it's time for bed, even if it's only 2. I'd like to get a lot of sleep tonight!

There's a 24 marathon on tv right now. I wish I'd known an hour sooner, I missed the first one. I'm taping it for Shannon, she didn't see this season. I just bought some 8 hour vhs tapes which means I have to get up tomorrow morning to switch them out. We'll see how I feel about it at 9am :)

Work was uneventful. Shannon wasn't in so it was just Ingrid and I. Thankfully I had enough work to do and I finished the project that Bonnie and I have been working on. It's nice to have that out of the way. After work I went right to Dave's house. He made me bbq chicken for dinner and we watched The Hours. It was good to see him again, I miss seeing him more often.

This is the first day that I haven't seen or talked to Mike since the day I got back from the cruise. I did leave him a message to see if he wanted to do something tomorrow evening but he didn't call back. Tomorrow afternoon I'm spending with Bonnie, we're going to the beach and then I'll help her paint her apartment. Looks like I'm in for some stormy weather but I hope it holds out just one more day!

I'm off to bed or I'll never get up tomorrow!

Weekends are too short. Good thing I get Monday as well because today was pretty worthless. Not worthless but I didn't get much done. And I had big plans. Mostly I needed an oil change but that didn't happen. I'm almost 3000 miles past when I should've gotten one. Oops.

I woke up at 4:44 this morning feeling sick. I went back to sleep but was up again at 10 and wasn't much better. I did roll out of bed in time to make it to my noon haircut. I love it, I should've done this several weeks ago! I managed not to shop in the mall except for stopping at the music store where I picked up a new chill cd that is turning out to be pretty good. None are as good as the first but I guess that's how it always goes?

I spent the entire afternoon on the couch. I started watching Fast Runner but I really didn't like it so I shut that off and watched Count of Monte Cristo instead. I loved that book when I read it in high school and the movie was pretty decent. It was so tempting to pop in more Sopranos but instead I sat out in the terrace and read. I'm still plugging away at The Fountainhead, that's taking me ages to finish. Mary called with her new number in NO and I talked to both her and mom for awhile. Sounds like things are going really well so far, Mary's starting to meet people and classes aren't too bad (yet). I also went to the grocery store and spent way too much money for what I brought home. Lots of frozen food that will make for easy lunches, cereal, soy milk, snacks, and fruit. I realized it had been too long since I'd bought fruit so I thought I'd better. White flesh peaches were on sale. I ate the best ones in Greece and am consistantly disappointed with any of them since - yet I continue to hope!

Mike came over tonight and we watched the second LOTR movie. I love that series SO MUCH! I'm going to be disappointed after the third one because I'll want a fourth! He didn't stay too long once the movie was done because I have to work tomorrow and am seriously going to be in bed soon. Really I am. Before 2, I swear!

I feel like I'm about to pass out! I'm exhausted and had too much to drink earlier tonight. What a day. But of course I had to post before going to bed :)

Mike and I went to the beach this afternoon for a few hours. He's not nearly as good of a beach buddy as Dave is. He read a finance book the entire time and we barely talked. Then he was hungry and wanted to leave at least an hour before I would've been ready to go. I took him to Dune Dogs for some good food so that made me feel better. Then he headed home for awhile and I just sat around here. He came back around 8 and at 9 we went to his friend Brad's house. They've been friends since they were 4. We all headed over to the Crab Pot, which was this cool place with an outside bar. Most of Mike's friends were there so I was able to meet everyone. I mostly talked to all of the girlfriends who were quite a bit younger (21-23) but were pretty cool. We only stayed for about an hour and then Mike and I headed over to the beach for a walk. The weather has been perfect, it's warm in the evenings but there's always a nice breeze coming in from the ocean. We walked quite a ways up and down the shore, I was hoping to spot a turtle again but no luck. We sat and talked until some clouds moved in and we made it back to the car right as it started to rain. Now I'm home and am ready for some sleep!

Tomorrow I have a haircut appointment for noon (they didn't have many open slots for today so I put it off again) and then Mike is going to take me to this place that has really cheap oil changes (I'm way overdue). We haven't made solid plans for the evening and I'd like some time alone. Dave is coming back into town earlier than expected and he asked me to do something. Ugh, I need some more alone time!!!

I talked to Ron this afternoon for awhile. He's coming down for the big show in Miami in October and will be here an extra weekend just to see me. He had said earlier that we'd talk more about it but I guess he's pretty much booked already. I've been thinking about him a lot lately. I truly do want what I know I can't have, and long for what I know won't work.

Today I booked my ticket to New Orleans for the weekend of the 18th!! The ticket price had doubled since yesterday so I was a bit upset but it's still really cheap so I can't complain too much. Also today, I dumped a bit load of dirt outside. For so long now I've had a planter full of stinky mud because I didn't know what to do with it. Our trash recepticles just aren't made for things like that. So I pulled it over to my terrace door and just dumped it. I patted it down with a pot and shut the door. Problem solved!

