it is: 2:22pm
on: 8/29/04
music: Leonard Cohen
book: No. 1 Ladies Detectice Agency

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I've got stew in the crock pot again!

this month i read:
God of the Rodeo
Cape Fear

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King Leopold's Ghost

this month i saw:
Tomb Raider
Sixth Sense
The Village

i wanna see:
Little Black Book
Touching the Void
Super Size Me
The Cooler

I'm so hooked on the Olympics that I haven't moved far from the tv in the evenings. And I've actually been going to bed right after them (at midnight), no more really late nights. I'm so sad that they're ending tonight, what am I going to do? Two more years to wait.

I had a nice weekend, nothing too exciting but not boring either. Jim's out of town so Bonnie's been staying over and we've had fun in the evenings. On Friday I couldn't go get the washer/dryer because they were repaving the parking lot and we wouldn't be able to get them unloaded so that'll wait til tomorrow (if all goes as planned). Bonnie and I went out to lunch with her friend Jim (not her boyfriend, different Jim) and then I ran errands for awhile. I painted in the front bathroom and that's pretty much done!! I just have to put up the towel racks! I worked a bit in the master bath too but now I have to re-prime the walls since they've been replastered. Some day...

Saturday was much more productive. I spent almost 2 hours down by the pool. It was so hot, I loved it! Then I went to the grocery store and spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning the kitchen. It really needed a good scrub and that's what it got! I haven't seen this much of the counter since before I moved in! We'll see how long it lasts but for now it looks fantastic. I managed to bake some cookies while working :) Once Bonnie was home from work we drove over to Jim's new place (boyfriend). He bought a condo for his dad - only to find out later that his dad really doesn't want to move down. Jim can't move into it because the place doesn't allow dogs. It's right on the water and has a gorgeous view. Bonnie's really really hoping that he'll let her move in there and then they can fix it up and sell it. It needs help, lots of bad paint and really old/ugly fixtures and stuff. Fun, I hope I get to help!

I was going to treat Bonnie to sushi at the restaurant that's right next to my place but it was closed when we went. No signs, just locked doors and no lights on. I had my heart set on sushi but there isn't another place nearby so we decided on Thai instead. So we drove over to a place that Bonnie knew was good (and cheap) and we both ordered the pad thai and thai iced tea (yum!). We're about 3/4 of the way through our meal when Bonnie looks down at her lap and back up at me and calmly says "there's a cockroach in my lap." I jumped up from the table but she stayed calm and just folded it up in the napkin and squished it. The place was small so the waitress had seen me jump and came over. She took the napkin away and a manager came over to apologize and to say that the meal was on the house. I could barely stand to sit at the table while waiting for our food to be boxed and we both felt like bugs were on us! Yuck yuck yuck. Bonnie says that doesn't count as the meal I was going to treat her to. Today on the way to work I noticed that a sushi place had just opened in the plaza on the opposite side of my place, figures. Well it was an adventure to say the least. We came home and watched more tv.

Dulan has settled in well and he's such a sweetheart. He just loves the new foil toys that I bought for him and he's either playing hard or sleeping. He spends most of the night sleeping in bed with me but he knows how far it is to the floor so he gets down when he wants to (though he can't get back up without my help). He's up bright and early and it didn't take me long to remember to find the toys and put them away at night or he'd be making a racket! He cries when he can't find his toy and when he doesn't know where I went, it's cute. When he's playing his breathing sounds a heck of a lot like Golem's!

Karen made it out to CA and doing her training as we speak. There's an orientation for the whole group of new people so she should be able to meet a few new friends. She drove through Ft. Collins on her way out there and would you believe someone ran into her car! That vehicle has taken such a beating. The person didn't look before starting to pull out of a parallel parking place and hit her on the passenger side. Poor Karen. The police who came weren't sure what to make of her - a phone number from Utah, plates from FL, license from Maine, car insurance in MN, and no address yet in CA! The person who hit her is from another country and driving a rental so it's a mess for everyone and we'll see how it goes.

There's a cute new professor on campus and he'll be in the library tomorrow to talk to me! He wants to see about bringing his students in on Monday nights. I noticed him at the faculty reception last week, he's really good looking and Bonnie said he was so nice and polite yesterday so it's looking good. Yea, someone new to focus on!

Ok, I've got to get some work done. I don't even know where to start with all that's piled up again this week.

I'm baaaack! Pat's out this afternoon and what better to do with my time than post instead of getting caught up?

My time at home was fantastic, I wish I was still there. I spent so much time with family and got a lot of weeding done as well. Plenty of food from the garden and mom's cooking, time figuring out some of dad's computer problems, playing cards with everyone, doing chores for mom, and eating at the Dari King... I really needed another week! Of course it was great seeing all of my grandparents and Mary and Karen. Karen took off for CA yesterday and left the bunny with my parents. We'll see how that goes, sounds like he's already escaped a few times! Mary's at home until this Sunday. She finishes her Social Work degree in Dec and then her Public Health degree in May so she's almost done!

Work has been busy but the days are crawling by. I thought they'd fly since I had so much to do. Instead I'm sitting here in disbelief that I've only been here an hour, I swear I've done four hours worth of work! I had to get up at 5am for my flight on Monday and still had to work until 10, I thought I was going to drop! I had planned to pick up Dulan that night but was way too tired so I went to get him last night after work instead. He's been a bit of a spaz since getting home, I hope he calms down soon. He's running into things a lot, maybe he just needs a bit longer to readjust. Brownie was so excited to come over and see him, she was pretty much waiting at my door! She didn't stay long though, she could tell he wasn't acting himself. Today I left him out in the whole place while I'm at work, we'll see how that goes.

David came by this morning and we're going to meet up on Friday morning to go pick out my new washer/dryer. I don't think it'll be installed until Saturday, or Monday morning at the latest. I should be able to get the front loading one that I want so that's good! I've got a ton of laundry piled up so it'll get a lot of use right off the bat! Also this weekend I'm hoping to paint more and finish at least the front bathroom and start working on the master.

Nothing else exciting going on with me. I guess I should get back to work. Tomorrow Pat will be amazed at the amount that I got done and I'm determined to see most of my desk again. It was all clean before I left and now it's buried again!

It's only 11:30 and I'm ready for bed! Finishing work at 7 made the evening feel really long. It's like my mind says it must be after 2am and I'd better get to sleep. All the same, I've got to get some sleep! Only one more day here before I head out!!

Yesterday David didn't show (no surprise) so Bonnie and I went to work together at 11. After work we went to Kmart so I could buy everything I needed for Dulan - a carrier and more litter. Of course I found a lot more to buy for myself too. We went right from there over to Jim's place. His daughter Christina had her wisdom teeth out that morning so we hung out with them watching Buffy. That girl is a talker. You know it's bad if even I can't get a word in edgewise. That gets old, especially when she's young and so clearly has no clue what she's talking about. Like how she was trying to explain that laughing gas isn't supposed to make people laugh, the fact that she had laughed while on it that morning was actually very unusual. Um, yeah, sure. She's nice but a few hours a month is enough time with her for me.

Of course you both know that yesterday I decided to adopt Dulan! I was telling Diane how much I missed him and that's when she agreed to watch him while I was gone. Last night Brownie came by and I told her the good news and she actually started crying because she was so happy! Freaked me out a bit at first but only because I wasn't sure whether it was happiness or not! Pat let me leave work this afternoon to go get him, that was really nice of her. He'd gotten his shots so he was pretty sleepy when I got there but he started purring as soon as he was in my arms. I got a discount on him and everything! I dropped him off at home and couldn't spend too much time with him because I had to get back to work. The rest of the day was hard because I wanted to be at home with him!

He was crying when I walked in the door and I'd say that there has been about a half hour in the last five that he hasn't been purring! You can hear him from the other room he's so loud! He walks in between my feet (could run into problems with that one!) and follows me absolutely everywhere. I like that, that's what I wanted!! Of course after four hours of that I was wondering if I was in over my head with such a needy kitten but I'm sure he'll settle in. I've let him have the whole place and he knows his way around pretty well already. I'm excited that he just found the food dish from the computer. He did have a panic attack in the kitchen earlier where he flipped out in a corner and couldn't get his bearings but I know that'll get better in time too. After all, it's his first day in the whole place.

Not too much else going on. I've totally fallen for Ben, the guy from Portland that I've been in touch with. I love his e-mails and get so excited when he's written. It's so easy to be smitten with someone that you know can't disappoint you! I really haven't heard much else from anyone else and that's ok with me for now.

Ok, I'm going to drop Ben a note before it's any later and I can't function. Dulan's been napping for awhile and now he's all playful. I'll have to try to tire him out too! David did actually show up today and will come back in the morning to finish up. He swears that's the last day and my walls will be done to my satisfaction. Why is it that I don't believe him??

Sunday night and the end of my weekend is here already. It felt so strange and I know the days of this week are all going to feel wrong since I'm starting on a Monday! Can't believe I leave for home on Thursday already, yeah!!

I spent time at the pool both yesterday and today, that was nice. I made a delicious meal of garbanzo beans in coconut milk, Mary sent that recipe to me from a book of Peace Corp Africa recipes. Today I put things into my crock pot for the first time and turned out a fantastic tomato with rice and pesto stew. I've got to do that more often, it was so easy! I meant to bake some bread but didn't get around to it. Last night I got sucked into some plastic surgery before and after shows on the discovery channel. I also watched Tomb Raider and tonight tuned into most of Armageddon. I did get off the couch so that I could paint! The front bathroom looks really good and it just needs a quick second coat tomorrow and it'll be done! I gave up on David and worked on the parts of the wall that I didn't like. It took me a really long time or I'd do it in my bathroom too. Anyway, I'm thrilled that one bathroom will be completely done very soon!!

Yesterday I took a call from the woman who coordinates fosters at the shelter. She said that a woman had filled out all the paperwork to adopt two kittens but never came to get them - so did I want them back? I asked which two, and she asked what I meant. That's when she realized that she had called the wrong Cathy! As long as I had her on the line I asked if she could tell me about my three. Aoife was adopted on Friday!! I hope she's found a happy home. I was sure Beacan would be the first to go with those eyes of his. They've only been out on the floor since Thursday so maybe he's gone already too. I told her again that I was interested in Dulan and would call in two weeks. Do you know how heartbroken I'm going to be if he's still there? That'll have meant that he sat there in a cage for three weeks, never knowing what was going on. In that way I hope he finds a home. But deep down I'm really hoping that no one takes him and I can have him back. I miss him.

Alright, I'm going to try to get to bed nice and early tonight. David says he's coming by in the morning (yeah, right) and if he doesn't show then I'm going to try to be at work by 11. It's school break so we're only open for a few hours in the afternoons. Only three days to go at work before I'm outta here!!

I think my weekend is off to a good start! Even though I was at work today I still feel like it was a regular day off. This means two more days will really be great! I only lasted about 3.5 hours before I left, I just couldn't sit there any longer. I'd gotten a lot done in that time and will just make the rest up some other day.

I started the morning out at the dr. Normally I get in within five minutes but today I sat in the exam room for what felt like forever, over a half hour for sure. I kept wishing I'd brought a magazine. Anyway, the conversation went like this: "Do you have heartburn?" No. "Do you have acid reflux?" No. "Are you sure?" Yes. I explain my symptoms and he says "Sounds like a classic case of heartburn and acid reflux, let me get some meds for that." Seriously. I took the samples and will give them a try but I wasn't pleased!

From work I drove down to Brandsmart to price washers. I wanted to know before I went with David to buy one. I'm hoping to fit a brand called Haier because that was a great set but I think it's one inch too deep. That store is a big pit of electronics and they make it impossible to find the door to leave but I tried not to look around for anything else. I thought about swinging by Target while I was down there but wasn't in the mood to try on swimsuits and that's about all I need.

I came home and watched The Farm: Life inside Angola prison and that was really interesting. Mary had been there for a class last week and was able to talk to some of the inmates. It's one of the bloodiest prisons in the US (if not number one). 85% of prisoners will never leave, they're all in for violent crimes and won't get out. Mary and I talked tonight in depth about the whole punishment thing, it's such a complex issue.

A few more responses at loveinwar rolled in today, both from FL. I think they're both older, I don't remember. Guess they didn't make much of an impression :) I thought I'd get a lot more out of actforlove because it's a much larger network but so far that's not the case! I'll have to get around to writing some of these guys back just for fun.

Ok, another night where I'm up too late but can't seem to make myself get to bed. I don't want to sleep too late tomorrow, have to get in some prime sun time!!

The end of my week already! This summer is flying by, I need for things to slow down! Sometimes I get this fear that winter is coming and I haven't been warm enough in the last few months to make up for all the coming cold. And then I remember - with much relief - that I'm in FL and life is good again. It's been so hot for so long, I guess that's all just leftover paranoia from years past :)

Did I mention that Bonnie and I went to get our oil changed early last week? Tony and I had been playing a bit of phone tag (um, I only called when I knew he wouldn't answer, is that horrible?). I think he kind of got the point but I don't know. I only think that because he hasn't called since. It's a good thing but I feel bad. I don't know why, I just do.

So I'm back to dating online, or at least I've got my profile posted. Hard to say if that qualifies for dating just yet. The three sites are all for liberals, which is really cool. I was sick of match where you had to scroll to the very bottom and look to see which box they'd checked. So far no one of interest, a couple of winks from guys that I wouldn't be interested in. On one sight I've been e-mailing back and forth with a guy (age 39) from Portland, OR. Nothing romantic, just friendly banter. It's fun having a new friend to get to know - but in the end you wonder what it's all for. Anyway, we'll see how this all pans out and whether I get a real date out of any of them. They're all free, that's the best part!

Tomorrow I'm going to the dr about my stomach. Of course I've been feeling fine since I made the appointment! I've been trying to pay a lot of attention to what might be causing it and you'll never believe what the result is. Every day that I eat some of my delicious no-bake cheesecake I feel just fine! I was sick Fri, Sat, Sun, and Tuesday. Mon, Wed, and today I ate some and I was just fine. While I'd love to eat the cheesecake every day, today was the last of it. Actually that's just kept away the really bad part. I still have these constant pangs of hunger, even right after eating a ton of food. Then I eat and am sorry because of course I wasn't really hungry. Yep, I'm a medical mystery.

Tonight I watched the most interesting show on identical twins. They were researching to see how much was nature/nurture and it was so fun to see how the pairs acted. They had a set that was separated at birth that was the coolest. They had the exact same laugh and it was one of those stories where they each had the same things happen to them at the same time over the years. I love stuff like that.

Last night I stayed up until 2:30am dinking around online. Tonight I'm not going to make the same mistake. Have to get to the dr and then I have to put in a half day of work because I've got Sunday off. Shouldn't be too bad, I actually have a lot to do. No big plans for the weekend here. If either of you are free you should hop on down for a visit :)

Two days in a row, finally! I'm at work but don't have much else to do in the next hour so might as well be productive, even if it's just on a personal scope.

