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on: 4/03/04
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Another Friday down. A week from now I should be in the Everglades with the family! Wish I could say I spent the day wisely but I had boring things to take care of that took up most of my time!

The wallpaper remover came at 9 and surprisingly enough I was up and ready by then (barely). He was here until 2 working away. As I'd suspected, the wallpaper was put on just after the place was built so it's on the original builders wall - no primer or anything was put down first. I'm soooo glad that someone else came and did that for me. I can't say that it looks good because there are a few more stages before it's real wall but this is a great start! Karen came by while he was here and brough me a bagel sandwich for lunch so that was a treat. Then she went to volunteer for a few hours.

I realized that I still hadn't had my tire balanced so I ran to the firestone place nearby to see if I could get in. I was kind of mad that I even had to pay the 10 bucks because it's a new tire that's causing the problem but turns out that would've been a great deal. The guy called me out to take a look at the tire and it was seriously deformed - not unbalanced, which is why it was feeling so bumpy. Not only that but all of my tires were starting to rot. Yeah, who knew that tires did that?? I had to replace all four of them!! The tread was in horrible shape and he said that in the heat of summer there was no telling what could happen with the deep cracks. Turns out that I'm supposed to be rotating my tires on a regular basis. Oops. Thank goodness John even noticed the problem, I'd been so oblivious to it this whole time! I can say that it rides really smoothly now! It took awhile so I had Karen come and pick me up so that I could hang out at home while they worked. We didn't get too much time together but we've got tomorrow. She's got a date tonight with the same guy as earlier this week, they really hit it off.

Roger and I had a good time, he came and picked me up at 7. I wore a skirt and a short sleeved shirt but I should've opted for a sweater because it was cold by the end of the night. We went to dinner at a nice restaurant in downtown and then to the show. The first comic was crude and I didn't like him much. I think he was drunk and he only said about one funny thing. The main guy was better but he offended a few people in the crowd who had to be asked to leave because there was so much trouble. I'd say there were at least five girls who left offended. Some of what he said was pretty rude, lots on abortion, but by the end of the show he was on a great roll and I really liked him.

Roger started holding my hand as soon as we left the club, I just went with it. During dinner he'd been talking about how he hoped that my trip to Costa Rica would fall over the dates when he has to work a lot so it would be ok that we couldn't be together. Any mention of future plans before date 5 tends to kind of freak me out but I played cool :) The fact that he sees a future makes me feel guilty. He walked me up to my door and there was simply no avoiding the kiss. As soon as he was gone I felt horrible, I should've ended it after the first date.

What now? At least he knows it could be awhile before we see each other again. Honestly, all I could think about all night was John. I miss him. I miss that stupid drunk smirk and the way his eyes are out of focus until he looks at me. The way he'd look me up and down, the way his hand fit around my waist when we were walking, the way he couldn't help but move to any music that he'd hear. I looked for his car in the garage as we left, even though I know he parks in the other lot! He called me this afternoon just to ask me what ties he had bought last weekend. He didn't have time to talk more than that, he said he was at the outlet mall again. Sigh.

I'm tired from getting up early so I'm heading to bed. Tomorrow I have a lunch date with a guy from eharmony at a restaurant that we both like nearby. Then I'm off to buy a bed for the spare room, has to be done really soon!! Karen and I will spend the rest of the afternoon together, hopefully at the pool! In the evening we'll have a bbq out at her place and now I think it's going to be a lot of fun, even if it is mostly her drunk redneck coworkers :)

April already! I didn't pull any April fool jokes and I didn't fall for any either. Guess that really isn't much fun but I'm not good at coming up with things on the spot. The good ideas will probably happen tomorrow instead.

I'll start with yesterday, it was too late to post last night. Work was typical, I spent lots of time e-mailing back and forth with Diane and Bonnie because one of the usual patrons was asking if I was single. Yuck, I was not thrilled because I don't like that guy! So I stayed in my office instead of spending so much time at Diane's desk - which is right behind where he always sits. He always stays right up until we close so he leaves when we do, I don't like that either. He's harmless but I've been kind of rude to him since yesterday to make sure he knows better than to ask me out!!! Pre-emptive measures.

I was at the bar 15 minutes after work and met up with Roger. We had a good time again, we don't run out of things to talk about! He thinks I'm funny, that's always nice! Time got away from us and it was almost 1:30 by the time we left. He had been asking about my weekend plans and then said that he'd like to take a sick day so that we could go out again before my family gets here. So we've got plans for tomorrow night - a comedy club show in downtown. Bonnie and Jim are maybe going to join us and that would be a lot of fun! Roger's such a nice guy, I can't find too many flaws with him. But still no chemistry. I tried to make it appear but it didn't. Thankfully he still didn't try to kiss me (whew) so we'll see how this plays out.

Today I slept late and had to go to work early so I had no time to myself. I had to be in to give a presentation to the staff while there were enough morning people left to cover the desk. It went well, I knew that I'd done a good job when even Diane thought it was ok! I just talked about a cool photo archive and one of my favorite places for country information. I had two more meetings after that and by 3 it felt like 7pm - which made the afternoon just drag on after that. Bonnie left at 5:30, she'd had a bad day. I know that I mentioned Jim's two new dogs - one of them died last night. They both caught parvo and were deathly ill but one of them pulled through and the other didn't. Of course both Bonnie and Jim are heartbroken, he hasn't even had them for two weeks. Anyway, the night really went slowly without her to keep me company. Ingrid and I talked a lot, that was cool. She's got interesting stuff to say once she finally opens up!

Tonight I watched another foreign film, The Color of Paradise. It was good, a great view of Iran - which I guess I always picture as more of a desert. It was a bit slow moving and occasnionally I wondered if I'd still be watching it if it wasn't foreign, but still. Now I'm thinking I should've gone to bed an hour ago - the wallpaper people will be here at 9am and I have to be up and ready! I took everything out of the bathrooms tonight so they can get right to work. I don't know how long it will take but I can't wait to see how it looks. Hopefully once my parents are here they can help me finish that up! They arrive on Wednesday and Mary gets in on Thursday, not long now!

Tuesday night and I'm sleepy but didn't want to skip posting because otherwise I'll have too much to catch up on! I do hope to be in bed very shortly though... shouldn't be too hard, life hasn't been exciting.

Work is always busy on Mondays so it went pretty quickly. Of course since I hadn't been there on Sunday I did have just a little bit of work pile up which helped. Pat didn't even question my being gone - and I'm sure she knows I wasn't sick too or she would've asked how I was doing! She just signed off on it and that was that. Karen came by before 10 and waited for me to finish work, we went to see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind with Ingrid. What a good movie, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I still can't stop thinking it over. We were all pleased to find out that the theater offers a weeknight deal of a movie and small popcorn for 4 bucks - how awesome is that? We all decided that we'd have to do that more often.

I was home by 12:30 but I wasn't feeling so hot so I just went right to bed. But I was sick enough that staying in bed didn't help and eventually I fell asleep on the bathroom floor. At least I knew that was coming so I'd put a blanket nearby. Ugh, I haven't been that sick (from cramps) in years and years. I felt better when I woke up at almost 5 so I crawled into bed and fell back asleep.

Thankfully I felt fine when I woke up at 11, I couldn't miss work because Bonnie was in Boca and wouldn't be closing. I felt alright but by 6 I was ready to head home! I was supposed to see Roger tonight so I called him to see if we could meet tomorrow instead, which was fine with him. That was good because I would've tried to see him tonight if he couldn't reschedule - though I doubt I would've been good company. Instead I came home and watched a movie, which is why I'm still up right now. I had Bonnie pick up a couple of dvds from Boca where they have a big selection. I got Ma Vie en Rose and The Color of Paradise. I had hoped to also get The Day I Became a Woman but that one was out. So tonight I watched that first one and wow, it made me cry!! It's about a seven year old boy who wants to be a girl and is just sure his wish will come true.

So tomorrow I'll see Roger after work and then I have Thursday night to myself. Karen and I are sure to do something Friday night and we hope to catch a baseball game on Saturday, it's the end of spring training. That night we're planning to have a bbq out at Dave's but I'm not excited about that. Karen invited all of her work friends and I really don't care for any of them. I feel bad but they just aren't my kind of crowd - especially when there's beer around. And Bonnie doesn't want to go if they're all there and I'd feel bad if Ingrid came with no one to talk to but me. Hopefully Diane and Leslie will still show or Karen will be disappointed. Guess we'll see how it goes.

Ok, time for bed. I still feel a bit queezy so hopefully sleep will help!

Ah, Sunday night and it feels like I had a nice long weekend - I guess because I did! I took today off sick as planned and it was wonderful. I'm thinking of only working four days a week from now on :) Yeah, I *wish*

Yesterday I got up at nine, going to bed at midnight solves the sleeping in problem. I did a few things around here, ran to the grocery store, and then went out to the pool. It was soooo nice out of the wind (and it was really windy), in fact it was just downright hot. I stayed out there for a couple of hours and eventually Karen joined me. She had arranged to have a Saturday off just because she could. We stayed out there for awhile just enjoying it! There were actually quite a few people down there - all seven chairs were full and then some so that was kind of fun because I usually only see people in passing.

Once we cleaned up we decided to just head to the mall that's down the street because Boca was too far away. I found a pair of jeans and Karen bought a watch but it wasn't as productive as she was hoping for. Roger called while I was there and we agreed to go out on Tuesday night. Karen and I got back here and watched some tv for awhile and then John called at 5. He was anxious to go to Ft. Lauderdale and wanted me to join him right away. Like I said before, Karen knew I was spending the evening with him but she still didn't seem pleased. I felt really horrible when a couple of minutes later her friend called to cancel on her for the night but I didn't want to give up another night with John so I left anyway.

He was waiting at his car when I got there and off we went! We went right to the outlet mall, seriously this guy can shop like no other. We spent way too long looking at ties and then he decided against all of them but one. I was so hungry by the time we left! We went down to the beach area but it was so windy that people could barely stand - and I'm not joking! We found a place to park and had dinner at a restaurant that was off the strip (and therefore out of the wind). After that we drove around to see the sights and that was fun. What a long drive home though, the beer with dinner was making us both sleepy. By the time we got to his place it wasn't even midnight but we crawled right into bed. I think he'd have had more to drink but the stores were all closed and he didn't have any beer. Just as well.

We slept in until 10:30 this morning, that was really nice. He had to work for most of the day so I just went home, it was already hot outside and I knew how nice it would be to sit at the pool! I called to work to make sure they were ok without me, and of course they were. I spent three hours at the pool, it was glorious. I probably could've gone to the beach because it wasn't too windy but this was easier. I even managed to meet more neighbors again, I chatted with Jack and Bernadine for almost an hour and that was fun. I came in and cleaned up around 4 and then I managed to have a really productive afternoon. I just kept thinking that if I was at work I'd only be half way through the day! I dusted, swept, vacuumed, washed, scrubbed, and scoured. I also organized a lot of things and managed to clear off almost the entire dining room table - which I've only seen about twice since moving in. I moved a few things back into the front room after sorting few what was there. I did some laundry and took out the trash. This is why I need a third day off each week!

John had said he'd call but by 7:30 I gave up and just called him instead. He was worried I was going to come over there and just ream him out. Really, he doesn't seem to know me at all. I just wanted to see him again and to drink the beer that I had left over there so he agreed that I could come over. He was finishing up his work so we chatted and I watched tv while he did his own thing. It wasn't exciting but good to get back out of the house. When I left he said he'd find a way to get in touch with me soon, we hugged and that was it. I left with a smile on my face and know it'll be ok whether I hear from him or not.

Last night he called me heartless. Not in a mean way, just as a comment after I was explaining how I could be with him and be unattached at the same time. That's the second time I heard that in 3 days. Bonnie was teasing me about a book that we'd gotten called Confessions of a Heartless Girl and she was saying that it was my autobiography. Of course this goes back to Mike telling me I have no emotions and the fact that I've been seeing truth to that ever since. I haven't been emotionally attached to a man for eight years - since Davin back in college. Sure I've liked a lot of them, but they've all been so... disposable. Even when I was with Tom - most of my feelings for him appeared long after I ended it. I realize that I just haven't met the right person yet, but what if I'm emotionally unavailable forever? Hmmmmm.

Alright, I'm off to bed. I'll have to shut my phone off because I'm getting those calls again. They were calling while I was on the phone with my mom, she was a lot more upset about it than I was. They also called a couple of times last night. I did call the police to see what could be done but they told me to talk to the phone company so I'll try to remember to do that tomorrow.

Friday night and here I sit. Nothing better to do at the moment so thought I might as well post. Sad but true.

I'll start with yesterday just so we're back on track :) Work was busy because we had a huge new load of books arrive. Always fun to see what's come in but it does mean lots for everyone to do. Despite all the extra work I decided to cut out early. I'd gotten ahold of John and we agreed to get together, finishing at 10 would've been too late. So I went home to change and then met him at one of the bars that we always go to. There wasn't really that much to talk about, it was kind of awkward for awhile. But then he brought up how his freedom was coming to an end and that really got us going. Six more days until Charity arrives. I said that he'd gotten himself into the mess, no pity from me! It was actually good because he was willing to talk about it all, he answered every question I had. And he clarified that he hadn't chosen her over me, and that he really had believed that things had ended between the two of them. I would've thought so too, he told me the story of what happened when she had visited last and they had a huge blow up. Why she's still coming down here is beyond me. Of course he said we'd still be friends - but to him that means that he won't avoid me if he sees me out on the town. Sounds like we won't be talking or anything. I don't know, I have no clue how to handle this other than to just let it go! That said, I hung on for another night. He'd had too much to drink so I drove him home and was there overnight until he could take me back to my car this morning.

He didn't get up as early as planned but by 8 I was kicking him out of bed to get ready because I had to be home for my carpet!! That wasn't fast enough, the installers were waiting for me when I got back to my place, oops. The problem was that I hadn't yet cleared out the room, I thought for sure I wouldn't be first on their list! Thankfully the guys were really cool and they did most of the work for me so the room was empty in no time. I had hoped to catch up on e-mail but wasn't connected because they were in the only room where I can hook up the modem. It took them about an hour before they were done and offering to move everything back into the room! I turned them down since I want to sort it all first. The carpet looks and feels fantastic!! I couldn't be happier with it. Now I'm only sorry that I don't have new in the master bedroom too but that just wasn't an option. I can't stop myself from gravitating back into that room just to walk around! I painted the second coat so all I have left in there is one more time around on the trim and the corners and it's done! By 3 I was worried because Karen usually shows up around noon after volunteering. She called not long after that to say she had just rolled out of bed!! She'd been out until 3 drinking with friends last night and was sick in the morning so she went back to bed. Crazy! She came over around 5 and watched me finish painting before we went out to dinner. I had a coupon for a free meal at a nearby restaurant so we ate there. It was a ton of food, I took about four bites of my entree and took the rest home!

John had called while we were waiting for a table and he wanted to know if I was going to hang out with him or with Karen. I said I'd call him back after dinner which ended up being 9. Karen said she didn't care if I hung out with him but I knew she'd be irked at me for ditching out on our usual Friday night together. Didn't turn out to matter because he didn't answer at 9 and hasn't called back since. Karen and I were both so full and tired that we didn't end up doing anything either. We sat around and played a couple of games before she decided to just go home because she had to feed the possums. So in the end I'm completely out of luck and am just sitting here alone on a Friday night. I still can't get ahold of John and it's a bit too late to head anywhere anyway. I did want to see him though. Just for another night. Tomorrow Karen and I are going to Boca to shop and then she knows that I'm spending the evening with him. I had forgotten but the girls at work are expecting me to be out sick on Sunday (from back when I thought I was going to DC) so I may just take the day anyway, why not? I have more sick time than a girl knows what to do with!

Ok, I don't want to think about things anymore so I'm going to just crawl into bed. Life is easier when you're sleeping :)

"I feel much too young to hold on, but I'm much too old to break free and run." That's my favorite Jeff Buckley line and I've got the song on repeat tonight.

I got up this morning and painted for a few hours. I wasn't paying any attention to the time - but instead of running late I actually quit an hour early! I was watching the minute, not the hour. Since I'd cleaned everything up I painted the trim and the corners for awhile instead. It's looking really good, I love it so far. It's cottage white and I think I already mentioned that it should look great with the carpet. Tomorrow morning I should be able to almost finish it all and can put finishing touches on it in the evening. Then I'll move everything out of there and will be all ready for Friday!

Another boring day at work. Mind numbing. And I couldn't even do much e-mail because Pat was lurking around and dropping into my office on occasion. I have started listening to music though, I put a little cd player in a drawer and have just one earphone in on the side that no one sees. My hard drive is too far away to get a cord to reach to my ear, I'll be setting up my new office differently to solve such problems :)

Dr. Stupid was in tonight, thankfully he's talking to me!! I was so worried he'd be avoiding me after his meeting with Helen yesterday. He just smiled and said she was quite the character. I told him that I would've warned him about her but it would've taken all of the fun out of it. He said that it went well and that they'd seen quite a few places. The one he really liked was actually taken that same day but they're going to look more tomorrow. We talked about her crazy driving, she drove right through 2 stop signs with him! She kept stopping for green lights with me because she was convinced that they were going to turn yellow any minute. We just laughed and had a nice chat. Anyway, nice to know that he's not holding her against me!

Tonight after work I went with Bonnie to Jim's house to see his little dogs. Can't say I'm a big fan of docsens (sp?) but they're cute enough. We had some rhubarb strawberry pie that was a real treat!! Then we had a beer and waited for Jim to come home from his business trip. I was there until about 12:30 which was fun but I was happy to get home. Now I'm about to crawl into bed because I'm pooped! Tomorrow it's more painting and I have to be rested!

John should've gotten home from Orlando tonight but I didn't hear from him. I'm hurt that he could pick a girl that he doesn't seem to even like over me!! I want so badly to see him this weekend but if it doesn't work out then hopefully I can come to terms without too much trouble. I really hope that he doesn't think that it'll be easier to just not see each other again. I've got lots of fun stuff planned with Karen next weekend to get my mind off of things. We're hoping to canoe (I'm going to invite Dr. Stupid but don't expect him to actually show) and then have a bbq with friends.

Ok, I'm going to sleep.

9am came waaaaaay too early this morning. Tonight I really mean it when I say I'm going to bed early. I'm all set to crawl in just as soon as I post this. I hope to get up tomorrow and paint. It doesn't sound like fun but it's GOT to be done soon.

Work was work, nothing to talk about. Some days I wonder why I even bother going at all. It was freezing cold so I stayed in my office with the heater on until I had to be at the desk. Brrrr. It was a dreary day too so that didn't help. I did get an e-mail from Mary saying that she had a date last night that went really well, they'll be going out again this weekend. She signed back up for another free couple of days on match and met this guy. He's a liberal Christian so she was very excited. I'm happy to hear that they hit it off! She had tried the speed dating thing but didn't like any of the men there, I may have mentioned that already.

In my own dating life, not too much news. Nothing new on eharmony. Roger had asked to see me Wed night but I didn't want to go and so I just said that the following week would work much better for me. Erika was kind enough to remind me that I didn't have to go out with him if I didn't want to! Bonnie has really been pushing me at him, she was disappointed to hear that I postponed but I felt so much better about it. Dr. Stupid met with Helen today and I'm hoping that he doesn't start avoiding me after that. She was a bit more straightforward than I'd been expecting! Sounds like he may be seeing someone else but not seriously. She asked why he wasn't dating me! He brought up the work thing again. She's going to keep trying. I've got to figure out how to call her off - I don't think he needs to hear any more of that. At least I can act oblivious to it all. We'll see if he wanders in tomorrow or not, it'll be interesting to hear what he has to say about the day.