Ok, I'm off to get some sleep before I drift off right here!

There's this song called White Sandy Beaches of Hawaii that I can't stop playing today. It's by the same guy with the long strange name who sings the Somewhere Over the Rainbow/Wonderful World song that I like so much. There's a line that says "sound of the ocean soothes my restless soul" that I really like. I really think that all I've needed all these years was the ocean.

And I'll get to be at the ocean tomorrow! I'm going to the beach with Mike in the afternoon once he's done at school. Hopefully I'll get up in time for a haircut first. I really need a trim, it's getting out of hand! So Mike wants to join me at the beach and I guess we'll spend the day together if he wants me to hang out with him and his friends in the evening.

Today my workday started off right with news of a pretty big raise! They raised the minimum pay so everyone is being bumped up from the bottom. I'll take whatever I can get!!! I spent awhile calculating how much more I'd see in each paycheck but that kind of made the amount seem much smaller so I stopped. Pat rearranged her office so now when she sits at her desk she looks out on the library. I don't like that, before it was easy to tell when she was and wasn't looking out at us. There was a faculty wine and cheese party in the afternoon that I was able to attend for a little while. It was fun to mingle and I was able to point people out to Ingrid so she can start recognizing some of the people we always talk about. The day flew by but the evening kind of dragged on. I was pretty happy to get home.

Mike called but he didn't come over tonight. I've seen him 9 out of the last 12 days. I'm not complaining, I'm just saying. I asked the 8 ball tonight if he would last much longer: No. I asked again: Unlikely. Diane will tell me that I didn't concentrate enough and I'll try again on Sunday just in case.

Ok, I'm off to get my beauty sleep. I was all excited when I sat down at 2 to write this but the time has slipped by!

One more work day to go and it's the weekend! I'm so glad it's been a short week for me, I don't think I can take too much more. Pat's been acting really strange lately which really should come as no surprise. What I didn't realize until today is that we have to have half of our book budget spent by Nov 1, which is coming up quickly when I look at all the books I have to order!

Mike came in tonight and I helped him find a few books for a paper he's writing. He was going to write about how we're too dependant on foreign oil and I was so happy because I thought that meant he'd be all for alternate sources of fuel. But no, he just thinks we should drill more in the US. I flipped out on him so he probably won't mention that again. He's going to write on whether OPEC is good or bad instead. He came by after work and we watched a movie. He wants me to meet his friends on Friday, I'm looking forward to that.

I swore that I was going to be in bed before 2 tonight but now it's 3 already. Thankfully I did get up today and run my errands so tomorrow I can sleep in a bit and not worry about anything. I even have my lunch made, go me!

A wrong number called me twice this morning at 9am. Grrr. I shut my phone off and went back to sleep and missed a call from Karen who has finally left Maine. She's in Boston right now, we managed to finally get ahold of each other tonight. We're meeting in New Orleans on the 19th so she'll be in FL sooner than expected, hooray!

I remember thinking on my way back to bed after the second call that it sucked to be woken up like that on my day off. Not sure why I thought I'd have a Tuesday off! Work went by pretty quickly, Pat was gone in the afternoon and that always makes life easier. I handed my big project off to Bonnie which actually left me with little to do but there were plenty of students in with questions. Including Mike, who came just in time for my 15 min break. We took a walk around the soccer field and then I helped him find some books for his class. I ran into him when I was outside on my lunch break so we chatted a bit more before he took off. The rest of the night flew by and we left at 10 on the dot!

Mike called as I was driving home and came over just before 11. He showed up with flowers!! I'd helped him find a few of his text books so I saved him quite a bit of money on books this afternoon. We watched the Queer Eye that I had taped, what a great show!! Then we sat around talking for awhile. He can't believe that I'm not gung ho on kids, he wants to have as many kids as it takes until he has a boy. I don't know why he brought that question up, I hate that. Everyone thinks it's so unnatural for a girl my age to not want kids. It must mean my clock is broken. Whatever. He also went down the checklist of all the major political issues to see where I stood and decided that I'm a raging liberal. I'm ok with that :) He stayed until almost 1.

I neatened up a bit around here and it felt good to get a few things thrown out and stuff up off the floor. I just finished making minestrone soup for lunch tomorrow and had better get to bed.

The first day of the semester and it flew right by! We had lots of students in but most seemed to need very little help so we weren't really any busier than we've been. I had plenty to do this afternoon as I worked on recreating some of my work. Bonnie will get extra hours this week to help me get it all put back together.