So my air is up and running, thank goodness. I haven't cranked it or anything but it went from being 85 inside to a perfect 79. Probably still too warm for Bonnie but just right for me. Once David and his crew were done at noon I headed out to the beach! It was a perfect day. Well, except for the dark threatening clouds that kept rolling over. Once it sprinkled but I didn't see anyone leave the beach - a sign that we were all from around here! Sure enough it blew over within 5 minutes. Funny story from last weekend at the beach. I was laying there minding my own business when the two girls next to me started to accumulate friends. I'd heard them calling people telling them where they were and sure enough, about five more showed up. They all went swimming at the same time I did and I noticed that they were all drinking beer out of bottles while in the water. Glass is illegal on the beach and cops regularly patrol and ticket. You can really get in trouble if you're in the water because more people can get hurt if anything breaks. Now the main girl of the group was loud and annoying so that was driving me crazy. As I laid there (they kept swimming) I was debating whether to just tell them or to go tell on them. Telling on them would be much more fun and entertaining but mean since they clearly didn't know the rule (people who do know try much harder to conceal the glass). I decide to go tell on them so I walk down to the lifeguard station and mention to him that a group had at least a case of beer in bottles and explained where they were at. The tower was far enough away that I knew they'd never know it was me. I get back to my towel and they're sitting around talking and I start feeling bad so I go over and say "I don't know if you guys know this, but you can't have bottles. Police patrol regularly and they'll ticket you if they see glass." Well they're just thrilled to hear it because they had no idea so they all put the bottles away and start discussing how to go about getting cans (what to do with cold bottles when they need the cooler for cans). About two minutes later here comes the cop on his four wheeler, slowly going by looking closely for bottles. As soon as he passes everyone in the group thanks me. I know, hilarious since I'm the reason the cop was there in the first place! Well he turns around and does another slow drive by and this time stops right at the group. He asks what they have in the cooler (he can't ask them to open it) and they all just mumble! He warns them about having glass and tell them that if they do, it needs to be up on the street asap. So he takes off and right away they jump to get rid of the cooler. The cop sees this and turns around to tease them in a friendly manner. He tells the girl who stayed with the stuff to pick up the trash, including the bottle caps that make it pretty clear that they had glass. The cop was cute, he kept smiling at me but what could I do? The whole group thanked me again when I got up to leave, I'd saved their day at the beach. Hahahaha! Anyway, this weekend I was about 50 yards away from my spot last week and would you believe, they turned out to the be group that was seated right next to me?? Their stuff had been there but they were all swimming or taking a walk. Kind of funny. This time they had cans. I noticed how cute one of them was but again there wasn't much I could do. I stayed until a huge dark cloud let out a crack of thunder and that was the end of the sun. By the time I was home it was pouring so hard that I could barely see going 15mph. That's when I was really happy my air was fixed or all my windows would've been open!

Last night I joined Jim and Bonnie going out for dinner. We went with Jim's friend Tom and his wife Karen, along with their friend Allison. Tom is a bouncy, short, robust man who's a staunch conservative. His wife wears sweater sets and seems to be a soccer mom (they're both in their early 40s). Their friend Allison is really cool - about my age, a liberal, and a bit troubled (time in the psychiatric hospital I hear). Dinner was great, despite the wide range of personalities we all had so much to talk about. The women wanted to hear my match stories, Tom and I went back and forth with friendly political jabs, and we heard about the whole fiasco with the roof of Tom and Karen's house. After dinner we went to see The Village. The acting was pretty bad (felt like I was watching a high school play on the big screen) but I liked the story - which I hear is being bashed by reviewers. As with all his films, a surprise ending. After that we went over to an Irish pub because Tom knew of a young single guy through work who was going to be there and he wanted to see if Allison or I might be interested. Now that he knows I'm single, he and Karen are both determined to set me up!! The guy was really nice but the place was crowded enough that we couldn't sit with him so we found our own table. Karen and Tom's daughter is 14 and one of her teachers was there so he came over. He was cute! And he teaches History, isn't that interesting... ?? Well he mentions that he's not teaching any more, he's going back to school. Turns out he's a student at FAU though he takes classes down in Boca. Then he says that he's on the Jupiter campus to use the library a lot and Bonnie and I are surprised because we don't recognize him. He says that he and I even had a conversation about his overdue books! This probably means that the guy's not nearly as cute in full library lighting vs dark pub lighting. I don't think I'm even going to recognize him if he comes in again! It was only about 12:30 when I got back home but I was so exhausted. What a fun night though, Tom and Karen are all excited because I make it an even number for game night, which we're having as soon as I'm back from MN. Jim says that now that they know me, I'm part of the gang. Cool, I like being part of gangs :)

I think I have an ulcer, I'm calling the dr. tomorrow. Can I just say how much I love having insurance? Anyway, it's really distracting and it hurts! Tonight Bonnie invited me over to Jim's for a movie and for vegetable soup. I figure that'll do the trick. Good food and some distraction! I have to pick the movie. Bonnie's never seen Sixth Sense so I might pick that up on the way home. I wish we had more selection here but our movies pretty much suck.

Alrighty then, I'm going to get this posted and be done with it. Time to find something else to do for the remaining 45 minutes of my workday.

I wonder if this is a record month for fewest entries since I started blogging. It's just after 9am and I've been up for an hour or so. David and his crew are here working on the air and I had to be awake to let them in. I tried going back to bed but it was too late after that so here I sit.

So yeah, I'm having my air conditioning units replaced after a power surge last weekend. It fried the one on the roof and as long as they were at it I agreed that they should replace the inside one as well since it's going on 30 years. Now I should have a much more energy effienct system and the guys were telling me about how much my bill would go down! I explained how that would be nice, maybe I could get down to $10 a month! They're still raving today about how they can't believe how little I pay, even with the air on. It's been a hot week, mostly just stuffy. The fans are blowing but they don't seem to make much of a difference. The poor kittens have been panting but I can't imagine that the heat's really bothering them because they still love finding the sun!

I decided to let them into the bedroom the other morning before work and they just loved exploring. Finally they could be on carpet and really run around. After work I let them back into that room and they've been in there ever since. I haven't gotten really good sleep because they're always finding something noisy that I didn't know was there and it's usually under the middle of the bed. They can't get up on the bed so that helps. Aoife has found her favorite spot on the far corner of the windowsill, sometimes I can't even find her because she blends right into the blinds! I have to give them back on Tuesday already. They all weighed in at 2 lbs or so last weekend so they were given shots and whatnot and I had 10 days from then until it had all taken effect. Sometimes I still consider keeping Dulan but I won't. I think I'll tell them that if he's not adopted in two weeks, or if anyone ever returns him to the shelter, to contact me.

I had a good day off yesterday. I slept in until 11, much later than I'd expected! I went down to the pool for at least two hours, it was great. The woman who's president of the association was down there too so we had a nice time talking while sitting in the pool. A few threatening clouds rolled by but it cleared up and I managed a pretty good tan! John called while I was down there and we talked for just a bit. Naples isn't going to work out next weekend, I'm a bit disappointed. I'd tried hard not to get my hopes on it because I figured that something would come up, but still. Having a weekend together over there was his idea from months ago (like Feb!) and that was the only weekend that it would've worked. We hope to get together on Friday anyway and take his waverunner out, he's hoping to sell it the following week. After Friday I'm going to tell him not to call again until Charity is out of the picture because this sucks. But first I want to go out on the water :)

Last night Bonnie came home after work and we sat out on the patio enjoying the breeze and then Jim came over. They were going to go out for dinner but in the end we decided to all order Chinese. While they went to pick it up I set up the card table on the patio and we had a nice little dinner outside! When they left at 10 or so I thought about going right to bed but of course I ended up watching some tv. I love MTV's I Love the 80s/90s, even years that weren't my favorite are so much fun. I didn't stay up too late but I'm still just exhausted right now.

Let's see... what else... I can't really think of anything too exciting that's happened or that will be happening. I think I'm going to finish this off and try to catch up on e-mails as long as I'm at it. Hopefully the air will be done within the hour and it's early enough that I can still head over the beach for awhile!

Finally, a few minutes to myself! The kittens are at the perfect stage where they aren't making nearly as much of a mess each day, can still entertain themselves, and aren't big enough to get out of the bathroom. They're at the point where I can just love them instead of trying to watch and clean up after them! They're all sleeping right now, they all lay on their backs with their pinkish bellies up! On Friday they're off to get weighed and I suspect it won't be long at all before they're out of my hands. I hope I get more, now that I'm in the fostering groove (took awhile) I want to keep doing it!

My week hasn't been too exciting. Nothing new at work. More mice, it's just disgusting how many there are. Today I was up putting my section of books in order and found a really pretty picture book of Africa. Of course it's the one time when Pat wanders up to talk to me and there I sit with my head in a book!! I've got the budget for conference in Minneapolis and Chicago next year, yeah!! Ingrid has been putting together a list of everyone's favorite books and I'm having a heck of a time because she'd like us to choose books that we have on our campus. All my real faves are down in Boca but I did what I could. I think I ended up with Mosquito Coast, Chronicle of a Death Foretold, House of Leaves, and the LOTR trilogy. I'm sure there was another one but now I don't remember. Otherwise my list would've been Poisonwood Bible, Red Tent, I'm a Stranger Here Myself, The Alchemist, and Rainbow Six. Nothing like a little variety :)

Last night I ducked out of work an hour early and went out to Dave's. He made a delicious dinner and then I helped him paint his bedroom. He's doing a lot of work on the house and it's looking really good. Soon he'll be getting rid of the green carpet and it will be even better! We had a good time getting all caught up, it's always good to see him. I think we'll try to do something Sunday night too which would be nice.

Otherwise my evenings have been spent sitting with the kittens - or on Monday in front of The Grid (TNT). Not too much time to myself so I've been trying to get up a bit earlier to do things in the morning. I've got more plants going, including a sprout from a seed I found in Costa Rica! My vines are crawling across the chicken wire and I'd say it's only another week or so before the longest ones have hit the other side of the patio. Am not sure what I'll do with them them! I wonder how much of a mess it'll be to clean up when they die... Sadly they never did flower which means I won't get my own gourds out of the deal.

So I finally called Tony back on Monday and left a message saying that Bonnie and I would see him this week since we need oil changes. Of course then Bonnie backs out every morning this week so that didn't happen. I don't mind putting it off :) Will have to figure something out though, ignorning his calls doesn't work. I also got around to calling David about the bathroom walls. He didn't answer so I left a cheerful message asking him to call me back - and haven't heard from him. I wonder if he could do a better job or if it's not worth having him even try. I'm just SO MAD that I paid him up front. Stupid, I know. Sigh. Now I have to decide if it's worth paying someone else or if I should just paint it and hang towel racks over the worst parts. I just wanted it done right, you know??

Well, I'm going to keep the babies company while they're sleepy. They're just starting to eat crunchy food, good thing because they've been going through lots of cans of the wet stuff!! Such cuties.

Half of my weekend is gone already. I am sooo tired but I don't want to go to bed and have Friday end yet. I didn't do enough today!

Last night I was up late watching tv and then I felt like I hadn't spent enough time with the kittens so I stayed up even later to sit with them. I was expecting to really sleep in but Bonnie called at 10 so I got up then. We decided to spend the afternoon together so I cleaned up the bathroom (a long daily ritual as I try to clean up the mess that seems never ending) and did the dishes before she got here. While I was in the shower I looked out and saw Beacan sitting on the box that divides the bathroom from the rest of the place. I hate having to get out in the middle of a shower but I was so afraid that he'd get under the cabinets that I decided I was better safe than sorry! Little stinker.

Bonnie and I decided to go to the big Target down by Boca so we could finally exchange this mirror that I bought last time we went down there. I like it but it doesn't fit in the entry as well as I thought it would. Once we were on the interstate we realized we were driving right toward a huge storm so we decided to go out to Wellington instead. It took about an hour to get there (it's a town out past where John lives) and the storm hit hard while we were in Target. I spent much more than I meant to, seeing as the only thing on my list was a scratch thing for the kittens and a few more cheap towels (also for the kittens). I came away with another rug for the kitchen and a big area rug for under the dining room table (a very cool one that I just love), a different and more expensive mirror for the entry, crackers, and a few other odds and ends. We also went to a petstore and to TJMaxx along with a place for lunch. It was fun but we were both so tired and all the stores seemed to be freezing! I suppose we had spent over five hours out of the house so we were ready to head home. John had called to say hi. He had a dream about me last night, he met my dad but couldn't remember anything else. We're going to try to spend a day together the week after next but I don't think I'll get my hopes up on that one.

Back at home I was so excited to see that my water filter had arrived! I bought a 2.5 gallon one for the fridge so I could stop lugging 8 gallons up from the car. Amazing the difference a filter makes, I can finally drink the tap water! So I had fun putting that together, the kittens loved the scratch thing (it's Dulan's new fave thing to sit on), and Bonnie and I hung the mirror - which looks really good and put the rugs down. That's the best part about coming home with new stuff, getting to play with it right away.

Tonight I went over to Jim's and we sat around talking outside for quite awhile and then watched The Others. Bonnie was so scared! Next time we're going to watch The Ring! It was late when I got home but Brownie was out taking her walk so she stopped in to see the kittens when she was done.

Yesterday before work I took Dulan to the vet and I was a bit frustrated when they didn't tell me everything at the end. I sat around for two hours waiting because they were pretty backed up. He is blind and seems to have some neurological problems as well. Poor baby. He made a mess in the carrier on the way home (one of the reasons I needed new kitten towels) and by the time I cleaned it up and got everyone taken care of I was over an hour late to work. I didn't mind, made the day go by faster! I looked up some info on blind cats and they say that it takes people a long time to realize kittens are blind because they adapt so well! I've been paying such close attention to him and am trying to be so considerate. Now I realize how I can throw him off when I pick him up and set him down later in a different place, or when I put the food dish in a different spot. I'm sure someone will want to adopt him, he's a special little one!

Tony called me over a week ago and I never got back to him. I still haven't called David about the walls. And I was supposed to call Dave back three weeks ago but haven't! I don't know what's up with me lately! Tomorrow, that's what I keep saying! As for what I'll actually do tomorrow, I'm hoping the weather will be perfect for the beach or at least for the pool.

Tonight Jim said that he thought Fox news was one of the only stations that wasn't biased and that everything on tv was so to the left that it was ridiculous. What?? He said something about Fahrenheit 911 and about how it wasn't based on even a single fact but Bonnie really snapped at him about how he wasn't allowed to comment because he hadn't seen it. He kept trying to say he didn't have to see it to know it was all lies and she kept snapping until he shut up - go Bonnie! And she wonders why I couldn't date a Republican - geez, one would piss me off to no end!

Alright, the babies are crying for attention. Beacan has realized that he can't get out (I put up a higher barrier) and isn't happy, and Dulan just cries when anyone else cries. Then I'm off to bed!