Tonight I went out to Dave's house where Karen cooked us a very tasty chicken dinner. It was fun hanging out with the two of them, it made me wish that I lived there! Karen has two baby possums at home right now. They were at the only cute stage that possums have - big enough to have fur but not old enough to get that scruffy rabies look. Their tails curled and gripped anything around them and they kept falling asleep. I stayed out there until 11:30 and then drove home. Chatted with my parents online for a bit and now I'm going to get some sleep.

I didn't hear from John today but I know he's busy in Orlando. Am not sure at all what's going on with that...

Sleeping in today has thrown off my schedule because it's 2am and I'm only a little bit tired. My body wants to sleep but my mind is racing. I have a dr appt at 10 so I'd better go to bed no matter what!

It wasn't an exciting day and I actually have very little to say for once!! Work was busy and boring at the same time. Bonnie and I spent all evening catching each other up on the weekend's events. Oh, Dr. Stupid was in right as I finished up my break so we had a nice chat again. He's meeting with Helen tomorrow, we'll see how that goes. My realtor is going to try to hook us up!! She says she's really good at that and it can't hurt to try another angle! We not only talked about his realty search but also about lifeguards, summer in Maine, gators, mortgages, the weather, and a few other completely random topics. Have I ever mentioned how cute this man is??

Ok, I'm off to get ready for bed. I'm looking for a nice light and happy book to read - any suggestions??

Wow, I left a lot for myself to catch up on... five days! I don't know if I can do it. Each day would practically be a long entry to itself.

Back in time to Wednesday when I woke up early to go to the beach with Mike. He brought flowers, I made a mental note to buy myself flowers more often because they just make the place so much better. Anyway, we went down to the beach where it was cloudy so we left our stuff in the car and decided to just go for a walk. Of course a half hour later it's hot and sunny and we were wishing we had towels. It was a gorgeous day. I was doing that thing where I held my flip flops in whichever hand was closer to him so he wouldn't try to hold my hand. Then he asked if I wanted to date or if I wanted friendship. This is what I wanted to talk about but not right then - we were too far from the car! In the end, that was the end of Mike. He got all snippy with me and didn't handle the situation well at all which made me happier that he was gone. Little does he know he's lucky to have gotten away from me early on :)

And that was St. Patrick's Day too, I don't think I've ever ended anything on a holiday before. Dr. Stupid was in the library and he and I talked for a long time. He kept reaching for more to talk about, it was strange and of course I was thrilled. That night Karen came right as the library closed and we walked over the Irish pub across the street. What a huge party that was, tons and tons of people and everyone but us wearing green. Green is sooooo not a good color on some people. Anyway, Karen ended up meeting a guy that she had her eye on so that was exciting for her! He's already called and hopefully they'll go out next weekend. She didn't want to leave so we were out until 2!!

Thursday was uneventful, a nice change of pace. John had called while I was at work asking if I'd like to meet up for a drink. I wasn't so sure so I said I'd call him back after work. Going out sounded better and better so at 10 I called to agree but then he said he'd changed his mind since he had to be at work early. So much for that! Just as well, I had to get up early the next morning (I believe the last entry fits right in here).

7am is not a good hour for me, I don't think it would be even if I'd gotten a lot of sleep. I headed over to Karen's and we took off for Orlando! Such fun!! We went to Islands of Adventure, which is the amusement park side of Universal (there's a movie side too). First we walked around the whole park and then we got in line for the first coaster. It took at least 45 minutes if not more and we were both so dizzy when we got off that we couldn't walk straight! Thankfully that was the only ride that happened on, the rest were just great! They have a ride called the Hulk that starts off like a regular coaster where you expect to slowly chug up the hill when all of a sudden it just shoots you right up - such an unexpected rush! We spent 8 hours in the park (but only went on six rides because of the lines) and we ate cotton candy and hot dogs along with a real dinner on our way out. We spent another hour on the city walk entrance that's full of shops, bars, and restaurants. It was 10:30 by the time we got back to West Palm, what a long day!

But why call it quits there? I dropped Karen off, went home and showered, and met up with John in downtown by 11:30. He was there with his neighbor who was leaving right as I got there. On her way out she commented that she'd probably see me again when they had a bbq in two weeks to welcome John's friends to town and I wasn't paying close attention until I heard the name Charity. I remained calm until she left and then asked John about it - all he said was that she was going to move down in two weeks and he didn't want to talk about it. He said maybe he'd quick get married and then she wouldn't come. I couldn't get another word out of him other than that because he didn't want to think about it. He'd already had too much to drink and he was in a great mood. We stayed just long enough for me to have a drink and then we went next door to another bar. Usually he doesn't know when to stop with the drinks but he decided not to have any more. We danced for awhile but it was so crowded that we were getting pretty pushed around! So we left and I convinced him that we should just call it a night. We left his car there and I drove him back to my place. The next morning I took him back to his car and he ran errands for a few hours before we met back up.

I went down to his place and we took for off for a nearby town where he was shopping for seafood. Then it was off to Ft. Lauderdale and the outlet mall!! He's a speed shopper but it still took us 3 hours to see the whole thing. He found two ties (seriously, I'm getting really good at finding the best ones) and I found a pair of black dress shoes for work. We had planned on spending more time in the city while we were there but he had things to get done so we just went home. Since I didn't have any other plans I spent the evening sitting around while he packed for a trip to Orlando and cleaned up the place. We had good music going and we ran to the store for beer so it ended up being a ton of fun. It was like our own little dance party in his living room :) I had a bit too much to drink so I stayed there for the night.

In the car on the way back from the mall I asked more about Charity. She'll be moving in with him but she doesn't have a job in the area. She gave up her cats and put in her notice on Friday - swearing to him that she's doing this for herself and not for him. Yeah, right. I guess I really thought she was out of the picture but obviously they stayed in touch. He said he didn't have the heart to tell her that she couldn't stay with him but says that they aren't really back together or anything. Again, yeah right. He explained that really it was only for one month because he's spending May-August in Naples for work, they'll be putting him up in a condo over there and he could live there full time if he wanted. Last week his plan was to work there four days a week and to have long weekends here. When he found out she was coming he told her that he'd be over there all of the time and rarely returning which is his new plan. I think he's hoping that she won't find work, won't make any friends, will go crazy by herself and will turn back and go home. Very possible I guess but I bet he feels bad and comes home to see her on weekends - or she'll drive over there all of the time. Anyway, it means that we've got one more weekend together before that's the end of that.

I was handling it really well until I drove home this morning. We'd gone to have breakfast but when we got to the bagel place neither of us were hungry so we just went our separate ways. And I cried all the way home. Nothing like a little pity party to start off the day! He and I have been spending so much time together and I didn't think I was that attached until I saw the end looming a week away. If she's around he's not going to be calling and we certainly won't be getting together. I thought that once Karen left I'd at least still have him to hang out with. So I guess it just looks like it's going to be a lonely summer and I'm back to feeling like I have no friends here. As much as I adore Bonnie we only see each other at work, and Dave and I haven't hung out in ages now that he's got a girlfriend. Oh dear, here come more tears. You guys should move to FL, I think we could be happy all living down here. This place needs more cool people.

Alright, I'd better go bed, it's really late and obviously this has run on. Just think, soon I won't have a life anymore and I'll be able to write every night again. With that...

Finally, my internet is working as it should be. No more problems checking my mail or getting on this site. I have no clue what was going on.

I'm not going to post tonight, at least not more than this. I've got to be up at 7 to pick Karen up and then we're off to Universal!! Should be a lot of fun, we're both very excited. Since the park closes at 7 it shouldn't even be a late night, though I bet we'll be exhausted! Hopefully I'll have time then to catch everyone up on the last couple of days. Not that it's been all that great but stories all the same :) I'm sure you'll survive.

Must go to bed soon. But I couldn't resist writing first, even though I'm tired and had a bit too much to drink tonight. Again, can I just point out my dedication??

Yesterday was nothing special, a typical Monday except that Bonnie was gone and I had to do real work instead of talking to her. She won't be back at work until Thursday, what a dreadful week without her!

Today I got up earlier than I wanted to (must buy curtains to keep out the light) and did a bit of priming so that I'd at least be productive. Bonnie called so we talked for awhile, then Mike called and we made plans for tomorrow, then John called to see what I was up to. Not often that I get any calls before work so that was a change! I spent a lot of time deciding what to wear since I'd be meeting Roger right after work. I went with khakis and a black sweater. Work was alright, nothing special. I spent the last few hours all nervous but of course it was for nothing.

Roger and I met at Chili's for a bite to eat and it really felt like we'd met before. He's tall, I mean I know his profile says over 6 feet but I guess I figured he was lying!! There really wasn't a time when we didn't have things to talk about, one topic led right into another. He's nice, I can tell he has a good heart. It was kind of funny because he's so agreeable, he's always saying "oh yeah? Uh huh?" and it was hard not to laugh at how often that happened. We stayed there until the restaurant closed at midnight and then we went our own ways. I think we'll meet up next week at the same time. I would like to see him again but don't know yet what I want out of it. Dad said tonight that I shouldn't know right away, these things take time.

Mike's coming by at 10 no matter the weather. We'll hit the beach if it's sunny, take a walk if it's cloudy, and just get lunch if it's raining. I'm sure it'll be fun but right now I just wish that I could sleep in instead. Tomorrow night Karen's meeting me at work and we're going to the bar for St. Patrick's Day! They're celebrating until 2am but I suspect that we won't make it out that long.

Alright, I'm exhausted and have to get some sleep or I'll never make it through another day. Nights like this make me miss the days when I had nothing to do but sit around in the evenings. The good old days.

It's strange but every day this month I've wanted to type 9 instead of 3. It's like 3 doesn't go with March.

The weekends go too quickly but now that it's Sunday night I already have one day of my work week down so that's cool. Friday I got up and went to the courthouse to file that petition. Hopefully it goes through, sounded like I might have to go to a hearing or something. Then Karen came over and we went down to the pool. She had a bad cold so she was miserable the whole time. I stayed out longer than she did just enjoying the sun. Out of the breeze it felt like 90! We sat around for awhile and showered up before she ran home to feed the cats. John called and invited us to his place for dinner so we met back up and drove over there together. We met him at the grocery store and bought everything we'd need - corn on the cob, steak, veggie burgers, and beer! Yum, it was all so good!! We were all so stuffed that it took awhile before we could move away from the table. We decided to head out for another drink so we went to a nearby bar. John had already had a lot and Karen was starting to crash from all the meds she'd taken so those two were on each others nerves. It's actually funny to watch them go back and forth but not fun to be in the middle of it! We only stayed out for one drink before we took John home and came back to my place. We were in bed by midnight, even I was tired enough to go right to sleep! Oh, and about Mike! I had called him before he went to work once I'd seen what Karen looked like. I knew she'd never last until 1, which is about when he would've been able to have met up with us. I didn't want to stay out by myself so we just agreed to meet up some other time.

I thought I'd wake up early after going to bed so early but I slept until 10:30! I went to Home Depot and bought some paint supplies and the paint for the front room. John called as I was heading home, he had to spend the afternoon at the office catching up so no beach. I went to the pool for just over an hour, it was gorgeous outside. I would've stayed out there longer but realized that it's early in the year and I don't need a full on tan just yet, plenty of time for that. So I thought I'd be productive and I started priming the front room. I already like it better than the sea foam green that it was so it should look great once I actually get the 'cottage white' up there. The carpet will go in on the 26th already!

John called a couple of times while I was painting and we made plans to get together for a trip to Boca. There's a mall down there that he wanted to check out and I thought it sounded like fun too! After cleaning up I picked him up in downtown and off we went. The mall was actually a good one as far as upscale stores go but John's a speed shopper so I didn't get to look in any shops that I like (which is actually just as well). We went for dinner and found his favorite burrito place that's got good food but nothing at all close to Freebirds, which I pointed out too many times. We headed back home and I dropped him at his car and then we went back to his place. I got the whole fashion show about what was going to go with his new tie that I helped pick out. I'm getting good with ties and thankfully he and I have the same taste so that makes it easy. We were both too tired to go out so we just drank the beer we had left over from the night before and talked as we watched tv.

This morning we went to Eistein for breakfast. They're about to open a location right next to me, I'm so excited!!! It'll also have a Hagan Daas and a Starbucks right next to it so you can't really go wrong! Anyway, John had this piddly bagel with butter but I went for the sandwich and I'm glad I did because it was much more filling. I ended up being short on time so I called Ingrid at home when I left John and told her I'd be late. I got home and cleaned up and then headed in. Thankfully I wasn't as late as I expected because it turns out Shannon wasn't in. She had e-mailed us but neither Ingrid nor I check our work accounts from home so we didn't know until we were already there. It was a quite day, Ingrid and I chatted a lot and then I managed to get quite a bit done. There's this thing going on with a woman who keeps calling. Diane usually answers the phone so she's the one who keeps getting the calls, but the woman asks about April - who was killed by a drunk driver right before I started working. The woman refuses to leave her name and hangs up every time. On Friday she started asking about me, wondering when I worked. It's possible that she thinks I'm April's replacement (I'm not) but I still don't get what I have to do with it. Well tonight I had my phone on because John was supposed to call and at 8:45 it rings from a private number. No one's on the other end so I hang up. A few seconds later it rings again but I just hit the end button. I think I posted a long time ago that this same thing was happening. Anyway, not even two minutes after the second call, the work phone rings when I'm in the back. I circle up front but Ingrid had grabbed it and she says it seems to be for me. I say hello and a woman says "did you get the message I just left on your answering machine?" I said I didn't get any message and asked who it was but she hung up. There was no voicemail on my phone. Ok, it seems MUCH too coincidental that my cell phone calls and the work call were that close - but how could she have my cell number????? That freaks me out. My phone rang twice more from that number (and I'm very annoyed that it's private instead of an actual number) after work.

On my way home I went to the grocery store because Karen had used up my milk. Roger called while I was there and we agreed to meet on Tuesday night. I'm nervous already! I hope that we hit it off. Mike had also called and he wants to go to the beach one morning this week. I didn't call him back because I wasn't even thinking about it until now so I guess I'd better drop him a note. Seriously, what do I do? I can't think of a good way to wiggle out of this one.

Wow, it's taken me a long time to write this. I keep getting distracted by my other window where I've checked the weather, my bank account, my two e-mail accounts, and donated at my sites for the night. I think I'd better post this and then I'm going to bed.

I just copied this entry into Word and it's about as long as I need my next article to be for Ron. Why can't I get that done as easily as this??? I did work on that a bit tonight and expect to do more tomorrow. Have to be done by the 18th...

I'm sitting here so dazed that I've spent the last 10 minutes just staring at the screen. Hopefully I can just get on a roll and then go to bed.

My phone rang at 8:45 and my plans for sleeping in just disappeared. I didn't answer because it was from an 800 number. I went back to bed but Bonnie called at 9 to tell me that her dad has passed away overnight. I'm so bad with words of comfort but we talked for a bit about what she would be doing. By the time we were done I was up for the day. I left a bit early for my lunch date but it ended up being perfect timing because Mike was walking from the parking lot at the same time I was! Lunch was delicious, I had a great pizza and we talked a lot about home. But I feel like that's all that we really have in common, just that we're both from MN transplanted down here. I know that he likes me (he's made that clear) but there's just not any chemistry for me. Of course I don't know what to do now! He's going to meet Karen and I out tomorrow night when he's done with work.

Pat was out all day (she called in sick with stress) so that made everything better. We still had food left over so we sat around eating all afternoon. Bonnie had planned to work but she only made it for a couple of hours before she took off. Karen came in at 5 and worked on cover letters, she got a lot done and then I printed it all off for her. Once she was gone the night dragged by and I was so happy when 10 rolled around and we left.

John called as I was driving home and we talked for quite awhile, mostly about the girl he met the other day. It was an amusing conversation but I can't remember why it was so funny. He wants to join us Friday night and I agreed before remembering about Mike. This could be interesting. We're also going to do the beach or pool together on Saturday. He wants so badly to have more friends down here to do things with, I feel bad for him. Roger called me at 11, he's the other guy I've been e-mailing on match. We talked for an hour and it felt like we'd talked a million times before. He's got a lot of potential just because of the fact that we have tons in common and we can obviously talk for long periods of time! He has to work the next couple of weekends but we're going to try to meet on Monday or Tuesday instead. I'm excited, I think we're going to hit it off.

Too many men though, too many. I got rid of a couple on eharmony tonight including one that I'd been e-mailing because we really had nothing in common. He just talked about his properties and I'm not so into hearing about that. That still leaves at least 6 total so I've got to keep narrowing them out!! Feast or famine...

Ok, I'm going to bed nice and early tonight. The whole week has really caught up with me and I've got lots to do tomorrow. I forgot to file for homestead and have to go petition for an extention tomorrow or my property taxes will take a big jump. Then I'm off to the beach to meet up with Karen! Should be sunny but it's only going to be 80 (don't sneer when I say that - it has to be about 85 to be warm enough for the beach!!) so we'll see how long we stay there.

We had a pot luck today at work, I LOVE it when there are snacks!! Two kinds of chips with dip, crackers, muffins, fresh bread, brownies, cookies (that I baked this morning), pizza, and soda. My stomach still hurts even though today I was very careful to not overdo it on any one item. Actually, that was probably my problem - too much of everything all mixed together!! We had so many leftovers that we're set for tomorrow too!

The day wasn't exciting otherwise. I was scolded again for talking too much, Pat caught Bonnie and I chatting away in the workroom. She said that we should get some real work done instead. Um, if I had work to be doing that would be great!! But nothing, I've completely cleared my desk, even finishing the really really boring stuff. Once Pat was gone we went back to talking so that we could get caught up with each other and then Bonnie left early. Tonight wasn't quite as bad as last night but it was pretty dead. I came home and watched tv for awhile but I can't figure out how it got to be so late.

Tomorrow I'm meeting Mike for lunch in downtown on his way to work. Should be fun. If John's up for it we'll meet up for drinks when I'm done with work. I'm so glad that the weekend is almost here, right now it looks like it's going to be packed!

What a boring day. I'm happy that it's over and wish that the weekend was just a little bit closer. The dentist went well, my teeth are nice and clean. Six years after my last appointment and I'm happy to say that I have no cavities! Go me! I talked to him about having my front teeth replaced and will have to think about whether or not I want to get that done. It's spendy but I've been wanting new ones for awhile now. I've had these for 12 years and it's been 20 years since I lost them in the first place.

I was late to work but it wasn't too bad. That's where the boring stuff really started. Ugh. I caught up on e-mail for a couple of hours, Pat was gone so that was nice. The night couldn't have gone by more slowly. At 9:30 there wasn't a soul to be found so we were going to close up but before we could a girl showed up and used the computers until 9:55 (when I pressured her to leave!). Ugh, the torture.