I chatted with Diane a lot, I haven't seen her since before my trip. She's so cool, she makes the first half of my day so survivable. Dr. Stupid came in to pick up a few books, he was looking hot in his white dress shirt. Anyway, I don't think it's my imagination that he's looking my way a lot more than he used to... what does it mean?? Bonnie came in at 5 and it was good to see her again too! I taught her what to do with my project and then we ended up talking for about three hours getting all caught up on what had happened while we were apart! We talked all about her drama (her life is so much more of a soap opera than anyone else I know!) and then we examined almost everything about me and Mike. Bonnie's really rooting for him, she thinks he's perfect. He came in before his class tonight and we talked just a bit. I was wearing my new outfit (new black pants with a red shirt that has a white shirt underneath) and he whispered how hot I looked. Hehehe, I love hearing that!! Once he was gone Bonnie commented on how quietly we whispered because she'd been so close by but she couldn't catch a word - I'm sure she was straining to hear it all!

Mike wanted to do something tonight but he must've changed his mind because he didn't call me until he was at home (his dad lives pretty close to me and he usually hangs out there). Oh well, gave me free time and I might see him tomorrow night instead, he wants to watch Queer Eye. I made a frozen pizza that didn't taste very good (never buy the cheapest one available) and watched a couple episodes of the Sopranos. What a great show. I've got the first eight episodes with three down so far. I would've kept right on watching but then it would've gotten too late.

Now it's late and I'm really not much further along than had I kept watching tv. But ah well, what are Monday nights for but to waste them away?

This is a date that makes me think I'm missing something. Someone's birthday. Or anniversary. I know I'm forgetting an important date but can't for the life of me think of what it could be!

I probably could've slept until 2 today but I got up at 11 instead. I talked to Shannon for awhile, we caught each other up on life and won't see each other until next Sunday. Then I talked to Erika for a bit and that was nice! Mike came by after 2 and we went out to his place. The rain was unbelievable and we decided to wait to see if it would clear up. We picked up lunch at this bbq restaurant where Mike ran into an old friend (and then proceded to completely ignore me) and this kid came up and challenged me to a game of checkers (which I won). Bizarre.

Anyway, we sat around his place talking for quite awhile, hours I guess. He really is stuck on the fact that I haven't had any long term relationships. He wants to know why I'm not married. Don't we all :) So he makes a comment that he's keeping his guard up because he knows that it won't be long before I wiggle out of things. I'm half upset that he thinks I'd do that and half relieved that at least he knows up front what to expect. I did spend the rest of the day wondering exactly what he meant though, what guard is he keeping up and is it good or bad for me??

Finally it looked like it was going to be clear for awhile so we packed up the boat and went to the launch! I love going out on his boat. I got to drive a lot, Mike figures I'd better know just in case of emergency. I think he wants me to learn so I can drive while he does sports off the back but whatever. We went along West Palm and Palm Beach with the sun setting behind one city while a lightning cloud settled behind the other, it was so cool. We found an island where we swam for a bit. I noticed the strangest thing when I moved, it looked like little bubbles under the water had caught the light and were shining, kind of like big pieces of glitter. Turns out it was bioluminescence in dinoflagellates - which is basically plankton that glows when they feel the water moving. I'd seen this in Thailand but Mike had never before seen it in Florida! I was so excited that I couldn't stop moving my hands under water. I felt like Tinkerbell or like a magician! So very cool! Mike had a hard time pulling me away but it was getting late so we went back to his place. I didn't feel like staying so we grabbed my things and he took me home.

I was sure that since I was home by 11:30 that I'd be in bed nice and early. Ha. I did two loads of laundry and watched the pilot of Sopranos. I checked out the first eight episodes from the library. So that'll keep me busy, as if I didn't have enough to do as it was! But now I am going to bed. I probably won't get up in time for a haircut, I'll put that off until Friday when I have the afternoon.

I was too tired last night to post but it wasn't really an exciting day so that's just as well. I had to work either Friday or Sunday and I decided to get it over with so I'd have a regular weekend - and only a four day work week next week! The day went quickly since I now have a lot of catching up to do. None of my work saved after May could be recovered, which is pretty much everything.

Dr. Stupid came in even though we were closed. I heard someone at the door and happened to see it was him! He picked up some of his books and chatted with Patrick for awhile. I asked him how he managed to have those fines charged to his account since I had warned him! Turns out he renewed them online which sticks you with the fine. We started chatting for awhile about this and that, Patrick started in on his stories (he's a real talker). Chris and I just exchanged funny, exasperted glances because once Patrick gets going he doesn't stop! Anyway, he's so cute and it's so stupid that I can't stop thinking about him. I'm so pathetic, I know. Anyway, I left work at 8 and then went out to Mike's and we watched the second Godfather. I was out there until after 1:30 so by the time I got home it was pretty late!