Time is just flying right by. I swear I just posted yesterday but it's been a couple of days! Where does it go? I wake up and my first thought is of the kittens and they're the last thing on my mind at night. They're all sleeping right now so I crept out to get online. Everything they do is adorable, everything.

I got up at 9 because I knew Helen was coming but I wasn't sure when! As long as I was up and waiting I did some laundry and cleaned. My bathroom looks much better, it's been forever since I've cleaned the sink! I had hoped to do the tub but right before I started Helen called to say she was on her way. Well she didn't arrive anytime soon after that so I should've just done it anyway. She came right after I decided to just make my oatmeal, it was right after Bonnie got home so she ate it for me. Helen just loved the place and raved about the colors and how nice everything looked. Of course I was thrilled to hear it! Her favorite feature was the kittens, I knew she'd adore them. She really took a fancy to Beacan, who is the prettiest of them with those unique eyes, and she wants to adopt him. I don't know if her husband will let her, she's already got four or maybe even five other cats (all rescued so that's cool)! She's hoping he'll be able to come over with her so he can see Beacan for himself. We'll see how that goes. She stayed for a little while and it was good seeing her again. She gave me a housewarming gift, a digital bathroom scale. I really have a thing for scales but never want to buy one for myself so this was perfect. She'd gotten the idea from Bonnie, though I'm sure she doesn't know that Bonnie came right out and asked me! We've both weighed in at least three times already today :) The kittens aren't heavy enough to get a reading, too bad because that would've been fun.

For the last three nights I've been visiting with my neighbor Brownie. She saw my lights on Sunday night so she dropped in. She also just adored the kittens and couldn't get enough of them. Last night I took Beacan down there with me and we had a really nice visit while he enjoyed playing on the carpet. She and I are just so much alike. We have the same kind of schedule and we think along the same lines. I gave her a spare key and today she came by while I was at work to check on the little ones. Tonight she came by to give me the report on them! She'll continue to come by in the afternoons to play with them and that should be good for them while they're so young.

I've decided to go to the director of the libraries with a few work issues. He just has no idea what goes on at our library except for what Pat tells him. Ingrid and I were talking tonight and agreed to compose a letter about how we feel that a new librarian shouldn't be hired for at least another year. There isn't enough for the few of us to do, let alone another professional. That along with a few other things that he is probably in the dark on. I'm going to do that only at home, Pat Paranoia will keep me from letting anything like that be on my work computer! Anyway we'll see what, if anything, comes of it.

Alright time to work on a couple of pictures and then it's off to bed. It was nice being up early and getting so much done, I need to get back into that schedule.

Newsflash: a few kitten pics are online! More to come!

A work entry, seems like it's been awhile since I've done one of these. I didn't think I'd have time to write tonight so thought I'd try to squeeze it in. I've actually been working hard today so I deserve a break.

The weekend flew by, I barely remember it! Friday was good, I got up early and went to Home Depot with Bonnie as planned. We also stopped at the pet store and picked up the essentials and swung by a place for lunch. By the time we were done there wasn't time to actually put the wire up because Bonnie had other plans. I was frustrated when she didn't come back in time to help me, she was out the door with Jim for a round of golf across the street. I decided to just hang it myself, which wasn't easy but it's done! The vines are already almost half way across the ceiling, I have to keep a close eye on them because they keep going for the fan!

I had picked up the kittens at noon and spent lots of time getting to know them. Dulan is a talker and is very vocal every time he's picked up or when there isn't any food left (he loves to eat). He also runs into the walls a lot and seems to see imaginary bugs overhead... hopefully he'll grow out of that. Aoife doesn't make a peep unless she's purring, which she does when she's about to fall asleep. She's soft and fluffy and doesn't mind laying on her back, she's the easiest going of the 3. She loves to get under things like the entertainment center where I can't reach and will just sit under there peering out until she thinks I'm gone. The third, who still doesn't have a name (Bonnie wanted to name him but she picked Pete - short for Petunia - and I said no so we're still looking), cries when he thinks he's alone. He loves to walk along the edge of the bathtub and keeps sliding in so he needed a lot of rescuing until I finally just moved the cage that he was getting up on. His eyes are very cool, one green and one blue. When he and Aoife are out on the tile they blend right in! Jim thinks they look like lab rats running around. Mean but kind of true :) Dulan was making a lot of noise around 5am, probably when he finished off the food, but otherwise they've been quiet. They entertain themselves very nicely and nap a lot!

Enough about them. Friday night Diane and Leslie came over to have a look at the babies and I ran errands but it wasn't an exciting night. John's meeting had run really late so we didn't get together but talked for quite awhile in the evening as he was heading over to Naples. I spent the rest of the night in front of Punk'd, which I could watch for hours. Saturday I got up and went to the beach. Sea lice season is over and the water was a perfect temperature. The sand was burning, I need a longer towel!! I was there for over an hour but wanted to go to the mall so I didn't stay all afternoon. I got my hair cut and am not thrilled with how it looks. I asked for an inch off but she cut 3 (yikes!) and I asked for my layers to be trimmed up to my chin but they're at my shoulders. So the layers are just a bit shorter than my length and it doesn't look that great curled. I'm debating going back to have her fix the layers, I hate to complain but also don't like being stuck with bad hair! Well I didn't stay at the mall for too much longer, I went home and made some pasta (the good asparagus kind so I'd have lunches this week). I had a really great night, I joined Diane and Leslie for a trip down to Ft. Lauderdale. There was a gallery opening going on so we checked that out. I liked it, not only do they always serve cheese but the art was pretty decent too!! We went down to the Riverplace area which is shops along a channel and had a bite to eat. Then we walked in the other direction down Los Olas (Erika, that's the cool street that we happened upon where we went out for Mexican, they put a different restaurant in that spot). Tons of cool shops and they were all open late so we wandered in and out of everything. It was after 12 by the time I got home and I stayed up for another two hours just sitting with the kittens so they'd feel loved!

And that was my weekend. Now I'm finishing up the day at work, it's been very uneventful. Tonight I'm looking forward to just sitting around again. I had hoped to get my Chicago pics online over the weekend but was too lazy. Someday soon...

What a day, I'm ready for bed. I'm not tired but I'm thinking that sleep is a pretty good idea anyway. Tomorrow's looking like a full day off already and I told Bonnie we could run to Home Depot at 9:30 so I have to be up early!

My patio is looking like Little Shop of Horrors with the vines hitting the ceiling and having no where to go! So we're going to pick up more chicken wire and we're going to try to hang it about a foot down from the ceiling and train the vines along it and over to the other side where they'll hit the evening sun. Ambitious, I know. Should be interesting to see how that works out.

After that John is going to call, he'll be in the neighborhood for work so we may meet for a quick lunch. That'll depend on when his meeting finishes and whether or not he has to go back to work for the rest of the day. I excitedly told him my news - that between noon and 1 I can go to the shelter and pick up some foster kittens!!!! I was so frustrated that I hadn't heard from the shelter so I called them up - and reached them right after a box of babies had arrived. Two or three of them will be set aside for me. So tonight I dug out my kitten towels and got the bathroom ready for them, in the morning I'll go pick up a litterbox and everything else that I'll need. I can't wait, I've been hoping that this would happen. At work I took some time to look up names and so far I've got a couple of ideas but will have to see what the little ones are like. Kiaros is Greek for goddess from Jupiter, I thought that seemed fitting. Basil, Birch, Kisa (kitten in Russian), Agapi, Dulan, and Aoife (said ee-fa) are also on the list. I like the last two the best.

Work was pretty good, I thought it was going to be a bad day before I even went in. Why I bother checking my work mail at home is beyond me, it always just frustrates me more than when I'm in my office reading it. Pat sent out this note to everyone saying "remember that it is considered very tacky to take personal phone calls at the desk." Um, hello, that e-mail was tacky! Everyone at work knew that she was talking about Diane, whether or not we were there for it. One of the morning girls takes calls all day long and Pat doesn't say at thing but as soon as it's Diane, Pat's all upset. Whatever. I just get mad when she writes to everyone when the issue so clearly pertains to just one person. She's done that to me so many times, as though she wants everyone to know that she thinks you're a fool. Oh Diana, I didn't mention it in my e-mail but Pat announced that she'll be retiring at the end of this year! I'm going to apply for her job :)

This morning Bonnie came up with the perfect solution for my bathroom wall dilemma. She told me to paint the wall that I liked the least and see how it looked. If the paint doesn't help then I can tell David that I am still not happy - and he can't tell me that the paint will fix it. Tonight I painted two sections that were just horribly done and I have to say that the color does vastly improve the situation. But the spots that I didn't like are just as bad as before. This will make it easier for telling him. I love the color though, it makes for a great transition from both the livingroom and the bedroom! Now I'm even more anxious to have them painted and done with - but not until David gets it right!

I'm having a Bonnie issue. Other than wondering when she's going to move out, I'm wondering how to spend her rent money. She keeps complaining about the ants - the grease ants in the kitchen and the black ants that are back in her bathroom. Should I pay for an exterminator with part of her rent money? The ants don't bother me, they come with the territory and they're not eating my food. I pretty much want to tell her that if she wants the ants gone to pay for an exterminator herself. But I know she's broke (I'm lucky to get rent at all) and will tell me that her rent should cover it. Ugh. I don't want to argue with her. Tomorrow I'll pick up some ant traps at Home Depot and maybe that will help for awhile.

Ok well now it's really late and I'm still not tired but am going to bed no matter what.

Well it's 9am and I'm up and attem. Or at least up. My climbing vines outside just hit the roof! They grow 6 inches a day so I knew it would happen soon but I just put that wire up a week and half ago! Am not sure what to do with them now so I aimed them all sideways to see what would happen. Wonder if I can send them back down the other side of the wire? It looks really cool out there.

I'm writing because just after I posted last night Bonnie came home. She had gotten mad at Jim on Monday morning because he had made her disappear again. His stepdaughter was visiting so he took every bit of evidence of Bonnie and put it away. She was so upset and worked up about it - and believe me that mentioning the fact that she did that with him isn't a good idea because she sees that as a totally different situation. He's been divorced for 2 years and the girl isn't even his while she has much more at stake. I can see that but give the poor guy a break. So yesterday at work he e-mails and asks that she not come over so he can have a night to think things over. I would've said "ok, I'll think about things too and see you the next night so we can talk" but no... Bonnie marches right over there after work, demands that he discuss it with her (insert some hollaring and throwing things here) and then wonders why he isn't ready to talk about things. So she's home just after 12 all upset and it sounds like it's over. As soon as I heard the door I let out an inner groan. I love that she spends every night and morning over at his place and not here. I was thrilled when she remembered that she had a hair appt at 9 and had to dash out the door so I can have some time to myself. I hope it lasts awhile. I'm trying to think of errands to run when she's back. I told her I was hoping to put a final coat on the bathroom ceiling and she didn't sound happy that I meant her bathroom. Well if she's not going to do it then she doesn't get to pick the time. I'm not crabby, in case I sound that way, just frustrated. She was supposed to only live here until the end of July but now that her divorce is on hold there's no telling when she'll be able to move out on her own. I'm a bit concerned. But enough about that. I'm going to get dressed and start painting. Maybe then I'll run to the mall just for something to do.

Ok, 20 minutes before West Wing comes on. I don't like it when they switch the schedule around. I get all excited for 11 and then they bump it to 12 some nights. Don't they know some of us have nothing else to live for??

My weekend went well, Orlando wasn't exciting but it was nice to get away. Bonnie and her kids stayed with me at the hotel Friday night after their day at SeaWorld. We watched the 3rd Terminator. You know I've never seen the first two? Anyway I was at the conference for most of Saturday and then in the evening met up with Robyn (from grad school) and her friend Matt for dinner and then Universal! It looked like it was going to storm but it poured and then pretty much cleared up. We got sprinkled on a few times but nothing big. We hit pretty much all of the big attractions. I can't call them rides because they weren't real rides. The T2 was a 3-D movie, Jaws took us on a little boat and a shark kept popping out of the water (we screamed just for the effect but it was pretty cheezy), Twister was really a waste of time since you stand there and get rained and blown on as you experience what a tornado would be like (ha, not even close to the real thing!!). The Men in Black one was cool because you had a laser gun and shot at aliens and it kept track of how many you hit! The best was the new Mummy ride (a real ride), it was a coaster in the dark. That rocked, we were so psyched when we got off and if it hadn't been so late we would've gone again! While we had a good time I'm really glad we weren't there on a day when there might've been lines because only the Mummy would've been worth waiting for more than 10 minutes. Anyway on Sunday I went to the conference for the morning but was out of town by 3 because I was pretty bored with it all.

Bonnie's kids were here until this morning, we played Scattergories on Sunday night and watched Gregory's Girl last night. Of course by last night they were finally feeling comfortable around me, isn't that how it goes. Bonnie was ready for them to go home, that was a bit too much quality time with them and too close of quarters. I'm just glad to have my place back and control of the tv!

Oh my gosh, did I write about how my downstairs neighbor had come up to tell me to keep it down a few weeks ago? She was up here with the old woman who lives next to her too, saying that she could hear my tv - down and over one! Anyway, tonight the old lady called asking me to keep the tv down. I was so excited, it's just what I've been waiting for - because I didn't have my tv on!! I KNEW that it wasn't my tv that she was complaining about a few weeks ago either. Now if she had called last night maybe... because Osee was watching a movie late but he was good about keeping the volume down. HA! This morning there was a note on the door about people trying to sleep after 11. Well let me tell you where to shove your complaints, ok? I live here too and it could be sooooo much worse. I think that since they came up here I've actually been making much less of an effort to be quiet. I mean I was being really quiet before and if that wasn't quiet enough then why bother even trying? Maybe a bit twisted but geez, give me a break. Yeah, so that's that.

Ok, perfect timing because it's midnight!

Seinfeld is on right now, I can't stand that show. The little bit of "music" between scenes annoys me. Bonnie's son is watching tv and I'm afraid I have little say in what's on. Oh well, I'm off to bed soon. I've been going to bed early these past few nights.

David did show up at 9am - in fact he was 15 minutes early. He was here for about 20 minutes and did nothing with the walls. Nothing. So I take it he's done. He did look at my plumbing and said that it was a building problem, not just my pipe and that I should buy a little screen filter to keep things out of the showerhead. David promised to go buy a filter himself and would bring it right back but that was the last I saw of him. Bonnie and I have fiddled with the spackle ourselves and are fixing a few of the places that we didn't think were done right. Eventually I hope to find time to paint but I don't know when!

Bonnie and I worked hard to get this place cleaned up and now her kids are here. Her daughter is just adorable, 14 I think. Her son is 18 and is a bit of trouble. I mean he's sweet but probably into drugs and whatnot. I felt bad but last night I had to ask him to get off the phone. It was after 1am and he was out on the patio, I could hear him in my bedroom and I knew the neighbors could too! Tomorrow they're off to SeaWorld and then I'm gone until Sunday.