John called tonight and at 11 I went to meet him for a drink at a place near campus. I was surprised to find that he had a girl with him, I don't know why he invited me! I guess she was his personal shopper at the mall tonight so they went out to dinner and for drinks. She's got a loud laugh, eyes that bug out, and she doesn't shut up. She thought it was great that I was a librarian because surely I knew about every single book out there - she talked my ear off about almost every book she's ever read. John was so bored that he wandered off to make some phone calls and I was trying hard to pretend like I was interested but I wasn't. She insisted that we have a second drink and I was thrilled when we were done with those so that I could leave! John took her home and called me once he'd dropped her off. He was as annoyed as I'd been - but she took our numbers so I'm guessing she'll call! I know that he wants to make new friends but we decided that it was best to rule her out. He and I talked for awhile and we finally had that chat about race. He brought it up, not me. He says that his whole family is very racist (they are from Indiana, home of supremicists) but that he's trying his best not to be that way, though it does come out when he's had too much to drink. I can't imagine being raised that way.

Mike called me tonight as I was driving home. We're going to meet for lunch on Thursday before work and then for drinks some night this weekend too. His schedule has just been extended so he'll be working 60+ hours a week, yikes!

Ok, I'm really tired and was about to crawl into bed when I decided to post anyway. Such dedication, I know. Unlike my friends.... :)

Ok, I'm already freaked out at how fast March is going! I need to stop time for awhile before it's December - because you know it's practically right around the corner at this point.

I went out with Mike again last night and we had a really great time. I booked it out of work at 9 and made it in record time to downtown where we met outside of the theater. He bought the tickets, I bought the popcorn and soda, and we went to see Starsky and Hutch. It was really good but I think I missed out on a few things since I don't think I've ever seen a single original episode. After the movie we went to the bar next to the theater where we found a quiet table outside. I just can't believe some of the connections/coincidences, fate has been pushing us at each other!! He works with a girl that Karen knows, he makes a great risotto that Shannon was raving about at work just that afternoon, and he lives in the same complex that John lives in. He saw a pop up ad for match and did a search. When he saw my profile he quick made one of his own and did the free three days in order to write to me! I'm the only one he's talked to from it, isn't that sweet?? We stayed out until 2 and then left. I'm sooo tired tonight, that was the fourth night in a row that I went out!

Today at work was really quiet but we can dress casual so that's cool. We had the new set of blueprints of the new library so we did a lot of calculating things and it was actually a lot of fun. Pat must've been in a great mood because she let Diane and I leave to head to a furniture store where we could test out the kind of chair that we're going to get for our 'comfortable seating' area. Of course Diane and I had a ton of fun with that one. We did go try out the chair, followed by lunch at Wendys and a quick trip down to just have a glimpse of the ocean - just because we could. The night went just as fast as the afternoon, I cleared a lot of work off my desk and now I don't know what I'll do for the rest of the week.

I've got to get to bed. Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment. That'll be the first time I've been to a dentist in about five years, since I had my wisdom teeth taken out way back in 99! I'm actually really looking forward to it, it's about time.

Sunday afternoon and all is quiet at work. I had forgotten that this week is spring break so there aren't any students around. I'm actually getting a lot done so that's cool. As long as I can keep up the momentum it's going to be a productive day!

So let's see... I'll start with Friday afternoon where I left off. The furniture store showed up not long after I posted and it didn't take them long. I quick whipped up a huge sandwhich for Karen and I and took off for the beach! We found a picnic table out of the wind and just enjoyed ourselves! Then we headed down to the beach where we laid out for about two hours. It was a bit windy but otherwise nice, we both fell asleep for a bit! Karen was antsy so we left and went back to my place. We ate ice cream and just hung out for awhile. She went home to feed the cats and by the time she was back it was time to go out! We dressed up and went for some sushi and then to the same Irish bar as last weekend. They have a great band and it was a lot of fun. Karen got hit on but never by the guy she was hoping for :) I was so tired but Karen wanted to stay out late so we weren't home until almost 2. Ugh. I slept very well!

I had talked to John on and off throughout the day and was very VERY upset when he bailed on me for the Miami thing. He'd been so excited just the night before but he decided that it would cost too much and not be worth it. I was so disappointed, Karen had to do a lot to try to cheer me up.

Saturday I slept in and then went right to the beach. I spent about 2.5 hours there, when the sun was out it was just glorious! It was a bit windy and I was plastered with sand so when I saw a big cloud I decided to just go home. Well the cloud was gone when I got home so I headed directly from the car to the pool! I swam for less than a minute because the water was just above freezing - brrrrr. To recover I spent another hour in the sun, just what I needed. Karen invited me to go out with her and her friend that night but I know they wanted to just catch up with each other. I decided to work in the front room to get it ready to be painted next weekend. I discovered that I have much more of an ant problem than I thought and I'm still not quite sure what to do about it. They seems to live in the wall. One more problem, I've got to get that taken care of before the new carpet is installed.

John called at 8 to see what I was up to and I made him feel bad that I had no plans since he'd cancelled on me. I went down and met him for a drink because staying at home alone would've been worse. He'd already had a few beers by the time I got there, so much for him not drinking again after last weekend! We went to Gatsbys for just one drink. The waitress overheard us talking about the festival we were missing and she said that she'd gone last year. She said it wasn't worth it at all. Lots of younger people, everyone doing drugs, two hour long lines for a beer, and just too many people. Well that made me feel much better because I hadn't thought about all of that. John wanted more to drink but I convinced him to just go home instead so I took him back there. Really, he's much too old to be drinking this much.

Tonight I have a date with Mike again, we're going to see a movie downtown and probably go out for drinks afterwards. I have to head right from work so I brought a change of clothes. I'm actually really tired, I hope that I wake back up! Ok, I'd better get back to work. This has been my lunch break so I'm not even slacking off!!

It's not even 11am on Friday and believe it or not, I've been up for over 3 hours. 7:30 came fast but I wanted to be awake for when Home Depot arrived to measure for my new carpet. Good thing, for once they showed up at the early end of the three hour window! Now I'm waiting for the furniture store to bring part of the bed, a side rail was broken when they originally delievered the set and they're replacing it today. I hate four hour windows and am going to complain if they're even one minute late because it's nice outside and this weekend I'm determined to have that picnic with Karen. As soon as I post this I'm going to make koolaid!!

Yesterday I got up early and ran to the mall so I could buy a birthday card for Bonnie (she's 41 today). Then at noon I went to Starbucks where I had arranged to meet Mike for the first time. By 12:10 I was sure that I'd been stood up but figured I might as well just sit tight because I had no where else to go. He was 15 minutes late because he'd gone to the wrong plaza but I forgave him right away. He was really cute!!! What are the chances? We hit it off really well and had plenty to talk about since we're both from MN and have traveled to some of the same places. The hour flew right by and next thing I knew I was running pretty late. We said a quick goodbye but agreed that we'd like to see each other again so we're going to a movie Sunday night! I ran to the grocery store to pick up milk, chips and dip and then made a mad dash for work - and I was only five minutes late!

We had a really really really boring meeting in the afternoon. Sometimes Pat likes to sit in silence for very long periods of time because she thinks if we sit there long enough that we'll find things to talk about. We've all learned not to fall for that so we all talk right away at the beginning and then after just one stretch of silence she lets us go. It's agonizing. Once everyone else left at 5:30 we had a little bitty party for Bonnie. We had snacks and milk, Bonnie loves it when there's milk. After five brownies I had a stomach ache. I never learn, I know. The whole evening was fun and went really well. Jim, Bonnie's boyfriend (she's pretty much just down to him now) came by for the last hour and a half, we had so much fun talking and then he even helped up close up.

I went from work over to John's. He'd asked me to go out for drinks but by the time I got there he decided he'd rather stay in. I wouldn't have driven so far if I'd known we were going to channel surf instead of go for a drink. I think after last weekend he can't handle the thought of beer and I guess that's a good thing! We're both excited about Miami, I'm going to buy the tickets online this afternoon!!! I'm frustrated because I have to go to campus to do that - you have to have a printed receipt and there's no where else with a printer. I should just buy a cheap one for times like this.

Ok, I'm off to iron some clothes, make koolaid and make a couple of phone calls about Costa Rica. Tickets are jumping in price but I'm getting a lot of errors while booking so I've got to get things figured out! I don't know if I'll be able to write again this weekend, so many plans!

Oh my goodness, I am soooo excited about my new weekend plans. Some of the biggest names in music (well, my kind of music) are all going to be in Miami putting on a HUGE outdoor festival. Sasha and Digweed, Paul Oakenfold, Paul Van Dyk, Chemical Brothers, Sister Bliss (from my beloved Faithless) and about 200 others will be preforming on 12 stages for 14 hours to an expected crowd of over 50,000 people. And I'm going to be there. John has to be at a Heat game for the afternoon with people from work so I'm going to swing by the stadium and pick him up (of course I know it's not going to be that easy but let's pretend) and then we're off to the concert where we should catch at the very least six hours of music. This could be the most amazing thing I've ever seen. I was really hoping that ATB would be there as well but it doesn't look like it. He's playing five shows in TX this month but that's as close to FL as he'll be - and I don't really have many friends left over there. He was supposed to play in DC so I checked on flights but then I couldn't be sure of the dates so I'm waiting on that one. Sure would love to see him!

That's pretty much the news of the day. Work was work. Nothing too exciting to report on the online dating front either. I heard from Roger tonight and have to say that I'm really liking him. I like what he writes and we're already sending pretty long e-mails back and forth with that feeling like we're already good friends. Tomorrow I meet up with Mike, the chef. I had a mini heart attack this morning when I thought it was Thursday and that I was supposed to be at the coffee shop! I still have no clue what he looks like - this is the first blind date I've ever had I think.

Ok, I'm exhausted and I have to try to look good in the morning so I'd better get to bed.

I wrote to Ron this morning explaining that I couldn't write the article. Octopus are simply in no danger. They're not being overfished, nor accidentally caught in huge numbers, nor being exploited by any group. So we're scrapping it and I'm going to try to quick whip together something on sharks instead. There's lots out there on that so hopefully it'll fall together fast. Just as soon as I get some ambition going.

This morning I had an e-mail from Mike, the chef who's originally from MN, and we're going to meet for coffee on Thursday before work. He works the same hours that I do so it should be perfect. I haven't seen a picture of him or anything so this should be interesting. I've also been e-mailing Roger, who I'm liking more and more. We've got lots to talk about, I already feel like we could talk for hours on end if we ever meet. Actually, then's 'when' we meet, I think that'll happen pretty soon too. On eharmony I'm conversing with five different guys, all at different stages. Vince wanted to skip over all of the preliminaries and move right on to where we e-mail through the system. That wouldn't be so bad but we have nothing to talk about!! Unlike with match, you just don't get to see that much about the person - so even though the system matched you up for a reason you don't know much. There's David, who's an acupuncturist and things are looking good with him so far, he's my favorite. Sean and Henry are both plugging along with the questions. Peter and I went back and forth quickly today and next thing I knew we were at the e-mailing stage. The thing is that his answers to my questions really weren't impressive. For one thing, the grammer was horrible. HORRIBLE. And I just wasn't impressed with what he had to say either. But how do I stop talking to him without being rude?? I'm still not sure what to do so I just haven't e-mailed him yet. Obviously this is all taking a lot of time. It's a good thing I have 8 hours set aside in front of a computer for just these kinds of activities.

Actually, I did get a bit of real work done today. Just a bit though. I ran to the office this morning to print something off and then took it up to Karen. She had written a letter of complaint for her boss because her supervisor is pretty bad and she's fed up. While I was there I took a few pics of her car and the damage. I did mention that it was hit while she was parked here Friday night, right? It wasn't as bad as I'd expected but there's a pretty good size dent and a bit of paint was taken off too.

Enough for me, I've got to get to bed. I've started sleeping later and later but I want to keep getting up at 9!

I wish I finished work an hour earlier every night. I got home two hours ago and I already have to go to bed. No fun.

Yesterday was a completely non-productive day at work. I couldn't get motivated so I mostly screwed around online all afternoon. Shannon and I spent a lot of time talking as usual. Last week it was a big debate over the marriage issue and we continued that a bit this week too. I had gotten in early so I decided to leave work early too. John had called from the mall asking about a shirt we'd seen together last time but I couldn't remember enough about it. We decided to get together for a bit so I drove down to his place. We went out for burritos (nothing like Freebirds but I'll take what I can get) and then hung out at his place. He was so funny, he kept trying to figure out which ties went best with which suits/pants/shirts and was practically putting on a fashion show, it was so amusing (and completely foreign to me). I left around midnight and after the long drive home I went right to bed.

I got up early this morning (8:45) and went to get my oil changed. Bonnie was a half hour late so by the time she got there my car was all taken care of. Tony was working so he and I chatted as he was looking at a car. It wasn't awkward or anything, I think it was just a misunderstanding that we hadn't gotten back in touch after Christmas. Bonnie and I went to Home Depot while they were doing her car and we had a good time. I picked out a new carpet for the front bedroom and I'm really excited with the choice. They'll measure at the end of this week and then it could be a few weeks before they come to install it. But that gives me time to paint, we found a great color. It's pretty much an off white, I was going to go with some real color but I'm hoping to put up all of my maps and didn't want them to look funny against a background. So now I've got to get busy and prime and paint in there.

Work was busy, I put in a lot of extra time at the desk in the afternoon. Bonnie and I chatted all evening of course. She did manage to break up with one of her boyfriends so that's good. Now she's down to one serious one and a couple who are anxiously trying to date her. She must be emitting something special, men are tripping over each other to get to her. We looked around on match and she was so excited when I wrote to one of the guys that she thinks is just perfect for me. We tried to write the most clever e-mail but I suspect I won't hear back from him because he hasn't been active for awhile and has probably met someone else. Oh well. There's one guy, David, on eharmony that I've been "communicating" with and we're finally getting to the part where we can answer questions ourselves instead of checking boxes. I was frustrated because I waited until I was home to answer his questions and when I hit send I got an error and everything was lost. Another guy wants to fast track, where we skip right to talking, but I'm not so interested in him so I don't know what to do... See, this is the stressful part. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.

Alright, time for me to get to bed. I still haven't started on the article and it should be done by tomorrow. Oops.

Happy Leap Year!! It's a good thing Erika told me that tonight or I would've thought it was March already.

Can I just say that I LIKE being single?? It's not a crime people so leave me alone!!! This is not directed at you two of course, but at everyone else. Suddenly I feel like everyone's pushing me to date, find Mr. Right, and marry him really quick before all hope is lost. Maybe I'm also mad at myself for giving in to all of the pressure. My match profile is back up online and today I joined eharmony (only because dad's paying). I'd go on a date if asked - don't get me wrong - but this online stuff is stressful and tiring. Sigh, I don't know if I'm up for it right now. The fact that I'm STILL longing after Dr. Stupid and that I'm half involved with John makes it all a bit more a mess. What am I doing??

So my weekend is over already, very sad. I think that I'd be ok with that if I'd gotten any beach time but even when the sun was out it was chilly! On Friday I hung out indoors all day and ran a few errands. Karen came over and we went out to dinner, which was delicious as always! John called and decided to join us for our night out at a bar near campus. I don't know if Karen was really very thrilled about that but I was :) We went to an Irish pub that was a hot spot, it was so packed that finding a space to stand was not easy. They had an awesome band, I'd go back to hear them again. Karen and I especially liked the ratio - I'd say it was 70 percent men in there and most of them were pretty cute. It was like hitting the jackpot! John wasn't as thrilled with that but as usual he found plenty of girls to talk to. One of them was actually a student so she and I talked quite a bit and she hung out with us for most of the evening. I did run into a few other familiar faces from the library, including a guy who seemed to think that I should've been at home reading a book or something. By the end of the night both Karen and John were pretty drunk - and as usual he turned his attention to me. We left when I thought he was going to pass out, I had been drinking water most of the night so I was good to drive us home (in his new truck). The car ride was a lot of fun, we cranked the radio and sang at the top of our lunges all the way to taco bell. He stayed over again on the couch but this time he didn't sleep until noon. He woke me up at 9 to ask where his jacket was and of course I had no clue. He said he was leaving but then crawled into bed with me and fell back to sleep for another hour. He was gone after that, I got up so I could point him in the right direction since we'd parked in the alley where there was a spot. Such an odd relationship but I like it, I like him. I still have to ask about his attitudes though, that didn't really come up.

Today I ran Karen her lunch which she'd forgotten in my fridge. She took me around so I could see the baby possum (those things are ugly even as babies) and also the little fawn that she had to bottle feed. After that I went to campus since it was on the way home and I caught up with Bonnie. They always have these food fests and it makes me wish I worked on Saturdays too. I had a lot of ice cream while we chatted. She was there as I signed up for eharmony and as I responded to one of the guys. She swears that tonight she's breaking up with one of the boyfriends and I hope that she can do it because it's the one that she needs to let go of. From there I went to the beach and even though it was windy I took a walk. I think I was there for two hours just walking and picking up a bit of trash. I had jeans and a sweatshirt on and was still a bit cold (the breeze was freezing) but I enjoyed it all the same. The waves were huge and amazing to just watch. Tonight Karen and I had planned on going back to the same bar but we were both too tired! I went out to her place and we watched a movie and just hung out.

Now I'm heading to bed. I should've been working on the next article and will surely be kicking myself in another day when Ron asks where it is. Oh well, too late now!

An afternoon post! A bit unexpected but I'm looking for things to do so thought I'd get caught up in case I can't post tonight either.

It's Friday afternoon and I'm not at the beach. I was so excited to get up this morning because I was planning to have a picnic with Karen at the beach. The weather is crummy, it's cold (63, cloudy and breezy) and that ruins my plan. It was the perfect plan too. Even if the sun does come out it isn't expected to warm up too much today. I may head to the beach for my usual walk but I wanted to suntan this weekend. Humph.

The last few days haven't been too exciting. Work has been the usual stuff and not too much new to report. Bonnie and I haven't had as much to chat about in the evenings so we've actually been getting some work done! She convinced me to repost my profile on match but I haven't paid yet. So far one e-mail (from a fellow Minnesotan) and a couple of winks but no one that I'm interested in. Actually, I don't want to rejoin but Bonnie's been after me about it so much lately. I think since she has about 23 men in her life, she doesn't understand how I can be single and happy. I'd like to deal with the John situation first too, I need to get that figured out.

Tonight Karen and I are going to my fave restaurant (the Reef Grill) and I'm excited about that. I think we'll probably hit a local bar for the evening but we don't have big plans. Tomorrow I expect to see John at some point but I don't know when, he'll call later today. I haven't asked him yet if he really thinks those things about minorities, I'd rather do that in person.

And that's about all I can think of to say. I'm off to do a bit of much-needed cleaning around here and then will run a couple of errands. Guess I should be productive if I can't be at the beach.

I didn't get the 10 hours I'd hoped for but 9 did me pretty well! I just couldn't get out of bed this morning and it was almost 11 when I rolled out - and only because the phone rang. Karen had additional trouble getting home and was calling to say she'd finally made it. First her luggage didn't arrive (somehow it worked out) and when she got to her car it was dead, she'd left a light on while gone. Only Karen. She called back a bit later crying because she had to go in to work for the afternoon. No one else had shown up so it was just one guy working. She toughed it out and I left home early and took her a sandwich (and a cookie!) so she'd have lunch.

Ron called me this morning, we had a nice chat. He wants another article in a week so I guess I'd better get around to starting that one!! We're trying to arrange it so that he has two days after the FL show to spend here with me. I'll be in Costa Rica for the show so unless this works out I won't get to see him at all. I wish that he and I were still talking every day, I miss that. He's just one of the greatest guys I know, I wish there were more people like him out there.