This morning I got up at 11 and Dave picked me up at noon. We went to our favorite cafe for lunch and then to the beach! Clouds loomed not too far away but we got in three solid hours before the sun disappeared for good. It was so fun hanging out with Dave again, it's been over a month since we've had a beach day! We went home and each cleaned up before meeting again for dinner. We went out for a delicious sushi meal right next to campus, I ate way too much! I was wearing a new outfit and I looked so cute :) After that we went to his house to watch movies. We saw How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, which I thought was really cute, and The Recruit, which was interesting. Now's it's after 2 and I've got to get to bed!

Tomorrow I'm going out with Mike, we're going out on the boat and then out to dinner. Should be fun, we'll have the whole day!

Turns out I have nothing to write about today. I took Mary to the airport but wasn't sad because I know I'll see her again soon (next month!!). Then I suffered through work - two horrible meetings - before ditching out early so I could have some time with Mike. He had gone to McDs for dinner tonight and bought me a salad just in case I was hungry! There was nothing on tv (he doesn't have cable so he's always watching mine) so we played a game of trivial pursuit instead. We were so close, he beat me by one turn. I really do like him a lot. Once he was gone I read a bit (still plugging through Fountainhead) and talked to Diana and Dave. Now it's late and I've got to get some sleep! I hope to get into work by 11 tomorrow so I don't have to stay too late!

Update: I saw Dr. Stupid yesterday, he was the first person I ran into when I walked into work. I just said hi and breezed by, not even giving him a second thought! Anyway, a month ago I was writing about how I saw that he had overdue books and I'd told him to have me help him fix it. Turns out he now has a big fine because he brought the books back but didn't have Diane, Patrick, or myself help him. I specifically told him who would forgive and who wouldn't so that is his own big fault. Is it possible that he's as stupid as his nickname suggests??

I've had one of those days that drags and flies by at the same time. Work was soooo boring, what a waste of a day. That virus affected all of the computers except mine since I hadn't had mine on at the time. However, it destroyed the network drive where I save almost all of my work. Unless it's restored tomorrow, they'll give up hope of salvaging it. Over 10 websites that I was almost done with and my huge project that I've slaved over for the past few months. Starting the project over will be a pain yet at the same time it will give me something to really work on. The websites I put a lot of work into and will be really upset if they can't be saved. They're my least favorite thing. Ugh. Anyway that didn't leave me too much to do. I left work at 6 but tomorrow and Friday I'll put in full days.

Once home Mary and I watched all of my Netflix movies that had finally arrived!! Amelie, Monsoon Wedding, and Sweet Home Alabama. What a movie fest that was. I'd seen the first two but was happy to watch them again. I'm loving Netflix but will cancel after this free trial. Once I've watched all that the library has to offer (and once work slows down after the semester begins) then I'll probably sign up because it's so cool! From the library I checked out Adaptation, Memento, A Simple Plan, and The Usual Suspects so that will also keep me busy for awhile.

Ugh, Ben just called. How can I get him to stop calling?? I only answered because Mary's in bed already and I wasn't quick thinking enough to hit ignore instead of answer. I told him it wasn't a very good time and he said he'd call me this weekend instead. Great. Just what I wanted. I hope to be spending time with Mike and I leave my phone at home when he and I are out together. Must ignore him from now on.

Ok, I've been in bed before 1 for well over a week now. Tonight will be no different, I'm tired and have to get up tomorrow to get Mary to the airport. I'll be sad to see her go but I hope to visit her soon!

I wish my vacation wasn't over already! I have to go back to work tomorrow, yuck. Fall semester starts on Monday so I have a few days of getting caught up and ready which I guess will be nice. Plus I can wear whatever I want to. I'll save my cute new outfits for when the students are back :)

Today was another lazy day. Mary and I unpacked all of our shopping bags, we hadn't had the energy last night. We put together my new console which looks really nice. I do feel like this place is really cluttered though, I've got to stop leaving piles of things sitting out. We walked to the store to get stamps and checked the mailbox twice hoping that my dvds had arrived (I signed up for a free trial of Netflix!) but no luck. I just hope they get here in time for Mary to watch them with me. We really couldn't find much to do around here, Mary was online a lot and I was setting up her new computer with music and whatnot. We walked down to Panera for dinner, yum! Mike called to say we wouldn't be able to take the boat out but he came over for awhile anyway. We watched a few Queer Eyes, I LOVE that show!! And now I'm about to go to bed. Tomorrow I'll have to work from about 12-8, I'll ditch out early if I can but we're having a meeting at 5:30 and Pat seems to enjoy sitting in silence wasting good time. Ugh.