My plants outside are growing so much, I just adore them. The biggest one is gaining about 6 inches every day! I've been marking it with twist-ties and every day I'm surprised. At this rate it'll be up to the roof in a week! I've also got three other sprouts going that are really cute. I think Bonnie's tired of my talking about them but I can't help it. Tonight I e-mailed pictures to Mary, she's got her own going from the seeds I gave her.

I went to the dr this morning about my ear. Turns out that it's not an ear infection, I have a mild case of temporo-mandibular joint disorder. It's a swelling in the jaw joint that makes your ears and jaw hurt. I thought it sounded like something not many people have but everyone else has already heard of it. Well it explains why my head has been hurting, I've got some pills that should take care of it for now. And I'm scheduled to go back on Monday to get the lab tests to check for routine stuff like cholesterol or however that's spelled.

Ok, I've got to get going. I think Bonnie's son is waiting for me to go to bed, now he's probably watching tv just because I'm sitting here. Besides I'm really tired. I won't write until I'm back from Orlando. Hope you both have a good weekend!

Sure enough, I didn't get enough sleep last night. So tonight I'll be in bed before 12:30. I got up this morning at 9:30 and was all ready for David to be here at 10. Boy was I mad by noon when he called to say he wouldn't be by. It was actually his sidekick John who was on the phone and he caught quite the earful from me. I scolded him sharply about being so late and inconsiderate and I'm sure he felt about a quarter inch tall by the time I stopped to catch my breath. When he asked if they could come by at 9 tomorrow instead he caught a little more slack and let me tell you, I bet they'll be at more door right on time! Good thing because I wasn't so keen on the earlier time. I'm just really upset that they're always late if they even show up at all. I know they're busy and fall behind but it's so rude!

We had our evaluations at work today and that went pretty well. Pat thought I was doing a great job and said that I was really the glue that held the place together. I have a lot more excellent marks than last year so maybe I'll even get the extra pay that goes with it. I hope so! The day went pretty fast and I got a lot done in the evening because Bonnie had other things to do. Pat expressed concern this afternoon about how Bonnie and I talk so much (that's Ethan whispering in her ear) but I told her that we rarely chatted at work now that we're living together :)

I think I have another ear infection. I've got to call for a drs appt tomorrow, it's really starting to bother me. I went my whole life without getting one and now two in six months. Could it be from when I was swimming and then couldn't get the water out of my ear? Well I do know that I don't want to get on an airplane next week this way so I'd better get in soon.

Ok, time for bed. I'm still not getting enough sleep, never enough!

I should be in bed right now, it's late and I have to be up for David in the morning. If there's one kind of math that I'm really good at doing quickly, it's calculating how much sleep I'll get. And right now it's not looking like enough!

That said, I wanted to quick post. I had a good night and a pretty good day at work too. It was quiet and I got a lot done - and talked to Shannon a lot which is always good! I'll be out the next two Sundays. Anyway Brownie, from down the hall, calls to ask if I'm home so she can return my chair. I told her I was leaving work but that I'd swing by when I got home. She asked if I liked brownies because she had two left over from bridge club Friday night! So I head over there after dropping my things off at home and she invites me in. Her place looks like it's right out of the 60s/70s, it's great! She gave me a little tour and then we sat in her living room for a chat. She's been in Florida since 1942 - and that was after college! We had such a nice chat, she's the only other night owl in the building so we agreed that we'd get together more often. I suspect she's full of good building gossip. I'm already one of the first to hear that Charlotte in 206 is engaged to her boyfriend and they'll be buying a place together north of Orlando. They're trying to talk Peggy in 202 into joining them up there but she doesn't know anyone in that area. Brownie's boyfriend Hal is going to be here this next weekend and she's looking forward to that. They're back together now - they dated back in college!! She showed me a picture of the two of them back then, they were in the yearbook for being the most popular. He was so good looking and I said so, she says he looks a bit older now :) His kids aren't thrilled that he's dating again and they don't like it when she stays over at his place so he usually visits her instead. I could've sat there listening to her all night long but I was so hungry for dinner so I left after about an hour. She invited me to play bridge but of course I have no clue how to play that one. Anyway I really do hope that we can get together sometimes!

Ok, that was my story and now I can go to bed.

So it's about 9:45 as I start to write this and I'm home ready for bed. I'll start with tonight and work my way backwards, we'll see how far I get.

Tony came by at 7, we'd agreed to go out for a bite to eat. He was 10 minutes early so I wasn't entirely ready but whatever. He'd gotten transmission fluid in his eyes this afternoon so I drove and he kept putting drops in! We went to an Italian place and we were seated right away. People who weren't willing to sit at hightops had to wait over a half hour! He's talking a lot about cars and management - two things I really couldn't pretend to care about, but it's not all bad. One funny thing happened while I was in the ladies room. I come back out and the waitress is putting my pizza in a box for me and has clearly been hitting on Tony!! Turns out she'd come over with the box and had said to him "Are you stoned? You look like you're really stoned". He explained about the fluid but she didn't believe him and started telling him that she liked to get stoned too and really liked going out. That's when I came back and Tony said she started mumbling just as soon as she saw me. She knew the pizza had been mine but didn't even look at me, she asked Tony for help with the box and then as she was leaving the table she put her hand on his arm. Like when you wrap your hand around someone's biceps, that kind!! I stood there with a big grin because I thought it was hilarious! As we were walking out I said goodbye and she looked only at Tony and said "bye honey". Hahaha! I teased him for the rest of the night about being stoned. He says people have asked him that before, I didn't think he really had that look. Anyway then we drive for ice cream, there's a place that's really close to where I live. I go for a cup of chocolate, yum. We're sitting outside next to a fountain and Tony's still talking (seriously, I gave up even trying to be part of the conversation because it was pointless) when all of a sudden I got that feeling. The one that tells me to get to the nearest bathroom as soon as humanly possible. But what do you do??? The ice cream place didn't have restrooms so I told Tony that I wasn't feeling so hot and that I'd like to head home for some water. We get back and I try to make the quickest run to the bathroom without really letting on that I'm about to explode. Seriously, soooo embarrassing but surely things like this happen to all of us... right?? We all know you can't hurry these things along and I'm not only feeling miserable but I feel horrible for Tony who's standing in my kitchen waiting for me. I get back to the kitchen and immediately want to make another run for it but instead I calmly apologize that I'm not feeling well and that I just can't do anything else for the night. He left and I'm not sure what he must've been thinking. The whole thing may have seemed like I was just making it up - I hope he knows I really was sick. I'll see him again this week because I'm getting my oil changed. Anyway, that's the end of the night. I'm still feeling a bit woozy and may even go to bed (instead of over to the couch).

Now I'll skip back to yesterday just so you don't miss out on any exciting details of my weekend. David was a no-show, by 12:30 I called and we rescheduled. Too bad for him, I was baking fresh banana bread! I think I'm done with the bread for awhile, I'm breaded out. While that was baking I took apart the exhaust fan in my bathroom. It sounds horrible and I wanted to see if I could find the right part to replace. I sliced my index finger while removing the fixture, ouch!! I had also just slammed my thumb in the door while doing laundry. Anyway, I made my trip to Home Depot and bought paint for the walls and ceilings, chicken wire, and ant stuff. Exhaust fans are really expensive to replace so that's going to have to wait. I also went to Kmart and bought detergent and a few other little things. Including some Nair bikini cream and might I add that it works wonders. I came home and hung the chicken wire, that took awhile but I'm loving it! You can barely tell it's there and the plants are already all wrapped up on it. I just had to tell them where it was at and next thing I know they all hooked up on their own! Then I painted the ceilings in the master bath. One was white but needed a new coat, the other was yellowed and looks 100 percent better now! It wasn't as big of a job as I thought it would be, I used a paint pad instead of a roller so it didn't drip at all. By the time I was done with all of that and a few other little things around the place, I cleaned up and went over to Jim's. Bonnie made a really good dinner and then we played scrabble. I had great letters and made big words but they never added up to much, I just couldn't get anything to fall on double points! So I lost but it was a lot of fun anyway. Then I came back home for two episodes of Six Feet Under and went to bed.

David came this morning and for once, he was right on time! He was only here for like 20 minutes and I swear things look worse than before he got here. He had put painters tape down around areas that needed new plaster but I think when he pulled the tape off he actually took off the plaster too! I don't know, I hope he can actually get this done and sometime soon! The exhaust fan for the kichen was too big but he was going to see if he could exchange it for the right size. He'll be back Monday to finish up (yeah, I doubt "finish" is the right word) and he'll also have to fix some plumbing problems that came up. The sink faucets in the front bathroom are leaking lots of water and the toilet isn't flushing well. I think the projects will never end. Ugh.

I had some fun today taking apart Bonnie's showerhead though. I'd taken my curtain down yesterday to paint and didn't put it back up so I just showered in her bathroom instead. Well there was barely any water coming out, it was a trickle! I knew it hadn't always been like that or Karen would've complained very loudly. So I took it down and took each and every piece apart. Interesting how many bits there are to one of those (the kind with the hose). It was full of all of these little pieces of rust, tons of little chips that were blocking the water at each turn. Well I got it all cleaned up and was about to hook it up and test it out when I realized that the rust had to be coming from the plumbing. I filled up a pitcher of water and sure enough, rust comes out. A lot of it too, some pretty big pieces! And oddly enough a chunck of plastic, like a cap of some sort. This can't be good. Nor cheap. It's only in that bathroom and only from the shower.

After that I went down to the pool for about an hour. I took a swim and checked my watch every five minutes. Felt like hours were going by, it was sooo hot! I was determined to last at least 45 minutes as long as I'd gone to the trouble of going down there! Then I cleaned myself up and Tony came over. The rest is history.

While in Kmart yesterday John called. He wanted to tell me that he missed me and can't stop thinking about me. That said, he and Charity are spending the weekend together and she wants to move back in. I told him that I missed him too but that he needed to get life in order before involving me. He's still talking about having me come over to Naples for a weekend. Most of what he was saying didn't sound like the John I know but it was nice to hear all the same.

Ok, now that it's much later than when I began, I'm going to get this posted. Think I'll crawl into bed with a book, maybe some good ole Calvin and Hobbes for some light mindless reading. I'm feeling so tired and don't want to get caught up in front of the tv as usual :)

I finally got to sleep in a bit this morning, it was great. I had David come at 10:30 instead of 9! Of course he was late but still, I slept until 10 and that was nice. This time it was him with two of his guys, all working and talking over each other. Sometimes their chatter drives me insane (issues with them being in my space making noise) and other times it's really amusing to listen in on their conversations. The problem spots are being plastered over again and will be primed tomorrow. So they're scheduled to come back again and I'm not counting on this being the last time. The problem is that I forgot when I told them to be here. It was either 10 or 11. I know they'll be late so I guess I can just get up at 10 and I'll be ready for whichever time.

No big plans for my day off. I need to run to Home Depot for some chicken wire. I'm going to hang it on the patio for the plants to climb up, they're so ready to grow! I'm also going to get some stuff for the grease ants, they're driving Bonnie crazy in the kitchen. I don't know why they don't bother me, I just ignore them and they seem to stay away from my food so we just get along but I guess that it'll be nice to get rid of them too. Tonight Bonnie and I picked out a paint color for the bathrooms that I'm really excited about. It's a shade lighter than the brown in the bedroom, it's called Bonjour Beige but it's not a beige so I don't know what's up with the name! I can already tell it's going to look great, hopefully I can get the painting done in the mornings before work next week. July is the month for painting the kitchen. Might as well start in on the work in that room!

Work wasn't so bad today. Pat was out the entire time and then Ethan ditched out as well. Ingrid's out of town so that left only a few of us! I spent most of the afternoon at the front desk talking to Diane and Bonnie or in my office doing e-mail. In the evening Bonnie and I amused ourselves at the desk by exploring zefrank and Found magazine. It was pouring rain but thankfully it stopped right as we were leaving! The police officer on duty (who lusts after Bonnie) gave us a ride in the squad car over to the parking lot. He's going to give me a pineapple plant that's got fruit started on it. Bonnie thinks I have enough plants but I say there's no such thing as too many!

Alright, I'd better get to bed. I didn't make the banana bread this morning but will do that tomorrow instead. Goodness it's later than I thought!

I thought it was Thursday all day today and was disappointed to find out that I have to go to work again tomorrow. Pat should be out for at least part of the day so that'll make life a bit easier. She thought she was having a heart attack a few days ago but they sent her home and said that wasn't it. Tomorrow she goes in for a stress test and we'll see what they say. How scary to think that you might be having a heart attack, I can't imagine.

David and his painter have been by the past two mornings but thankfully David hasn't actually mentioned going out again. He said something to Bonnie outside about how they'd like to take the two of us out on the town and she came in all out of breath because she'd run up the stairs while they took the elevator - she wanted to warn me!! They didn't mention it again though. The walls still aren't done, they're coming again tomorrow. So far two coats of primer have gone on and the walls do look much better. But still not as smooth as I'd like. David keeps telling me that he's not done yet and to trust him but I just don't think he sees the issues I have with the walls! I paid enough that I want them to be perfect! He's going to give me a free exhaust fan for the kitchen, he said a woman gave it to him last week when she decided on a hanging microwave instead. I'd been meaning to get that done so works for me! David continues to come up with a million ideas for the place, some of which are good but most of which are of no interest to me. I have little money for projects, these stupid bathrooms haven't been cheap. From the strange noises coming from the washer/dryer, I think I'm going to be replacing those soon. I really want those front-loading energy effient water saving ones but today David said that the closet is too small to fit most kinds. Plus they might be out of my price range. Sigh, that and everything else!!

Work has been boring. I don't have enough excuses to be out of my office! We're still figuring a lot of things out and we're realizing what we'd like to change (usually the stuff that can't be). Very little work is being done on our shelving units so no one knows when the books will be back on the shelf. Right now I kind of like that my office is behind so many boxes, I'm in my own world and students have no reason to be in the area away from the computers so I can listen to my music and that's always good. Today I finally unpacked my boxes of stuff, most of it went directly into the recycle bin! Someday I might need one of those papers but I can just blame it on the move, right?

Bonnie and Jim are still having problems, she spent the last two nights here. Tonight they were going to talk things over and she didn't come home so that must be a good sign. I wouldn't date her, she's much too demanding. And I'm pretty sure that Jim had no clue what was going on this whole time, she thinks he should just know. I finally convinced her to tell him exactly what was bugging her and sure enough, that's when she started hearing back from him. We'll see how it goes. He won't be out of the picture anytime too soon but I don't see how this is going to last either!

I made another batch of the coconut bread this morning and it was delicious. Tomorrow it's going to be banana bread. Just sitting here I can smell the ripe bananas and something has to be done! There don't seem to be too many other breads for me to move on to without doing the yeast thing and I don't think I'm up for that. What else can I do?