I made it to work 10 minutes early, which made up for being 10 minutes late yesterday! The day really did fly right by, I had a ton of work to get done before we have a big meeting with faculty tomorrow. The whole meeting is actually going to be really boring, but I had to get some stuff put together for it. I also had to help out at the desk and was busy with lots of questions. Everyone I helped was so nice, I just love that. Later I was talking to Pat and it seems that I've gotten more responsibility. Really, I don't know what's going on here! Pat wants me to start planning what kind of signage we'll need at the new library, like maps at the front, etc. Not too exciting but still... Bonnie and I actually didn't have that much to chat about tonight so we worked instead - quite a change from the usual evening!!

I called John on my way home from work just to say hi and we didn't talk long. He called once I was home and we talked for quite awhile. After the whole fiasco with his car, it turns out that his old one is working just fine. The dealership told him his transmission was gone but he drove it home and the light isn't even on anymore. He thinks the computer just got confused when it got wet one night or something, I don't know. He's going to sell it and already has his heart set on a boat. I'm sure I'll see him this weekend.

The little squirrel is growing up so fast. He's awake a lot more now and he eats so much!! This morning I had him in the pocket of my bathrobe and he loved that. Tonight I put a towel over my shoulder and he curled up while I talked to my parents on the phone. Dad and I are trying to find a good investment plan for when I have extra money. Mom started out as usual, saying that she didn't have much news and then continued to talk my ear off about everything under the sun. She seemed upset that I'm going to be getting a queen size bed for the front room, she thinks that I should get two twins so that when I have company I can pull them apart if needed. Well I have the pull out couch - and I don't really know that I'm going to have more than one person ever visiting at a time other than family! Anyway, I felt bad but I have a queen frame and queen sheets so I see no point in getting anything else. It was just one of those odd conversations where I felt like she was disappointed with my decision.

I didn't mention Mary's story from last night but I just can't stop thinking about it today! She thought she had a mouse because some of her candy was disappearing. The office gave her some glue traps that she set out. One night she woke up hearing something caught in it and making a huge clamour. The next morning she went to see what she'd caught and the kitchen was a mess with her two rugs overturned and an emptry trap full of hair. So she set out the next trap and it was the same thing the next night with the same results in the morning. The pest control guy came up to have a look and he took one look at the trap and said "that's no mouse, you've got yourself a rat." A rat. I'm still in shock!! Mary has taken all of this in stride, I'd be flipping out. It ate all of the poison that they put out and the pest guy said it would die any time. The thing is, it may die in her kitchen in the area under the cupboard that they can't get to. The office said that it may smell for a while but not to worry about it. Um, I'd be worried about it. Who wants to live with that??? They're hoping that it crawls outside to die instead. Yikes. My concerns over a roach getting in suddenly seem so small!

Every night I type the same thing "alright, I'm off to bed" and then I try to switch it up a bit so that it's not too repetitive. Wouldn't want you to think I was repetitive :)

Wow, for awhile there I was doing really good on less than 8 hours of sleep a night. It seems to have caught up with me and now I can't get enough. I'm about to head to bed and expect to stay there for at least 10 hours! Lofty ambitions I guess, we'll see what kind of noise there is in the morning.

Poor Karen still isn't back yet, she's running into more travel problems. It's a good thing she enjoyed her time in Utah so much or this trip would not have been worth it! Her flight out was delayed because of fog so she missed her connection to FL. The next flight they could get her on wasn't until 11pm (and this was at 11am) so she spent the day in the airport and flies overnight. That should really throw her off, she had just caught up after the last overnight flight!

I guess I didn't post last night, there wasn't much exciting to say. It was Sunday as usual, the day at work was slow and I spent lots of time talking to Shannon. It's nice because we see things so differently but we're both rational about it all so we have good discussions. John called a couple of times over the day, he'd decided on a vehicle and was really excited about it. I think he called at least three times and he's called about three times today too. I don't mind, I'm just not used to that!

I had agreed to help him out this morning so I got up at 10 and went to pick him up at his office downtown. He had to return the rental and then head south to another office for the afternoon and his new suv was delivered to him there. He doesn't know many people outside of work and none of them could take the time to drive him. I didn't mind, we had a nice chat in the car and plus now he owes me one! I'm still absorbing everything from the weekend. Bonnie and I spent plenty of time tonight talking about him. I think I just need to talk to him about it, to ask if that's how he really feels. There's no other way to find out I guess - and I have to know!

Work flew right by today, I love it when that happens. Ingrid had a bad day and I feel bad that just when things are going well for me, she's really at a low. Pat was helping me out this afternoon and has been stopping by my office more often (which I don't really like but I think it's a good thing work-wise). Strange.

Time for some serious sleep.

Another weekend gone. I hope this next week flies by, I need more time at the beach!!

When I woke up yesterday I had a message from John. It's a good thing I'd turned my phone off because he called at 8:30 and that's just a bit too early for me! He was wondering if I was up for an evening in Miami, how could I turn that down? He had to work during the day of course so I ran errands and just did little things around the place. I took the squirrel up to the library and left it with Diane for the night because I wouldn't be able to feed it often enough if it was a late night. I also took a walk around the marina where I met captain Marty who's got a boat there. He's a bit older and a smoker so don't get excited. We talked for a bit and then I headed home. I left around 4 for Boca, it was a long drive because of the traffic but that's where I was meeting John.

The purpose of the trip was to go see about a car because his died this week and he's looking for a new one (well, used but new to him). He's got his heart set on a Ford Explorer and we all know that I'm not big on suvs so I tried to gently pursuade him that a car was better with no luck. He didn't like the one went to see so that made the trip short (nice because I wasn't so excited about searching for a car part of the evening). We went down to South Beach, an area that I just love. John was expecting something completely different - he was hoping for clubs and nightlife but it's lots of cafes and restaurants lining the beach. We had a couple of drinks and went shopping because they've got cool shops a block off the main strip. Instead of staying out late we decided to just head home. Since it's a two hour drive - half of which we spent in separate cars - we were both tired by the time we got back to his place. We watched a bit of tv and then I fell asleep on his couch so I just stayed there. Today we were going to hang out but he went on a continued car search and I wasn't really interested in joining him when it was so nice outside!

I went to the beach for over an hour and just walked the shore. Lots of people out because it was so beautiful, perfect weather and perfect water temp too. The tide was going out so all of these shells were there for the taking, I found some really cool ones. I would've stayed longer but I hadn't put enough lotion on and didn't want to burn. I went up to Diane's and picked up the squirrel, stopping for awhile to chat. I was hoping to go out to the pool for a bit but there were actually a lot of people down there so I skipped it. I took a walk around the neighborhood and made a couple of phone calls. I was on the phone with Bonnie while walking past the marina and I actually ran into Marty again. She wanted me to go back and talk to him but by the time we were done talking I was blocks away! I just went home and baked cookies. I spent the evening watching Two Towers and all of the extra stuff that comes with the dvds. John had been calling all day but we didn't get together again.

So here's the scoop. And it's a wishy-washy scoop so beware because I can't get my mind wrapped around it all yet. Judging by quite a few comments last night it appears that he's a bit of a racist. Yeah, not a good thing. Miami is so diverse and that's what I really like about it but he had issues with every single minority group. Seriously, he had a comment for everyone who wasn't a straight white person. At first I thought he was just joking but I don't think so. This should immediately rule him out - I know. But when it's just the two of us it's so perfect! He's so sweet and considerate, and full of compliments, and funny, and cute, and he calls his mom to tell her things that he knows she'll get a kick out of. All day today I was going back and forth. I mean, we're not really together or anything so it's a good time to just back right up a bit. Bonnie thinks I should tell him that it bothers me and maybe he doesn't realize he's even saying things like that - but good lord, he's old enough to know better!!! And we all know that no democrat would ever say/think things like that so maybe he's a republican - horror of all horrors! I've got to start screening them out better. Anyway, I'm torn between really not liking that part of him and really liking the rest. Help!

I talked to Karen a couple of times today, she's having a great time in Utah. Lots of snow, great boarding, and she's seeing lots of friends and hitting her old stomping grounds. She'll board all day tomorrow and then fly back on Monday. I miss her, it wasn't fun having a weekend without her!

Ok, I am off to bed, a bit earlier than usual but that's a good thing. I have piles of clothes on the bed that I meant to sort and put into the dresser but didn't get around to that so I've got some cleaning to do before I can crawl in...

Karen called me at 2am last night (or this morning I guess), she'd been sick on the plane and was miserable. I felt so bad for her! She was in Vegas and hadn't figured the right time difference so it surprised her that I had been sleeping. Ah well, what are sisters for? That said, tonight I'm shutting my phone off!!

I got up at 8:30 and was ready to go by 9 but by 9:45 I was still waiting for Bonnie. Turns out that someone had backed into her at her complex so her day was off to an awful start. She came over anyway and we hung a couple of things. not as much as I'd wanted though because we had differing opinions on what should go where and now I need another opinion. From here we lugged the chandelier out to her car and we drove separately to the consignment shop. There was construction so I took a detour. I was sure I knew where the road was going to go but all it did was take us on a really big loop and we ended up about a quarter of a mile further down the original road. She called and we couldn't even talk because we were both laughing so hard! After carrying the light into the shop we waited around for someone to help us. In the meantime a woman approached me and ended up buying the thing right there! That was cool, no need to bother with the consignment shop!! I think they were a bit upset (the shop that is) but we were all thrilled - they got it for half the price and I made a profit!! I had hoped there would be time for Home Depot but it was late enough that we just went our own way.

Work was a usual day. I was supposed to have a class tonight but they never showed. Turns out the prof must've been WAY off because he doesn't even teach a class on Thursday nights! I wasted a lot of time being nervous, pacing around while waiting, and then fuming about it.

Ingrid lent me the Two Towers extended version so I watched part of that tonight. I could barely stay awake but caught another wind and thought I'd post before I get tired again (which is just now starting to happen). I'm going to play with the squirrel for a bit and then go to bed. He's trying to eat solid food and it's really cute. He's kind of like a gerbil only unlike with gerbils, I'm not afraid of him biting me. It's going to be hard to give him back when Karen returns!

If I thought this little squirrel would stay friendly forever I'd try to keep him. He's the cutest little thing ever, even if he did pee on me tonight. Thankfully it was before he crawled up and sat atop my head for awhile. It's a good thing I didn't try to sneak him into work, Pat and Ethan kept dropping by my office.

Bonnie's coming by early tomorrow to hang some pictures and then to help me lug the chandelier to the consignment store. If there's time, we're going to swing by Home Depot and check out carpet. I really want to get it ordered soon but I have no clue about stuff like that - which kind will wear out fast, which color is best... Once I have that figured out I'm going to pick a paint color, paint the room, and then replace the carpet before buying a bed.

Work wasn't exciting, I kept busy today though. I had dropped John an e-mail in the afternoon and then couldn't stop checking my mail! I had my phone on in the evening (on silent of course) and I'm glad I did because sure enough, he called instead. His car broke down so he's off to buy a new one this weekend. Looks like we'll hit the beach together on Saturday and then I'll tag along for the test driving. I asked how last weekend was, he had been planning on going to Miami. He said that didn't pan out and that he didn't have the energy to talk about it, that it wasn't horrible and it wasn't great either. In the end, he had his freedom back. Which I believe means that he's single now. We agreed to talk later this week because he was tired and I had to get back to work. Hooray, he ditched his girlfriend! I can't wait to hear more about it, I hope he tells me the whole bit.

I finished LOTR, the extended version is just so cool! So much more to the story. Plus I get a kick out of documentaries that tell all the inside stuff. There are FIVE HOURS of extra stuff on there, I managed an hour before deciding I'd better just write this and go to bed. When I said Bonnie was coming early I meant it, she'll be here around 9. Must go get as much sleep as I can!

Wow, am I tired. We had to stay at work five minutes later than usual and I swear it just put me over the edge. The guy who stayed late will never be liked in my book.

It was a strange day at work, good I guess. Pat has decided that I should be in charge of deciding what gift books we'll be accepting, something she has always kept very much to herself. And since I didn't have much to do when I first got to work I was talking to Ingrid about moving the library. Pat seems to think that we don't need much planning but Ingrid and I are sure that it's going to take a lot of calculations to make sure that the books are put the on the new shelves as they should be. Anyway, there was confusion as to whether or not Ingrid was supposed to be doing the planning and I told her that I'd ask Pat what she knew about how many shelves we'd be gaining. I asked and Pat excitedly took me into her office, laid out the plans, gave me everything down to the inches. She expressed her pleasure that I wanted to take on the project (!!) and she liked that I was heading in the direction of really taking care of the collection. All because I was bored today. Well it's going to look great on my resume I guess, I'm finally getting some responsibility back! I'm happy about it all, just wary that Pat seemed so anxious to hand all of this to me. It should be interesting to see how it all goes, especailly once I'm busy with my regular work again! The day flew by so that was nice.

After work I went out to Dave's to see Karen before she left. Actually, I wouldn't have gone all that way just to see her, she wants me to take care of the squirrel until she's back!! I couldn't say no :) Pumpkin is the cutest little thing ever and he opened his eyes for the first time last night. So I'm loaded up with formula, seeds (just in case he needs solid food soon), a bigger cage, and plenty of clean towels. I was thinking about taking him to work tomorrow and keeping him in my office but I'm sure it would be the one day Pat would come in and she'd be sure to notice his smell. Oh, he just cried!! He makes the cutest peeps. Anyway, he doesn't need to eat as often anymore so he'll have to stay at home. Just as well, he would've distracted me (and all the girls) all day long.

Ok, I've got to go to bed. I need some serious sleep.

Another Monday down, I wish it was Thursday already. I'm ready for another weekend! Karen leaves for five days in Utah on Wednesday so I'm on my own. I hope to see lots of John but we'll see, I haven't heard from him today. I'm curious to hear how it went with his girlfriend but I don't want to ask either...

Yesterday wasn't exciting. Before work I ran to Kmart for an ironing board and some carpet cleaner. I then ironed and cleaned some spots on the carpet. I went right from work out to Karen's where we watched some Sex in the City, she'd rented a season. I don't really like that show when it's on tv but I'm hooked when I can watch more than one episode at a time! We talked to Mary a couple of times as we tried to arrange flights but prices have jumped this week so we're trying to decide how this will work best.

Today was uneventful. I sat around all morning and then sat around at work. Bonnie and I chatted for four hours straight in the evening. We just never run out of things to talk about. She wants me to rejoin match and she found a couple of guys for me - one of whom really did seem perfect. But I'm going to wait to see how the John thing plays out first. Tonight I came home and watched the extended version of LOTR which Ingrid lent to me. I only finished the first half, I thought I'd better break it into two parts. Then Diana called, hooray!! It was so nice to catch up and it didn't feel like she was 9364 miles away (as the crow flies).

Now I'm off to bed, must get my beauty sleep :)

I'm eating oatmeal that I kind of overheated a bit so it's very sticky. It's the kind for women with extra nutrients. I felt like I needed that tonight. No reason in particular.

Yesterday Karen called while I was in the shower to tell me that the marinelife center was going to release a turtle and that I should get down there right away to watch. Of course it was too late by the time I heard her message but I went right down to the beach anyway. I took a bit of a walk and stopped by the center to see what she was up to. Once she was done there she came over and we ate lunch before taking off. I do wish we'd gotten a better start but whatever. We had a very fulfilling day at the mall and I didn't spend as much as I thought I would (but then, I'd set my expectations really high just in case). I came away with 7 tshirts, 5 sweaters, 3 jeans, 2 button down shirts, 1 capris, 1 skirt, 1 pair of flip flops, and a surprising amount of new underwear because I just kept coming across pairs that I liked! Since Target is always the last store we hit, we were too tired to do it justice and we left with just the necessities (toiletries). It was just past 11 when we got home, it was pouring rain in town but thankfully the drive was dry. We stayed up just long enough to make a belated birthday call to dad before we went right to sleep!

This morning I slept in (10am) and didn't do too much other than take tags off of the clothes and do some laundry. At noon Diane and Leslie came over because I had a baby squirrel that she wanted to feed. Karen's fostering it for the sanctuary while it needs to be bottle fed. Very cute little thing!! They didn't stay too long and I left right after they did. I swung by the library so Bonnie could see the baby too and then took it back to the sanctuary because Karen wouldn't let me keep it all day. It was warm today, almost 85! I went to the beach and took a walk for awhile, stopping to watch the kite surfers. They catch the wind and sometimes they go flying up into the air for a full five seconds (doesn't seem like long until you watch them hang there, wondering if they're going to just keep going up!). I kept wondering if Steven was out there, that was his sport. I ran into Mike, I knew he was going to be there but wasn't really up for hanging out with him, he's been anxious to get together lately... does he want me back?? Well he's out of luck. Anyway, we chatted for a bit but he had one of his sister's dogs along and I left when he had to go chase her down. I spent some time making dinner, I made the pasta with asparagus again - enough for three lunches plus a filling dinner tonight!

I met up with Karen and two of her friends for 50 First Dates. It's a great movie, I give it two thumbs up. I was surprised to find myself near tears a couple of times but Karen said the same thing when it was over! Anyway, go see that one. Afterwards we went to the bar next door for a drink but it was hard to talk over the music with four of us, and we didn't really have much to say anyway so that was kind of wierd. Karen and I would've kept hanging out but we decided it was ok to call it an early night instead. I came home and chatted with dad for a bit, then finally got around to putting my things in the new dresser. Now I'm about to crawl into bed and I'm looking forward to the sleep!

I can't write much because I'm about to fall asleep. But I didn't want to not post either. It's been a crazy night.

I got up this morning and went to a nearby consignment shop with a pic of that chandelier to see if they'd sell it. It's so close that I decided to walk but you have to cross the little drawbridge. There's not really a sidewalk, just a 2 foot edge with a low rail and the actual drawbridge part is that steel mesh that you can see right through. Much scarier than I anticipated, especially when a semi went by and the whole thing was shaking! I think from now on I'll drive. Anyway, they'll take the light and expect it to sell for almost 300!! Wow, I think I'd get half of that so that's not bad, considering I didn't pay nearly that much for what I've got in it's place. As I was walking back Karen called from the beach to see if I could call in sick. I wish!! But Ethan's got a viral lunch infection so I knew he'd be out for the day. Instead I booked it home (a little less scary the other way) and went to the pool! I got in a good 45 minutes before I showered and went to work.

Nothing exciting at work, none of us have much to do right now, including Pat so we're all trying to pretend like we're busy but we know everyone else is pretending too. I had my phone on thinking that John would call again and sure enough he did, wanting to know if I was up for a drink. Guess he wasn't paying attention when I told him about my evening schedule. I said no and then went to tell Bonnie how disappointed I was that I had to work. After talking to her and Ingrid we all agreed that there was no need for me to be there! So I called him back and in an hour I ran home, changed and went over to his place. We sat there for a bit having a drink and then decided to go out. I took him to a cool bar that he hadn't been to and he was all excited with the huge beer selection. We stayed for a few drinks (well, he had a few, I had just one) and then went to another nearby bar where we found a table outside (it was almost 80 at 10pm!!) and had another drink. Turns out that his girlfriend is going to be in town this weekend, she has a job interview. He's not sure how he's going to end it but she's about to give her cats away because she knows he doesn't want them - and I told him that she'd hate him if she gave them away and then he broke up with her. Sooner the better - and I'll have you know that I'm not just saying that because I want him for myself!!

As the night went on he started getting affectionate again. I teased him about it but wasn't exactly shoving him off. I'm not trying to be that girl who does stupid things but there's something about this guy that I just cannot resist. I took him back to his place and stayed for just a bit before heading home. At the door he asked me to be patient, said that he really liked me (from the moment we first met in fact) and that he'd be single again soon. What he manages to do when he sees his girlfriend this weekend should determine whether or not he means that.