What a day! I'm going to keep this short because I've got to get to bed. Mary and I woke up and went to the outlet mall just as soon as we were cleaned up! My feet are killing me, we were shopping for 8 hours!!! The point of going was so Mary would have new clothes for school and things for her apartment. I came away with most of the stuff because she wasn't finding anything that she liked. Seemed as though everything I found fit just perfectly :) I'm not about to tally up what I must've spent but I now have four new skirts, many new tank tops, a couple of sweaters for work, a few shirts, refreezable ice cubes, a load of goods from Target, and a new console table for behind the love seat so I can finally have a place for some travel trinkets. All in all, a very successful shopping day! Tomorrow Mary and I may go to the beach, Mike might take us out on the boat again in the evening.

Alright, I'm exhausted. Sorry I haven't e-mailed either of you, I promise to soon!

It's late on Sunday night. Feels strange to say that because would you believe it's only 11pm and I'm dressed and ready for bed? But I'm determined to post before another day goes by! So here's the nutshell of my trip.

We were on the ship by 3 last Saturday and sailing by 4. The three of us girls had a nice stateroom with a window, it was bigger than I would've expected but still pretty small. There were attendants who came in each time we left (so it seemed) to make the beds, fold them down in the evenings, keep the ice bucket and water pitcher full, replace damp towels, and so on. The first night at dinner we met our waitress Agnes (from Hungary) and her assistant Ketut (Indonesia) who made sure we never left the table without that "I've just eaten way too much" feeling. Dinner consisted of appetizer, soup, salad, entree, and desert with about five choices for each of those. You could order as much or as little as you wanted. I ate red meat because I couldn't resist the filet mignon or any of the beef selections actually. Lobster tail one night was a nice treat too! The presentation was amazing and I still can't believe that they could make everything that nice for over 1500 people!! Almost every night we went to the theater for a show - magic, a comedian, singers and dancers, etc.

We went to San Juan for just a few hours in the afternoon, not really long enough to do anything but wander around near the port. St Thomas was my favorite, we spent the morning at a quiet beach snorkling and the afternoon in town shopping near the ship. St. Marten we took an island tour that was fun and did a bit of snorkling in choppy water. The Bahamas wasn't exciting, we didn't have time to go far but Dad and I did take a nice walking tour of Nassau. We had two full days at sea that consisted of pool time (when we could find a chair), lots of ping pong (lost a few balls over the edge of the ship), playing cards, wandering the ship, and eating at the buffets that seemed to go all day! We tried to participate in some of the activities like pictionary, trivia games, dancing, a ping pong tournament, etc and that ended up being really cool because we saw a lot of the same people that way.

The seven days went much too quickly. By the time we left we were sad that we didn't have more time together and that the pampering was going to end! It was so fun to have everyone there. Eric and Jenna were back together and we're all wondering how that will turn out in the end. Either way it was fun to have her along, we all like her so much. We had to get up at the ungodly hour of 6am on Saturday to get ready to leave. Of course it's a 'hurry up and wait' kind of thing because we weren't off the ship until 9:30. Eric and Jenna managed to get an early departure placement and they did catch their early flight out. Mom, Dad, and Karen had just about an hour at my apartment to repack and eat before they had to head to the airport. It felt so strange once everyone was gone. Good thing Mary's still here or I'd be feeling so alone!

Mary and I spent the rest of Saturday trying to recover a bit. The ship rocked in a slow, rolling manner and we're still trying to get our land legs back. We watched lots of tv (Queer Eye!!) and even I was in bed by 11:30 last night! We slept until 10 this morning!!! We mostly just sat around though we did take a trip to WalMart. Tonight Mike took us out on his boat, which was really great! We went in the evening when there was still light and we stayed out until after 10 when all the stars were out. It was fun just talking, a bit of swimming, and enjoying the perfect weather. I love Florida. And I'm really liking Mike. Usually when Mary's meeting someone I feel really self conscious about things but not this time! We're going to go back out on the boat on Tuesday if that works. Tomorrow Mary and I are off to the outlet mall, woohoo! I think I'll end up making up for a whole week of not using my credit card but I swear that all of the stuff I buy will be for work. Yes, that's what I'm telling myself!

Anyway, now I'm off to get some sleep. Going to bed so early means we'll be getting a good start in the morning! I don't expect to keep this schedule for long but for now it's nice having the whole day!

I can't believe I take off tomorrow already!! Today flew right by. I was up at 9:30 this morning, ugh. It's now 1 and I'm tired. Everyone's in bed but me!

Today we went down to Palm Beach to walk along the intercoastal. It was hot and muggy, we'd hoped to have seen more of the mansions but really all you get is the privacy bushes. We drove around a bit and saw most of the city and then went to West Palm and City Place. We had a nice lunch at Cheesecake Factory (yum!!) and did a bit of shopping. Then we went to shop for a computer for Mary and Dad bought her a nice laptop. While we were at the store, I bought a bigger TV. Dave had promised me one but I don't think he's ever really going to get around to giving it to me. It was a fiasco, I had Bonnie come by and we managed to fit it in her hatchback! We must've been at Best Buy for almost two hours trying to get everything bought and taken care of.