Tony called today while I was at work and I just happened to have my phone on and was sitting near it. We're going out on Saturday night. I wonder if I can somehow find a way to nicely tell him that it's friends or nothing. I mean, here's a guy with as few friends as I have in town so we could at least get each other out of the house on weekends. But there's just no interest on my end. I don't know, I don't know what to do now. It does have to go smoothly because I need to get my oil changed soon and don't want to find a new mechanic :) John also called tonight but I wasn't near my phone so he left a message. He's in town for tonight only before heading back to Naples tomorrow night and wanted to say hi. I'll call him back tomorrow or something, no rush.

Alright, time for bed. This whole place smells like paint and it's going to my head!

It's funny that just the other night I'd mention how Bonnie and I don't go out on the town well together. Tonight she came home from Jim's all upset about his personality flaws and that he'd gone to bed at 8. Now I think it was her idea to lay down for a bit but this is apparently beside the point. I can tell she really wants to go out and do something though I told her the most I'd want to do is go catch a movie and even that was more than I felt up to. I was having a nice quiet night on the couch finally watching my West Wing finale from weeks ago. Well out of pity I tell her that maybe we can go get a beer somewhere and suggest a bar down the way that I've been meaning to try. She comes back out of her bedroom in a short skirt and nice shirt with good shoes - I come out in jeans and a tshirt - and she asks where we should go. If I could've found a really good reason for changing my mind, that's right when I wanted to do it. So instead of going to the pub we try one of the nearby ale houses. We walk in and she doesn't like the feel of it and I'm still feeling bad for her so I agree that we'll go try another place. I decide to head to an Irish pub near my old place (Erika, you and I went and had a drink there), there's an Irish singer so I'm all excited because I just love that. I can tell she's not nearly as thrilled but we get a table anyway. Well no one comes to serve us. Another couple sat down next to us and someone was there within 10 seconds to take their drink order! I wouldn't have noticed if Bonnie hadn't kept mentioning it, the bar was like 10 steps away and getting it myself would've been easy. But she says that she doesn't want to stay at a place that won't serve us. Whatever, I'm figuring at this point that making her stay where I want to be means she'll just mope or something. In the end we go to Waterway which had been the first bar that we'd driven past 45 minutes earlier! It's not my fave place, that's why we didn't go right there. We found a seat outside and I was happy out there but I could tell she wanted to be inside. This time I didn't budge so we had our drink on the water. I think that not much would've made her happy tonight though. She adores Jim but he drives her nuts at the same time, and she isn't sure what's going on with her divorce. I think I'd have been more ok with the night except she made a biting comment about John and it hasn't been sitting well since. I don't even remember what it was, only that the way she said it made the comment twice as mean. I already know that I shouldn't like him or even give him a second thought - but I can't help how I feel so leave me alone already! Plus since she's not exactly one to talk about screwed up relationships... I didn't say anything though. I was back on the couch where I belonged at about 11:30.

Today wasn't terribly exciting. I baked some coconut bread but didn't add enough baking soda so it's pretty heavy stuff - good thing I added chocolate chips, they make it easy to keep eating it anyway! I put my plants into their new pots and will see how they do. I went down to the pool for a swim and laid out for just a little while before heading back upstairs. I had dinner, to change it up a bit I didn't put sauce on my spaghetti, I just ate it with butter and parmesan cheese. A bit plain but I enjoyed every bite all the same! I sat outside in the evening sun doing crosswords for quite awhile, until I couldn't see well enough. That's when I moved to the couch and a half an hour later is when Bonnie came home.

Now I'm thinking that I should get to bed. Think I'll try to sleep in a bit tomorrow. Bonnie said the library was especially cold this afternoon so I'll have to brace myself for work. Ugh, I won't start thinking about that yet. I'd feel better about it if it wasn't going to be freezing! Anyway, I hope you both had a good weekend. Both of you should move down here, I need you!!!

Friday night and I'm about to crawl into bed. I keep thinking that I have to go to work tomorrow so it's going to be nice when it sinks in that I'm only half way through my weekend!

Yesterday when Pat was leaving work she seemed surprised that Bonnie and I were in until 10. Um, hello... you're the one who insisted that we return to our regular hours! Well she said we could leave at 8 so that's what we did. The four hours that I put in last weekend have been spent leaving early twice this week. So much for saving it up but I don't mind! For the last hour we watched the first half of Hairspray just for something to do. About five people had wandered in all day, the trucks outside have made such a mess of the sidewalks that no one wants to walk over to our new building!

With two extra hours to ourselves we decided to go out on the town! We came home and changed clothes and then headed downtown to City Place. We went to the popular bar there and found ourselves a table near the dancefloor. Bonnie and I had talked long ago about how it doesn't work for us to be out together because we're each looking for such different things - and it's true. Her type of man is soooo different from my type. The ones she thought were perfect for me were NOT the guys I'd notice. Anyway, we danced together and had fun laughing at some of the others who were out there. Then she starts dancing with this guy who I thought looked a bit slimy so I'm stuck at the table alone - which we'd agreed not to do to each other. They come back and he's not even looking at me, let alone including me in the conversation. Of course including a 3rd person is always hard since you have to yell, but still! So I'm sitting there yawning and bored when this guy starts laughing at how obvious my situation is and calls me over to talk to him. I only go because I'm mad at Bonnie, we were already out later than we'd decided to stay. So this guy that I start talking to is funny for awhile but then he's all over me and telling me that I'm the most beautiful woman he's ever seen (which may be true, ha!). Bonnie's dancing again and I'm frustrated so as soon as I could I got away from him. It was kind of easy because after he asked if he was going to get lucky with me and I said no, he seemed to lose interest. Idiot. Bonnie wasn't happy that I wanted to leave but I insisted so off we went. Thankfully she listened to me and didn't give that guy her number. That woman, as much as I adore her, has some serious issues. I think it'll be a long time before we go out together again! We got home around 1 and I went right to bed.

Today I got up and dinked around the place for a few hours. I went to Kmart and bought a new plant and some potting soil. I've got to replant those sprouts, they're getting so big! I'm so proud of them. I've got four that are going really strong and two more that I'm nursing along. I worked out on the patio after taking a nice long swim in the pool! I laid out for about a half hour but it was so hot that I couldn't take it anymore! John called while I was outside and we talked for awhile. He and Charity are spending the weekend together near Miami. I know full well that I should be ignorning his calls but I just can't. He said that he might take his wave runner out in the afternoon and that he'd call so I kept my phone on me for the rest of the day but didn't hear back. I know, I know. Anyway, working out on the patio was productive! I cleaned a lot, something I've been meaning to do since I moved in! Turns out a lot of it wasn't dirt but rust so it doesn't really look that much better. Oh well. I also worked with my plants and have them all rearranged out there.

Tony called around 7 and came over at 7:30. I gave him the grand tour and then he wanted to see my Costa Rica pictures. The guy really is full of stories, mine pale in comparison and just like last time we were out I couldn't help but feel like everything I said was nothing compared to what he was referring to! He stayed until about 11, we just sat talking on the couch. Isn't it horrible, I could've ended the night by 9 and would've been happy.

And now I'm going to get some sleep. David is supposed to be here to finish the walls tomorrow, he didn't show up on Thursday. Grrrr. Oh well, that's not until 10 so I can still get plenty of sleep!

Wow, I have really not posted since last Saturday?? I thought it had just been two days or so... oops. I'm hooked on Sopranos again, that's my problem. I've got season 4 at home and am plowing right through it. One night I even watched four episodes in a row. I think I only have a few more to go and then I'll move on to Six Feet Under :)

So let's see.... what's been going on with me... I miss Karen but we've talked every day that she's been gone. She called from camp yesterday to say she was very full of bug bites and that she was taking off for a 3 day canoe trip to help train the new counselors on the job she had last summer. She called CA and accepted the job out there. She's disappointed that WI didn't work out but they didn't seem to want her anymore. At least we know that it all happens for a reason so I'm sure it's for the best.

The guy came Monday to sand my bathroom walls but he had to put more plaster on in spots and was going to return the next day to finish. He was so late Tuesday that it didn't work out and now they're an hour and half late today so who knows when it'll get done. I just want the mess cleaned up and of course I'm as anxious as ever to just get that project done and out of the way! David is the handyman who also did my water heater and plumbing stuff, it's one of his guys who's been here. David always calls me doll and sweetie, he's a loud Italian who can be heard before he even pulls into the parking lot. He's a nice guy but a bit much, he must be in his late 40s. Anyway, yesterday as I'm walking to my car on my way to work he comments on the cake I had in my hand (leftover from Karen's bbq). I thought he asked if I was going to have the cake for dinner so I laughed and said yes. Um turns out he said "can I take you out to dinner" and I'd agreed to that!!!!! I didn't figure it out until he said to just tell him the day and time and we'd have a proper date. Augh!!!! I didn't know what to do but by then I was half way into the car and said that I'd see him at 10am. He jokes that that's a bit early for a date. Oh geez, I don't know what to do now! Do I explain that I didn't hear him right? Or what???? Help!

I called Tony (the mechanic) last night, I'd left him a message on Saturday but hadn't heard back from him - probably because I'd explained how busy I was! We're going to get together Friday night, he's coming over to see my place and the Costa Rica pics. Bonnie's much more excited than I am. I know it'll be fun but... well you know. I don't want to date him and I just feel like I'm getting into something that I'll have to wiggle out of. No energy for things like that right now!

My grandpa has been in the hospital and it's making me more anxious than ever to go home. Something with his prostrate, they're not sure what but he'll be seeing a specialist sometime today. This is the grandpa from the farm, not from Menomonie. He's 90, can you imagine?

Last night I went out to Dave's house and we looked at each other's Costa Rica pics (in case I didn't mention it, he went the week after Karen got back). We ordered in a pizza and then watched Bruce Almighty. It was a late night and I was soooo tired, I went to bed at 12:30, within 5 minutes of getting home last night! This week I've only been working until 8 but tonight I'm back on until 10. The move has been fun and crazy while we try to figure out where things are packed and where we should put them. We've got over 2700 boxes of books/videos/journals and it's a sight to see. I'm taking my camera with me today so I'll try to get a couple of good pics. We just love the new building so far!

Ok, I had really better get going. I've got to figure out what to make for lunch and I've got clothes that need to come out of the dryer. I'd love to say that I'll be better at posting - I'll try but you know how it goes! Ha, look at who I'm talking to ;)

Yesterday while my walls were being worked on I went downstairs to check out the work in my neighbor's place. He's having his bathroom redone and it looks really good. Makes me think about the potential for getting rid of the ugly tub someday! Someday being the very key word. Anyway, O'Dell (that's his first name) mentioned that someone had just sold their unit for about 170,000. Wow. That makes my value jump right up! Karen thinks it's horrible that everyone here thinks of their home as such an investment instead of a home, but I can't help it! I always wanted to be one of those lucky people who bought at a good price and then sold for a killing. Of course by the time I sell I won't be able to afford anything else around here...

I went to work from 10-2 today and it really wasn't exciting. The packers don't need close supervision because they've got it down pat, we just did spot checks on the boxes. I called John at 11 to see if he wanted to go out on the water but didn't hear back from him, sure enough he was already out there. Otherwise I would've left work even earlier. I also called Tony and left a message. Once back at home I just sat on the patio and read. When Bonnie was home we went out to the island to take a walk. Jim was out for a run so we picked up his dog and met him out there. Lots of gnats, so many that you can barely have your eyes open, very annoying. The sky looked like it was about to pour but it didn't rain. After that we went to get a movie and picked up some food from the deli and went back to Jim's. We watched Saving Grace, which I'd seen before but enjoyed. I stayed there until about 10 and then came home. I watched some Sopranos and now I'm about to go to bed. I hope to sleep in a bit tomorrow before work.

John had called around 5 to invite me to his neighbor's bbq but I probably wouldn't want to go because Charity was going to be there. Damn right I don't want to go if he's bringing his f-ing girlfriend. Ooooh, I was sooooo mad that he even asked. Sort of that you-can't-get-mad-because-I-at-least-asked-you-along kind of thing that does NOT fly with me (especially on a crabby day like today). He wants to meet for drinks before he heads back to Naples on Tuesday. I'd like to see him just so I can say a few things. Heck, I should've gone to the bbq and said everything there. It did cross my mind he wanted to invite me so I would say something in front of Charity and then she'd end it. He's SUCH a wuss if they're still together. And I do not need a wuss.

Seriously, single is the way to go at this point. It's depressing on nights like tonight but until I can manage to find someone half way decent that I'm actually attracted to... well forget it. I'm going to bed.

I said goodbye to Karen tonight. I talked her into staying one extra day so she leaves really early tomorrow. I'm glad that we had the extra time together but it went by too fast. I'm going to miss her!

Let's see... nothing too exciting about the last few days to mention. I've been talking to John and may see him tomorrow but the last few times he's called to do something I was with Karen. Tony, the mechanic, called me last night and I've got to get back to him. I said I'd call him once I was back from Costa Rica, oops. He's such a nice guy but I just can't get excited about going out with him again. I'm really not in the mood for men this month. Work hasn't been as busy as that first day back was. We've been packing everything up but most of the work I have to do is boring. Ingrid worked today and I'm going in tomorrow so that there are enough of us to keep our eyes on the packers. If they don't put the books in the boxes right, or if they mislabel a box then we're in trouble at the other end. I'm not excited about putting in a long week but having the extra time is always good, I was running low on comp time.

I saw Karen every day since she's been back so that's been good. We went to the pool together Wednesday before I went to work, and we met for lunch and a walk on the beach on Thursday. I was late for work that day, oops. Then today I had my bathroom walls plastered at last! They were done by noon as planned and will come back Monday to sand it down. I was baking while they worked, two loaves of pumpkin bread with chocolate chips - that was Karen's going away present from me (and an extra loaf for myself!) and a chocolate cake too. We had planned this great day at the beach with the frisbee, snorkel stuff, etc but by the time I got the bread out of the oven at 12:30 it was raining with lots of lightening. The morning had been perfect, grrrr. So much for that. We went out for hotdogs and then back to her place where we watched a movie. Not nearly as much fun as the beach would've been.

Around 7, Bonnie and Jim, Diane and Leslie, and Ingrid all showed up out at Dave's! They all brought little goodbye presents for Karen - a cd for the road, snacks, bugspray, etc, it was so nice of them! We had a great little indoor picnic with sandwiches, the usual sides, cake, and watermelon. Yum! We were all so stuffed. A couple of Karen's friends from work came by too but just for a little while. Everyone left around 9:30 and then I helped Karen clean up and took most of the leftovers with me since she isn't around to eat them! We put off saying goodbye for as long as we could but I was tired so eventually I left too. I'm sure I'll talk to her tomorrow, she'll be calling when she's bored on the road or at her hotel for the night. I called Mary for my drive home so I wouldn't have time to be upset!

Now I'm ready for bed and it's not even midnight. I'm really tired after getting up early this morning for the workers. And I have to be at the library before 10, ugh. So I'm off to get my beauty sleep!