Ok, I've got to get to bed. Turns out Karen and I aren't leaving as early as I wanted to because she still wants to go volunteer at the turtle place. That means we're down to six hours of shopping instead of eight. I hope we can squeeze it all in!! More in the continuing saga of my life tomorrow...

I've seen a couple of armadillos on my way home from work recently. They were alive and everything. I guess I thought that TX was pretty much the only place to find them and isn't it said that they're only seen dead on the side of the road? Anyway, they sure are strange looking things.

John had called tonight but he didn't answer when I called back and he didn't try again. I had sent him a couple of pictures (the ones I just posted) and so we've been writing back and forth today. Hopefully it'll work to see him again this weekend. Have I already mentioned how much I'm looking forward to Friday when Karen and I head to the outlet mall? I actually dreamt about it last night, I was wandering around and one corner of the mall was all purple with multi levels and strange stores with nothing but fluffy sweaters. Anyway, of course Saturday is the dreaded holiday but I don't think it'll be too bad. At least I have Karen.

I haven't even started working on my next article for Ron, he's not going to be pleased. If this wasn't such a great opportunity to be published then I'd probably just tell him that I don't want to do it anymore. There's just no ambition in me! But I can't mess this one up, I've got to get at least six published and see where it goes from there.

While I'm thinking of it, I should quick do a bit of research before bed.

Ok, either my e-mail isn't working or no one wrote to me today. Not one message all day until Karen wrote tonight. Surely she isn't the only person to e-mail me. What's going on? I'm almost positive that Dave sent me a fwd and that didn't arrive either. I don't want to have issues.

I don't know how it happens but sometimes Karen leaves here wearing my shoes - without ever leaving a pair of hers behind. This morning I went to put on my brown shoes and they were gone so I was stuck wearing an uncomfortable pair instead because I only have two pairs of brown. I wrote her tonight and she replied that she's holding them at ransom until I make her dinner again. I just don't understand where her shoes go if she's wearing mine.

Bonnie and Ethan were both gone today so it was hectic, especially in the evening when Ingrid went on break and I was the only one left. All of a sudden everyone had a complicated question and I feel bad because I'm sure I could've done better if I'd had time! Tomorrow should be back to normal though.

Bonnie had called me this morning to chat, she just got back from a trip home to CT. Her dad has cancer and isn't expected to live much longer. She knew when she left that she wouldn't ever see him again. How sad is that? I just can't imagine it and I feel really bad for her. Plus things with her family are always a mess so that wasn't easy. I suspect we'll have lots and lots to talk about!

Ok, I'm off to bed. Someone keeps calling me from a private number but there's no one on the other end. Do I have a stalker? I finally just shut off my phone so it wouldn't ring in the middle of the night. Very strange.

They're doing construction on the highway to the West of me and I can hear the beeps of all the trucks. It took me awhile to figure out how to even get home because the street was blocked off and I'm not good with alternate routes around here. One of the workers sent me in the right direction, I've got to learn my way around!!

It hasn't been an exciting day. I was up at 9:30 for a phone call from Helen who wanted to know if I was still happy with my place. We chatted for a bit and then there was no point in going back to bed. I went to the grocery store mostly for water but figured I might as well pick up a few things while there. Next thing I knew it was time to head to work, the morning goes so fast. The day pretty much flew by, I had plenty to do and Diane and I e-mailed back and forth every five minutes so that was fun. I wish Bonnie had been in, the night isn't the same without talking to her! Plus it was busy and I felt bad making Ingrid help because she'd been at the desk for hours already. Before I knew it, it was 10 and we were leaving!

Karen called as I was driving home and she was pretty excited. The dates for Costa Rica through the marinelife center changed back to the 3rd week in May, which didn't work for Mary. We've decided not to go with the center but on our own instead. It actually ends up being a LOT cheaper and we can still find places that will let us volunteer with turtles (Mary doesn't want to touch any but she does want to help). Plus, we can add an extra day or two to the trip so we have a full week in the country. Karen's checking into different places we could go and we'll see what happens! I'm really looking forward to this.

I don't know what they're doing on the road out there but my whole place is shaking. Rattling is more like it. Hopefully it won't bother my sleep. I'm off to bed before it gets past 1, I've got to get a full nine hours!!

I love watching romance movies. Like Ever After and You've Got Mail, they were both on tonight. So now I'm feeling alone, single, and depressed about it. So I'm going to bed. I just wanted to write and say that I've put a couple of new pictures up. Some of the bedroom set in the one with pics of my place, and a couple in the 2nd FL one.

I can't get the stupid boy out of my mind. He woke up right before noon and we walked out together as I headed to work. It was kind of awkward, we were both tired and what do you say?? Anyway, I'm sure we'll e-mail later in the week. Stupid boy.

Sunday morning and not long before my work week starts. The weekend did feel long so that's good. Not that I'm ready to go back to work, but I feel like I managed to squeeze a lot in.

Friday I had to spend the whole afternoon waiting for the furniture to arrive. I paced around a lot but also managed to get a few things done - I painted some trim, organized in the spare room, cleaned in the bedroom before part of the floor would never be seen again (once they put it down, I'm not moving it!), and did a bit of laundry. Of course they were late but since they called to tell me that I managed to go out to the pool for about 45 minutes while I waited. That was nice, I have the start of this season's tan!! Once the set arrived I spent a lot of time just admiring it, I love it!! I'll post pictures soon. Karen and I had planned on going out but instead we just stayed here. I made a delicious meal (thanks for the help Erika!) and Karen was very impressed with how it came out. I have enough of everything to make it again this week so that's even better! We watched a movie since it was 10 before we were done talking over dinner - plus we'd finished off a bottle of wine so we were sleepy! Fine with both of us, a night in was just what we needed.

Saturday I got up and put on my swimsuit. The forecast said rain but I saw blue sky so I made for the beach while I could! I talked to Mary for a long time, sounds like things are good with her. She's still seeing Jason but they argue about politics a lot (he's a conservative, can you believe it???). Anyway, then I just enjoyed the sun, the surf was quiet for once and would've been perfect for swimming if it was just a bit warmer. John needed help at his place so I'd agreed to head over but by the time I was done at the beach he said there wasn't much for me to do there so I stayed home instead. I finished the trim in the entry (it took so many coats!), did more laundry, and started really scrubbing my grout. Then John called to say that he was headed to the nearby mall and I agreed to join him. He came over to pick me up, he's impressed with my place of course. We had a ton of fun at the mall, he was shopping for suits. Those things are expensive! Mostly it was nice to see him completely sober - perhaps the first time I'd seen him that way. We stayed there until Karen called to say she was on her way to my place to meet us for Mardi Gras.

We had a few drinks at my place knowing that it was going to be an expensive night out otherwise. John decided to not drink after that so that he wouldn't get drunk as always but that resolution only lasted until we'd been downtown for about 10 minutes. There were a ton of people out, bands playing along the street, vendors of all kinds, and of course tons of beads - but too many kids and families for any typical Mardi Gras craziness to be going on. We met up with Diane and Leslie for a bit, they were helping a friend who had a booth so we saw them on and off. John proceeded to get really drunk and put the moves on me again. I didn't mind :) but I could tell Karen was annoyed. He promised over and over to dump Charity for me but I suspect he won't remember that today. It was kind of like babysitting, one of us always had to have a close eye on him or he'd have wandered right off. One time we did lose him but found him at the closest bar meeting new people and taking more pictures. He was being a bit obnoxious by the end of the night and was getting on our nerves so we took him home. As in took him home with us. His car was at my place and there was no way he was driving anywhere. Thankfully he quieted down fast or Karen would've killed him since she had to be up early.

And now it's Sunday morning and I'm writing this as he's sleeping on the pullout right next to me. When I'm hungover I can't sleep in, I guess he's not that type. I've got another hour before I have to leave, I'm thinking about crawling back into bed myself! It's just going to be Ingrid and I this afternoon since Shannon's out for the day so I can't be late.

So that was my weekend. I don't know what to make of John but last night as I was falling asleep I had a lot of reason that I shouldn't like him. But I can't help it. If he was sober (and single) then he'd be perfect! I guess those are going to be two things that aren't likely to change though. Well we'll have to wait and see. Now I'm off to make lunch and may just catch a nap too.

Last night I had a dream about my coworker Diane who was talking about "Cherrios" which was her code word for money. We dug through a HUGE box of toilet paper and at the bottom were these smaller boxes all packed with large bills. The second half of the dream was frightening but that's all I remember of it, just that it scared me awake. It was 9:30 but I woke with such a start that I couldn't get back to sleep.

As long as I was up, I set off for the liquor store to see about the beer. I'm afriad it was a fruitless trip, it turns out (after further research) that there isn't a store in the state to carry Fat Tire, it's too far from the brewery. There goes that brilliant plan. As long as I was out on the town I went to the new Lowes store. It was huge and spacious but I couldn't find a thing I was looking for and there was no one around to help me out. So I left empty handed and that's probably ok too.

Pat wasn't in at all, that was nice! She had said she might be in so all afternoon we were on our toes. Ethan's still in vacation mode so he was laid back and not doing any work so that made it fun too. He's hoping to go back to Italy at the end of the month - which is great because now he can't hold anything against me for using any of my vacation time!

I had told John to call tonight so we could decide which night to go out on but I didn't hear from him. I think we'll end up going out tomorrow night though Karen wants it to be an early evening. Saturday night there's a MardiGras festival in downtown so he can join us for that if he wants to. And I'm also hoping that he'll be interested in going to the beach in the afternoon but we'll see just how much time he wants to spend with us/me.

Alright, I'm off to bed. I hope that this weekend feels long, I don't like it when they fly right by!

Well it has been a productive day for me, at least right up until I got home from work when I plopped down on the couch and didn't move for a few hours. I woke up at 9:15 to one of those automatic phone messages telling me when my bedroom set would be delivered. Friday between 11 and 3. I had hoped for some beach time but that kind of spoils it. Ok with me though, I'm so excited to have it!!! Anyway, as long as I was up and thinking about the bedroom, I found the ambition to finish painting in there. One wall needed a second coat and I didn't want to put if off any longer or it would never get done, especially if I had to do it around bigger furniture. That took most of my time but I also cleaned the floor and paid some bills. Seriously, who'd have thought that I'd turn into a person getting things done in the morning? I ran errands on the way to work and was 10 whole minutes early.

Yesterday there was a tiny lizzard in my inbox at work. The girls in the morning noticed it and they wondered why I'd put it there but it must've just died there overnight. Of all places, it crawls into the middle of my empty box and just dies. I moved it to Diane's box, she likes little dead things. So far I've given her three little dead lizzards and one dead frog the size of my fingernail. She's an artist, she likes those things :)

Have I already gone on and on about John? I forget if I included that in my post last night. My new plan is to amaze him with beer. He loves Fat Tire but he doesn't think he can get it down here. I'm pretty sure that the big store down the street carries it. The plan is to pick him up a 6 pack and he'll love me forever. He'll be able to picture me as the cool girlfriend who knows what he wants. Or something like that. Either way he'll enjoy the beer.

Ok, I'm off to bed. More to do tomorrow morning! I started a list so I could maximize my time :) I decided to have a housewarming party in early March no matter how much I've gotten done and that should kick me into gear!

I'm having eye twitches. And still with the unfulfilling yawns. This can't be good. I did get a lot of sleep last night but it hasn't cured me. I'm starting to think that I've been breathing in harmful things and that's causing this. First the poisonous grout and then the cellephane from the window tint (which cracks into dust when it's this old). I hope I don't die.

So I did finish the windows this morning, that was my big accomplishment of the week! It looks really good!! I washed the windows and vacuumed up all of the mess on the floor. The room looks great and it won't be much longer before my whole furniture set arrives (Friday) and it'll be a real bedroom!! I thought I was watching the time but next thing I knew it was 1 and I wasn't even dressed for work - but that's when I have to be out the door! Oops. I called to say I'd be late when I caught a drawbridge but I made it on time anyway without even speeding.

Work was so boring. I was trying to find things to work on but kept coming up empty handed. After dinner one of the students that I know stopped by my office for a quick chat. He wanted to know if I knew of anyone who would want a part time job doing word processing. 20 flexible hours a week for good pay. I told him that no one came to mind except for myself! I could use the extra money and now I have free time in the mornings... but working a 60 hr week? Forget it! If it was 12 I'd really consider it, three mornings a week and it's just typing things up, I don't think it's permanent, just a temporary project. Bonnie told me to ask him if we could both take the job, each working 10 hours. Well it gives me something to think about this week, he'll check in next Tuesday.

The whole John thing is on my mind a lot. Probably just for lack of other men to concentrate on at the moment. Turns out he's only going to Denver overnight so he'll be back this weekend and he wanted to know if we could get together. I thought Karen had to work on Friday night so I was thinking that it was the perfect way to see him alone, but she works in the afternoon. Not that I don't want her included but I don't want him to think of her and I as one unit, you know? So the plan is to go out with him whichever night works better for him, and either way I'll ask him to go to the beach with me on Saturday. He doesn't work, Karen does. Right now he and I are the ones e-mailing about plans and he's got my number in his phone from this weekend. Now if only we can squeeze that girlfriend out of the picture...

Alright, I'm heading to bed before the night gets away from me.

That tile and grout cleaner that I bought this morning isn't as great as it says it is. I'm quite disappointed. There was another choice, in fact a guy walking by recommended it to me, but it was mostly acid and required wearing goggles and a mask. So I bought the less hazardous one and apparently it's the less effective one. Ah well. I also bought a window scraper that has a razor blade on the end and it's working miracles on the bedroom windows! I haven't worked on getting the tint off in a long time but this morning it was almost fun! I should be able to finish it before work tomorrow! Turns out that every condo came with that tinting on all of the windows but I was lucky enough that someone else took it off the front windows before me.

I managed to get a lot of work done today, once I put my mind to it. I updated several websites, which I've been procrastinating for months now. In the evening I just sat around talking to Bonnie. Sometimes we feel bad for slacking so much when Ingrid catches us but mostly we don't care. We would've finished up early but a few people just wouldn't leave until 10. Turns out that over two weeks in April we're going to have to stay open until midnight for students, that's right over exams. I'm nominated to stay the extra two hours. I think that won points with Pat which was perfect because I mentioned taking time off in May and it wasn't an issue!!

Tonight I came home to a flooded fridge for the second time in two weeks. Karen was here and she didn't snap the water thing back in place so it dripped out a ton of water. Cleaning it was the last thing I felt like doing after work. Then I stepped outside to hang all the wet kitchen towels over the chair on the patio and I forgot that it was still wet from the rain so I soaked my socks. You know how sometimes you just try to stay calm when you're really frustrated? It was like that.

Now I'm heading to bed so I can get a ton of sleep!! I'm still having unfulfilling yawns and I'm hoping that a solid 9 hours will cure that!

Alright, so I didn't post as soon as I said I would. I couldn't log in from work and didn't think about it again until I crawled into bed last night.

I had the feeling when I woke up this morning that I should just go right back sleep. My second woodrow lesson was supposed to be at 9 but that didn't work out. Last week he mentioned that he was switching hotels to one on the interstate but the one he named doesn't exist anywhere in that vicinity. I was so disappointed, we were going to learn chords! I had called all hotels around that intersection without luck but I drove to the most promising one, which wasn't it either. To justify the trip I went to Home Depot once I'd given up. I bought stuff to clean the grout with, I have a few spots that need to be scrubbed and then I have to seal the floor. Not exciting but it was probably the least expensive trip there yet!

On Friday I did go to visit Karen at the marinelife center for awhile and watched her feed the turtles. Then I took a long walk on the beach, it was cloudy but the ocean was beautiful so I enjoyed myself. I dinked around the house for the rest of the afternoon and scraped some wallpaper. In the evening I ended up going out to Karen's with a frozen pizza and some beer. Her friend Melissa came over and we watched Bowling for Columbine, which Karen hadn't seen before. We talked a lot of politics but it wasn't a late night which was a good thing.

Karen stayed with me that night because we had to be up at 7:30 to get ready for Race for the Cure! We all carpooled, Diane, Leslie, and Ingrid picked us up and off we went. It was cloudy and damp but thankfully it didn't rain until we were almost done with our walk. It was fun, there were something like 17,000 people there. Bonnie is having girl "issues" and wasn't comfortable walking very far so she came to say hi and to watch us start off but that was the last we saw of her. After getting back to the car we ran into an unexpected problem of getting out of the parking garage. In a half hour we didn't move at all, in the next half hour we moved literally 15 feet, and thankfully enough people must've called the police (which I wouldn't have thought of) because in the next half hour we managed to get out. It was a pay garage and that's what was taking so long until the police made them just open the gates. We went to Krispy Kreme to celebrate our release from parking garage hell :)

Since it was so rainy we postponed the trip to Miami until there was better weather. Instead Karen and I went out to lunch and then to a matinee of Mystic River which I thought it was good. In the evening we met up with John, he wanted to go out for dinner before hitting the bars. It was fun seeing him again, he's really cool. We did get a few things straightened out. Turns out that he and his girlfriend have only been together for 3 months and he doesn't want her moving down here. He told her that and they're still trying to figure out what to do because she's pretty insistant. He wants his new place to himself for awhile and doesn't want to support her (and her cats) until she finds a job. After dinner we went to the Cheesecake Factory for dessert! That was delicious of course. We had little alcoholic drinks too and the waitress carded us. John didn't want to tell us how old he was but we asked her what year he was born in and she said 1969. Whoa! We thought he was 27-28 but he's 35! It was his birthday this past week so for the rest of the night we celebrated it. From there we went up to a nearby bar where we danced a bit and met a few other people. John can turn strangers into friends faster than I've ever seen before. He also whipped out the camera again so there should be more good pictures to see sometime! I swear that John wasn't drinking any more than Karen and I were but he seemed to get drunk really fast which is always entertaining to a point and then you just start to feel like you have to take care of the person, you know? We always had to keep an eye on him! Anyway, we're dancing and Karen head to the ladies room and next thing I know, he's kissing me. That came as a surprise! I doubt he remembers that though. I haven't mentioned it to Karen or anything but I do really like him. We had planned on being home by 12:30 but we didn't leave the bar until 1. Since he was in no shape to drive, we went back to where we'd left our car and Karen drove him home while I followed. He insisted that we tour his new place, which is nice but seems very very small with all of these piles of boxes everywhere! It was pretty late by the time Karen dropped me off, she had to drive home since she forgot to leave work clothes at my place. She had to work at 8am, that must've been hard! But it was worth it, we need more nights out on the town like that.

Sunday was boring, nothing to tell about that. And now I should start thinking about what to make for my lunch and maybe I can get a few things done around here before the whole morning disappears.

Do you ever get that thing where you yawn a lot but they're the most unfulfilling yawns ever? I've got that going on tonight. Yawn after yawn.

I know it just says West Wing on the side there but I have to admit that I've seen at least 2, if not 3, West Wings every day this week. Gotta love Bravo and it's reruns. I can catch one or even two before work and one in the evenings too. In fact now that I think about it, I saw 4 episodes today and could've watched 5 if I wanted to stay up for another hour - 3 on tv and two on tape (I left one recorded one for tomorrow). I'm hooked.