Once at home we got it all set up!! I'm lovin it, my entertainment center if FULL now instead of having a tiny tv in the big spot. 32 inches of viewing pleasure! And the dvd player is working fine, we watched The Truman Show tonight. Dad and I went to pick Karen up at the airport at 9:45, it was so good to see her again! Eric called to say that they had arrived too, they're staying in Ft. Lauderdale for the night.

Ok, I shouldn't stay up any longer. I'm bringing my phone just in case I can get service, I'll call you both if I can!!!

Ah, my week is over and now the vacation can begin! I was actually up at 9:30 this morning because I heard dad leave (he took a walk) and then Mary got up. So I was tired most of the day and had a tired headache.

I did get a lot done with all that morning time though. I went to Home Depot and had them remake my spare keys because they'd made the whole batch of them wrong. Dad had gone to the grocery store and had stocked up on food. He fixed up pork for lunch (well my breakfast) and it was actually really tasty. Looks like I'll be eating meat for the week! I had to run to get to work on time. The day went pretty quickly, I felt busy and that helped a lot! I should be busy more often :)

The family stopped in at 5 to meet everyone and that was cool. Mom went around and talked to everyone individually, Dad just wandered around. Dad decided that I needed a DVD player so we could watch a movie tonight, I was ok with that!!!! I had been hoping he'd do that!! Anyway, they left right as this storm blew over. The sky turned that bad shade of green and we talked about how strange it would be if it hailed. The family took off for a trip to Wal-Mart and the wind picked up, the lightening struck nearby and the thunder was unbelievable! It calmed down and then the reports started coming in about the tornados that had touched down, I'd had no idea! Turns out one had hit in Jupiter and another that went into West Palm, lots of damage. Turns out that Leslie (Diane's husband) was hit in the head by a tree while running out of the Pepsi plant where he works - the roof was blown off. He's ok but probably has a concussion, luckier than a coworker who broke his back after being hit by something else. The news tonight didn't say much about injuries so I never would've known if she hadn't called. Anyway, just when I thought I was out of the tornado zone...

Tonight I came home to find out that the new DVD player isn't compatible with my tv because it doesn't have the right kind of hookups. Ugh! I wrote to Dave to see if I could have his tv sooner rather than later. I'm going to hold him to that one. Dad decided the cheap one wouldn't do so he bought a nice version. Once I get it all worked out this could be really cool :)

Anyway, I may or may not post tomorrow night. We're going to be sightseeing for the day and Karen arrives in the evening. We take off Saturday morning for Ft. Lauderdale!!!

Well, the family is half here! I'm so happy and it's working well that they're staying with me (so far). I woke up at 11 to mom's phone call that they'd be late so I cleaned until 1 when I went to pick up Mary. I can't believe I haven't seen her since Christmas, it felt just right being back with her! We went to have lunch at a nearby deli (I ate meat) and then hung out around the apartment for a bit. I had to leave for work and probably missed mom and dad by about 10 minutes. The night didn't really go by any faster but it was pretty good anyway.

I came home to a very full apartment, suitcases and stuff. Good thing I neatened up or there would've been no where for mom to put all of the things she brought for me!! They were in the middle of Bourne Identity so I watched the last half with them. We spent the night talking and laughing at those hairstyle websites where you can see what you'd look like with other hair (very funny/frightening!). Mom and Dad managed to stay up until almost 1, now it's almost 2 and I'd better go to bed too or I'll never get enough sleep (seeing as they're not going to let me sleep in). This wasn't an exciting post but it's better than nothing, right?

Tonight I swore I would be in bed by 2 but it's almost 3 and here I am. Ugh, what am I going to do? I'm sooo tired but that doesn't make me get to bed any sooner!!

Today Karen called at 9:30am, I didn't answer but the phone beeps when I've got voicemail so that drove me crazy enough to get up and shut it off. At 12:30 I still wasn't out of bed and just couldn't seem to wake up so I called in to work and said I'd be in at 3 instead. Once I said I was sick I started to feel ill - isn't that how it goes? I did make it to work at 3 and the day went pretty well. Ingrid talks to me more than to anyone else so the everyone thinks she's a snob. I'm still going to give her a bit more time to let her personality come out, she's got to adjust to everyone at her own pace. Bonnie and I had an enjoyable evening gossiping at the desk, I really adore her. I think I'm going to pay her to cook for me because every day she's talking about the food that she made and it sounds just like what I need!

I got ahold of Karen on my way home from work and we talked for a bit. I guess she's having a bad time at camp and almost quit last week. Sounds like the place just isn't organized and it's frustrating. She thought she was flying down here on Saturday but I corrected her - she arrives Friday night - so that will take a lot of reworking the schedule at work and she was freaking out about that. I felt bad because she was really venting and then her phone cut out so we couldn't finish talking about anything.