Believe it or not, I got out of bed this morning and went to work out. I know, not my usual self!! Jim's place has a workout room that Bonnie goes to occasionally so I told her that we should go together. And that's what we did. I climbed 82 flights of stairs on the step machine and biked for 10 minutes before I thought I was going to die. Getting up and going was the easy part, going again is going to be the hard part! After that (about a half hour, seemed like forever) we went for a nice swim and then back to Jim's for breakfast before coming home and cleaning up for work.

That must've been the start I've been looking for because I was awake at work and was right on my game. We had a meeting about the move and I kicked right into action after that. Can't remember the last time I've been so productive. I had everyone else organized too so they were getting everything done and pretty soon even Pat was coming to me with questions and asking what she should be doing. The day went so fast that by 10 I felt like I'd only been at work for less than half a day. How can I make every day go by like this? Tomorrow boxes arrive so there's going to be lots of packing and more labeling. Looks like I'll get in a few hours over the weekend too as we try to supervise the people who will be packing up the books. I think this month is going to fly right by!

Karen got back Sunday night, it was so good to see her again. The timing was just perfect, I got to the airport about 10 minutes after her flight was scheduled to land. I'd told her to step outside and find something notable so I'd know where to look for her and then she could call me. Well I decided to drive through the airport to see how it would work to circle around and there she was, standing outside looking around for something notable! She hadn't called me yet and boy was she surprised when I started calling out to her! I think she was disappointed that I didn't take her all the way home but it was after midnight by the time we reached West Palm and I was soooo sleepy that I didn't want to drive another half hour out to Dave's. She stayed with me and then I took her home in the morning. I just hung out there with her all day and we caught up on everything while she did laundry and unpacked/repacked.

In the evening we had game night with Bonnie and Jim. They brought drinks and we ordered pizza, it was so much fun! We played yahtzee (Jim hadn't played that before) and taboo, it was a lot of laughs. Karen took off at 9:30 so she could see Brad and Bonnie and Jim left about then too. I stayed up and talked to Mary before watching a movie.

Now it's almost 1:30 and I don't know how I managed to stay awake for so long today. Think I'll sleep well! Karen's coming over whenever she rolls out of bed and we're going down to the pool. It's so darn hot here, I finally turned the air on (much to Bonnie's relief) on Monday. I just wasn't looking forward to the higher bill but even at night it's barely going below 80 so I guess it was time. Mind you, I'm not complainging about the heat - I'm loving it. Ok, I've got to get to bed!

Soooo sleepy but I haven't posted in a few days so thought I'd better catch up before going to bed! Life hasn't been overly exciting so it shouldn't take too long.

Bonnie wanted to go out Thursday night but we both pooped out after a long day at work. That was fine by me, I wasn't so gung-ho on it anyway. I spent an hour on the couch and went to bed nice and early. Friday I got up at 8:30 because David insisted that he'd have to start my bathroom walls by 9 though I'd asked for 10. Well he doesn't show until 10, I was so mad! I could've gotten more sleep! And then he couldn't even work because the supplies hadn't arrived. Not so sure I buy that one, he just needs plaster and you can't tell me that you've got to send away for something like that. Well he's coming next Friday instead and I'll insist on 10am. I had planned to be stuck inside all day while he worked so I didn't know what to do with my freedom! I read out on the patio for hours (finished two books!!) and dinked around the house. Bonnie came by at 3 and we decided to hit the pool. Since it turns out that mine is being painted we went over to Jim's, he lives really nearby. It was so hot out, it felt so good to be outside! The pool was so warm that it wasn't refreshing at all, a big disappointment but what can you do?

In the evening I went to Dave's, that was the first time that we've hung out alone since Karen arrived. He made a dinner of salmon and roasted vegetables that we ate while watching Master and Commander. It was a nice night, we chatted and got all caught up. He takes off for Costa Rica the day that Karen gets back but we're hoping to see each other again when he gets back.

Today flew by and I had to think for a few minutes to decide if it was still yesterday! I spent today doing the same as yesterday - reading on the balcony for most of the morning. I baked some banana bread (that's already half gone!) and then went to the beach for a few hours. It's just so hot outside, if you're laying down then you miss the breeze and I thought I was melting. Sea lice keeps me out of the water so as soon as the pool's open again then I'll just head down there until July when the lice season should be over. At 4:40 I met up with Ingrid and we went to see Troy. I thought it was really good, I'm a sucker for those kind of movies. Plus I just can't help but love Brad Pitt looking like that, all dirty and muscular. Mmmm. After that I came home and have been sitting around outside and in front of the tv since. Now I'm off to bed, it's back to work tomorrow. I'm looking forward to having Monday off. Tomorrow night I head down to Miami to pick up Karen and we'll have Monday together. It'll probably consist of me watching her pack! That night we're getting together with Bonnie and Jim for a "game night" full of Cranium and maybe some cards. Looks like Karen will be gone by Thursday. I'm gonna miss her, the weekends just aren't the same without her.

I just can't figure that night bird out. It just sings and sings in the middle of the night like it thinks that it's supposed to be up at this hour! I think it might be a mockingbird because it's chirps vary so much. But then I don't really know much about bird songs.

Tonight Bonnie and I brainstormed, wish-washed, and finally managed to compose a note to Roger. I've been meaning to e-mail him but couldn't find the heart. We kept it simple and now it's done. So much for that. There was one guy that we found on match last week that Bonnie was sooo excited about. I e-mailed his username to Mary who looked him up and wrote to him for me! I had actually suggested something like that because I didn't want to join just for one person. She never heard back from him so now I have no reason to join - which is perfect for me but Bonnie's disappointed. I've never met anyone like her, she needs drama. Normally I stay away from people like that because it drives me crazy. There really are people who have everything they could want in life and then they mess it up just because it was too perfect. I like to think I wouldn't do that.

Tonight was the season finale of 24. I'm sad that my shows are done for the year, summer is going to be so boring. I taped but still haven't watched last week's West Wing ending. I was quite upset to discover that my tapes were switched at some point (I'd like to blame this on someone else, like Karen, but think it's my own fault) and it turns out I've been taping my shows over some movies. New movies that I hadn't seen yet! I'm hoping that I never really taped more than two hours in a row so most are still on there.

A few weeks ago I put some seeds from the loofah that I brought back from Africa into water just to see what would happen. Out of about 20 of them, seven sprouted roots! One even shots up to four inches while I was gone. Well I planted them in little containers of dirt and at least four have made it to this point. I'm having so much fun watching them grow, this is so much better than when we had to do the same experiment in middle school. Soon I'll have my own loofah trees! Or at least very little versions of them.

My down-the-hall neighbor Brownie is out for her walks tonight. Back and forth along the 4th floor, sometimes swinging her arms around in big circles. It always gives me a fright to see her go by the door. Usually she's wearing a rain bonnet as well (no matter the weather), it's so cute.

Tomorrow I'm going to be painted into the apartment for three hours. Guess it's a good thing I'm not really planning on going anywhere but still. It won't be dry until noon. The only part that stinks about it is that it literally stinks - like a combination of paint and tire rubber, yuck.

Anyway, I'm off to bed.

The weekend went by much too quickly as usual. Yesterday was nice, almost the perfect day off. I went to Kmart to buy the toilet paper that I'd forgotten the day before and then went to the beach. It was hot and I wanted to swim but it's sea lice season so I opted to just go in up to my knees. All the tourists were swimming, I wonder how many are sorry now. Then I came home and read for a few hours out on the patio where it was cool and breezy. In the evening I watched Bad Boys (I love that movie) and talked to Erika.

I've been sick since getting back. Nothing serious and really it's only like 3% of my day - but it's a miserable 3%. I woke up at 2:30 sweating worse than ever before and making a run for the bathroom. I can't decide whether it's worth going to the dr for or not. I mean what if I have some rare tropical disease and when I'm on my deathbed in a week everyone says "why didn't you go to the Dr last week???" Unlikely of course but you never know! Anyway I haven't said a word to anyone about this so that I wouldn't be the complainer but I just couldn't keep quiet.

Work was boring, nothing new there. Ethan was in today because he'd switched with Shannon so that put a damper on some of the usual fun. I mostly sat in my office staring blankly at the screen. I'm updating business handouts. Woohoo, hold me back, this is too much fun. Ugh. We did get to leave early which is always a treat - something I think might happen a lot this summer, at least until we move. That's only two weeks away, June is coming so fast!

Alright, I'm off to bed. Check back tomorrow for another exciting installment in the saga that I call life.

Yesterday was so boring that I had nothing to write about! It was work as usual, it's so slow now that it's summer so the day dragged by. Bonnie left early because she flew out this morning for CT, she's spending the weekend up there. Without her it was really dreadful just sitting around. John and I had planned to maybe meet up for drinks but he never called. This morning he said that he'd just fallen asleep so who knows. Anyway, Chris didn't stop by the library as I had hoped so it was a really disappointing day.

Oh and Ron called me on Wednesday morning to say that he'd caught an early flight out Monday morning which is why he hadn't called. Ok, why didn't he call over the weekend when he knew he'd be away??? I sat around waiting and hoping that he'd call - and I hate being that girl!! He says he'll be back through in July but I said that I'd have to decide whether or not I wanted to see him. I'm kidding of course but might as well make him feel bad!

Today I ran a few errands and tried to get a few things done around here. I bought new curtains for the kitchen window and some stackable storage things for the closet so I can have shelves for my sweaters. They had been on the floor so this is a step up! I also went to the beach for a couple of hours but I don't think that I'm any more tan.

I came home and cleaned up and then John called, I went to meet him at one of the boat launch spots nearby. He bought a wave runner (like a jet ski only bigger) and was testing it out. He's horrible at reversing with a trailer, it was funny to watch and kind of embarrassing too because there are a ton of people around. Once it was in the water I asked about the drain plugs and sure enough, he'd forgotten to put them in. Without the plugs water just flows freely into the area by the motor. I learned a lot from my time with Mike but I should've asked a little bit sooner. Anyway we had to pull it back out, drain it, and then get it back into the water, it was a mess. But worth it because it was a ton of fun!! We cruised up the intercoastal - we got right up to the marina that I live at!! Next time he's going to have to pick me up just because he can! We didn't stay out too long and thankfully getting it out the water was easy as could be. We said a quick goodbye and I walked off to my car. He pulled around so we could talk more. I don't know what he thinks about how I don't ask questions about him and Charity but my silence on the subject seems to make him want to talk about it! He just wanted to explain why he was talking to her since it's clear that she drives him crazy. It was kind of sweet how he wanted me to understand but I told him that when I knew it wasn't going to work out I just ended it once and for all and didn't look back. Well they're spending this weekend together in Tampa and he's sure she'll really annoy him enough that he won't want to be with her. Beyond my comprehension but whatever. He called me as I was pulling into my place, he wanted to say thanks for being his friend and for putting up with him while he figured things out. He asked if I could come to Naples for a weekend so we could make up for lost time. It was really good seeing him again, almost like we'd been hanging out this whole time. But I'm not looking for drama at the moment.

Mike popped by tonight to see my place. I still see him at school all the time but he's done after this summer. We had a nice chat, he stayed for about an hour I guess. After that I watched a movie and now here I sit. I'm off to bed because I think David is stopping by early to give me an estimate on doing my bathroom walls. I thought about it and he's just as trustworthy as anyone else I could find to do the work. I'll be here the whole time and can make sure that he cleans up after himself. It'll just be so nice if I can get those bathroom walls out of the way!

Ok, this has been pretty long! Now I'm off for some sleep!

Ok, I'm going to write about tonight's dinner and then I'm going to bed. I can't stay up past 1 anymore, I'm much too tired. I slept until 10 this morning so I got a lot of sleep but I'm pooped again. Plus I've had a few drinks and that never helps.

I ditched out of work at 6:45, leaving Ethan with the impression that I'd return shortly - he leaves at 7:30 so that wasn't too bad. I met up with Helen and her husband Chuck at a restaurant called Too Bizaare and Chris joined us not long after I got there. We had a great time, it was relaxed and lots of easy conversation. Lots of talk about history, mostly military, since that's what Chuck knows a lot about. It did get a bit awkward when Helen asked what we thought about the Iraqi prisoners because it was clear that Chris and I had very different opinions than they did! But we talked a lot about travel too, that's always good. The food was great, I had a pizza that had yummy goat cheese on it. We all had dessert, I had a brownie that was huge and was more than even I could handle! Chris helped himself to a few bites and there was still some left on the plate. As we were about to leave Helen asked Chris if he had seen my place yet. I quickly stepped in and said that he should swing by on his way home!!

So that's what he did!!! We talked in the parking lot for a bit after Helen left and then he followed me back to my place. He was here for almost an hour!!!! We talked and talked and talked, not just about my place but about things we'd done and about dinner and tv shows, a bit of everything. He liked my place - boy am I glad that I cleaned up a bit this morning! We kept on talking even once he was out the door, we chatted as we stood outside enjoying the view. I'm so glad that the dinner worked out and Helen will be thrilled that he did in fact come over for awhile. He said that he'd be in tomorrow and I'm hoping to ask him to do something again. I taped the West Wing finale tonight but didn't watch it because Bonnie came home (only after I called her with the all clear!) and we stayed up drinking and talking until 12:30. Chris had forgotten that it was on tonight and that he would miss it so I told him that I'd lend him the tape if he wanted. Now I can maybe invite him over to watch it with me?? Maybe that's overkill, I don't know. But it was so good spending some real time with him and finding out that we do have a lot to talk about and plenty in common. I was kind of worried for awhile there.

Alright, I'm off to bed just as soon as I e-mail Helen to let her know what happened. Of course nothing really happened but still, it's better than had he not come over at all. I thought about grabbing him and throwing him on the bed but suspect that the shock might've killed him. Ah well, I'll dream about that scenario tonight :)

There's a bird outside who's singing it's little heart out. Seems so strange to hear that at midnight but I like it. I like living in the tropics!

The trip was great but you've both gotten my e-mail so I won't write about that here. Other than to say again how great it was, I'd go back there in a heartbeat. First I need to pick up some Spanish though. Mary and I are talking about Peru for next year!

We got back really late on Sunday night and Mary and Megan took right off for the drive to New Orleans. I can't imagine how they did it, they would still have been driving when I got out of bed the next day! I had Monday off to spend with Ron but he never returned my calls, I left 3 messages. I have no clue what went wrong there but I'm really disappointed, I was so excited to see him again. Instead I did laundry (we stank so bad that we could barely stand ourselves so it was great to wash everything) and ran to the grocery store as well as putting all the pics online. I kept waiting to hear from him. Heck, I'm still waiting.