My perfectly planned party this afternoon was spoiled when Pat walked in the door at 2. I was running late because I swang by the grocery store to get milk for the cookies so I only enjoyed 25 minutes of it all. We had oreos, chocolate chip cookies, pretzels, chips, spinach dip, crackers, shrimp coctail, candy, spritzers, and the milk. You should've seen how fast we made it all disappear, it was an amazing show of teamwork. I think we're still wondering where some of it was stashed, one box of crackers hasn't been seen since. We all spent the rest of the afternoon extremely depressed that our happy day was ruined. Thank goodness Pat was at least in a good mood. But still, my day of eating was ruined! You can bet that the minute she walked out the door Bonnie, Ingrid and I all ate our hearts out.

Have I mentioned my neighbor? His name is Ed and I've only met him once, back when I had my "interview" with the association to live here. Well I've seen him from across the parking lot a couple of times and he looked really cute (which I don't remember from the meeting but that was in Nov when other men were on my mind). Anyway now I'm trying to see him up close but so far no luck. I've seen some of his friends, and he's got lots of friends, but we always miss each other. So tonight I skipped out on two hours of work to attend the annual meeting and I'm the first to admit that mostly I just wanted to go just to have a look at him, along with being interested in the building budget (costs are going up, ugh). But he was the one person not in attendance, he's on the board so I figured he had to be there, but his aunt died this morning so he was gone. Perhaps he'll always remain a mystery but it seemed like getting in with a guy who has so many friends was a really good idea so I'm going to keep plugging away at it.

Alright, now it's 2 and I swore that I was going to be in bed a long time ago. That'll solve the problem of the yawns. Tomorrow I'm going to visit Karen at the turtle place again in the afternoon and hit the beach for a bit. In the evening we're going to see a movie but we haven't decided on which one yet. Hopefully it'll be a good weekend!

It's done, I sent the article to Ron about a half hour ago. Whew, another one down. I finished it up at work tonight and had Bonnie proof it before we left. I'm never happy with how they end, I've got to stop being in such a rush by the last paragraph! Otherwise I think it's pretty good.

Yesterday is a blur, I'm pretty sure that it wasn't at all exciting. Today was much of the same. I was up late writing last night so I slept until 10 today and only got up then because I had plans. I went to the wildlife sanctuary at 11:30 to meet up with Karen, some friends of the family are in FL for the month and they wanted to take us out to lunch. We went to a burger place that was pretty cool and I was excited to see a gardenburger on the menu too! It was nice, we had plenty to chat about and it's just always good to see people from home. After lunch we went back to the sanctuary where Karen gave them a tour. I had to leave after about 5 minutes in order to get to work on time. I was late so I guess I should've left sooner!

They day wasn't too exciting, it was hectic feeling and I don't think I got too much done. I spent little time in my office but I wasn't talking to Bonnie or Diane too much either. Tomorrow will be really fun, Pat is going to be gone for the whole day and Ethan is in Italy so we're having a little party! We're each bringing snack food and so far we have cookies, m&ms, spinach dip, brownies, and chips lined up. I haven't decided what to bring yet though right now I'm considering oreos and milk. I'd rather use something that I've already got (like oreos) but you know how they get in your teeth so that could just be trouble. Or really funny, whichever.

I just got off the phone with Ron, he was supposed to call me right back at about 10:15 and three hours later I hear from him! Always so good to talk to him. He's still got a girlfriend but we're planning on seeing each other in May at the same diving show that we met at last year.

Ok, time for me to get to bed. I keep staying up later and I don't want to fall back into my old schedule.

Ok, I'm doing everything except working on my article, which is really the only priority that I should have tonight. I promised Ron he'd have it in the next 3 days before he leaves for Holland. Must get my butt in gear or else. I can say that but I'm still sitting here doing this instead of working!

Sunday isn't really worth mentioning, it was very average with little to note. Today I got up at 8am and went for my first woodrow lesson! What fun! I've been practicing a lot so I was ready for it. There were three of us plus the instructor and we were all at the same level so that was good. I learned how to slide and how to hammer, along with strumming and tuning. Oddly enough I've got it all down except for the strumming part, I'm very awkward at that. We spent an hour working on things and we'll all meet again next week at the same time. I practiced a lot tonight and if this keeps up I'm going to go pro soon :)

Work was boring for most of the day. I had to give an instruction session tonight and it turns out the class was double the size that I'd been expecting! 30 instead of 15, yikes. Mike was among the students, which threw me off a bit. I talked pretty fast and have no idea if what I said made any sense to them. When I left work there was a note on my car that said "I never knew you were such a good public speaker :)" which must've been from Mike but that made me smile.

Tonight I intended to write my article, hoping to finish it, but I haven't actually looked at it yet. There was a West Wing rerun to watch and I talked to Karen on the phone and now I'm doing this instead. Now I'm exhausted and want to crawl into bed and I'm not good about doing things like this in the morning... I hope that I can do what needs to be done! And I hope that next time I don't procrastinate for so long. Hmmm, that's probably what I've hoped every time. And so goes life.

Ok, I've got two days to catch up on. I just couldn't post last night, it was too late and I was very ready to crawl into bed by the time I got home! Tonight I'm working on the article, which makes me sleepy, so I thought I'd better post or I'll let another day slide.

Yesterday I was up at 10 and went to work scraping off old wallpaper. It's coming along very slowly but I'm anxious to get the whole project out of the way as soon as possible. Karen called at 1 and came over right after that, she'd been volunteering with the turtles. She was all excited about this trip that they're offering to Costa Rica to work with turtles where you stay at this beautiful resort. Now I'm all excited too because I've always wanted to go there, so we're actually thinking about it. In fact, if we can arrange it right, Mary may be able to join us! Cool!!

Anyway, at 2 Karen and I left for the fair. I was a bit worried about leaving so early since we planned to stay until it closed at 10 but Karen was ready to hit the road. I'm so glad we left when we did, we had such a blast!! And it turns out it was open until 12 but we left at 11 - that's NINE full hours at the fair, my legs are still aching! We wandered through the expo buildings first, looking at this huge sand scupture, crafts, sampling food, collecting free information, and spinning all the prize wheels. I won a canvas bag that came in really handy for the rest of the day! I didn't realize that they have 4-H down here but we went through those buildings as well. I swear it said that the biggest squash in the state would be on display but I couldn't find it anywhere. From there we went and bought cotton candy and looked at some of the rides, which were too expensive to tempt us. We went through yesteryear village that was full of homes from all fo the different ages in Florida. We went past a booth there where they tell you free stories, Karen's friend had said that they sit you down and tell you random stories about themselves (it was all old people). We were quite dismayed to find out that they were actually preaching sessions where they demand to know if He's in your heart. You can imagine how pleased I was but it gave us something to joke about for the rest of the day (and Karen has already corrected her friend). We wandered through the arcade and ate some roasted corn and fried cheese, then we had corn dogs and curly fries with cheese that we decided to eat in the nearby bingo hall. We figured we might as well play, it costs a buck for a card that has three games on it. Before long I had BINGO!! Turns out you win money, we thought it was cheap bead necklaces so that was a bonus! The very next game Karen won, we kept on playing with all of our cash :) It was mostly old people working there except for a younger guy who was really cute and he just looked really really nice. Anyway, eventually we left so we could wander around a bit more. We went through all of the buildings again to see what we'd missed the first time and to just enjoy the crowds since by now it was packed. We ended up playing bingo again but we didn't win so we left after three games and circled the whole fair again. I bought some green beens from the farmers market and we ate caramel apples. Back at the craft place we picked up our pickles that we'd bought earlier, I had purchased some pickled green beans that are surprisingly tasty! We also bought some dip mix and some little bamboo shoot plants (I killed my other ones). Then we found this little booth where a guy was selling an instrument he called a woodrow and after thinking about it for awhile, I bought one! It's like a banjo only not nearly as complicated - and I've always wanted to play the banjo!! Anyway, after giving it some thought, I decided to see about asking the bingo boy out. I mean, it's not often down here that I see someone that I think is worth going out with, you know? We had to circle around a few times because I kept changing my mind and when I finally did march in there, he was gone! I didn't realize how late it was, it was just before 11 and that was the last bingo game. I did go in and ask the woman at the front, who recognized me, if he was gone for the night and she said yes, also mentioning that he had a girlfriend. So it's just as well that he wasn't there or I would've just felt stupid for asking him. And this way I get points for even having the guts for it! Karen and I, at long last, left the fair.

Pictures of it are already online! I just added them to the more of FL album along with a few from when we met John and also just a couple of Blowing Rocks park. Wasn't I speedy on that one?

Today hasn't been exciting. I was up at 10 again and mostly just did e-mail and read the news for the morning. I went to the beach around noon for a couple of hours, that was really nice. A lot of people were out in swimsuits but I was there jeans with a sweatshirt around my waist!! I thought it was kind of cool out and it always seems colder at the beach. I just walked up the shore, back down the other way, and then back up to the car. I got more sun than I thought, my chest is a bit red in the v-neck shape of my tshirt! I spent the afternoon working on the wallpaper and also on the article, which is coming along pretty well. I wish I could just shoot them out a little faster but I'm a slow writer! I did resist the urge to sit in front of the tv for the evening though.

I talked to Mary for a bit tonight, she was getting ready for her second date with Jason. He sounds like a really nice guy. I guess before they met for the first time they were talking about how neither of them had had a match date and laughing about what would happen if they met and didn't like each other. When he came to pick her up he brought her two gifts - a little fake pager that she could use as an excuse if it went off and a guidebook to New Orleans with a map so that if she decided to run away at least she'd know where she was going. Isn't that sweet?? He's a true southerner and is always opening the car door and getting her chair. He admitted that it was hard for him to not stand up every time she got up or sat down at the table. I like the sounds of him. Tonight they were going to make dinner together at his place, Mary was looking forward to that. I hope it works out!!

Anyway, after a few phone calls (thanks for calling Erika!!) Karen showed up at my door to see if I wanted to go get a bite to eat, it was too late to go to the movie like we'd hoped. I'm broke because of her. We went to a nearby sports bar and just had appetizers and drink but it adds up so fast. She didn't stay any longer than that so now I'm home again and am still procrastinating work on the article. Now I'm ready for bed and might as well get to sleep while I'm tired! Wow, this was a long entry.

Alright, I've got to start doing this earlier in the evening. I just finished some work on my next article, which should've been sent off to Ron a week ago. Ah well, hopefully I can be done in another few days and will get it off soon. Did you know there are 81 species of whales? He wanted me to write about them in general but it's not easy when there are that many! Seems like almost everything good that I find is on one particular species and that's making it difficult.

Today was a usual day at work. Lots to do so that made time fly right by. We had a mind-numbing meeting that only ended because Pat was going home, otherwise I'm sure it would've dragged on for hours. We would've been able to leave early but Bonnie is always trying to finish her work at the very last minute so we left late instead. I mean it's only one minute but still, we were ready to go a record 8 minutes early tonight and then she dawdled. Is that how you spell that? I came home, had reheated pizza and watched a West Wing rerun on bravo. Now I'm ready for bed.

Tomorrow Karen and I are going to the fair!! I know, it's crazy that the fair is in January. Hopefully it will be another nice day, it was in the mid-70s today. We're expecting to eat cotton candy, caramel apples, pickles on a stick, and any fried food that we can find, along with seeing FL's biggest squash and hopefully finding a petting zoo too. I'll be taking my camera! It closes at 10, I think we'll end up staying until the very end and then just going home instead of hitting the town. We may go out Saturday night instead.

That reminds me that I wrote to John today, the guy we met at the bar two weeks ago. We'd told him last weekend that we were going to e-mail and stalk him until he sent us the pictures so I dropped him a note. He wrote back to say that he's in Denver today and is driving all of his stuff down over the weekend, he finally found a place to live. He wants to see us next weekend. Should be interesting, we'll see what's up with him and the girlfriend. Of course I'm hoping that's over because I'd like to get my hands on him :) Anyway, turns out that Karen also wrote him tonight and said pretty much what I'd said to him!! We're like psychic sisters, only not really because otherwise we would've coordinated our efforts.

I'm off to bed. Happy Friday!

As much as I like my new morning schedule (bet you never expected to hear that out of me), I don't like being tired at midnight. I wish I could live on four hours of sleep, that would be perfect.

My morning started off with air in my pipes so that when I sleepily flushed the toilet it started making loud noises and I flew four feet into the air and dashed for the safety of my living room. Yikes, I hope that doesn't happen too often. I had hoped to sleep until 10 but a garbage truck and some leaf blowers put an end to that and I was out of bed by 9. I did a bit of laundry and spent several hours pulling at the old wallpaper in the master bath. Karen scored it so well that we can't just plaster over it because if any mosture gets to the wall then it could cause bubbles in the plaster or chuncks could fall off later. Besides, I'm such a picker/peeler that I like finding little bits to grasp and to see how much I can get off in one piece. Tomorrow I can use the spray to loosen the remaining layer of paper and the glue.

Work wasn't too exciting. Pat is making some stupid executive decisions that I hope to battle at the meeting tomorrow. Our videos and dvds are in alphabetical order and they have been since the very first one arrived years ago. Well she didn't know that (happens when you sit in your office all day and never help at the desk) so she mis-shelved one of the dvds. She has now decided that everything should be put in call number order. The call numbers on these things are are very detailed and it would seriously make it hard for us to keep them in any sort of order - students certainly couldn't ever figure it out. But now her pride is on the line and it's likely she feels that she can't back down from it. Ugh. That said, she was in a really good mood today and gave us all key lime pie. I did manage to get a lot of work done today and spent lots of time answering questions which was really nice. I like the hands on stuff with individual students. I also spotted Dr. Stupid but I was on the phone so I didn't get to do more than say hello. He hasn't shaved lately and he just looks so much less attractive with a beard. You'd think that would make me like him less but I suspect that when he shaves I'll just be in worse shape than before because he'll look twice as cute. Whatever.

Mary had a match date tonight!! She said that it went really well, they went out to dinner and just talked the entire time. They've already made plans to see each other again on Saturday night! I don't know if it's anything romantic or just friends but we'll see. I'm sure my parents are thrilled though!! She took her profile down already, her free time is up and she decided not to join. Instead she's going to put the money into a night of speed dating with a friend. Karen and I have considered doing the same thing here!

Ok, I'm going to get ready for bed before it gets any later. Have you all read up on Clark? I'm waiting for feedback. He gives me hope because I think military men would vote for him. We have a family friend who leaves for Iraq this week and over Christmas we asked if he was going to vote for Bush and he said that he and his team would vote for whoever offered to pay them the most and who promised to get them home the fastest. Um, I don't think that would be Bush... the stupid lying environment hating corporate loving deficit exploding anti choice pro oil anti freedom bomb building media controlling war starting no exit strategy idiot :)

Ok, we're on a three day roll here! I'm exhausted and have got to go to bed soon or I'll just sleep right here!

I got up at 9 knowing that both Sears and the cable guy were going to be by before noon. Of course it turns out that the cable guy came at 11:30 and Sears didn't come until 12:30. But I now have a working jack in the front room and he figured out what the mysterious cord sticking randomly out of the wall was too (a cable cord that looked like just a regular cord, I almost stuck it back in the wall and platered over it!!). Now my cable/wireless modem is in the front room and the bedroom looks better already. Sears came and put the new stove into place and hauled away the old one! Suddenly I have all of the space where the new stove had been sitting for so long. The kitchen looks better and also is more open, though there's a big spot of white wall that I've got to get painted.

I made it to work with seconds to spare because even though I'd been up I didn't want to get dressed until everything was taken care of. I plowed through some work but was really nervous about my evening presentation so I spent a lot of time talking to the girls and Ethan to get my mind off things. Pat was gone (obviously or I wouldn't have been talking so much) she returned right as I was going to lunch. Marilee had brought in these really good cookies and I ate so many that by 6 I was not feeling so hot. Seriously, too many cookies. At 7:15 I had 14 business students in front of me and the presentation went really well. For once I didn't speed it up too much, I actually did talk for the full half hour. Normally I finish in half the time I plan for. The rest of the evening was spent talking politics with Ingrid and catching up with Bonnie. Not exactly a productive day but I've got lots to do for tomorrow so I'm hoping that flies by too!

Otherwise nothing of interest to report. I spent the night watching tv and staring at the new stove. I used it to make tuna casserole (I'm not buying tuna anymore but had a can from a few months ago), a change-up from the usual spaghetti.

Ok, off to get some sleep. I think I'll sleep in tomorrow!

Ok, we're on a roll with two entries in a row! They both have the same date because I'm actually writing this before midnight. I hope to be in bed soon so thought I'd get this written!

I've had a productive day and am exhausted. I got up at 9:30 (had to set my alarm for that or I would've slept in) and arranged for Diane and Leslie to come at 1. I went to Home Depot and bought cement, grout, a trowel, and a tile sponge. I cleaned up all of the grout that I'd removed yesterday and then ended up on the phone with Mary until Diane and Leslie arrived. Once the three of us were working on the floor it went pretty fast. Ok, I mostly stood back and watched! It took some work but the tiles came out cleanly without damaging any of the others (whew). By far the hardest part was to lift the stove out since there was no room to move and it had to be lifted a half inch up to get over the tile. Once that was done we put towels under the feet and slid it into the living room. Then I cleaned up the old floor before Diane put down the cement and we both centered the tiles. And that was it! We had to let the cement dry before putting the grout in so we decided I could do that in the evening. It was about an hour and half after arriving that they took off. I don't know what I would've done without them!

Since it hadn't taken as long as I expected, I was happy to have more time in the afternoon to myself. I was going to head to the beach but right as I was going to change into shorts it started to rain so that was the end of that. Instead I finally organized my bathrooms, the counters have been full of everything and at last I cleaned up the drawers and filled the medicine cabinet so things look really good. I organized everything on the wet bar, put a few pictures in frames, and cleaned up in the kitchen. Karen called and we made plans for dinner. We were hoping to see 50 First Dates (or First 50 dates, whichever) but it turns out it hasn't come out yet! Instead she drove over here and we ate at a restaurant down the street. The food wasn't as good as we'd been told but they did have this oatmeal pie that was amazing for dessert. Karen and I are acting like we're rich, we'd better cool it soon. She came over for a bit to use the computer since hers is slow and then left around 10.

By then I was in the middle of grouting the floor. I read the instructions on the bag and was very dismayed to see that CA had deemed the product to be cancer causing!!! I'd gotten grout dust all over me when lugging it to the car this morning and it had leaked here and there in the apartment. I looked all over for my little face mask but I haven't seen it since I moved in so I just had to open the windows really wide and try not to breathe! It took me a while to get it to look right but just under and hour later I was very proud to see that I'd done a pretty good job!! I was thrilled that I wasn't doing more than four tiles though, I wonder how the person who did this whole place could've managed! Tomorrow Sears is scheduled to be here between 10 and noon so unless there's an unforseen problem I'm finally going to get my new stove in place! At this point I'm not ruling out the unforseen though :)

Next up: new carpet in the front room. What's in there has to go, the sooner the better. And I figure that I saved money by doing the kitchen floor myself. My parents and Mary are probably going to be visiting over Easter and I want it in place before they arrive which gives me some time. Dad's offered to pay for a bed for that room, it's cheaper for him to buy me a bed than for them to stay in a hotel for a few nights! I can't complain! Also up soon is plastering the bathroom walls. Once I have those two things done then I'll have a housewarming party but I'm not having official visitors until that's all taken care of.