Mike came over before 11 and we went down to the beach for a walk. We were there for an hour just walking up and down the shore. We saw a sea turtle!!! It was the coolest thing!! We didn't know what it was because it was pretty dark out so we were close before we realized it and the turtle turned around and went back into the water. I hope that wasn't because of us, it would've been laying eggs. I started spouting all my tutle knowledge :) Mike came back here to hang out for a bit, actually it ended up being for two hours. He knew I had things to do so he was at the computer looking at stuff while I cleaned in the kitchen and whatnot. It was really comfortable having him around, I kind of felt like he belonged in here. It was weird. We watched a bit of TV (Bill Maher from last week) and then I said he'd have to go so I could get to bed. He seemed upset that it was going to be two whole weeks before he sees me again. Yep, he's hooked. Once he was gone I called Ron since I won't get to talk to him for awhile either. We talked for almost an hour about this and that. He wants to visit for a weekend around the scuba show in Miami. I'm hesitant to make plans that far in advance (October) because who knows?? So I'll have to think about that this week.

Alright, my eyes aren't going to stay open much longer. I'm shutting my phone off and am crawling into bed! I don't go to work until 4 tomorrow, everyone should arrive here around 2:30. I'll still be posting a pita so be sure to check in!

Is it really only Monday? I feel like it should be the end of the week. That said, I'm happy that I still have a few days before the family arrives because I've got a lot to do around here! I want the place looking nice and neat. For whatever reason I was awake early this morning (well, 11am) so I got a bit of cleaning done then.

Work was interesting. Ingrid doesn't have much to do so she mostly sat in the office. She made the mistake of completely ignoring Diane, who was having a bad day as it was, so that's not good. Never ignore Diane. Pat wrote up Diane's evaluation and it wasn't good. Diane is allowed a reply so she went all out and totally dissed Pat and then sent it to the library director. So this could be veeeeery interesting. I'm happy that I'm going on vacation and hopefully nothing explodes until I'm gone. Then again, I'd kind of hate to miss out on all of the action :) We'll see how it all plays out!

After work I went to return The Godfather and to pick up part 2 at the store. Turns out they close at 9 so I wasn't able to pick it up, I was so disappointed. I went to Mike's empty-handed and we watched The Gangs of New York instead, even though he'd watched it just last night. Good movie, I liked it, but it was really long! We sat there talking for awhile, he insisted that I tell him the chronology of my life after college though I don't think he's got it straight yet. At 2:30 I decided to take off or I'd be too tired to drive. He walked me out to the car and kissed me and now I'm at home as pooped as can be. Must get to bed. Must not over think things just yet. I'm going to try to just see where this goes and let whatever happen without picking him to pieces. The kiss was nice. Nice, that's all I think I can call it. But no, I'm not going to think about it!!

Alright, time for me to get some sleep. Tomorrow night Mike would like to do something again, we'll see how the weather holds up but we might head down to the beach or something.

My computer just did it's little "yahoooooo" that means I've got a new e-mail. It was from Dimitrios in Athens, we've kept in occasional touch over the years, he worked at the Inn with me. He's just professed his love and hopes one day we'll be together. It is horrible of me to LOVE getting e-mails like this?? Because it's so nice to read stuff like that. So much easier to deal with men who are thousands of miles away...

Work was interesting since it was Ingrid's first day. She seems pretty cool, it's looking like we'll get along just fine. I spent most of the day just going over things with her and then did quite a bit of work while she settled into the office. We'll know in another week or so if she'll be getting the extra office or if a professor will be using it. Anyway, the day flew right by. Shannon was excited to hear about yesterday and laughed at my goal of "to see how long before I freak out and ditch this boy" and Bonnie called to get an update as well. I just adore my friends here!

Dave and I were supposed to watch a movie tonight but he bailed on me. I watched some tv and talked to Mike for a bit. We're on for tomorrow night, The Godfater II, and I'm looking forward to it.

I've got to get to bed, it's 3am already! No matter how early I've been making myself get up I just can't seem to get to bed any earlier than this. Having my family here will probably change that!!!

Oops, forgot to post yesterday! That leaves me with lots to catch up on.