Though I had today off work too I decided to go in anyway. I'll use the vacation day in August instead and it's only going to be a 3 day week so it's all good. Can't say that I was too happy to be back but we did get to tour the new library which is coming along really well. Bonnie and I had already gotten caught up but we still found things to talk about all night long so I got nothing done. Tomorrow I'm planning on leaving sick around 6 because I'm having dinner with Helen, her husband, and Dr. Stupid! Helen's thrilled that she could set that up and it should be fun. I was hoping they'd pick Friday so I wouldn't have to wiggle out of work but it shouldn't be too bad because I can always play up the whole 'returning from a 3rd world country' thing.

So John had called me the day after I left. I called him back yesterday and we talked for about an hour. He kicked Charity out because she pissed him off too many times. Sounds like they're still talking but he was wondering if he could see me in the meantime. Ha, so he comes crawling back! He called again tonight and we may go out for drinks on Thursday but I doubt it because he has to be in Naples all day and won't be up for much by the time I'm done with work. I have to admit that it was really good talking to him again. Just to get caught up on what he'd been up to and what his plans were. He was so interested in the details of my trip and had so many questions about everything else, strange because it didn't seem as though he ever cared before. Well we'll see how it goes - but don't worry, this isn't going to get out of hand. I'm not up for going through it all again.

Ok, I'm off to bed. The bird is still singing away, I wonder if it's confused about what time of day it is...

Ah, 24 hours from right now I'm going to be in Costa Rica!!! Can't wait! For anyone interested, there are pics at this site. From there you can go back to the main page to see what I'm doing and where I'm at!

I got up pretty early this morning and it seems to have paid off because it's not even midnight and I'm tired. I have to sleep on the far side of my bed because I've got everything laid out on the usual side. Plus that way I have to get up to shut off the alarm - no oversleeping! Mary and I are packing the same bag since we're not taking much and I suspect she's going to be wearing my clothes! I think I'm ready but I don't think I'll know until we get there!

On my way home tonight I went to the store to buy a twin bed sheet (since a sleeping bag is too much) and who would call but Tony - the mechanic!! I was so surprised because I had thought about him tonight as I drove near the garage and checked to see how many more miles before I needed an oil change (1,000). I was even wondering if I should ever call him, and if I did I wondered how I would say who I was "hi, it's Cathy, the girl who gave you the book..." Funny that right after that he'd call!! We had a nice chat and we're going out when I get back from my trip. Bonnie was so thrilled with that news. He's a nice guy but I know it's not going anywhere. He's the smoker whose stories all started with "Once when I was drunk" and I don't see it happening. But whatever, a date will be fun and I do need to get out.

Alright, no more time to write! I'll have a mega-post to do when I get back!! I get to see Ron the day after I get home but probably only for one day instead of the 2 I was hoping for. Any time is better than none though. Buenos Nochos! It's not good Spanish but it's all I've got :)

So much for posting on a more regular basis again! And with the trip coming up so quickly I doubt that you'll find much here for awhile. Not that I should feel bad but I like to think that you're both anxious to check in and see what I've been up to :)

My weekend camping was a ton of fun. I didn't take too many pictures because everything over there pretty much looked like everything here. Except for the beach which had murky water and wasn't picture worthy either. Karen and I rented bikes for 24 hours and I did snap some pictures of us riding along! My butt still hurts, we went everywhere on those things! Made me really want to get a bike, a nice morning ride around the neighborhood sounds perfect. We did run into some rain which weather.com had said wasn't in the forecast! We biked 2 miles to dinner at dusk and when we walked out our jaws hit the floor - it was pouring with lightening and thunder, the whole works. Well Karen hadn't put the rain cover on the tent so we couldn't wait it out because everything would get more wet so we booked it back. We were drenched from head to foot and there was plenty of water in the bottom of the tent. We tipped the water out, put up the rain thing, changed into dry clothes, and were very happy to see that the water hadn't soaked into the sleeping bags. Despite being so worn out, neither of us slept well, I wanted my bed!! The next day we biked around more, went to the beach, checked out of the campsite, had lunch, and went back to the beach until it was time to head out. By the time I was at home I thought I wouldn't be able to stay awake past 10 but it was 2 when I went to bed.

I had Sunday off because the library is closed for break so that was nice, a day of recovery! I went to the mall with Bonnie for the afternoon and picked up a few more puzzles because I've gone through all of the ones I had. We looked into hanging plants for the balcony but I decided that I could buy stuff like that when I get back from Costa Rica instead of now. It was gorgeous so I had planned on going to the beach but I burnt the back of my neck and it hurt enough that I decided to just stay out of the sun for the day. In the evening I met up with Karen, Dave, Diane and Leslie for pizza. Dave and I have been friends for exactly a year so we were celebrating our anniversary! I stayed up again and despite getting up pretty early every morning (9:30) I just can't seem to get my butt to bed. And it's almost 2 again tonight... this is horrible. I'm going to stop writing and get some sleep.

Alright, it's time for your opinion. Roger sent me an e-mail yesterday after two and half weeks of nothing. Why just Sunday night I googled him to see if he had died or something!! No word about why he had taken so long to reply, only that he had the week off and that he would be going back to his normal schedule at work. He didn't ask when I wanted to go out again, just wondered if my family had fun while here and how long I was working until midnight. So the question is - do I write him back?? If so, what do I say? Bonnie says to wait until I'm back from Costa Rica (May 17!), Diane says to just let it go completely and never reply. I was happy that he hadn't written, it made things easy.

It's 3am and I wish I was sleeping right now. I hope that I can go back to getting up earlier but now I'm sleeping until noon. I survived a 10.5 hour day at work (ugh) and have just one more midnight shift to go, then one day of my regular schedule, and then a 3 day weekend. We're closed Sunday and then we're open short hours all of next week for the break between spring and summer. Then I'm off on vacation so it's going to be a month before I'm back in my usual routine!

Bonnie's not living here yet but I think everything she owns is here now. She stops by in the morning for a change of clothes and then again in the evening to attempt at arranging things. By Friday she has to be out of her apartment and she'll have a bit of time here to herself to get settled while I'm camping, I think that'll be good for her. This morning she went in to take a test for a job with the sheriff's dept. It pays so much more than she's making now that even I couldn't argue about it.

Alright, I'm going to kick myself in the morning if I stay up any later than this. I wish the weekend was another day closer, I'm ready for it now!

I've been at work for exactly one hour and I'm out of things to do. Actually I didn't have anything to do for the last hour either but I talked to Ingrid for most of it. There are actually a ton of students around but not too many asking questions so the desk is quiet. I have a feeling that the day is going to drag by.

The last few days haven't been very exciting, I've stayed away from the computer for lack of anything to really write about. Work on Thursday was only interesting because everyone else was freaked out about my phone call. Pat and the police had known about the calls but they'd blown it off until now when they're suddenly taking it very seriously. One of the only reasons I'd made a big deal of it was because I wanted the police around here more in the evenings, especially with these late hours. Several of the evening officers never even drop by but now I know they'll have to come around. That night I made Karen stay with me but I don't know if anyone tried calling because I left my phone off.

On Friday I spent the morning trying to organize things. Bonnie's been bringing loads of her things over and it's kicking me into gear to get my stuff out of the way. I went to get something out of my trunk and discovered that an entire bottle of suntanning oil had leaked out!! Yuck, it took me forever to soak up most of it with papertowels, it was such a greasy mess. Then I put an old blanket down, which has already soaked up a lot more oil - Karen says that I can't really wash that out, could that be right? She came over for awhile and then we went out to get waxed at a place out near her house. The woman runs a business out of her home and she wasn't there when we first arrived. Her husband answered the door and called his wife. We thought he was serious when he was saying that she'd be late so he'd do it for her. He thought we were in for massages but our surprise (and horror) was explained when we mentioned what we were really there for! Funny. Anyway, now I'm set for swimsuit season and vacation. Karen and I hung out at my place for awhile after that and then we met Brad (the guy she's dating) for a sushi dinner. Yum, I could eat that a lot more often. Karen went out with her work friends that night and I stayed on the couch watching tv - I finally watched what I'd taped during the week.

Saturday Karen and I went to Turtle Fest by the beach which really didn't have much going on but it's nice to support them anyway. Then we laid out for several hours before heading home. I don't feel any more tan but surely I must be after all that sun. Karen had plans with Brad so I had another evening to myself. I watched a ton of Punk'd reruns on MTV, what a great show! Bonnie was unpacking so I helped her with what I could. In the evening I finally finished the domed ceiling in the kitchen, I've put up new panels so it's not so old and yellowed. I also cleaned the kitchen and finally got rid of the piles of paperwork that I've had around, it looks much much better.

This morning I planned on going over to Bonnie's to help her paint but I slept too late so there wasn't enough time to make the trip worth it. Instead I took out the trash, swept the floor, hung my new clock, did laundry, ironed some clothes, baked some muffins, and made some phone calls. Nice and productive, I know! And now I'm stuck at work. Probably about time to circle around and make sure no one's eating food in the back.

Hopefully the week flies by! Only 11 days before Costa Rica!!

I don't know if I'll be able to sleep tonight. It's 2am and I'm pretty wired. But as I was typing that I yawned so I guess it's hard to say. I need to unwind bigtime.

The day wasn't too eventful. I got up at 10 and went down to the pool for awhile, it was a beautiful day! I also went to Home Depot and Lowe's so I could return a few things and pick up other things. While at Home Depot I actually ran into my plumber! He helped me find the right kind of handles (since again I couldn't find a single worker to help me) and insisted on taking me to the water heater aisle to show me what kind I was getting. As if I care what it's going to look like! Anyway, after taking my time to look around Lowe's on the way home I suddenly realized what time it was - and that I was running very late! I rushed home and very quickly got ready for work, record time! Work isn't even worth writing about. I'm mad at Ethan and Pat for treating Bonnie like she's the worst worker in the world so I spent some time looking for other jobs but couldn't find a thing. I was so frustrated that I probably wasn't even looking in the right area. It was another long night with midnight always looking so far away.

Once home I put on the new handles and now both showers look good. My phone rang, it was that private number again - at 1am! Why I always answer is beyond me. But this time was different, a woman was on the other end and she said something like "just so you know, you've been warned" or "I want you to know", one or the other, and then she hung up. Strong accent but I couldn't tell if it was Hispanic or Asian, I was just so surprised that someone was there this time. I hung up and immediately freaked out. I didn't know what to do, it was too late to call anyone. What am I being warned about?? After trying to calm myself down I called the police (the non-emergency number) but as soon as I started talking about it I started getting choked up and could barely eek out the story. She took my name and address and sent an officer over. 20 long minutes later my doorbell rang and I had a nice chat with Keith about what had been going on. And of course there's nothing they can do except to send extra patrols out around the neighborhood looking for suspicious persons. He suggested that I change my number so I don't have to deal with any more calls and to keep the campus police informed. Seriously, the calls weren't bothering me at all before but now I don't know if I'm going to be able to sleep! Tomorrow I'll ask Bonnie if she can move in a bit sooner. Every noise is making me jump. This sucks.

That said, I'm going to finish this up and crawl into bed with a book to get my mind focused on other things. Because right now I can't help but wonder if someone is outside looking up waiting for my lights to be shut off. CAN'T THINK LIKE THAT!!! Great, freaked myself out all over again. I'll have to leave the lights on tonight. I have to be up by 9 to shower before the plumber gets here so it's looking like I'm not in for much sleep. Boohoo, poor me!

You know how sometimes you find out about something just a few hours too late and you spend time kicking yourself for it?? Turns out that last week's episode of 24 was being rerun for the last 3 days but I just read that online tonight. Too late now! I should've known since the idiot's address last week was nation wide that they'd be replaying the show. Ugh. At least I did manage to tape tonight's show and I read the play-by-play of the other one online. But it's just not the same.

I slept really late today, until 11. Guess that's what happens since I stayed up so late last night. I don't want to fall back into that schedule though so tomorrow I'm setting the alarm for 9. Which means I should've been in bed awhile ago. Anyway, I spent the morning cleaning (I love my new swiffer, it does wet and dry) and I baked some cookies to bring to work today. We had a party so of course I spent large portions of my day in the workroom just eating! Bonnie switched to days for now since we don't need her at night (one of the morning workers switched to working til midnight with me) so the evening seemed to drag by without her company. I didn't get too much accomplished.

Anyway, I'm not going to get enough sleep if I sit here much longer. I'd better just go to bed.

I'm just not the night owl that I used to be! I woke up around 9 this morning so staying awake at work was a challenge. Even now my eyelids weigh a ton! But I just can't come right home and go to bed, it's just not right!

I went to Home Depot and Lowe's this morning. I was frustrated by the lack of service at both stores. Tons of workers around, never any who know what I'm asking them about. The one who did stop to help said he'd be right back and after what seemed like forever I just gave up and left. The plumber called wondering where I was, Matthew told him to be at my place around 11 but he told me noon! Anyway, he was a nice guy and I'll be seeing him again soon. Not only are my pipes in bad condition but my water heater is indeed ready to blow. Thankfully his prices are about 1/3 what the big stores charge so I can actually afford it! So that'll all be done later this week. In the meantime he fixed my toilet and both showers.

At work I actually managed to be really productive. Diane complained because I wasn't out of my office talking to anyone but I finished several web pages in just a few hours. If I worked like that all of the time... just think of the things I could accomplish! Pat's on Bonnie's case bigtime right now so she was swamped with things to do - we kept talking to a minimum. Dr. Stupid came by the library just to see me! Helen found him a townhouse last week and his offer was accepted. He's thrilled and scared so we spent a lot of time talking about everything that goes with buying a place. It turned into a pretty long conversation and he said he'd drop by on Wednesday to let me know how the inspection goes.

Alright, I'm too sleepy to send anyone an e-mail so this post will have to do. Soon I'll be back to my e-mailing self but I'm still in a bit of withdrawl from that.

Wow, it doesn't seem like it's been so long since I last posted. Time has flown! Last week wasn't too exciting - more of the same. We spent the weekend in Orlando as planned and that was fun. We did Epcot and SeaWorld, very cool! I had been to Epcot as a kid but didn't remember it at all and that was my first time to SeaWorld. We got back late last night.

Mom and dad left very early this morning, at about 5am so I didn't get up for it! We had a good time over the weekend, it made me forget about the frustrations of being stuck in the condo with them! Plus Karen was along and it seems easier when there's more than just me. It is nice to have my place back to myself and soon I'll have found everything that mom "put away" for me - scissors are gone, the kitchen is rearranged, and my batteries have disappeared...

Since we went to bed before midnight last night I was up before 9. It sure did feel like a whole other day off since I didn't have to be at work until 3! I went up to the sanctuary because Karen had left her work keys at my place (actually I found a whole pile of her clothes on the floor). I also went to WalMart for a clock (note to self, never shop there again, that store sucks) and to Home Depot where I bought everything I need to replace the inner workings of my toilet. I wanted to buy new fixtures for the two showers but the guy told me to bring in the old ones to make sure I was buying the right size. A plumber will be by tomorrow to fix a problem in the pipes that affects the poor woman downstairs whose ceiling is dripping. Technically I don't have to do anything because I'm not directly affected by my own leak and am not responsible for any problems she has because of it, but it's the water-saving thing to do :) Anyway, new fixtures will be nice because right now I have really ugly ones. I had hours and hours to go back to Home Depot with the current fixtures but never quite made it, I sat in front of a puzzle until it was time for work so that errand will have to wait until tomorrow before the plumber gets here.