Alright, almost midnight and I'm about to turn into a pumpkin. The cable people are also coming tomorrow to check into why two of my three jacks aren't working so I've got to make sure I get enough sleep even if they end up coming at 8am. Geez, listen to me! 8am doesn't even scare me right now. How things change...

I've got to stop it with the online personals. That is not where I'm going to find the answer. It's depressing too. I went to yahoo to have a look around and everyone starts to look the same. Steven was on that one, though not active recently. His profile isn't on match anymore. The yahoo one says he's divorced, which is surely news to me. He mentioned a long relationship (8yrs) but no word about marriage. It's possible he's just not talented with pull down menus, we may never know.

Dr. Stupid was in and out of the library today, that was the first time I'd seen him on a Sunday. He looked really good in a black tshirt and a sheepish grin as he admitted that he'd forgotten to renew all of his books and was facing a huge fine. He was in looking for a book that he was sure he returned but isn't on our shelves. I wish I didn't like him anymore. Or I wish that he liked me :)

Yesterday I went to see Karen at work with Diane, who wanted to take pictures of vultures for her next art project. Karen gave us the grand tour so that was fun! Then I went home and worked on removing the grout from around the tiles in front of the stove. I bought the grout tool and the guy at Home Depot said it was as easy as everyone else had told me, you just pull it along and grout practically jumps out of place. Well I must've been doing it wrong then because it took me forever but it's finally done. Tomorrow Diane and Leslie are coming to help me break the tile up and pull out the old stove. Then we'll put the new tile in and Sears is scheduled to come on Tuesday and put the new one into place. I wonder how it will go, hopefully smoothly!! Anyway, after getting the grout out I cleaned myself up and met Karen, Diane, and Ingrid for dinner. We went to Too Bizarre for dinner and ate on couches. It's odd that I go out and eat off of a coffee table when that's what I do every night at home! From there we went to see if any movies were playing but we all have such different taste that we ruled that out. We would've gone to a bar but Ingrid doesn't drink so we ended up at a pool hall. Ingrid had never played pool before so we tried to teach her, she was doing really well by the end but I don't think she was really having any fun. We stayed for three games but it was kind of obvious that she was ready to leave. So we went back to where the cars where and split up. Karen and I didn't want to go home so we went back to a cool little bar nearby and had a couple of drinks before calling it a night.

Friday was a good day off. I went to see Karen at the Marine Life Center where she's volunteering on Fridays. After saying hi and meeting a few of the staff I went across the street to the beach. The sun was shining and the water was lit up so beautifully, one of the prettiest times I've ever seen it. I walked up the shore for awhile before heading home. Once Karen was off work we had lunch and then went to MacArthur Park where I'd been hoping to see sharks but it was too late in the afternoon so we just walked the beach instead. Can't get enough of the beach!

After running out to Karen's place to feed the cats we went out for sushi at a nearby restaurant and that was really tasty. Then we got ready for a night on the town! After much deliberation over what to wear (on Karen's part, not mine), we headed down to the same bar we went to last weekend. We found the perfect parking spot, sometimes that's all it takes to make the night great! We knew John was going to be there again because he'd replied to Karen when she sent him some pictures. Did I mention that I took pictures before we said goodbye? Anyway, we spotted him when he arrived but he was with a girl so we just sat back and watched what was going on for awhile. To make a long involved story short, it turns out she's his serious girlfriend who's moving down here two weeks from now to be with him, though they've never even lived in the same state. If she hadn't come out and told us I'm sure we still wouldn't know because he was playing it up to be no big deal. So either he's a scumbag or the girlfriend is about to be dumped. She said he's waited to go apartment hunting until they could go together, he told us that he'd found himself a nice little place nearby with a great view. It was so strange. We rarely talked to them at the same time because he was playing beer pong so we stood there talking to her while he did that, and he'd come over to talk to Karen and I whenever she went to the bathroom. Odd. We're still trying to figure it out. We left just after midnight and we went straight to bed since Karen had to work in the morning.

Alright, now it's just past 2 and I've got to get to bed!! The problem is that when I stay up late I don't sleep in late so I'm getting a lot less sleep than before. That can't be healthy :) I swear that I'm going to try to get back into the habit of posting on a daily basis!!

Oh and I've decided to support Clark for president. Check out this article that Michael Moore wrote about him.

I'm worked up again. Bush has me sooooo mad. I've just never hated anyone like I hate him. The news has me heartbroken and I can try to stay positive about this year's election but things just aren't looking good. My dad says that the past 4 years flew by and the next 4 will too, that we'll survive and then work harder to undo all of Bush's devestating mistakes. But I'm not so sure. Strip mining in the Appalachians, oil explorations in Alaska, draining the Superfund yet building more nuclear reactors, spending the Social Security fund, starting more wars, building more bombs... these things cannot be undone. My heavy heart and I are headed into another slump.

What I've done about it: Joined the Sierra Club yesterday. Gave money to Moveon.org so that they can play their Bush in 30 Seconds videos during the Superbowl along with a commercial break of the State of the Union. I read up on the latest environmental news at ENN and linked from there to sign more petitions at Save Our Environment. It's not much but what are YOU doing??

Augh, it's almost 2am!! Must get some sleep! Tomorrow I want to run to Barnes and Noble where Bonnie's Christmas gift has been sitting for awhile now. She wanted all of the answers so I ordered The Book of Answers! Hopefully it looks like a good book or else I'm really out of luck. I don't wanna go to work tomorrow, I wish it was the weekend already.

I guess once I let a day or two go I just can't seem to get caught up! And I'm not going to post now either because I'm going to bed. But I wanted to say that there is finally a photo album online of the new place! I painted the entry today so I'll have to add new pictures soon. I like the color until I turn on the hall light and then it's just this horrible shock of neon yellow. With the light off it looks really nice. I'll have to see how it looks in daylight tomorrow to determine whether or not I'll keep it. I hope it looks good since it took me all day...

Oh alright, as long as I'm on a roll. The week wasn't too bad. I was right and I had an ear infection. Pat suggested only working half days but then Ingrid got sick so I let her go instead. Getting back on schedule wasn't hard but I'm trying to figure out how I want this to go. Being in bed by midnight gives me little time for dinner, tv, and relaxing, let alone for e-mailing and doing everything else I used to do at night. So we'll see. Friday Karen and I spent the day together. We went to a nearby cafe for lunch, we're trying new places. Then we went in search of a stretch of beach with limestone rocks (Blowing Rocks) that I saw in the guidebook that Erika gave me! Well the directions in the book were horrible and we drove a LONG ways before realizing it. On our way back to town we saw a nature center so we stopped and walked their little nature trail, which wasn't very impressive but it was a beautiful day so we made the most of it. We got directions from the gift shop people (who don't see many visitors I think) and we went in seach of the rocks. Eventually we made it, even though we were sure we were lost again. The rocks are right along the beach and in storms the water shoots out of the holes. It was a lot of fun to explore and I hadn't been to the beach for over a month! After that we went out to her place to feed the cats and then I wanted to go furniture shopping so I dragged Karen to the two big stores (with a kwik stop at krispy kreme!). At the second store I fell in love with a bedroom set and bought it. A bed, 2 nightstands, and a dresser with a mirror. For any interested persons you can see it here. I just adore it and am sad but they were out of stock so I don't get it for a month yet. The padded material is like suede and will go perfectly in the room.

Despite having had a busy day we decided to go out on the town. We went to the main street in downtown and found a bar that was just packed. It was such a meat market, I had forgotten what that was like! We found ourselves a good spot and just watched the people. Before we were about to leave we met two guys and talked to them for a bit. They were heading up the street so we went with since that's where the car was. We made a stop at Sloan's where the cool bathroom is. John was so excited, he took a million pictures! I didn't even realize it but my camera was in my bag or I wouldv'e taken a few myself! Anyway, we agreed to put a bit more money in the meter and we went to a dance club with them. Ladies night here means you can drink for free and we were excited until we found out that vodka tonic or vodka cranberry were the only two choices. We danced for awhile and then Karen and I decided it was time to head home. We exchanged numbers and e-mails so hopefully I'll get those pictures! One of the guys was going back to IN, he had helped John move down here but John was interested in seeing us again since he didn't know anyone in the area. That would be fun, he was really cool. Probably too young for me which is just as well since Karen seems to like him.

Today I painted all day and then tonight I went out with Bonnie and James (one of her two serious boyfriends) to a movie. We went to see Big Fish, which I hadn't been interested in but it was actually pretty good. Of course having low expectations always helps. It's really cold here tonight so I'm looking forward to crawling into my warm bed. I've even got flannel pjs on!

I'll try to get back into my posting routine!

This must be the record for the earliest I've ever posted! I wasn't thinking about it last night but have extra time this morning so thought I'd grace everyone with an entry. And hooray to Diana for posting!!! I was very excited to see that and I'm anxiously waiting for more!

I've got a doctor appointment in two hours and am curious to find out what they'll say. It's likely that I'll be heading to work right after that because I can pretend that it's something catchy but I know it isn't. It's probably just an infection of some sort, either ear or sinus. That's my official self diagnosis guess. I did decide to stay home from work yesterday just to try to put a dent into my 60 hours of sick time and I'll probably only work a half day today. Pat won't argue if I tell her that I'm resting up for tomorrow, the first day of spring semester. While at home I worked on a cross stitch, took a walk to the marina that's only a block away, prepped the entry for painting, went to the grocery store, and watched some movies. Not very exciting.

I think I forgot to mention that Bonnie and I spent Saturday afternoon together. I'd gone to the clinic but after an hour and half I couldn't take the wait any longer. The girl asked if I was sure that I wanted to leave because I only had another hour and half left before I could see a doctor. I left. Bonnie and I drove down past Boca to Deerfield Beach, where they have a two story Target. We had to see that with our own eyes. We were both ridiculously excited to get there and sat in awe at the size of this place and we parked in the attached parking garage where you can walk into the second floor. Looking back I'm not so sure there was any more stuff than at a normal store but it was so spread out that you didn't have to squeeze past people or anything. They have escalators and in the middle is this thing where you push your cart and it grips it so that it goes up/down right next to you on its own. That was the coolest part. We each bought surprisingly little, I couldn't find what I was looking for (a square console table and a thin table for my entry) so we asked where the nearest Kmart was and went there too. I bought a card table and will do puzzles on it in the front room. Otherwise I didn't buy much there either. Then we headed back home, my voice was so strained from talking all afternoon and I was pretty tired too. But it was a fun day and it's always ncie to hang out with Bonnie outside of work. I leave her feeling like my boring life is a nice alternative from her daily soap opera!!

Alright, I keep getting distracted and keep getting up to do other things so I'd better just finish this up. I didn't get around to taking more pictures yesterday but swear that I will have them online by the end of the week!

I'll post soon. I swear!! I just can't seem to get out of vacation mood. My nice four day weekend is coming to an end and I'm thinking about calling in sick tomorrow to extend it just a little while longer! I've had swollen glands for over a week now and they just aren't getting any better so I'm giving in and going to a doctor tomorrow. I haven't been to the doctor (other than for girlie checkups) for over 10 years and that was for a required physical for high school. I've just always gotten better. I can talk now though, a big improvement from the past few days when I was squeaking out words.

Oh what the heck, I'll just stay up and post. My time at home for Christmas was really great, even if I had to sleep in the basement the whole time. Eric had his girlfriend along and everyone enjoyed having her around. My grandparents from WI were there too, they don't usually get to join us so that was really cool. We played lots of cards and watched our old home movies. I went out to the local bar with the girls one night and saw everyone from high school, which was awesome because I had wondered where most of those people had gone. Tom came and I did tell him that I wanted him to move to Florida and that I was sorry that we hadn't stayed together. I wouldn't be surprised if he's still in shock. He's got my number but I doubt I'll hear from him.

Karen and I flew back last Sunday and despite some flight problems we both made it. Would've been so much easier if we'd been on the same airline! We both had to work the next few days, I took a half day on Wednesday. Actually, every day was pretty much a half day because everyone left at 5:30 so I could ditch out with no one knowing! I know, it's evil. Karen and I went to downtown West Palm for New Years Eve and that turned out to be a lot of fun. In our skirts and tank tops we were more dressed than most of the girls we saw. I cannot believe how short skirts are right now, and some girls were wearing bikini tops (they weren't swimsuits or anything - they were designed to be worn out like that!!) and they all had on super duper high shoes. Well we looked classy next to that, or so we like to think. We walked up and down the street for awhile just to scope things out and we ended up at one bar where we found seats. The bartender was cute, he had Karen's number by the end of the night. We met a couple of guys from MN who live here now. They wanted to know if we'd like to meet up for lunch next week but I haven't heard from them since, which is ok because we weren't that interested but couldn't find a nice way to say no. We stayed out until after 1 and it was a lot of fun, considering I think we'd both have opted to stay home if we didn't think we'd disappoint each other! Poor Karen had to work in the morning.

Speaking of morning, I haven't slept past 10 since living in my old place. And I haven't slept past 8:30 now that I'm back here. Doesn't matter how late I stay up, I just wake right up and can't fall back asleep. I've got to get curtains, I think that will really help. So I've been trying to enjoy the morning time. I've painted more, have cleaned a lot, and have slowly been getting things out of boxes and arranged. I promise to post the pics soon! Sometimes I look around and feel like nothing has been done but most of the time I'm pretty happy with the progress. My stove is still sitting here in the living room though, hopefully that will change soon.

Alright, I could go on forever as usual but if I can be in bed by 12:30 then maybe I'll get enough sleep before morning gets here. Diana, I hope that you're having a really really great time!!

Moving day is almost here, I can't believe it!! I'm almost ready... more ready than I was yesterday! Tonight I couldn't resist running a load of things over there, just that loose stuff that always gets you in the end. I put it all in two laundry baskets in no order whatsoever and stacked it all in the second bedroom. That was at 1am. Now it's 2 and I'm frantically trying to think of what I'm missing. My kitchen will be the hardest part, that's not ready to go at all. But I figure I can do that tomorrow night on my own.

Work was fun today, very laid back. I got in at 11:30 and an hour later went to pick up pizza, Ethan and I bought it for everyone. We all ate in the workroom and that was cool - though at first Pat kept bringing up work stuff and we just wanted to relax. We all kept right on eating, we had cookies, brownies, and my cheese with crackers (which was a big hit!!). After work I met up with Karen at my place. She hadn't gotten nearly as much done as I'd hoped but something is better than nothing! She did get a long ways on the bedroom windows, the tint is almost gone and it looks soooo much better now. She was hungry so I took her out to dinner (the Reef Grill again!) and that was delicious as always. And we sat at the counter and chatted with other people, which I always think makes it better. We went to Kmart but I didn't like any of their microwaves, though I did find a cheap dresser for the bedroom. Karen left once we'd dropped that off at the condo. I stayed and painted the trim and mopped the floor so now the living room is all ready for tomorrow. That's when I came home and packed more.

And now it's late and I'm still wide awake because I had soda with dinner tonight. Should've known better, I'm so caffine sensative!! I've got to be up by 9 in order to be ready, everyone's coming at 11. Dave will be here with his truck, Diane and Leslie are coming for added muscle, and Ingrid volunteered to help carry up boxes. Very cool! I want to run to the store in the morning to buy more water, some beer, and snacks for everyone.

Tonight I e-mailed Mark. I just couldn't let it go. He wrapped his arm around me, why would he do that unless he liked me?? I don't understand. So I just dropped him a short e-mail asking how he was doing, whether he was done with his finals, and wished him a merry xmas. We'll see if he ever writes back. It's pathetic but every time I check that account I get all hopeful that he'll have written. Sigh.

Ok, I'm going to force myself to go to bed. Don't want to be crabby tomorrow!

Ok, I'm totally not ready to move. Too much stuff. Not enough time. And I can't seem to find the right boxes for the right things. I hope that I can be organized enough to pack what I need for Christmas on Sunday!

Work was completely uneventful. I had planned on calling in sick to spend today with Karen but she had other things to do so I decided to just go in. It was an easy day and since I was wearing a warm shirt and a wool sweater I wasn't quite as cold as usual. It's been freezing inside lately, probably because it's cooler outside too - 55 when I was driving home at 6.

I put a few loads of stuff into the car and swung by Home Depot for a bit more bedroom paint. I managed to paint an entire living room wall, touched up the bedroom, cleaned the tub, and a few other little things. At 9:30 I realized that I needed more paint for the living room too so I ran back to Home Depot but by 9:40 the doors were all locked. So early!! I hate making wasted trips like that. I worked until just after midnight and then came home. Karen's going to work there tomorrow while she has time so I wrote her a note of what to do and I snacked on a lot of potato salad. And now I'm off to bed!!

Oh, Ron called me this afternoon! I just adore him. He was all excited because the magazine had arrived and it's a full two pages of his art with my article! They didn't edit out a thing from the sounds of it. My copy is already in the mail, though I'll probably be gone when it arrives. Now I've got to get to work on one about whales. Don't know when I'll find time for it... sheesh.

I think I forgot to mention that last night I was walking thru the bedroom when I noticed that there was a screwdriver on my bedside table. Not my screwdriver. How odd. Some work had been done in the closet to fix the light, but that's not any reason for someone to put a tool next to my pillow. As I'm crawling into bed I went to set the alarm for the same time as yesterday but thankfully took a look because it was set for noon - not the time I'd left it on. So someone had reset the time but not the alarm and had put their screwdriver down while doing so. Strange. So this morning at 9 I hear a knock on the door and before I can say a thing someone's opening the door! I hollar that they have to come back later but he says he has to get his tool. I say come back for it later. He says he can't leave without the tool. I'm mad at this point, I wasn't going to get up until 10. But he wasn't going to go so I got up, put on a robe and handed it to him. Grrrr.

We had an 11:00 meeting that went pretty well and then I did a lot of work so I could justify leaving early. I told Pat that I wasn't feeling well - which was kind of true because I had killer cramps - and I left. I could've gone to the new place to paint but decided to do some packing instead so now I've got lots of trinkets and so on in boxes. I took more things off the wall and packed some clothes. Hard to believe that in another few days most of my stuff will be at the condo!

Karen came over tonight and made me a really good stew for dinner, I've got tons of leftovers too. Then we went over to the mall so I could pick up a few things. We probably would've stayed a lot longer if they hadn't been closing. I watched a bit of tv and am now on my way to bed. Tomorrow it doesn't matter when I get to work but I don't want it to be too late or I'll feel more guilty for ducking out early!

Oh, I didn't get 24 on tape for the FOURTH week in a row. I'm so mad!!! The guy fixing the closet light must've shut off the breaker and then reset the clocks or something but the power on the cable box was off. It's never off. And even if it hadn't been, the vcr power was off so it forgot what I set. I wonder if that's enough grounds to sue. Emotional distress at having to go so long since seeing Kiefer.

Do you see how dedicated I am to this pita?? I post every day with few exceptions. HINT HINT HINT.

We had our big staff meeting today where everyone showed up and we sat talking about "issues" for over an hour. Pat scolded me in front of everyone for talking too much which made me mad. And she brought up tardiness, which was so obviously directed at Bonnie. Ethan was mad at that because everyone knows he's really the only one who cares about when we're .03 seconds late. The rest of the day went by quickly, I got a lot of work done as I turned my heater on high and attempted to stay warm. I left at 7, came home and showered.