Friday I woke up and went to the beach, that really is the perfect thing to do and was so relaxing. I came home when it looked like it was going to rain and just sat around here. I called Mike and he said that he felt just horrible but that he'd forgotten that two friends were coming up from Miami. He wanted to know if I'd be ok going along with them on the boat instead of just the two of us. I agreed to that because otherwise who knows when I'd get to see him. Anyway, later I pick Shannon up and we head to a mexican restaurant north of Jupiter. There we met up with Diane and Leslie, two of Diane's friends from art class, Dave, and two other friends. We had a really good time celebrating Diane's birthday!! Bonnie and Paul showed up late but with enough time for a drink before we headed to the movie. Tomb Raider 2 is just horrible - don't anyone bother with it. We were all laughing as we left because we thought people had been exaggerating when they'd complained about it! As a little side note, one of the two art students was a guy who'd ended up next to me at dinner and he was really cute! I'm just mentioning that in case I see him again later :)

10am came much much too soon, I wasn't able to fall asleep until 3 so I was pooped. Mike called and picked me up 20 minutes later. His boat is really nice with cushy seats and a canopy. We met his friends Matt and Jeff (two law students down in Miami) down at the docks. As it happens, Jeff is from Austin! So we hit it off right away and had plenty to chat about. We pulled up to a sandbar where we had drinks (a bit early but whatever), swam, and chatted. The funniest thing was when Jeff and I were talking just out of earshot of Matt and Mike when he asked if I'd like to do something with him if I was ever in Ft. Lauderdale. Then he quick says 'I'm gay so I'm not hitting on you or anything' and that was the part that the others heard! Anyway, we were all laughing and I would like to hang out with him again. Politics came up and I was very happy to hear that Mike is liberal on social issues (conservative on economic stuff but that doesn't matter to me quite as much). The guys took turns waterskiing and then we just cruised the inter-coastal for a bit. Mike had things to do in the afternoon so we were only out until just after 1 or so and then he dropped me off at home. We'd made plans for dinner (Matt and Jeff went back to Miami), he wanted to cook for me and then we'd watch a movie! So I spent the rest of the afternoon pretty giddy.

I ran a few errands, popped by work to drop something off and updated Bonnie on my morning. Next thing I knew it was 6 and Mike called with directions. He told me to pick up The Godfather, I've never seen it and he thought that was just horrible. Instead of waiting until the last minute I decided to go find the movie right away. Good thing because I had to go to three video stores before finding a copy! Anyway, I drive out to his house in the country and was stunned because it's this huge beautiful place. I knew it would probably be nice but I wasn't expecting it to be THAT nice! His bathroom is just a little smaller than my bedroom - the shower alone is the size of my entire bathroom! I loved it and must've said 'wow' a million times! Anyway, he made lemon pepper grouper with rice that turned out pretty well and we had lots to talk about. The Godfather is a long movie but I loved it! We're going to watch part 2 on Monday once I'm done with work.

My thoughts at the moment (subject to change at any time I see fit): I like him. We got along really well and I felt comfortable around him. I've decided not to speculate any further right now because then I just focus on all the bad! We'll see each other again on Monday and then not again until after Mary leaves. He said he's going to call me tomorrow and that was my chance to explain the never-before-noon rule which was good. So we shall see. In the meantime, I've got to get to bed because tomorrow is Ingrid's first day and I've got to be chipper!

Obviously I decided to archive. The page was getting long. Like Diana I had planned on archiving every month but I'm just not that ambitious.

It was a good day today and you both know it because I had to call you both!!! I knew he was going to ask me out but that didn't make me any less excited!!!!! I'm still all giddy and my stomach is still in knots. I really like him already. And now you're going to be tortured with what our whole conversation was because it's my pita and I can blab on about it as much as I want!

So he came in earlier than usual which was a pleasant surprise and Pat had left early so it didn't matter that I was talking to him for so long. He needed help with ordering dvds up from Boca and we chatted as I walked him thru the process. He wanted to know what made me want to be a librarian and then we talked about how he'd been working at an engineering office until today and now he's a full time finance student. He loves the stock market and I'm thinking he's got to be good because he's living off his dividends right now! He's got a house, car, and a boat all paid off and he's only 27. He couldn't believe how many places I've lived and said he isn't nearly as good at handling change. He's a shop-a-holic (Yikes!) and loves watching movies but doesn't have cable. He's very fit in that not-too-much-muscle kind of way with blond hair and blue eyes. Almost perfect!! Now I just need to find out if he's a democrat... I'm worried but will have to find out in a sneaky kind of way.

WOOHOO!! I have a date!! We're going out on his boat Saturday afternoon, must find the perfect thing to wear over my swimsuit. Tomorrow I'm off to the beach and then in the evening I'm meeting up with Diane and Leslie, Bonnie and Paul, Shannon, and Dave for a Mexican dinner followed by Tomb Raider 2. Should be a lot of fun, it's going to be a great weekend!

Ben called me while I was in the middle of writing this. I answered before I looked at the caller ID (Diana, I've got to put your idea to use!). We actually had a nice chat but he was wondering when we'd find time to get together. What was I supposed to say? I just said it would be awhile because I'm a big wuss.

Alright, I'm off to bed. Must be rested for the beach :)

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