Work was actually busy - not with questions but all of the computers were in use which usually only happens on Monday and Tuesday nights. I got a lot of work done on some websites but then the internet went down and I didn't have much else to be doing so I read the NY Times magazine and tried to keep myself busy. By 10 I could tell it was time to go home, I was tired! There were actually students who stayed until midnight, about 10 of them which is double than on an average night! I wonder if it will be like this every night. I was pretty happy when 12 rolled around, I'm tired and am off to bed. I took a late dinner break so I wouldn't be hungry when I got home.

It's been over a week since I've heard from Roger. This is a good thing - not a complaint of any kind! I just think it's strange, I wonder what happened. I'm not going to write him to find out - this way it was his fault because it's his turn to write me. I like that, makes me feel guilt free! I tried to get another 3 free days on match but they won't let me. There are 2 guys that I wanted to write to. Not worth joining again though, I've seen too many students searching it at the library to think it's a good idea to repost my profile!!

Alright, I'm off to bed. The puzzle is calling my name but if I sit in front of it I'll be there for hours!

We had such a bad wind storm last night that I woke up several times during the night - and that rarely happens! I was worried that my plants were going to tip over again. Mom woke up at the same time I did and closed up the front windows, that helped since the wind was making a horrible howling noise at my bedroom patio door. It doesn't ever close quite right - never noticable until it's windy! Anyway, it wasn't a sunny day.

I went to the mall with dad and got my hair cut. Just a bit of a trim, it looks pretty good if I do say so myself :) I had just a bit of time left over to do a bit of shopping before we headed home. Mom and dad were getting ready to spend the afternoon painting the bathrooms so I got ready around them. It was nice going to work again, how often do I say that?? I had plenty of catching up to do so the day went by quickly. Bonnie and I spent the evening getting all caught up, it was fun. Karen spent the evening here but was gone by the time I got home. The bathrooms do look better with walls that are all one color but it's going to take more work to get them looking very good. Mom thinks I should just pick a color, paint them and be done with it but the texture is so inconsistant that it would drive me crazy. I may pay someone to come in and do that for me, we'll see. I'll try my hand at it in a little area behind the toilet or something and see how it works first!

Dad was watching the news when I got home, I was upset that the idiot had been talking and my tv show wasn't on - they don't replay it so I've just missed out on an hour of 24! I had the vcr all set and had told dad a million times that he had to change to my station and shut the tv off for that hour. Oh well, nothing I can do about it. At 11 he handed over the remote and said I could watch what I wanted to so I shut if off!! An hour of silence was very nice, I finished a book and everything. Now I'm just about ready for bed, I'm exhausted. Mom's working on a cross stitch at the table but she's not talking quite as much tonight.

Nothing else new or exciting to report. Only two more work days until it's the weekend again! We're going to Orlando and will do a Disney park for a day or two, should be fun.

I'm going to write this as my mom chats my ear off because otherwise I'll never get this done. She knows I'm typing but doesn't seem to care that my mind is elsewhere. I'm really starting to worry that I'll be just like her. Of course I love her.... but still.

Yesterday when Mary and mom were back from church Mary and I went down to the pool for awhile. She didn't put any lotion on - even I wear lotion so I told her she'd be sorry and sure enough she burnt. After that everyone but me took a nap until it had cooled off a bit and we went to the beach (mom didn't want to go in the heat of the day). We took a long walk and went to watch the kite surfers which is always cool. Then it was back home where we made our Easter dinner! We had ham and I couldn't resist eating it because I haven't had it in over a year and I just love ham. We played cards all evening until Karen had to head home, then mom and I worked on a puzzle as Mary and dad read their books. Dad has CNN on all of the time and the constant noise just drives me insane. Plus I don't really like their programming, it's the same news reiterated every hour.

Today we were going to go back to the beach in the morning but there was a huge storm with pouring rain and lots of lightening so of course we didn't go out! I had actually woken at 6am to all the noise and closed up the windows. We spent the morning inside playing cards until it was time to take Mary back to the airport. It wasn't too hard to say goodbye because she'll be back in 3 weeks for Costa Rica! Dad and I ran errands on the way home, Target, Kmart, Home Depot, and the grocery store. I'm trying to find a little set of table and 2 chairs for my patio but didn't have any luck. Either they were too big or too expensive. Once we were back dad and I worked on sanding the bathrooms and he's been busy changing out all my swiches and sockets with white instead of the creme that I have now - and I have to say it all looks much better this way! Mom and dad will be painting tomorrow while I'm at work, I think the bathroom will look great just not having that paper or the bare wall!

Tonight we went out for dinner with some friends of my grandparents who live down here in the winter. That was actually a lot of fun, they're pretty cool and they had a sister along who's traveled a lot so we all sat around telling stories. They've been living in this great place along the water that's so high up that you can look right over Palm Beach to the ocean. It's always fun getting to see where other people live. Mom and I finished one puzzle and started in on another as dad read and watched tv at the same time. Now he's sleeping soundly (and snoring loudly), an early night for him because he didn't take a nap today. Mom's not tired and she's still chatting away - hopefully nothing that I'm supposed to be making note of. Oh, she's talking about ants - we put traps out but it's hard to tell if they're gone yet or not. I think I might go to bed just to have some peace and quiet!! I need my space.

John wrote this morning and the fridge doesn't fit so that's the end of that! It's too wide, it would technically fit but the door wouldn't have space to open. There also wouldn't be more than a sliver of space at the top and if his calculations were off by a quarter of an inch then I'd be in trouble.

Ok, I'm off to bed. I've got a haircut appointment tomorrow (just a trim, nothing exciting) and then it's back to work. I'm looking forward to getting caught up with Bonnie and I know I'll be busy as I start to sort through all my e-mail. A three day week shouldn't be too hard to handle!

Ok, just a quick post so I can get a bit caught up on all of these days. It hasn't been easy to get time in front of the computer! Everyone's here and right now they're all asleep so I'm taking advantage of the free time.

Mom and dad made it in alright back on Wednesday night, I only saw them for a few minutes before I had to go back to work to finish out the night. I had Thursday off so I took them up to Blowing Rocks park on the beach and that was fun. They wanted to sit around my place but I wanted to get out and enjoy the day, it was hot and sunny. So we went back outside. We also went to Home Depot and loaded up on everything I needed. That night we went to the Reef Grill for dinner, always a treat! Mary came in at 11pm, it's always so good to see her. Friday all five us went down to the Everglades for the day. We went right out to the middle of them and went on a swamp safari. It included a buggy ride where you sit way above the ground, and an airboat ride. We saw a ton of wildlife, it was really cool!! We came back home and then went out to dinner once we'd all cleaned up and we spent the evening at home playing games.

Today I got up before 8 so I could meet my friend Julie for breakfast. She's the one with the grandma in Ft. Lauderdale that I visted last year. We went to college together and it was really good to see her, she was on her way back to MN. Then the whole family went out to the Loxahatchee for a canoe trip!! That was an adventure. I was in the canoe with dad and mom sat in the middle, Karen and Mary were in the other canoe. We did pretty well but with the extra weight it was hard to keep up with the girls. We saw some HUGE gators, much bigger than anything I've ever seen on that river - I think one was even 7 ft! And we could hear the babies making noise though we didn't actually see those. Mom kept wanting us to paddle closer in for a picture but I wasn't about to let us get any closer to a mother gator! After that we went out to see where Karen lived followed by a grand tour of where she worked. Of course everyone thought that was really cool! We spent the rest of the day running errands (dad spending money on me) before I made us dinner - Erika's pasta with asparagus and prociutto! I'm not even going to look up how to spell that. Then tonight us girls got dressed up and went downtown for awhile. We just went to Bradley's for a couple of drinks but we walked up and down the main drag. We didn't stay out late which was fine because I was tired. Of course now it's 1:30am and here I sit...

But why stop while I'm on a roll? I talked to John yesterday, he called about the fridge. He wasn't at home so I told him to double check all of the measurements and get back to me. We chatted about what I'd been up to, he was thrilled when I told him about a restaurant nearby that offered all you can eat stone crab. He said he'd found another rolex to buy for much less than the other (still an outrageous amount I'm sure) and gave me a lesson in rolexes. We had a nice chat and I'll be hearing from him again soon. Am not sure if I'll get the fridge or not, it's a great deal and I would like a newer one than mine - but am not sure it's worth getting rid of one that works just fine. I'll admit that I thought about him plenty tonight while at the bar, that's where we met him in the first place. I wasn't worried about running into him though, I knew that he wasn't going to be out tonight.

Ok, now I'd better get to bed. Mom's disappointed that I won't be going to Easter services tomorrow, she and Mary are going. Hopefully I'll still be sleeping!

I thought today that maybe it was the time change's fault that I was staying up so late without being tired. Then I realized that it's just me and 2am isn't really all that late for me. I'm sure my schedule will change back to earlier when I've got company, that'll be a good thing. Tomorrow night the parents come in around 6 and Mary gets in really late on Thursday. I'm really excited!

Today at work actually went by pretty fast but I don't remember why. Bonnie had some bad news from her lawyer about her divorce so she was pretty upset. She'll have to get a new lawyer up in CT to deal with everything but her husband wants it all so there's going to be quite a fight.

I caught up on 24 tonight, I've missed so much but feel like I didn't miss a thing! I watched last week's and this week's so I'm back to being hooked. At midnight my phone rang and I was dreading to see who it was - figuring it was either Roger or that crank caller - but it was John. He wanted to know if I was up and had my computer on. He couldn't sleep because he had bid on something at ebay and wanted to know if he'd gotten it so I logged into his account and checked for him. I laughed at him for it too, he had bid several thousand for a rolex. Hello, big waste of money!! I asked if he had gotten my e-mail about wanting his fridge and he said yes, and that he'd call me again later. And that was it. I'm happy to say I didn't give him any more thought, I went right back to the tv :)

Alright, I'd better get to bed. Tomorrow I want to get up and take out the trash and do some last minute cleaning before work. I'll take an hour lunch so I can meet the parents and let them into my place but I'll have to spend the rest of the night at work. Oh well, after that I have five full days off!!!

I'm so happy tonight, nice and content. I got a great deal on this place, my very own place!! I'm looking around (at the mess) and can't help but be proud. Who'd have thought?

7am came much too early this morning but that's when the furniture company called - just to tell me that they would be coming by after 10. Ugh, a call at 9:45 to tell me that would've been fine! I went back to sleep until they called again at 9:30 to tell me they'd be here in a few minutes. I rolled out of bed and looked somewhat presentable by the time they got here. I've got a second bed! It looked so plain with no sheets or anything so I went to Kmart and bought a bed-in-a-bag. I just love it, it's a green corduroy and it looks great in there. I washed the sheets right away so now they're soft and all ready for company!

Work wasn't exciting. In fact I had nothing to do. Nothing. But I felt like I couldn't screw around either so I just sat there and pretended to work on stuff for the new library. Not fun. I spent the rest of the afternoon alphabetizing. Also not fun. Bonnie and I spent plenty of time catching up in the evening and of course that was much more entertaining. Dr. Stupid came in for a minute but it was late for him to be on campus and it was obvious that he was anxious to head home so we didn't talk for long. Helen said he cancelled out of their meeting on Saturday, I think he's trying to ditch her. Oh well, guess it really doesn't matter to me at this point.

I came home and did a bit of sanding the bathroom walls, it'll be easier later if I can do some of that now. Bonnie clued me in to how difficult it could be trying to work with oil based primer, I hadn't thought about it. But the regular kind just isn't what the walls need and I don't want to take the easy way out because people who own this place in the future might hate me for it! I also spent quite a bit of time sitting on the new bed wondering how the room would look when Bonnie moves in, and how I'll want it to look when it's mine again.

I'm not too nervous about her moving in with me - I have mentioned that, haven't I? She spends so much time at Jim's that she'll probably rarely be here. I'm looking forward to having someone pay a bit of rent! All of that money will go right back into this place, maybe I can finally do something with the kitchen. And she and I can carpool to work, which I think is cool.

Henry wrote today and said he'd like to see me again. Don't know when it would work out but guess I might as well. Hmmm... unless this is when I should get out - while I can! And I finally got a note off to Roger, I told him I'd write yesterday. I realized today that just when my parents leave is when I switch to the exam schedule and work until midnight for almost two weeks. He leaves for work at 5:30am so we really won't be able to see each other. Gives me some time, that's a good thing.

Alright, I'm off to bed. Tempting to sleep in the new one just for fun!! I'll have to take pictures soon so you guys can see how it's looking!

I know my page is getting too long when it starts to act funny when I add a new entry. I'm at work with nothing better to go (ok, I've got stuff to do but nothing fun!) so why not archive and post?

Yesterday went pretty much as I had expected it to. I got up late and went directly to lunch with Henry, the guy from eharomony. I had given myself plenty of time to get there - but then I got caught at the drawbridge and it took forever! I called Bonnie at work and had her check my e-mail for his number but he had given me his home, not his cell. I sped the rest of the way but was still about 10 minutes late. Thankfully he hadn't given up on me! He was much cuter in person than I was expecting, that's always nice!! We had a pretty good time but had to really dig to find things to talk about, which is always a bit strange. We only had an hour before he had to take off, he said he'd drop me a note but we'll see. I'm so busy this month and then he has his summer off and won't be around.

Karen joined me shortly after I got home, I was already at the pool waiting for her. It wasn't too windy so we decided to head to the beach! What a gorgeous day, the water looked beautiful (but was chilly) and people were out in hoards. We found ourselves a small spot and stayed for two hours. We could've stayed for two more hours but I had to get a few more things done so we left. I went to buy a bed, that didn't take to long because I knew exactly what I wanted. It'll be delievered on Monday morning!

I went up to Karen's where we started getting things ready for the bbq. We were expecting everyone at 7 but both Bonnie and Diane got so lost that it took them an additional half hour to find the place! That wasn't my fault, they both thought they didn't need a refresher on the directions. Sadly, only one of Karen's coworkers showed up. I only say sadly because I know that all of them had agreed to come so Karen was really disappointed. She'd made a special punch and there was a lot of food. We had fun anyway, everyone finally got to meet Bonnie's boyfriend Jim and Dave and his girlfriend were there too. They stayed until almost 11 but Karen had expected to have a much later night. I stuck around for awhile to help clean up and to chat with her. Then I headed home but will go back out there tonight after work to help eat up some of the food :)

Alright, I'm going to take a break and go outside for a walk. It looks so nice and sunny out, I can't stay in here! Then I'm on the desk for the afternoon where I expect to just chat with Shannon for the rest of my time here. No point in being productive if the boss isn't here to see it, right??

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