Tony (it's Tony, I'm now 100% sure) called and we met up at 8 at a nearby restaurant/bar for dinner. It went well, he's a real talker - and coming from me that's saying something! The problems are that he's only 25 and he smokes and he's got some serious growing up to do. I say that because he told a lot of "once when I was really drunk" stories. But we did have a good time, we had a few things in common and it was fun meeting someone new. When we were saying goodbye he asked if he had made up for Saturday night and whether or not he could have a second date. He's going to come over to help me paint on Friday night. Might as well put him right to work :)

I went from there to my new place where I put a second coat on one of the walls. Time really got away from me and next thing I knew it was 1am! I cleaned up and left and am about to crawl into bed. I have to be at work at 11 again for some sort of training thing that I already know is going to really be boring. Ah well.

Exactly one year ago on the 16th I started work here. I can't really tell if it feels like it's flown by or if it feels like 10 years. Depends on Pat's mood :) No one is throwing me a party though.

I was in by 11 this morning in order to just get the day over with and it did go pretty fast. I had a montly meeting with Pat and everything's ok except that I talk too much. She told me that I could be much more productive if I just cut out the chit chat. I said I'd see what I could do but that it wouldn't be easy since I'm a social person. She thinks I should get my talking out of the way before I get to work. Of course this would backfire because then I'd have to tell Diane and Bonnie about what I talked about before work - I'd have MORE to talk about! I spent the rest of the afternoon trying so hard not to talk much but it totally didn't work. There were so few people in that we could actually talk at normal voice level.

On my way home tonight my phone rings and it's the mechanic. I thought he said Tony so again it's up in the air!! He said he'd just gotten my message and that he felt horrible because he'd forgotten about our plans. He forgot. Forgot a hot date with me. Why? Because it was a hectic weekend as he booked tickets home for Christmas and sold his car. Um, yeah, when I have to do things like that I completely forget about my dates. I would think he was lying but geez, anyone could come up with something better than that. He asked if I would accept his apology and what could I say? So we talked for about a half hour and in the end made plans to get a bite to eat tomorrow when I'm done with work. He can cook, he's good around the house, and he fixes cars for a living. I'm willing to overlook a bit of forgetfulness in order to get the most out of this. Bonnie says I'm going to hell for thinking that way. I told her I'd be in good company (meaning her, not you guys of course).

Karen was attacked by a hawk at work this afternoon and came over to show me her wounds - a scratch from her eye to her chin and over her nose. We drove to the condo so I could take a picture of her (that's where the camera was) and so she could see the painting I'd done. I felt like it was so much later but she left before 9. I read a lot and watched some tv and now I'm about to head to bed. I've got to start in on another article for Ron, the magazine is asking for more!! As soon as I have a copy of it, I'll make copies for you too!

Whew, I'm tired again tonight. I fell asleep so fast last night and hope to do the same again soon. I know that I had really strange dreams but I don't remember them now. They were probably about painting walls.

I was at the condo by 10:30 but it was so cloudy that it seemed more like 6pm. It did storm most of the day, lots and lots of pouring rain. The perfect day for working inside except that there wasn't much good light. I painted one wall of the living room, I think it'll look good once I have my things in there but right now it's rather intense. I replaced two flourescent bulbs in the kitchen but they don't work - which means it was the electricity and not the bulbs in the first place. I broke one of the old bulbs and that made a big mess. Good thing I have a little pass through to the dining room because I was stuck on the step stool with bare feet surrounded by shattered glass so I jumped to the counter and went around. Then later I was going to leave to have lunch so I put on my new purse and as I was walking to close the terrace door I felt something on my neck. I did that little get-it-off-me dance and what should fall to the floor? A roach. It was on me. I screamed and continued jumping around out of concern that there was more than one. Then I just started crying because I hate roaches enough when I'm seeing them from 10 feet away. And then it just turned into being upset that I'd spent two days alone doing all of this work feeling like I've gotten in way way way over my head. By the time I composed myself and went to get the Raid it was gone. It sat in the same place the whole time I was crying but as soon as I got up, gone. It took awhile to get up the nerve to get in close enough to look in all of the places it could've gone but there was no sign of him. All possible cracks have been doused with Raid and so have all doorways and windows. YUCK.

Bonnie came over for about an hour to help with the edges. I know she probably didn't want to bother stopping by but I wasn't about to let her wiggle out of it because I just couldn't take a day of not seeing a smiling face. We worked together in the bedroom, I'm scrapping cellaphane tint off the windows because 1. it's stupid to tint north facing windows 2. it was half falling off and half really really stuck on there so something needed to be done. I didn't stay there past 8 because I'm so sore from yesterday! I went to the grocery store on my way home, that was long overdue. Of course now that I have all of these dinner choices I ate crackers with cheese, which I'd had here all along.

So the mechanic never called to explain about yesterday. I'm baffled. He must've wanted to go out with me or he wouldn't have called after getting the book. I wonder if we'll ever know or if that's just the end of that. Now what will I do when I need to get my oil changed?

Alright, I'm off to bed. Back to work tomorrow but it won't be too bad because it's just Bonnie and I at night after we've closed up! I love break hours.

Home improvements are so tiring. So is shopping. Yesterday was a big success at the outlet mall! Karen and I were there for over 8 hours and it flew right by. I bought a few sweaters, some xmas gifts, a new purse, a nice linen shower curtain, a wine rack, and just a few other little goodies. And of course then we finished the day off at Target. I love Target. I spent a lot (a LOT) but some of it was bigger stuff like a vacuum, a torch lamp, a toilet seat (man those things are heavy), and little things like a step stool, sheets, and just too much else to even cover. We got back in just enough time to eat out at one of my fave restaurants. I had expected to get back in plenty of time to head to the condo and work but it was too late and I was exhausted!

I went to bed pretty early last night but I'd made the mistake of having coffee at the mall so I was wide awake until after 3. Then I woke up at 8:15 because my wall was rattling. Kind of like something on the side was rattling but I could hear it crystal clear. Ugh. I couldn't make it stop and couldn't sleep thru it so I got up. Can you believe it?? So early! I went to Home Depot and picked a paint for the bedroom, the place wasn't as busy as I'd expected so it didn't take too long at all. I was so excited to put paint on the wall but had to be patient and tape everything and do all those little things. While I was taping the Sears man showed up with my new stove. It's beautiful, I love it. It's in my living room right now. When they tiled the place, they did it around the existing stuff so the ugly thing is actually tiled into place and they couldn't lift it out. So I need to get someone in there who can take out a few tiles, remove the stove, tile beneath the new one (or it will sit too low) and then put the new one in place. So much work and I don't know if that'll get done this week or not. Does anything ever go just right??

Bonnie came over for a bit, she's so cool. She hung out for a bit while I painted and then we went to subway for lunch together. And then I painted until 11pm. Yes, you may recall that I had a date with the mechanic. But he never called. There is no excuse for this (believe me, I had time to think about it), we know that he has my number in several places, and he said several times that he'd call me in the afternoon so I know we were clear on that. But nothing. I think Bonnie was more upset about it than I was. Finally at 7 I called him but he didn't answer (ignoring me??) so I just left a message asking if there'd been a misunderstanding and left my number again. He didn't call back. And I think he says Johnny on the voicemail. So that was that. We'll see if he calls or not.

I did manage to finish everything in the bedroom except for the inch up by the ceiling which Bonnie likes to do. It looks fantastic if I do say so myself!! It's a color called paper bag and that pretty much describes it. After the first coat it looked too much like flesh but after the second coat it was much better. I was so excited to get it almost completely finished today all by myself. Right before I left I put my pillow sham up next to it and was so happy to see how well it looked! I can't wait to show it off. Tomorrow I start in on the living room.

My fingers and back are just killing me and of course I'm pooped! So I'm off to bed. I wish every weekend was three days long.

I was too tired to post last night and didn't have anything interesting to say. Nothing much to talk about tonight either!

This morning I went to work at 11:30 because Diane and Marilee took a reference test after a months worth of training. It went well but kind of threw off the day as far as time goes! I left at 8, which was a treat! I went to Home Depot to pick up a few things (love that store) and then headed to my new place! I can't wait to have it looking good, right now it's a mess with things all over the floor and no finished projects. I don't know how it's all going to come together! But tonight I primed the living room wall, which had been peach/salmon - it looks better already just by not being that color. Now my fingers are covered in paint, it didn't wash off that well.

Tomorrow Karen and I are going to the outlet mall and we're both really excited. Paul is up visiting her and we'll drive him home on the way down there. Otherwise my weekend plans include paint and trips to Home Depot. And a date with the mechanic :)

Alright, I'm going to bed. Karen will be here and ready to go at 10:30. Ugh, too early!!

A bit late to be hungry but I've got the munchies and no food in sight. I meant to go to the store two weeks ago so I'm living on spaghetti. Hmmm, that's not really unusual I guess! But a frozen pizza would've been perfect tonight.

Today was boring. I shelved a lot because we had a ton of new books come in and no one else seemed to want to do it. For once 10 came really fast and we had to rush to get everything done on time. I'm sure we forgot something, probably unplugging the Christmas lights - which seems like no big deal but it's just what they blow out of proportion. We did have a guy looking at naughty sights (I won't use the "p" word because this site will start getting those kind of hits!), we don't get too much of that. No one knew quite what to do about it, he knew we'd seen him and he left pretty quickly. Next time I'm telling him off.

This afternoon Bonnie and I hatched a plan to find out the mechanic's name. She called from her cell phone, which still has a MA area code (even though she's from CT) so she could pretend like it was a wrong number. He didn't answer and the voicemail picked up and when she hung up she said "well, his name is either Johnny or Tony" - she couldn't tell!!! Every bit of his message was clear except for his name. Great, now what? Anyway, I called him tonight. I sat on my couch for 20 minutes deciding what in the world to say and then when I called, I woke him up! At 10:40!! He said it was ok to call up until 11 and I felt horrible. HORRIBLE!! He was half asleep for the conversation in which I asked if we could go out Saturday instead of Friday (so I don't have to rush back from the outlet mall). I'm sure he'll wake up tomorrow and not even remember that we talked. Ugh.

Alright, it's almost 2 and I just made myself stop playing mahjong. I didn't get to watch 24 for the third week in a row because this time I left the tv on the wrong station and taped something else. Grrr. I very carefully set it for West Wing tomorrow night (which I mis-taped last week). Have to pay more attention to these things!!

I didn't have enough to write about yesterday so I skipped the post. Work wasn't exciting and all I did afterwards was to put contact paper in the kitchen cupboards at the new place.

Today I woke up to the phone, Mike was calling to wish me a happy birthday! I'm horrible at remembering birthdays so I'm always impressed when other's remember. Bonnie called to tell me she had made me some vegetarian lasagna and not to bring lunch today! Of course everyone wished me a happy birthday at work and they had all signed a card too. Bonnie gave me a gift, a small cast iron teapot with some green tea, which was very cool. Ingrid had made me a cd, she gave that to me yesterday. The day went by pretty well and I decided to leave an hour early so I could see more of Karen. She gave me a picture frame with elephants, a little frog magnet and a temporary tatto! We sat around talking and then watched CSI together before she left. Then I watched West Wing. The episode that makes me cry is going to be on again on Wednesday. I can't wait.

Lately, I haven't been able to stop thinking about Tom from home. I miss him. And I feel this huge sense of regret to ever have let him go. I mean, I know it couldn't have worked since he wanted to stay in Pipestone, but still... I just keep having the same daydream of telling him how I feel and then he ditches his girlfriend and we live happily ever after here in FL. I wonder if I'll get to see him while at home this year. I hope so. And I hope he leaves the girlfriend at home this time.

No news on any of the other men. Mark never wrote me back and I'm disappointed because I really did enjoy spending time with him and hoped to see if that could go anywhere. I wrote back Joseph on Sat. night but haven't heard back from him either - I'm sure he's busy with finals. He's in law school. I hid my profile on match now so there won't be any new messages. Unless you're a member you can't reply so I don't want to get an e-mail and then have to pay!

Ok, I should've stayed away from the mahjong and could've gone to bed a long time ago! Just can't stop playing.

It's possible that I'll be dreaming about wallpaper tonight. Damned stuff.

I got up at 11 today, one minute before my alarm went off. Figured if I didn't set it that I would sleep til 3! I went to Home Depot to see what they had for stoves but really didn't like anything there so I went to Sears. I found one I really liked and bought it. I wanted the built-in microwave too but those are expensive and that's before they charge you an arm and a leg to move the wiring and install it. So forget that, I'm getting a counter one. The new stove will arrive next Friday, woohoo! My first big purchase for the home!!

From there I went to the new place and started in on the wallpaper. And I worked on that all day and into the night. Dave came over for a bit in the middle and that was a nice break. I stayed there until about 10 - so we're talking at least seven hours of work - and I'm maybe 1/6th of the way finished. If that. And that's the easy part of the wall, not counting behind the toilets and around the mirror and lighting. I don't remember even thinking about anything that whole time, other than cursing out people who put up wallpaper with what appears to have been superglue!! Tonight I found the do-it-yourself network's website and was hoping for some good ideas but they just said to do exactly what I'd been doing. I had heard of this stuff that's like putting a new wall on top of wallpaper and I'm going to check into that. Because I've got a LOT of wall left and don't know if I can do this or not. Plus, the wall is in horrible shape. Almost like they didn't finish the wall, they just put wallpaper over it! Augh!

I mindlessly watched some tv tonight to relax and took a hot shower too. And now I'm off to bed, where I should've been two hours ago.

I am sooo tired and it's just short of 1. Going to bed sounds so wonderful and I'm heading there just as soon as I type this up!

Pat called this morning and woke me up to tell me about a policy change. No, that was not at all necessary, but it probably saved me because I'd set my alarm wrong! I got up and went to my closing! Wow, I had to sign a lot of paperwork and they said that it was about a third of what most people have to sign because it was an easy transaction. By noon I was in my new place!!!!! Karen came over right away with her boy Paul, who had missed his train home last night and again this morning (thankfully he caught the 2:00). I didn't even know where to get started on all that I want to do. I swept the floor and cleaned the fridge and just wandered around with a big grin. Once Paul was gone, Karen and I went to Home Depot. We bought lots of stuff. Lots. A new lighting fixture, towel bars, toilet paper holders, caulk, Raid (sugar ants), other little stuff, and wall paper remover equipment. I'd hoped to rent a steamer but you have to buy them. Once back, Karen scored the bathroom and I started taking screws out of the walls which was more of a mess than expected. We also took out all of the old contact paper and bought white to replace it with.

Ingrid and Diane came over for a bit to see the place and that was cool. Bonnie came over with her date Jim and they stuck around for a while. Just before they arrived, Karen and I finished putting up the new light fixture after taking down the frightening chandelier. I guess we're lucky to have survived because we didn't know that you had to shut off the curcuit breaker, we thought just the light switch was good enough! Once they were gone we started in on that stinking wallpaper. We put on this remover gel that helped but wow, that stuff is thick. And ugly. We worked for two hours on a small area and it's still going to take a lot more work - let alone the rest of that room, or the actual bathroom, or the second bathroom... UGH!! Karen took off just after 10 and I mostly cleaned more in the kitchen before leaving at 11:30. I showered up, read my e-mails, and here I am!

Oh, but I have to tell you about the mechanic! Karen went in for her oil change before Bonnie did and she called to tell me that she's pretty sure my mechanic smokes - yuck. So I called Bonnie to tell her not to give him the book but she said it was too late because it was written in the stars or something. Anyway, I called Bonnie after Home Depot to see how it had all gone. She went in for her oil change and found the perfect opportunity to approach him so she walks up and asks if he was the one who fixed her friend's silver car with steering issues and he said 'oh you mean the librarians?' So Bonnie says yes and I wanted him to have something and she hands him the book and then walks back to her car. He comes after her grinning from ear to ear and keeps telling her to be sure to thank me. Before she leaves he tells her again to be sure that I know how happy he is about it and Bonnie again says that she will make sure I get the message. Then as she's pulling out she rolls down her window and says that he can thank me himself because my number was inside the book and he grins even bigger and asks her if I'm single and says that he's single too. And then Bonnie leaves! And he called me tonight!!! He thanked me for the book and asked if maybe I'd like to go out with him for a drink. He was hoping I'd be available earlier but next Friday is the soonest since we have opposite schedules. I love my hours but sometimes they really do get in the way. So wow, I have a date that wasn't made on match! Oh and one funny thing is that he glanced up at work this morning and thought that Karen was me and he was wondering why I'd painted my car blue (we drive the same thing)!

Ok, I cannot stay awake much longer, I've got to go to sleep...

In less than 12 hours, I'm going to own a home of my very own. I had a little flip-out session this morning when the insurance company called to get one last detail from me and I told them that I couldn't figure it out (how many units between firewalls) and they said that without the policy in place I may not be able to close. I tried calling the guy who was president of the condos but he said I was using an agent that didn't know anything and gave me the number of another insurance place, which at this point was not at all helpful. I called the mortgage guy Rob, who was so nice and calmed me right down because everything is fine for tomorrow, with or without insurance. On my way to work I called the insurance place and told them that every wall is a firewall in this place (everything here is cement, I hope that counts) and while I was on the phone with them I even lowered my payments by over a hundred a year, which was nice!

We had a horrible meeting at work with some people from Boca. We were trying to figure out what we could do for info literacy - which is fine except that what we need and what Boca needs are very different stories. I just sat there trying not to look up much because Bonnie and Diane were making faces at me through the window. The rest of the day went pretty fast, we had enough to do in the evening and of course Bonnie and I had a lot to talk about. She had a date last night with the perfect man. I'm in love with him for her, he's that great.

Tonight I watched some tv, started reading Michael Moore's new book that came in today, and have been playing mahjong for way too long. I'm about to head to bed nice and early because I have to be up and going at 9:30 to make sure I'm not late and have everything together. Big step. Hope I can handle this and am not getting in over my head.

Oh and this morning I went and bought Atlas Shrugged and it's got my name and number on the inside, Bonnie's delivering it tomorrow. Turns out Karen's getting her oil changed in the morning too, would be funny if they ran into each other there. Anyway, I'm not so sure about the book thing (ha, too late now) but we'll see what happens!

My apartment is starting to look as bare as it did when I moved in! I took everying down from the fridge and cleaned all around the kitchen so that I'll just have to do a quick once-over before I go. I packed up two boxes of things that I don't need around here and a suitcase of clothes that I know I won't be wearing. I can just leave everything in the second bedroom until I figure out what to do with it all over there. I cannot wait for Friday. Everyone is invited to drop by in the late afternoon. Ok, by everyone I mean Diane, Bonnie, Shannon, and Ingrid. I just want to show them all what it looks like right now.

Today went by pretty quickly. I got up with just enough time to get ready for work, getting up earlier just didn't happen. Tonight Bonnie was all excited because Jim, the guy she's been e-mailing a lot, asked if she could meet him after work because he just couldn't wait until lunch tomorrow, which is when they'd originally agreed to meet. I let her leave early since there's not much open at 10pm around here and she called at 12:30 to say she was still with him and things were going well! I'm happy for her but wonder where this will all go.

Last night after writing to Ryan I got a reply right before I shut off the computer. All he said was "your judgement speaks volumes...take care." I think it was meant to be an insult since obviously he isn't going for the friends thing. But he's right, my judgement does speak volumes - about how smart I am and how I want a healthy life. So screw him! I haven't heard back from Joseph, who actually lives in a suburb of Miami so I don't really care. I'm going to wait until tomorrow to write Mark back and I think I said that I'm just going to tell him to call if he needs a study break. Can't sound desperate but want him to know I like him. It's all such a fine line.

Alright, the 409 has made my eyes watery and I'm going to get to bed before I catch another second wind (a third wind?).

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